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Polkastarter is launching their MVP in Q4 (so less than 50 days)
They were recently covered as top 20 Polka project by Polkadot foundation.
Most of whales are gone and token is well distributed.
I think it can be a good hold for short term.
Any opinion guys?

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I only buy if partner with Linkies

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I agree my anon friend !!!!!!!
MOON is coming

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Is it really so?
Does polkastarter have so much potential?
Alts will go up?

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HAHHA Really!! Alts are not gaining any bro!! I am feeling Biden will win!!
Can anyone suggest what results will it have on crypto..

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Check this out guys >>23734910

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Become rich BTC $15,000 buy polkastarter that will make u rich!!

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I am quite positive about the MVP I am expecting it soon and it will sky rocket after that!!

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It is doing great everyday!! Polkastarter is better in polkadot ecosystem. I am quite optimistic about the project and once the MVP come it will not stop!!

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