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What kind of asian gf will you get once you make it?

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One of each

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titty monster

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i'll get a white gf. maybe a jap if we really got along.

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The Rough Creative

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Big tit japanese or slim and sexy thai

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A nice tanned Taiwanese gym girl

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god damn i need to get my asian gf working out

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One of those JAV 21yo girls who look like teens

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I've already stopped caring about whether I make it or not. Nice things I can get I just entertain as thoughts, then let them go in the end. Not sure what's wrong with me.

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>one gf

I'll take 2

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16 and 17 year old Filipina sisters that I will impregnate at the same time and marry both of them.

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The only correct choice.

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>have to maintain 2 huge philippine families too

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>have to maintain 2 huge philippine families too
that's cheap bro, and you can just larp forever
my phil wife thinks we are broke
only today i'm up 15k lol

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For me? It's Asa Akira, Vina Sky, Lil Rae Black, Cindy Starfall, Polly Pons, Alina Li, London Keyes, Ember Snow, Kaylani Lei, Marica Hase, FA Mayli, Sharon Lee, May Thai, Evelyn Lin, Krissie Dee, Saya Song, Priva, Kalina Ryu, Jade Kush, Lana Violet, Kendra Spade, Rina Ellis, Charmane Star, Morgan Lee, Mika Tan, Lily Thai, Lucy Thai, Kobe Tai, Nyomi Marcela, Meiko Askara, Katsuni, Bamboo, Mia Li, Kim XXX, Tia Ling, Mei Yu, Mia Rider, Asia, Asia Carrera, SukiSukiGirl, Miko Dai, Gaia, Tia Tanaka, Tia Tequila, Jessica Bangkok, Miko Lee, Max Mikita, Kimberly Chi, Lana Croft, Miko Sinz, Mia Lelani, Yuki Mori, Leili Koshi, Jayden Lee, Lady Mai, and Luci Lee.

just watched a Vina Sky Throatfuck video, shit was so cash

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a 5/10 easy to please chinese one

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obvious photoshop

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>wanting muscles on your girl
fag detected

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this desu

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>not taking 5

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this, I want a big titted light skin asian gf.

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I want Asahi Mizuno to be my gf

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you'd have to paint numbers on their foreheads to tell them apart.

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kek, made me check

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Men of taste I see, you must be all in link

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how to get an azn gf in muttmerica? is there a particular state that asian immigrants prefer?
... Actually never mind it's probably california

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now that biden is president the CCP will buy up american companies and inject their sleeper agents into your society, so maybe a few of them will be qt asian girls
how knows

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If you like viet girls, there's a ton along the Gulf coast fishing areas.

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The thing is...
I became a wizard...

What should I do?

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big tit jap girl is my preference as well, preferably from Hokkaido

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this is true, Houston Viet girls are everywhere.

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You can get discount Asians in Philippines.
There are many half-Japanese, Chinese and Koreans there.

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who gives a shit desu are you white and not absolutely disgusting?

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Yeah, I've lived in every Gulf coast state except LA. I worked in Houston back in the late 90s and they were everywhere. I'm not big on the jungle variety, but some of the Viet girls were absolutely beautiful.

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actually, no. i don't want to be a walking billboard for miscegenation. i don't say that out of disrespect for the japs, but i would not take a jap gf either.

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Y dat ass so big

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I like the aesthetic of Asians but I am the same way. I won’t mix even if white women have betrayed my race

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you dont breed em, their just for colonization.

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ya, the ones that looked like they worked in a laosian rice field were ugly and pugged nose, but the non-FOB ones from 70s boat people parents are gorgeous

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white women don't mix that often either. the ones who do have a screw loose anyway. what a clown i'd look like, preaching nationalism with a foreign girl friend.

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>not absolutely disgusting

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pass. i'd rather just have an actual partner.

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hahahahah cringe af

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you're not the sort of person who i need respect from.

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Hopefully Korean or Vietnamese. But I'll likely eventually settle for one of the ladies I know in Thailand.

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do Hokkaido girls have bigger tits?
rapebabies, so many cases
for me is not about "race" but heritage: my family lives where I live from generations, I can't imagine have a kid with my surname that has gook face/features. We are all blonde/green or blue eyes and I would like my son or daughter to have these feature.
Problem is that I'm a 26 yo virgin so I don't think I will ever have a kid at this point (but I want to start a family so bad nfl, that's literally the purpose of life)
Plan B is be a boomer in SEA with a wife 20 years younger than me.

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i agree long term desu, will finish sowing wild oats.

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>What kind of asian gf will you get once you make it?
these kind

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omg what a milk tease. You just KNOW that she has LOTS of milk in those honkers

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oka erina i think but its NNN my nigger, withhold your serpent's breath, and fuck a real nip qt.

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Ultra coomer

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Yes I am white, and look ok, but I may need to get /fit/ and some fashion support.
But I may not be the type of person to like relationships and prefer solitude a bit too much.

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when you get a chink gf, thats when you know you havent made it, anon. a

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what a lucky guy

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god I wish that were me

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Breh she won't turn into a varbie or muscle mommy if natty, just a bit of redistribution and architecture is all that is needed ;)

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As soon as the travel bans are lifted, I've been planning to head to the Philippines to shop for one who enjoys being fucked doggystyle as much as I enjoy watching that. Umm, by dogs, in case that wasn't obvious.

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based canadian cuck

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one with a penis