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Candy corn? We're in fucking november

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When’s GME going to go up again...

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God im glad i loaded up on $REKT last night

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not for a long time fren
should've sold

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I wanted to sell last Tuesday when all my 11/20 calls were down 30% but everyone said to hold. FUCK this has been such a painful two weeks for me

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ez 35 by january

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It's genuinely weird that it isn't going up already considering the whole market is booming

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Cannastocks mooning

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Anon you have to make your own decisions, always remember that a lot of 2 k Andys are in this thread who don´t know what they are doing

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I just started investing 2 months ago and people here take action according to my adcive already, its stunning. I never ask questions, just invest in BABA

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3500 rejected

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Where are my GME shills at? :)

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If you didn't already sell at 15ish then you're a bagholder with the rest of us
I still think 20 by Q4 is possible, the fundamentals haven't got any worse

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I need 15$ by the 20th or I lose over 8k....

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I just woke up and NIO is 39.6
What the fuck is this stock doing
Also here but I put my gme cash in nio temporarily

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in a coma from coomin' too much

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i changed from gme to civil war stonks '

olin corporations
american outdoor brands

i dont even know what these are but im down on absolutely everything

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>DAX green
How about having a permanent lockdown? It seems to help. I like working from home too.

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NIO testing $40 today? I keep expecting it to pull back like it normally does after it makes substantial gains, but it hasn't yet..

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Why is ACB up 40% in PM?

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honestly.. a lockdown is probably better for 80% of the middle class, you don´t have to drive to your workplace, don´t have to take the train or the bus, you don´t meet the fucked up people in public life and save a lot of time in general

When I took the train to my university I always got asked for gibbs by some gypsy or Arab.

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What the fug

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I'm in since 12$, and I do think that this is a bit unsustainable, I might just pull out at 40, but with ER and possible goldman-sachs(their price target is still like 6$) upgrade, I'm a bit confliction on what to do, trailing stop losses can fuck you over as well, had that happen a few times with this stock. I think I'll hold and see what happens

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Why is nobody talking about ACB? Retards

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What's to talk about? Short at open.

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yes buy after huge rally with coronavirus cases at another ATH and with a possible president who will lockdown the country while raising taxes. Perfect time to buy

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Dont get locked down, theyre trying to normalize living in the supposed cyberland or whatever you want to call it. Which is far too early, and it will lead to human extinction in all honesty

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Still holding SQQQ. Completely fucked. Suggestions besides kys myself? Holding or selling now?

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If it mattered stocks would've dumped already.

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this exposes the whole time in the market beats timing the market meme

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this is why you should, people like this noob over here is scared shitless. obviously there's still dumb money on the sidelines who will fomo in later when it looks "safe".

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New range extension up in futures, an institution or other large boy IS long at these levels. Very interest
Ratty do u actually eat candy corn? I know u like tootsie pops, you should get a lot of those. I'm worried about u :<

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>nothing but bad news
>market green as can be
I don't understand this anymore

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I've been holding some UVXY since Trump caught covid as a gamble, assuming either that or the election would spike volatility. Apparently not. Probably will sell it all on Monday, depending on election stability and Monday morning futures I guess.

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Fucking hell GME. Pinging like anything.

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selling now seems dumb.. look at daily covid cases.. and deaths. There is something in the bushes I can feel it

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>holding SQQQ

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Bruh im holding at -90% due to 20x leverage im planning on roping unironically

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Being up 5% on 1.25K volume is meaningless

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This has been a gigaretard strength TINA rally since May/June
We just had 3 months of pumps based entirely on stimulus talks progress WITHOUT a stimulus bill passed.
Poltards just wanted it to be because of Trump and his reelection chances. But its really just been because stocks have been derisked compared to all other asset classes relative to their return.
If you are an asset managing firm with billions of dollars under your authority, do you try to spend it on investing in start ups, beat down cyclicals, fund exploration projects, etc.? No, you buy shares of AAPL because the fed backstops it from being a "bad trade". Businesses likewise had/will have the best returns buying back their own shares then they will investing in anything: expansions, takeovers, etc. It is almost irresponsible not to do this for your stakeholders. The true bagholders become investors.
All of this is money not put into productive ventures. The stock market is inversing the economy.

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So, how are the markets being pumped directly this hard? Did the Fed say fuck it and is buying stocks directly now?

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eh no laughing!

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Should I just quit /biz/ forever? I mean, I don't know how to explain this even to myself, but I'm taking financial advices from these people >>23732156

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thx I go back to my juice now.

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Senate stays the same. Even if Biden steals this, Pelosi and Biden can't pass anything as the Republicans gain 4 more seats in the Senate. Anything they do is squashed.

No new taxes, no new trade deals ratified, no new judges. Will stay that way for a min of 2 years until the House mid terms.

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selling puts

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Americans are waking up. Here comes the bullposting

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>Didn't buy TQQQ at the bottom
Another year of being poor.

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coming here is the only thing that makes losses tolerable to me

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Mutt's law

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to be honest I hate tootsie rolls and tootsie pops, I think their some of the most disgusting things in the world.
I have 16 percent of my portfolio in Tootsie Roll Industries, because they have a good track record. They are a king if you didn't know

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I'm just thinking. After all these months, people here shorted Zoom, bought tankers, oil, EV scam companies, biomemes, RTX, REITs. If I didn't come here, I would've probably just bought fucking Apple or Microsoft. idk

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Caught it at 120, just how how can I expect this to go? I'm adjusting my stop loss daily just in case it takes another giant shit, but I kinda like watching it shoot up like a green rocket

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Those 6 dollar strikes looking nice :o
wtf the pops are okay, basically strictly yuckier than blow pops though. Who makes blow pops, oh wait... :3
They'll hit 34.45 soon, I'm unironical sure of it.
Write a letter to them saying they should make tootsie pops but with vanilla "fruit chews" inside.

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Sold my tqqq at 137$ yesterday morning......lol what a cuck. Did not expect back to back massive fucking green thor's hammer

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>Buy NAK and GEO before election
>Trump's going to win, b-but just in case let's put 200€ on a slim Biden win of 270-299 ECV at 1:11 odds
>down ~13% on GEO and NAK so far
>I-it's fine, with the 2200€ from the bet I'll still come out green
>Go to betting site
>"Unfortunately we had to cancel all bets on the US election", no explanation provided, my bet money was re-deposited
How can they just delete the bet if I win? How can they do it?

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I sold 30% of my positions yesterday. shoudve hold...

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already sold some 6s looking to sell some 5s and looking to buy back some 7s.. been making a good income on these options.. when they fucking move.. gotta put your order in right away gtc and go to another trade while that one moves sideways when traction gains.. will probably sell puts and otm calls until i see it settle then start selling itm calls.. been swinging it awhile

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Don't sell today. Repeg your profit exits and hold.

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maybe you should start investing instead bru

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It's just didn't seem natural.

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My guess is that foreign bookies wanted a winner at the day's end. Or that they didn't want to have to pay out to both sides depending on recount shenanigans.

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Perfectly natural goy SPY 400 by EOY

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It isn't

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I am one spike away from a massive liquidation. Its over. Its all gone, I am certified retard

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Feels kinda blow offish to me. But then again I'm a fag who sold tqqq and fngu

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GME should be 20$ why the fuck aren’t people buying? Consoles next fucking week.... it’s not priced in

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>Jeff Bezos sold $3 billion of Amazon stock in pivotal U.S. election week

is this bald cuck retarded or something

or does he know something

considering i'm thinking about buying this nigger

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It not being priced in is priced in

>> No.23732809

Probably just for some Christmas presents

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there are some talented people on here. i mean look how the fingers, hand and wrist of this doom black swan have been drawn. its really good

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AAPL and TSLA sold the absolute peak of their stocks, so maybe he knows something us goys don't

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Thinking about buying puts if Trump does win

>> No.23732825

Weed stocks are pumping heavily and gme which is still so undervalued is not doing shit

>> No.23732829

vanila tr, Dots, and caramel apple pops is their only good Loot.
Some people have weird taste and become obsessed with Junior Mints and Cella's Chocolate Covered Cherries. Wow, that is truly disgusting

>> No.23732837

Trump is finished the sooner you accept it the sooner you can begin to cope

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Yap.. let me guess.. you used Betway? The exact same shit happened to me.

If you want to be negative: They want to scam you out of your money

If you want to be positive: The election will be contested and they don´t want to risk potential legal battles, because every side can claim they won their bet

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i don't even know why I come here, shitposting addiction i believe

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Well, excuse me, I didn't expect a market rally amidst tripling covid cases, Europe lockdown, potential US lockdown, divided government, which absolutely means there will be no fucking stimulus till February. Oh well, guess that was the case since March. Fuck me

>> No.23732916

how much did u make

>> No.23732924

why did you think shorting the daq was a good idea?

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Kamela Harris could realistically be president. Grim

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It was a hedge on my long position in AAPL, FB, and BABA. It seemed like we are in the "return to normal" phase.

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>-90% due to 20x leverage
JFC, shiiiiiiiiiiit

this guy gets it

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>gme not pumping for some reason
>next gen consoles are digital download only
>niggers rioting and chimping out all over
>can get that GME funko pop cheaper on Amazon
>GME gets 1 walk in customer per hour

So weird. GME $100 EoW

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Why did I sell last week? Why didn't you stop me?

>> No.23732986

shit, lesson in calculation of correlation/divergence learned I hope

>> No.23732991

Is it possible you made the mistake of betting against America?

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good, now buy the top

>> No.23732996

is holding USO long term a retarded idea?

>> No.23733001

>not understanding the clown market
Also if your thesis is that the market will dip then why buy SQQQ with risk instead of holding cash to buy the dip?

>> No.23733008

I will buy the next dip. If I was to buy today, i know it will dump just to fuck me

>> No.23733015

dood shit is going down. the jews arent taking kindly to this. they wont go back to paying taxes its antisemitic and immoral so they are going to kill the stock market within the month probably. the election has ruined america and soon we will be able to buy 13 year old girls for boxes of cereal. dark days ahead... for 13 year old girls. dump all stocks and invest in lucky charms and cocopuffs

>> No.23733036

market money already knows coronavirus is overblown and just politicized to oust Trump. you saw it reacting positively today to a tentative Trump victory. all polls had biden winning at 95% and now look, Trump wins again. once the fraud and childish dem shenanigangs are stamped out you will see market take off like a rocketship

>> No.23733039

t. cannabis investor

>> No.23733040

Oh, yes, I will never ever again open a short position.

See >>23732850

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The robinhood faggots that bought it after oil went negative would have been better off holding actual companies.

The planned war with venezuela happens after the election though so that should pump the price a little.

>> No.23733048

If Biden wins, corporate taxes will increase. Yeah, they cook and go through hoops to avoid corporate tax but who knows.

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Oh wow, if BABA keeps dipping like this pm I will buy anbother 50 shares

>> No.23733061

There IS going to be the greatest rugpull of all time, right? Covid cases increasing, no stimulus cuz of Mitch, more lockdowns.
Either way I need more fuckin VOO

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Why are my stocks so high rn?

>> No.23733092

BABA missed on revenue. Boggs really hate me.

>> No.23733100

Don't rope. One day you will lose (and make) more in a week than you've wiped out now.

>> No.23733104

This always happens when price dumps before reaching ATH. Same thing in Jul/Aug.

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>> No.23733118

When the PlayStation 6 comes out.

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Right now its pumping to not pay attention to Biden rigging the election.

Bezos sold his Amazon shares...right at the top just like tim apple and Musk before a huge drop.

>> No.23733157

>Trump won

how delusional
Biden obviously won/stole the election
just accept it, meme magic wont save orange Hitler now

>> No.23733161

I was thinking of selling after christmas but now i'm sus

>> No.23733166

I made a good profit on VSTO this summer, but I believe it still will test 30 by the end of the year, just get out of it before Jan 17 when everyone realizes that nothing is actually going to happen.

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I just doubled my position

>> No.23733179

georgie stone
smash or pass cunts?

>> No.23733184

>Li Auto
anon here
Good morning! :^)
They all just keep going!!
DO NOT FOMO IN!! I think it may be too late
There might be some good deals on the 3 after earnings coming up

>> No.23733197

By "doubled" you probably mean you bought another 1-2 shares, right?

>> No.23733207

What am I missing

>> No.23733217

I wasn't thinking on betting oil, but the cons of holding uso the product itself, is the contango an issue?

>> No.23733221

Im scalping NIO using all of my margin

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I think retail is going to struggle more as a Biden win means more chance of lockdown and that.

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Someone bought 9 million in $40 NIO calls expiring THIS friday yesterday before close. Expect some wild shit these next 2 days.

>> No.23733271

that retail which will struggle has been struggling for years already

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>> No.23733286

maybe a hedge

>> No.23733294

I know how you feel, but that's a bad mentality to go in with. Right now we're still below ATH and not even above the October high. So really, buying now is still a good deal: you're a month ahead of someone who bought in October, and two months ahead of someone who bought in September. Two free months isn't bad.

>> No.23733313

>tentative trump victory
I mean, I'm rooting for him but that claim is delusional. Whoever wins, we end up in a civil war.

>> No.23733321

Markets price in Biden win, Democrat House and Republican senate, which means no big tax increase or reform will be implemented. Opposing party will block the shit and you might get a much smaller plan in return for other concessions.

Also both sides agreed to pass a stimulus + Biden wants to put in Republicans in his government

The Establishment always wins guys

>> No.23733336

Yup could be covered call sells. It did however hit 39.75 yesterday, so if they are covered calls, this dude is living on the edge.

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opinions on WKHS, HYLN?

good time to buy in or should i hold cash?
>pic related after i didnt sell the top for GME

>> No.23733352

Short EPA:KN.
Easy 5% for the next week.Thank me later.

>> No.23733385

>Thank me later.
yeah right, looks like shorting now would retarded

>> No.23733402

Yeah so this is a compounding factor

What's going on with BABA? It seems like it should be a good stock to own but mainly just seems to dip and crab and move so inconsistently.

>> No.23733403

Sell calls at the top, right? NIO has been on a tear, so maybe this is just an effective limit sell at ATH.

>> No.23733404

Fed meeting at 2pm et. Brace yourselves.

>> No.23733406

I know a couple of teacher pensions sold off all APPL stocks for nio stocks this week. The shear amount of backing nio had is insane

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ANTgroup got some troubles joining shenzen or however chinese stockexchange is called, and some revenue failed.
great buying opprtunity imo

>> No.23733423

Arent they just going to say that the printer is working and they plan on using it?

>> No.23733432

My tip has been given.

>> No.23733440

If we're going to go by previous Fed meetings, we're in for a dump or at least a crab to red.

>> No.23733454


today after market ;)

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Yes a covered call can be used as a limit sell + tip. The tip is the premium people pay to buy the call.

Nice thanks for the info.

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>> No.23733484

It's just missed earnings, concerned? Should we expect to see more of a dip today, think it might be prudent to get out and back in when it's calmed down

>> No.23733496


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Am I going to prosperity bros?

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Guys.. what if we got it the other way around? what if a Biden win is what actually starts a bull run and trump a dump?

>> No.23733514

well I just got in, we are on mid august levels rn

>> No.23733525

it's a clown market. Toss a coin or check your horoscope to see what to bet on

>> No.23733538

2,413,999 Biden
2,432,097 Trump
2,413,999 + 2,432,097 = 4,846,096
98% vote reported
4,846,096 / 0.98 = 4,944,995
4,944,995 - 4,846,096 = 98,899 votes remaining
2,432,097 - 2,413,999 = 18,098 lead

If Biden receives 60% of the remaining votes
0.6 x 98,899 = 59,339 for Biden
Trump receives 40% of the remaining votes
0.4 x 98,899 = 39,559 for Trump
59,339 - 39,559 = 19,780
19,780 > 18,098 = Biden victory if he receives 60%+ of the remaining votes
If they are mail-in / absentee votes, 100% possible to reach 60%

>> No.23733540

Bitcoin is almost 20k Canadian......

>> No.23733545
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The market is easy. Just own good large caps and buy every dip.

>> No.23733547
File: 30 KB, 552x553, 68B019F9-0F98-4CC1-8424-01ED04965AE5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Y number go up

>> No.23733568

Unironically this.
Just choose the large caps with lowest P/E.

>> No.23733579

I've been saying it since Friday: the markets were literally pricing in civil war. As soon as it became apparent that somebody is going to win, as soon as it was clear the losers are going to the courts rather than the rooftops, it mooned.

>> No.23733588
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Just remember KO is forever niggas.

>> No.23733592

didn't shit like AMD and AAPL and TSLA with arguably the highest P/E go up the most this year though?

>> No.23733628

aussie cunts fed slashed rates last week

oi cunts , what is JD? i'm hearing the smart play is to sell BABA and buy that

>> No.23733641
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Fuck my broker doesn't let me buy OPTI

>> No.23733673
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Can I get a motherfucking Heil for these digits?

>> No.23733674

>aussie cunts fed slashed rates last week
The UK also expanded QE.
Is this it? Are stocks finally going to infinity in this decade?

>> No.23733678
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Me neither

>> No.23733679

AAPL's PE wasn't that large.
AMD also not astronomical, but there was an underlying fundamental reason for its value to multiply (I bought in at 50$).
TSLA is just stupid hype, fomo and softbank buying massive amounts of calls. Just stay clear from that.

Also, a rule of thumb is is not a deterministic principle. Always use your head and be sure you can answer the question: "Why I am buying this asset at this specific price?".

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BEHOLD I give you chink pnd of the day contained in this image

>> No.23733697


>> No.23733748

excellent, thanks

>> No.23733752

I don't understand. How do you stay on top of chinese PnDs?
>t. NotSEC

>> No.23733754

Heil KO, fren.

>> No.23733779

Going to buy a massive chunk of SQQQ today. TQQQ just won’t keep up it’s hot streak. Apple and MSFT prices are bloated right now.

>> No.23733794

Gonna buy some premarket, doesn't look half bad at current valuation.

>> No.23733819

Holy shit it’s already up 40% in premarket buying some now

>> No.23733821
File: 59 KB, 716x1024, d0a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Time in market vs timing the mark

Exblain am brainlet pls

>> No.23733822

im in, you better be right anon

>> No.23733831
File: 283 KB, 983x694, 1588633904853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>TQQQ +7.70%

>> No.23733842
File: 1.05 MB, 3264x2448, 1591792906287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pick company with solid fundamentals
>buy every red
>baghold forever

>> No.23733858

Well said. As well it will be a Biden administration on a muzzle because of the Republican Senate

>> No.23733861

Did a rally like this occur on March when infinite QE was announced?

>> No.23733874

Value investors were hunted down starting with Greenspan's first QE. Then bounties were placed on their heads starting in 2009.
Now value is extinct. It's only memes. You sell your position in a "growth" company if it ever starts turning a profit.

>> No.23733885

You mean Northern Peso

>> No.23733892

See >>23733842

>> No.23733918

The New Jersey Teacher pension fund if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.23733931

Cut that shit

>> No.23733932

I need better impulse control

>> No.23733938

what makes their stock price go up if they don't innovate or do anything new? i've mostly been involved with tech because i work in tech myself, and my understanding is that the main driving force behind shit like say AMD and NVDA is innovation that makes the price go up.

KO just seems like a stable thing. why would i expect the valuation to go up over time? inflation or something? is KO like the stock equivalent of gold or something? like, what new or hype shit would they ever do?

>> No.23733955

give me such a company and i can show you something cool on the chart.

>> No.23733976

Damn, those dubs are all we need to check.
ALSO THESE DUBS-------------------------------------^

>> No.23733994

So I shouldn’t buy any SPY calls when it’s this high right?

>> No.23734006
File: 84 KB, 582x700, volcker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing can bring back value, you say?

>> No.23734013

There are mystical godlike creatures existing in the universe. Some people refer to them as Bogdanoff Brothers. They enjoy playing with people's minds. If you, for instance, want to buy a stock, the next day Bogs will surely crash it. You don't want to sell your stock. Bogs crash it even more. Now you sell the stock because you're afraid, it will go lower, so you cut your losses. The very next day Bogs pump the stock. You see how your stock rises, but you don't buy it, because you remember why you sold it. It pumps again. And again. You finally decide to buy it. Bogs crash the stock. Rinse and repeat until the world ends.

The only way to defeat the Bogs Brothers is to buy sound companies and to hold on to them no matter what. Never listen to your family, your friends, even to yourself, because it's just the Bogs toying with you. It can crash -20%, it can rise +50%, remember they're playing with you. Hold. Never sell.

>> No.23734015

KO buys up sources for drinking water in 2nd and 3rd world countries like crazy
Its an evil company that tries monopolizing basic human needs

>> No.23734021
File: 40 KB, 403x392, 1600435368359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop this irrational rally.

>> No.23734023

Go to any store or place that sells food and look around

>> No.23734027

Fuck you as I can with my cock

>> No.23734036
File: 119 KB, 406x499, 1437111621854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you do, get some long dated puts to hedge. We've gone up over $20 in a few days. In general, its best to buy calls on red days.

>> No.23734039

Ko has good and consistent dividends. It's not a growth stock

>> No.23734045
File: 140 KB, 1920x352, 1604450306291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>blumpf looks like he's going to win
>NASDAQ futures sore
>biden takes the lead
>market rallies
>no winner declared
>market rallies
>100k cases in 1 day in the US
>market rallies

I bet if Jerome Powell livestreamed himself jacking off the market would rally too.

>> No.23734055

Uhhhhhh Chink EV bros....

>> No.23734059
File: 308 KB, 1661x667, SPY 1h 11-5-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

correct. the time to buy calls was a couple of days ago when it was past that bottom line. now would be the time to consider buying puts or selling calls. but it's still a very volatile time right now so it depends how you view the FA at the moment, but yeah at the least you've got shitty risk vs. reward on calls right now

>> No.23734062
File: 24 KB, 521x143, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23734069

The stock market is pricing in Biden's win. Democrats will print like crazy. Look at BTC, EUR/USD. Trump is finished. (((They))) won.

>> No.23734070

This might be the most important post I have ever read on 4chan, god bless you anon

>> No.23734075

Aight Reddit whats poppin what’s hot what’s the play wsb let’s go get this money yall!!

>> No.23734079

How should i play TQQQ? I brought a few shares while it was down in 120s. should i hold on to them or dump them at open? Can it go up more? its only been at 150 2 other times and promptly went down.

>> No.23734081

All i see is coke loosing marketshares to hipsterdranks

>> No.23734088
File: 121 KB, 876x1024, EAB1796C-30FE-4E61-AD21-9B7A413E1AD6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now this is what i call based. Just 40% more gains and ill break even on my all time

>> No.23734093

That's because they split it when it gets too high

>> No.23734105

Jobless claims in 20

>> No.23734107

KOs dividend sucks tho, 2% or something?
Better buy TSM
KO is an investment in waterrights and a shrinking core business

>> No.23734109

Why the fuck are people hedging with bitcoin again? Why fucking crypto? It hasn't even been 2 years.

>> No.23734110

is this a picture of you?

>> No.23734119

You’re high. Coke has its place on the shelves. Hipster drinks die off and make room for more hipster drinks. Coke is Americana. All things Coca Cola are collectible. Today’s kids are just as addicted to coke as their parents were

>> No.23734125

God i wish

>> No.23734129
File: 88 KB, 620x441, michigan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23734132

Oh my hard earned goy shekels. Reality is so oppressive

>> No.23734134
File: 696 KB, 1890x932, KO 1h 11-5-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any other similar stocks you'd recommend? my presumption would be that it's essentially the eternal crab, except that it should generally crab up over time due to inflation, correct? i've basically been looking for something that i can buy the dips on, as defined by being around that bottom line, and sell when it gets near the top, over and over. it has to be a stock im confident will always be stable and in the long run always go up/reach higher highs, though. especially if shit ever legitimately hits the fan again like covid. seems like it fits the channel quite nicely so far though.

>> No.23734136

I'm not invested in Crypto. Unfortunately. As far as I know, there is a limited supply in crypto. You can't inflate Bitcoin

>> No.23734137

You did buy LI right?

>> No.23734140

GOP probably keeps the senate, so the stimulus will be modest.

Coke literally has it's own brand of seltzer water. They're more than just soda.

>> No.23734155

Coke should be banned it causes so much harm to our society. The average person is a moron and has no self control. I believe the state can and should intervene because the obesity is a public health emergency. Fuck fatties

>> No.23734159

Historically, the market has always been high under a democratic president. The year it only blew up after the stimulus check. Who would've thought people spending money stimulates the economy and bulls markets, but some insist on simping for the 1% so it could trickle down.

>> No.23734168

TSM is a good safe pick but it is not really a growth stock
buy AMD too

>> No.23734169

not just that, but im sure considering the brand name value of coke they could probably step in to any hipster drink area and push them out of the market if they really wanted to, if not outright buy them out, no?

>> No.23734180
File: 307 KB, 440x395, DEE02BEC-1C26-4564-9894-1BEC473AAEEE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just buy mommys etfs retard. Idk why yall bother with individual stocks

>> No.23734181


Fuck you snd your fag shit

>> No.23734183

>profiting off of the death and suffering of degenerates with no self control

KO looks more and more appealing every moment. how's MCD these days?

>> No.23734185
File: 25 KB, 636x505, 1604344640196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But it's scarcity is artificial? Fuck it, I don't understand anything anymore.

>> No.23734191

can confirm
t. 2k Andy

>> No.23734190
File: 90 KB, 731x1024, FE1D2B33-FBD3-4E7B-98D8-FF372A602939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>t. fatass

>> No.23734193
File: 102 KB, 933x923, lets get this bread3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we riding this OPTI bull or what

>> No.23734195

Coke will stay in "restaurants" for some time but people wake up to coke being shitty glucose water in 3liter bottles
Hipsterdranks will replace it as Softdrink/treat, Energy Drinks already replaced it as koffein source
The coke energy drink is shit and i never saw anybody buying it
>Coke is Americana, all things coke are collectibles
Only to boomers, except for the old coke stuff from the time it got sold in small glass bottles
Hipsters like the old coke stuff but they dont drink coke

>> No.23734204

STX is on my watchlist and seems to always crab up with large dips. I'd say do some DD on it as it might fit what you want

>> No.23734205

>those calves
do you not know what month it is you evil bastard

>> No.23734212

democrats dont have power, republicans control the senate. thats why market isnt going into full meltdown right now. also looks like Trump will win

>> No.23734229
File: 59 KB, 705x528, BC527424-9BBF-4ACE-9D42-FF0EE1DA7E23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like this post if youve ever had a nigger finger your cooter in a porta potty

>> No.23734232
File: 114 KB, 960x638, 1603207926396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't disagree. I hate fat people.

Coke also has it's own energy drink brand. Btw, look into MO or ConocoPhillips if you want to profit off of smokes.

>> No.23734237

Does anybody have the shortler wojack meme?

>> No.23734243


No I just don’t believe in the government intervening in peoples lives like a cuck

>> No.23734252
File: 368 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201105-081933_Finance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Motherfucking whales shaking the trees to grab weak hands shares.

Fuck you whale, I never sold, and when the market opens ill buy 10k more

>> No.23734253
File: 2 KB, 125x107, 1602256783326s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Battery day presentation from Tesla
> Musk announces new Tesla Model for 25000 $
> Cathy Woods thinks he will lower the price of the model 3 to 25000$
> Musk corrects her on Twitter

Nah man, I will never invest in a women fund

>> No.23734254
File: 281 KB, 1125x2436, 75B66B82-A185-44E7-856D-B7DF18046ECF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How long to I ride this???

>> No.23734256

The saddest part is all these fat women are generally attractive under all the fat. Once they gain the weight though even if they lose it theyll always be predisposed to obesity and have a shitton of extra nasty skin and stretch marks. It really is a shame

>> No.23734270

>Go to any store or place that sells food and look around

I notice prices keep rising while portions+quality decline.

>> No.23734271

Bros is it ever worth it to sell?
Why not just buy more stocks?

>> No.23734279

I've had them on my watch list for a while because QQQ, while safe, is boring. Is there any single ARK ETF that you would say to dump 10k into right now, or would you rather spread funds between them? ARKK looks the best to me.

>> No.23734282

>Tsm is not really a grow stock
>Doubled its value in a year
Tsm is both a growth stock and a value stock, only thing it isnt is a high volatility meme stock
KO and MCD are low volatility boomer meme "value" stocks

Yes and its overpriced tap water that i only see getting brought at "restaurants" that sell it as their table water option because it comes in the same truck as the softdranks
Oh and in 2nd + 3rd world countries that have no drinkable tap water of course, if you really wanna buy KO this is the reason to do it

>> No.23734284

bought closed all but one of my tqqq coverd calls yessterday, should have bought or rolled the last one. I think buy it back and sell another one dated in December or something.

>> No.23734287

MCD is really comfy hold. They pay a decent dividend and they do well during recessions

>> No.23734290

God.. this faggot back again..
/smg/ was so much better the past week without you here
Here we go again, spamming all sorts of homoerotic shit in every thread, never posting a single ticker, never discussing trades, just endlessly posting gay ass shit
I genuinely hope that you die - you are a drain on the world around you, never adding, only taking

>> No.23734292

Your shit has so many false signals.

>> No.23734296

And if a 300 pound fat woman dies, it is from Coronavirus, not the underlying obesity . Go figure

>> No.23734298

Yep. Ive picked up hunting to save money. Have 500lbs of deer and 100 of squirrel frozen in my garage

>> No.23734301


The only time you should sell is if you’ve got another play lined up like right then and there or if you’re cutting and running/admitting defeat on a shitty position that didn’t swing your way

>> No.23734304
File: 419 KB, 1080x1510, 1599473176607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The problem is that they wreck every part of their body with bad dieting. There's this guy at work, he's almost 400 lbs, I think he's like 177~kg. He stepped on a metric scale and read something like that.

Anyway, he's 29 going on 39 in terms of looks.

>> No.23734313
File: 20 KB, 499x499, F71D59E1-21DB-40F0-8E6E-C930D7C92B37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seethe more faggot

>> No.23734314

Just listen to her or her brainlet hispanic female analyst. They are an asset management firms of complete retards that just fall for every meme hype without any technical understanding whatsoever of the technologies involved. Their gains these past 2 years were literally just Tesla. Don't fucking fall for their scam, they were underperforming the SPX before Tesla exploded, check the historical data.

>> No.23734316

The future is now, old man. I would've never bought a Chinese stock, but here I am, holding 10 shares of BABA. I know they're fucking commie liers, and I hate their guts, but what's the difference really? The US has the same censorship (CNN, Twitter), the same frauds. I don't really support either side, but there is a brief moment at the beginning of debates when Pence respectfully nodded to Kamilla, showing he respects the other side and looks up to a fruitful debate. She just ignored him.

>looks like Trump will win
It's over.

>> No.23734321

Do you factor in opportunity cost?

>> No.23734325

The dollar is taking a massive shit

>> No.23734326


>> No.23734339

Just to add to this good piece of advice.
Also take profits when acceptable and buy back in on market dips.
It’s a cycle.

>> No.23734344

Iknow. Good thing I'm in UDN calls.

>> No.23734346

Have you never been down south? We all do that shit.

t. Valdosta

>> No.23734350

Considering 5 lbs of beef is $30 here hunting is a great choice. Its a fun hobby and the meat is cleaner than any store bought stuff. I think everyone should pick up hunting

>> No.23734354

nah mate, don´t try to convince idiots, there is a reason these morons fall for it in the first place

>> No.23734355
File: 77 KB, 768x605, bogs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dump it for random reasons several times before the election, and bait them into shorting the bottom Then, pump the shit out of everything while the election remains contested.

>> No.23734359

thanks for the heads up fren

>> No.23734372

I know people who actually hunt for fun. If it's a hobby for him, I guess it doesn't matter.

>> No.23734388

100 pounds of squirrel meat is bullshit

>> No.23734398

Everyone outside the cities hunts lol wtf

>> No.23734413

>eating squirrels
do americans really do this?

>> No.23734414

I hunt for fun. I try to use nothing of the animal. I live in florida so I mainly shoot pigs and squirrels.

>> No.23734417

That's like saying 100lbs of duck is bullshit. Go out into the woods with a 22, stay for a couple hours and you 10-20 squirrels. Repeat for 10 weekends, freeze them, don't eat them, and you got 100lbs of squirrel

>> No.23734418

Thats pretty degenerate

>> No.23734420

PLTR bros, is this it?


>> No.23734425
File: 31 KB, 563x545, 1603510759755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live in rural Georgia and don't. My dentist goes on and on about how much he loves fishing. And this guy is young.

I've never heard or seen anyone do it.

>> No.23734426
File: 310 KB, 739x553, 1596841206823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/GC +1.81%
>BTCUSD +5.10%
>DXY -0.85%

>> No.23734447

>t. bitchboi

>> No.23734449

I go squirrel hunting pretty regularly. Bagging 20 squirrels a weekend for 10 weekends straight is a pipe dream unless your traversing a massive radius

>> No.23734454


>> No.23734477

Why is KO king divvy and not MO?
>Price- $48-50: dividend $.41
>Price-$37-39: dividend $.96

>> No.23734487

Correction MO is $.86

>> No.23734489


>> No.23734508

hi im a clueless leaf again

has someone explained yet why Biden win is rallying the market? i thought i was supposed to root for Trump because Biden was going to do crazy taxes that would kill stocks
also since Biden was going to kill Canada because he will stop Keystone XL

>> No.23734509

Zoom out on MO's chart. That dividend ratio is because the share price has been secularly declining for years.
KO basically just tracks the dollar as a consumer cyclical that is relatively resistant to recessions (restaurant closures were its black swan).

>> No.23734542

Nobody wants to hold dollarydoodoos with biden as president
See >>23734426

>> No.23734547

>has someone explained yet why Biden win is rallying the market? i thought i was supposed to root for Trump because Biden was going to do crazy taxes that would kill stocks
Every god damn election there are boomers that shriek at everyone that the markets will respond in a big way THIS TIME to the elections rather than just continue previous trends.
The data is easy to find and its easy to see that election selloff boomers are just wrong every single time.
Orange and not orange boomer are going to print, SIMPLE AS
>also since Biden was going to kill Canada because he will stop Keystone XL
Anyone who digs into energy even a little bit realizes that natural gas has been oil and coal's major threats.

>> No.23734548
File: 147 KB, 1080x1528, 68685404_p2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1039 units of consoles that TSMC can only produce chips for are launching next week
Oh yes, big numbers, lots of profits. This will be a paper launch, as much as the new nvidia and AMD cards, idiot.
Yeah, you'll see headlines about shortage and shit all over the news. But at the end of the day, the winner of Christmas will be Nintendo, as they'll be able to sustain the demand.

>> No.23734562
File: 75 KB, 1093x1035, 7FD77A03-6F22-41F4-9945-B1791B3255D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t over complicate it Leafbro
Just think of the market as a schizophrenic stalker ex girlfriend you can lure for sex with shiny trinkets and sell on the side for more crypto.

That should bring things into focus
Pic related

>> No.23734564


Everyone here barely has their head above water no one is going to have the correct answer for meta big picture shit like that.

>> No.23734568

KO is selling low class breverages
Thats consumer defensive isnt it?

>> No.23734573

Harris teeter sell discount ground beef (expires in 1 day) for like 3 bucks a pound.

Good for same day tacos or whatever. I hate freezing meat so dunno if id trust freezing it.

>> No.23734574

Oil isn't important to the current market, republican senators will block tax increases, what the US market is looking for is stability, not who wins.

>> No.23734575

gridlocked congress, no big changes, stocks likey

>> No.23734579
File: 88 KB, 1098x806, 67532762367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unless you make $400,000 or more, you're fine. Stop reading pol.

>> No.23734584

See above your post manlet

>> No.23734589

historically stocks do better when a Dem is POTUS. The GOP seems set to keep the Senate so no new taxes. Quite a win for wall street.

>> No.23734595

That is what I meant. I need my coffee.

>> No.23734599

bull shit, you can trap and shoot like 10 squrriels in a day. Theyre literally all over certain places in the states and theyre dumb as hell. Almost as bad as rabbits.

>> No.23734617

The Republicans will keep the senate, which means Biden can't do his batshit policies and he'll be in a weak political position.
Basically most things will just tick over.

>> No.23734621

Lmao yeah right. High taxes at any level stifles growth. He also wants to raise capital gains to 43%. Make sure you are in longgggg term holds before he gets in so you can wait to cash out under a republican

>> No.23734630

Sorry but you would decimate their numbers at that point. Unless you are traveling to different places to shoot them. Squirrels don’t reproduce at the same rate as rabbits

>> No.23734632
File: 342 KB, 387x305, 1603978237474.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remember this post

>> No.23734651

>High taxes at any level stifles growth.

Taxes suck but this is patently untrue.

>> No.23734679

>High taxes at any level stifles growth
Another talking point that is just not supported by any data

>> No.23734725


Lmao okay Keynes. You bitches have no idea how taxing effects the economy. It is always a negative

>> No.23734749

The fuck are you on about?

>> No.23734754

the blue wave didn't happen. That's what saved stocks

>> No.23734817

Kansas slashed its taxes to the bone about ten years ago and had to reverse itself because the state economy suffered greatly. If supply side economics worked it should have boomed. yet it didn't.

The single greatest period of American economic growth was back when we had marginal tax rates of about 90%.

>> No.23734827

Seems like this bro >>23734359
Was willing to think about, so it wasn't wasted effort.

>> No.23734846

new thread here, retard OP didnt link

>> No.23734855

>Tax the fouck out of the middle class
>Give gibs to big corps
Happens in germany since Merkel is in office

>> No.23734859

Talk for yourself, I'm at least 30% up this year.

>> No.23734861

There was also much fewer jewnipulation and less world-majorities, nation-minorities on welfare

>> No.23734898

we live in a fiat based society where the unit of currency literally does not exist. In all honesty the federal government doesn't even need to collect taxes. However the facts are the facts, we have had high taxes and have had high growth simultaneously.

>> No.23734921

Correlation isnt causation retard. You are showing how stupid you are.

>> No.23734953

>The post war American boom is a (((conspiracy)))

Neck yourself.

>> No.23735002


That doesn’t mean you know fuck all about the big picture and you could be up 30% on a 100 dollar investment,

>> No.23735043
File: 24 KB, 485x433, brainlet13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are trying to say that an economy that was booming after the entire rest of the developed world was destroyed is the result of high taxes? Are you a nigger or something? How could you possible think those are causation?

>> No.23735076
File: 65 KB, 720x720, 1598788305523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>candy corn
Fitting. This market is about to go from treat to trick.

>> No.23735132


>> No.23735178

We could have got a stimulus months ago bout Mitch wanted Trump to lose.



five days, that's how quickly he changed his tone.

>> No.23735181

I'm 40% on 10k€, actually, since my portfolio is now 14.6€.

>> No.23735197

I think McConnell assumed Trump would lose and didn't want to lose too many senate seats. But, it seems he managed to hold onto the senate. It's really a win win for him.

>> No.23735238
File: 544 KB, 856x753, fdsdsfdsfdsf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


We don't want your candy corn!


>> No.23735276

They collect tax so people are forced to have fiat

>> No.23735500

Tesla is only worth 420 it would appear.