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>there are people that have been working since the 90s

this is discomforting

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They could have used that money to but sub $1 bitcoin

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>spending 2/3 of your life waking up early and working for someone else's passive profit

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try 9/10 of your life

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do you start working at 10, and continue until 100?

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you should be glad. someone has to serve me my tendies after all.

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>working at an entry level dead end job for experience
>tfw there are so many old people who have been here on this shit pay for nearly 20 years and the people my age look like they're going to be the same
It's fucking hard to watch.

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They could have bought stock like Amazon or Facebook

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That too.

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We were the generation forced to work to pay for our parents luxury.
Enjoy your freedoms anon as you will be the generation forced into a brutal war to pay for your grandparents mistakes

The silent gen is almost gone. You have no one to guide you on your mission

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Embrace the honk

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Been working since 98' (started at 15)

Now, I'm in the top 1% of world wealth.

>I'm making my own economy on Fuse.

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Look up Walter Bruening. He lived to be 114, worked from the time he was 14 to age 99.

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>Foolishly go into visual arts
>If I am lucky I may sometimes have a salary as high as 120k
>Likely average salary of my life is maybe 90k
>Adjusted for taxes, cost of living and inflation if I play it say and save and have little fun I can retire at 45, maybe
>30 now

That's why I am all in on investments/crypto. I don't think I can wage slave for 15+ years without killing myself. My parents are working well into their 60s and that scares the hell out of me. Their retirement plan is "I'm gonna work till I drop haha!"

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school dumb ass...

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what can I buy now that is the equivalent to doing either of these things? I don't want to end up like these fucking boomers at walmart

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school isn't working

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you still wake up at 6 every day starting at 4 years old. its fucking retarded im not doing it

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God dammit shut your mouth, who is going to PRODUCE?

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