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I have $600,000 invested in bitcoin; I'm pretty good with money. AMA and I'll help you.

I'll prove my worth in the next post.

Pic kinda related, view from my flat.

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"4chan /biz/ Thread Number 23703902 Post ID qpO5oNqh"

Without quotes.

Bitcoin address:


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where is that

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You can verify the signature online or with your wallet. Just google "verify bitcoin signature" and fill in the blanks. You can see the balance of my address is ~ 600000 dollars.

Tignes, France. In the Alps.

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I can invest maybe 200$ a month because my country is poor as shit. What would you do to max your earnings?besides moving because I don't have money to do that

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I only have like $5k in crypto, but I don’t make that much money (entry level pay in engineering). How can I grow my portfolio and/or earn more money at my day job? I don’t blow all my money on crap, I save a decent amount.
How did you end up with so much money?

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whats a good plan for a 20yr old who doesnt know what to do?

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Did you invest 600k in or made 600k with bitcoin?

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>?besides moving because I don't have money to do that
If money is the only reason you don't want to move... really... like if you are ok leaving your family, friends, and culture but money is the only thing stopping you... then I would so everything I could to gtfo. Hitch hike, board a train illegally, get a bicycle and just pedal for weeks. Anything to move. You can move for free. It'll suck, temporarily, but it's possible and in the end you will be so glad you did.

But to answer your question, just put it in bitcoin. Don't focus on maximizing, because that's what we're all trying to do. Focus on what you believe in and what takes your passion.

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Is this your house, and if so how much it costed you to buy?
Are you from france originally?
What's the source of your wealth?

Redpill me on real estate, is it a good idea to buy a house in france?

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You only got 1k in play money what do you do with it to make a decent return,

How do you find out the next best thing before it leaves the station

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>grow portfolio
Stay in bitcoin for at least 5 years and don't sell. We're leaving the days of the dollar as the reserve currency and entering the dawn of a new age. Seriously. This is like the first man who discovered gold. So go all out on bitcoin.

>earn more at the day job
So the one single thing that helped me the most in life was reading the book "think and grow rich". Give it a look, it'll help you far more than one post on here.
But that said, I suggest you give more value than you're paid. If you make 50$ per hour, then give the value of 100$ per hour. Once you hit that new level, increase your value. You will make your manager's jaws drop and they will feel so lucky to have you. All the power will be in your hands. Demanding raises will be a breeze.

>how did I end up with so much money
Started poor, moved to LA and took two jobs and worked very, very hard and long hours; then invested stocks, then in crypto. Then started working from home as a programmer. Kinda just built up.

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>if so how much it costed you to buy

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be NICE fren no bully

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Dream. Unironically dream.

I knew I wanted to be a millionaire as I sat alone watching TV and drinking beet in my small flat at 19. I had no idea how I could do it. I even doubted myself. But I just started thinking "I really, really want to be a millionaire. I want luxury. I want it SO BADLY" and told myself I would figure it out at all costs.

So, dream.

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How old are you anon

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also, how tall are you? Have your women situation changed once you /made it/?
Is it worth making it if you're below 6 feet?

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I invested a little over 100k$ in bitcoin and it bloomed into 600k$. I think it'll go much farther and I'm putting more in each week.

No I'm renting. France introduced new lockdown measures and I wanted to escape. I have a friend here in the alps. It's a small quiet town. A comfy getaway. Only two cops work in the surrounding 50km. So. I'm pretty much left alone here.

No I'm not from France.

The source of my wealth is working as a Systems Administrator at first, when I was younger. That gave me my first seed of 30k$ at age 23. Which I invested and continued working. I'm 29 now and I'm finally worth over a million.

>Redpill me on real estate
Don't buy cash right now, but do get a fixed rate mortgage. This is because the dollar is about to inflate like CRAZY. So getting a fixed rate mortgage now will be a dream come true after a few years. You'll be stuck paying peanuts for a mortgage and could even pay it off well in advance effortlessly.

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What would you do to become a millionaire from here?

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About to start first post college job making 60k. Should I just go all in on crypto?

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when will crypto go bearish? when should i buy some?

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>How do you find out the next best thing
I think a lot. I'm absolutely obsessed with the future. I also go against the current and do my own thing, which seems to help a lot. People are like sheep so much, to their own doom. Just do your own thing, believe in yourself, make your own conclusions. Opportunity always comes; you'll see it if you keep optimistic.


>have women changed
Yeah, I keep it a secret and dress normal, but it's usually:
--Bloodthirst greed, they want to eat me
--Insecurity, they don't feel good enough to deserve me
--follow me like a puppy

As for sex, I haven't had either more nor less as I've gotten richer. But I do find my standards have grown. Idk if that is just a thing with age or money.

But yeah if you wanna get laid, money is not stopping you. Most girls don't care and women look at so much more than any one trait in a man. They're not like us, you know. We just want a sexy loyal woman. They want *everything*. So even if one trait is missing or weak, they are still looking at everything else. You can get laid.

I'm maximum into bitcoin. I don't see any use cases for other alts (except one). So I personally would sell the eth for btc and just hold it. Trade it around if you're bored or aggressive, but personally I would just hold it in btc.


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Far too much ETH anon.

BTC is (NoMaxi) the only one which is fully trusted by all.

For some staking gains. Check BonFi

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What is this one “alt”?

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its fucking LINK

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>when will crypto go bearish?
Never. It might slow down for a brief moment if the USD collapses soon after the election. But I wouldn't bet on it.
>when should i buy some?
Now. It's still very young and very early. Don't regret missing he days when it was 35 cents each. It's still those days, it's young. So buy it now and feel proud in several years.

Set your eyes on the long-term.


I'm not certain, but I can clearly see a solid use case in my mind where doge is transacted either like silver, or dollars if they enable lightning networking. The fact it inflates forever is key. Also elon musk believes in it, even if it does seem ironic. I think there is an unignorably high chance that doge will breech one dollar per coin. Since it's so cheap right now, it's safe to take the risk.

I bought 1,000,000 doge just for fun. If I'm right, then I just made my easiest million ever; if not, then there isn't much risk, because I don't see it crashing ever.

haha no

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looks dead and soulless

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Exactly what I wanted.
I'm staying here a week to eject, play WoW, hang with my friend, and mess around on the computer. Then I'm off to bordeaux afterward.

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ok so how much are you worth in total? are you afraid of virus? do you travel now?

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understandable, have a nice day

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House or apt? And how much you paid for it

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>how much are you worth in total?
About 1.3 million
>are you afraid of virus?
no, not at all
>do you travel now?
yeah. I visited 15 countries this year.

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damn crazy, is it really that young and cheap? what do you think will be the future of it. its so weird.

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I rent. I would rather have a few hundred thousand tied up in bitcoin than in a flat in france. So I stick to small flats in nice areas and live cheap. Once I break 10m I might buy something nice finally.

I did own a condo in the USA for 155k$ however. Sold it in 2018.

It's funny, I have explained this to normies but they absolutely do not understand. It pains me. Even when talking to leasing agents, it's always the same old "If you have so much, then why don't you just buy something?" It's like normies absolutely cannot understand the mind of a money-oriented man.

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ok, serious question: how do you manage your expense?

are you selling a fraction of your btc every now and then? what % yearly? do you have any passive income/investments?

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Yes. I think it'll replace gold. I also think there is a high chance bitcoin will be the world currency if lightning catches on.

But even if not, even if it just replaces gold, then bitcoins will soar to what is now $500k. So if you knew that, if you knew for certain that bitcoin would reach 500k each... then what would you do today?

I almost perfectly agree with the winklevoss twins. If you want to learn more about how I reached this conclusion, check out their article:

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replace gold..thats a bold statement. gold cant disappear.

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id put half my savings in it right now if i knew it would become that worthy.

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You seemed interesting until

BTC won’t reign supreme when the infrastructure is in place and adoption has deemed successful.


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I live very cheap. I mean I didn't even own a car for the past 3 years until a girl I know pushed me to buying one. Even then, I bought a brand-new car for 13k€ with all taxes, fees, and a 6 year warranty included for free. That's it. 13k out the door and now I have my car for 6 years.

So I've really got a special mentality. My clothes have no brands nor names. I splurge on certain things like, I always have the newest and maximum iphone. But that's because my life depends on it, I use it so much every day that it becomes worth it.

>are you selling a fraction of your btc every now and then?
Yeah, unfortunately yes. As little as possible but sometimes I need it. I'm tempted to just time lock it for 5 years. Actually I am about to do that.

>what % yearly?
Like 1%.

>do you have any passive income/investments?
Yeah, one. Nets me about 3000 monthly. The rest of my money is when I work, which fluctuates a lot. I freelance.

I used to have a bitcoin trading bot. Didn't make much, but it was fun. It made on average 8$ per hour :D It was one of my first projects I did, that built my confidence. The money it made was good, but the real benefit it had on my life was showing me that "no, you don't need to work a normal job anymore". It changed my mentality. If you have ideas like this -- take the chance. Do it.

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I don't mean to be a dick, well done and all, but you are not rich enough to give people advice. "People" includes yourself. You should probably get someone to manage your money.

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It'll be mined off asteroids soon and it'll become as worthless as aluminum.
Read that article I linked if you want to understand my thinking.

You are halfway there anon. That is exactly how I think. Except with information and my own, personal thinking, I reach levels of certainty that I feel foolish NOT to invest in something like bitcoin.

So that is my situation. I know so well, so confidently, that it will hit that value. I have no choice but to buy it up. My hand is forced.

I've taken a lot of time, over the years, to study and understand bitcoin and how it works. The protocol. Encryption. My confidence is rooted in my practical knowledge.

>You seemed interesting until dogecoin

I was broke and clueless at age 23. Millionaire at age 27. If you don't feel I'm worthy of giving you advice, then don't take it. (It's not advice)

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lol another btc maxi trying to shit on link. ive literally seen dozens of you the past 3 years. if you really believe
> We're leaving the days of the dollar as the reserve currency and entering the dawn of a new age.
then do you realize there needs to be a whole infastructure for it? its insane how you btc maxis cant expand your mind beyond btc.

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1.42million here. Everyone listen to me instead.

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You and I would probably agree on most things

Plus I don't want anyone to "listen to me", I want them to think for themselves. I'm just trying to answer questions and doubts they have.

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i have a brother in law with 10k invested into penny stocks paying dividends. he doesnt trust crypto because "it isnt backed by anything" what does he mean? is that a solid argument to not invest in it?

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>tfw 29 yo boomer

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what books/sources of information do you reccommend? besides daily googling and chatting like this when opppurtunities arise. i see that your financial status is tied to your mindset..live poor grow rich i guess you could say. hmm. well..im gona start investing in it honestly just dont have much money at the moment.

do you think it will drop below 10k ever again?

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based and made it; how? got in btc in 2010? thanks frenchbro

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BTC is nothing more than a ponzi, so you need more suckers to buy your bags.
Watch as your wealth disappears just as fast..

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So when I hear people say that, I think they're talking about either assets or government incentive. Like a dollar used to be backed by gold. You could pop a dollar down on a desk at a bank and they'd hand you over some gold. You could call this "gold-backed currency". Since the 70s however this link was broken and now the dollar is backed only by the will of the government. Which is still a big deal. The USA will not stand idle and watch the dollar fall without a fight. They'll change policies, print money, raise or lower taxes, start wars, use the military, etc... they'll do whatever they have to in order to keep the dollar stable because it's the blood of the state.

You can "back" anything with anything, pretty much.

I would disagree however, because bitcoin is backed by an algorithm that is out of the control of any one man or government. It's backed by math and the will of every user who uses bitcoin. This backing is real and is what made it worth billions. So the argument "it's not backed by anything" just don't stand up anymore. I think these men, what they really mean to say is "it's not backed by *the government*". Which is true. The government will not send a military force (yet) in order to save bitcoin. It just does its own thing, completely freely, under the rule of its own protocol and the users who use it.

I don't think it's a logical reason to ignore bitcoin. Just ask yourself: Who do you trust more with your life money? The US Government or an untouchable mathematical algorithm? For me it's obvious.

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what do you reccommend holding bitcoin in

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I’m poor but to follow up on OP’s explanation, look up “proof of work” to further understand their point.

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>what books/sources of information do you reccommend?
Well think and grow rich is a good start. You need that spark of consciousness to do anything.

About bitcoin,
>Mastering Bitcoin, 2nd edition
>Bitcoin Billionaires
>The github of the bitcoin core team
>the bips, read them all
>All posts ever made by satoshi himself, on bitcointalk. Just read them.

Hm that's all I can think of for now. At this point there is so much disinformation out there that it's best to just stick to the sources... read the code itself, read the raw information and graphs. Play with the command line. Read how SHA-256 works and all the other algorithms bitcoin uses. Just get to know it.

Twitter used to be great but it's pretty pozzed now.

>do you think it will drop below 10k ever again?
Not likely, but if it does, then it won't last long. I can kinda see one (unlikely) scenario where the USD sharply inflates next year due to covid measures. In this case, bitcoin might crash very briefly, like for one year or so, before surging to levels higher than now. But no, it's only going up. Even if you buy now and it takes a dip, just hold on for the right. It'll recover and exceed your purchase price soon. Don't ever panic sell.

>live poor grow rich
We are men, we do not need much :D

I went into detail in my other posts, but i worked very hard when I was young and invested. Then invested bitcoin and kept working.

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Trezor One

Very safe and most useful. Keys never touch the computer and you can write down the 24-word seed onto paper and store it somewhere safe. Look it up and understand it. It's the best by far.

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do you have instagram or a contact info, discord or something? would like to possibly network with you in the future.

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yea i was behind in reading, good thread OP/anon. i wish i had gone all in on march, desu i was too scared of the rona and the 'what if' scenarios. i do own like $1500 in btc and shitcoins but i need far more to make it.

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Email me with your discord and I'll add you after this thread dies. I'm a little paranoid of putting my public handles here.

[email protected]

thanks fren

>but i need far more
Then decide how much you want, then ask yourself how to get it. There are answers to these questions and answering hard questions is very fun. From there, you'll know what to do. Believe in yourself. If you're truly lost then hit the bookstore and pick up which ever "how to make money" books stand out to you.

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kek. what a loser.

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OP, what do you think about Reserve (RSR and RSV) (if you're familiar with it, pretty huge project, Coinbase have invested in it, also Peter Thiel, Sam Altman and a bunch of other big names/VCs)

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damn. bra you showed him. praise kek

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imagine having that much money in bitcoin and not chainlink. fucking brainlets when will you learn

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How and where can I mine DeFi?

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Do you ever realize that even with all your scam you will do in your life, you will never be white and educated, you will resort to scumbag shit your family is ashamed of.

>> No.23706274

Um if you want dollars, then just hold dollars. Reserve coins are for one thing and one thing only: avoiding capital gains taxes, allowing you to buy and sell crypto automated without being raped by the IRS or having to file a 1000000-page report every year. Because those trading bots can built up a big trading history; I know, I did it.

Outside of that use case, there is no reason to use stablecoins. If you want the benefit of crypto, the just use bitcoin.

Also fuck coinbase
seriously. fuck coinbase.
Americans, use gemini. Euros, use bitstamp. They're way better and run by much better men.

thanks. saved

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I have around 8k that I have been slowly funding over the year. I have way to many bills and my family is fucked right now. I want to give up bro.

>> No.23706498

This life is only what you want it to be. I would try and start seeing the positives and be an extreme optimist. Treat every day like today will be the day all your dreams come true. As you do this, you'll start seeing opportunities. Pessimists never see opportunity. That is the main difference.

Also if I can trust my hunch here... your wife is not doing her part and not supporting you enough. Tell me I'm right because I know it's true.

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do you see another march-like scenario once all these countries go into a lockdown for a second time? is it smart to tether all my coins right now?

>> No.23706601

>3000 monthly passive income

>> No.23706604

Sorry, let me elaborate. Im 24, its my family as a whole. Im not even married. My dad passed away two months ago, and my family is going through hard times. I needed to have my name put on our house so we didn't lose it. It has screwed up my savings I have been saving to move out and buy my own house soon. My life has been completely derailed. I have always been optimistic and focused on the work, but lately shits been hard

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No. France just did another so-called confinement but opened schools and work. So. No, not like march. We don't have the uncertainty and fear like before. Now everyone is used to the virus existing and feels bored of it. Governments understand the illness and how easily it spreads. Universities have well studied the virus now and answered all the urgent questions. All the fun stuff is over. March will not repeat.

But these Western nations, including the US if biden wins, will continue to choke their economies. This will cause the USD to inflate drastically.

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about that dogecoin though, how do you see it getting to 1 USD exactly? isnt the nonstop inflation counter to getting to that value? what made you think it can get to that price? is it based more/entirely on your feeling or you read something (apart of Elons tweet)?

>> No.23706652

What shit tokens did you swing? Ampleforth and YFI? XOR, BUIDL, CAP, Esh and STA? YFI clones? Kimchi, Nyan, Meme, Pickle in that order?

>> No.23706687

Imagine being a Bitcoin maxi

>> No.23706710

Sorry can't say for this particular one. But I like passive money. At the height of my life, I was making money passively from 6 different sources. Now it's just this and my bitcoins.

Keep your mind open and trust your ideas. You are right and others are wrong. That is what I needed to hear all those years ago. Believe in yourself, yes, you are right, you're not mad.

>I needed to have my name put on our house so we didn't lose it.
Man it's their problem. Not yours. Your family sucks. They're exploiting you and ruining your start in life for their own selfish gain. You need to allow your friends/family to fall.

If you can't let your friends fail, then your friends will be metaphorical chains on you. Holding you down like dead-weights. Your success will only happen if ALL of your loved ones are successful too. No. Fuck that. Their problem their suffering. Suffer your own problems. You'll have more power to help others AFTER you become a success than right now anyway. Cut throats and get where you need to be. Then after you're a millionaire, it'll be peanuts to help out your family like this.

Think long term

>> No.23706792

>Man it's their problem. Not yours. Your family sucks. They're exploiting you and ruining your start in life for their own selfish gain. You need to allow your friends/family to fall.

Trust me I know, but it isn't because they are using me. There would have been no failure with our family but then my dad died. fuck any of my extended duggie family. Blood means nothing. But both my mom and dad worked hard, and his passing has fucked them, and I didn't have to help, but there would be no one else who could right now.
We were all working together, even if not officially.

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Interesting thread thanks anon.

Regarding >>23704716, how did you get to have passive income ?

I'm pretty much in the same mindset as you, and I'm currently in the process of finding ways to have passive income. This is crucial if I ever want to have time to do shit myself instead of having to slave away hours during the week.

So I'm pretty curious to know you achieved that yourself.

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None. Bitcoin only.

I'm watching doge however.

All altcoins don't have a viable use case that distinguishes themselves from bitcoin, except MAYBE this one. The inflation schedule is what gives it a use case. Unlike bitcoin, where the first men who own it, the super-hodlrs, are incredibly billionaires, this will never happen with doge because they'll be washed with the inflation. However, as it inflates, the rate of inflation as a percent will get lower. For example, if there are a million doge in circulation, then inflating it 100k every minute is a lot. But if there are a trillion in circulation, then inflating it 100k is not such a big impact. And continues to get smaller.

My vision of doge is based on global adoption as a spending money. Where bitcoin (basically) replaces gold, doge replaces silver. I say doge instead of litecoin because litecoin is functionally the same as bitcoin, just using a different POW and retarget. Doge is based on litecoin except this key difference, the inflation schedule.

So litecoin is not going to be the next "silver", it'll be doge.

There is no deadweight in doge protocol, as a LOT of alts have so much deadweight preventing them from reaching global adoption.

Elon Musk is so smart it appears magical to normal men like me; even when he's being ironic, it's important to listen to. He's a literal super-genius and can perceive the future far more clearly than we can.

Doge is ironic. It's an internet meme. I envision this helping it's success because I am looking at american+hollywood culture. The world would eat it up.

Lightning could happen on the doge network, allowing global adoption. The 60-second confirmation would actually tremendously benefit LN because you wouldn't need so much time gap between nodes.

That's all I can think of now. If I remember more, I'll quote you again.

Imagine not being a millionaire :*

>> No.23707087

>but then my dad died
He should have had life insurance; He is a man with a family. He had a duty to have life insurance. He failed, so his family must suffer the consequences of his terrible decisions.

You are stopping the laws of nature from functioning by trying to save your family from the consequences of their bad choices and holding it up like a duty. You are not glorious. You are a fool being exploited. They are giving you glory because you are saving them, but in reality you're doing nothing to benefit the world. Just putting failures on life support. People must be free to fail. It's nature, it's how the world works. If you can't stand to watch your friends and family fail, then you will NEVER BE A SUCCESS.

um I don't want to talk about that one in particular. But I can give you my story of the time I wrote a bitcoin trading bot.

I got fired form my job in 2014 and had a lot of free time. I knew how to code. I was just getting into bitcoin. I saw that coinbase and bitstamp had API's so I thought, hmm, I think I can do something here... and so I did. I wrote up a little bot and it worked. It was simple but it made me 8$ per hour. that is a LOT. Running around the clock 24:7.

When I got fired, I remember feeling kind of worried. I was always optimistic and aggressive. But it hurt me to lose my good job. I thought I needed a job. Then completely on whim, I wrote up something like this and saw it work, it gave me confidence.

Oh also, right after I got fired, I couldn't afford my life anymore in Los Angeles and had to move out of my apartment stat. My apartment alone was thousands of dollars per month. I had to find a new, high-paying job instantly or break it. So I broke it and I went to Ukraine for 3 months because life is so incredibly cheap out there. Especially then. It was like 300 usd per month for a flat. A nice flat. And so this is where I wrote my bot.

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What do you think about the tokenomics of XOR?

>> No.23707133

>i simply cannot disclose my passive income secrets :^)
LARP confirmed.

>> No.23707151

>some French faggot got lucky with bitcoin
>not even a gucking million usd
>has the audacity to talk about doge at all
Just kys

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What's a good fire and forget token if I want to be well-off in 5 years? How about 10? How much should I buy in?

>> No.23707199

Nice view do you go hiking there?

>> No.23707209


Yup I got the "don't be afraid to take risks" part. I know I need to get free time to get rested and bored to be able to do stuff like the bot you did, I already have my plan laid out.

I'm just thinking how to get to that point while ideally not being financially naked when I quit my job, hence the passive income question.

But I understand if you don't want to go over specifics, I suppose it's not as effective if everyone knows about it; didn't hurt to try my luck though.

>> No.23707240

yeah idk what to tell you. I just can't
See second post.

nonesense, just another exploitative coin using big words to smokescreen a scam

I am a millionaire. Just 600k in this one particular bitcoin address.

So, this is an interesting post. Because this is exactly the sort of thing that separates me from other men. Other men, from what I can see, would actually take value in posts like this. But I don't care what others think of me. If you love me nor hate me. All that matters, for me, is that I am right.

This anon mocks me for suggesting a meme coin will prevail. It's "so silly, so goofy" that it must never work, right? However, despite any ridicule I have, I still think doge will prevail. This is because I have thought about it and I understand how economics and crypto work. I know the human impact. I made my decision. Whether my decision sounds silly to someone else, means nothing to me. I still think it.

You can build a complete reddit-like consensus here, spitting on doge all night long. I will still cherish my thoughts until I learn something new or someone actually teaches me something I didn't know before.

I hope you guys understand this, the ones who are trying to be a success. This is the hard part. Believe in yourself. This is the advice I would tell my younger self: YOU ARE RIGHT. Even when you are surrounded by people mocking you and going the other direction, you are RIGHT you are NOT MAD.

Remember that, guys.

>> No.23707244

I saw the only alt you fuck with is doge, why not Monero?

>> No.23707251


My friends invited me, I might go this week. I was here 2 years ago and skied. I love this area. If you want to ski the alps, check out Tinges. Some great tracks here at a good price, I paid 50€ per day on some beautiful ones

>> No.23707292

He’s not going into specifics because he’s larping as someone who knows shit about money. It’s a common cope among people who have a sudden windfall like getting rich off bitcoin. If he really had a 3k monthly passive income, he could easily have been vague:
>i bought a stake in a small business
>i do something online shopping related
>i don’t want to talk about it because it’s not legal everywhere
Etc etc. the problem is this fag doesn’t have a fucking clue what a 3k/month passive investment looks like, so he can’t even handwave

>> No.23707311

thanks, got some doggos myself just for the meme, Ill hold on to them, maybe get more ...but if you are right, I guess its really, really long-term thinking

regarding your passive incomes, can you share at least one or two of those six that you do not use anymore?

>> No.23707323

Are you in Bigglesworth? Tauren?

>> No.23707360

I have only been snowboarding ,but it was insanely fun.it beat the shit out of me though. I live in the usa but want to move to chile to explore the andes, atacma desert and the fjords. I am glad to see you made it!

>> No.23707440

>I'm just thinking how to get to that point while ideally not being financially naked when I quit my job
This is the part I'm trying to show you. Either I explained it poorly, or you missed it. hehe. But I'll try again...

So I lost my job (problem) and was hemorrhaging money (fear+problem) and I did not like this problem. So in the very moment it happened, I reflected on my situation. I decided to go to Ukraine to stop the hemorrhage (solution found instantly) and then, paying so very little every month, I had the time to sit and think about how to find a new job.

In the midst of that DESIRE for a new job, I had my eyes wide open. In my play time, I discovered the API, which led to an IDEA, which led to making money, which led to not needing a job, which led to changing my world view completely.

This is what you said
>while ideally not being financially naked when I quit my job
But remember I was *in that place*, I was FIRED. Spending thousands per months on a LA lifestyle. The solution came to me then. It came to me in the exact place you are trying to never be in.

Your solution would be different. It's not going to be a trading bot in Ukraine. But you're not going to find it with your current mentality. If you can't see the spark I'm trying to share, then read "think and grow rich", this book explains it better than I can.

If you're looking for an instruction manual on passive income, then I would be doing it myself. The instructions is the mentality. This open-eyes, optimistic, somewhat-feral and childlike mentality. That is how you discover passive income. It's only ever discovered. Learn how ideas work. If you can't get it from this post, see the book for more info. This is the hardest part in breaking normal men into rich men, is this spark.

>> No.23707453

You make a lot of good points about mindset. I think that's why I am drawn to you.

>> No.23707485

Grats OP bro

It makes me genuinely happy to see Anons who have made it


>> No.23707488

The word you're looking for is nonnegligible. Not that I'm shitting on you. I respect your balls, as I do any non-manic maximalist.

What is your opinion on the manipulation of the price from tether printing? My worry is that the entire BTC price inflation is based on this and if it ever fails BTC's future is very uncertain. Inflation seems to me to have a surprisingly small effect on the price in comparison.

>> No.23707510

would you please recommend some books to read?

>> No.23707555

>why not Monero?
The deadweight. Transactions are much heavier than bitcoin. On a very-large scale this will be a huge problem. You need to keep the blockchain as small as possible.

>sudden windfall
Mate I started when I was 19 reading a magazine and learning what an American Express black card is. hahah. cope harder elsewhere

>can you share at least one or two of those six that you do not use anymore?
One was a government aide program that was available in Sweden. I literally moved to Sweden to benefit from it. I lived there a year. Earned maybe 30k usd from the Swedish government for nothing. Tack svenska :D

So one was that bot I keep mentioning.

Another was stocks and hedge funds. I put a lot in at one point and was making money on interest each month.

While in Sweden, I traded bitcoin with locals at a high premium. Like 10%. A few thousands here, a few there. Ok that's not really passive. But holy fuck it was easy. And they always came to me at my apartment, I never even left home.

>> No.23707591

>But remember I was *in that place*, I was FIRED. Spending thousands per months on a LA lifestyle. The solution came to me then. It came to me in the exact place you are trying to never be in.
Thanks for this thought OP. Made me realise some things. You are full of shit when you only focusing on BTC and DOGE but I agree with 90% of what you say.

>> No.23707614

While you have a point, they're really two options:
1) He doesn't want anyone being able to identify him by giving any kind of clues (even while being vague),
2) He's bullshitting, could even try to play knowledgeable to fish for people to talk to him in private and financially fuck them over.

Either options I don't really care, he made some good points and I'm taking the opportunity to discuss stuff that could be useful.

I got your point anon, I've already had that eye opening moment. I already know what I have to do and know when to do it. The only regret I have is not having realized all that sooner but oh well.

I was just fishing for ideas, my words were maybe chosen poorly. By not being financially naked, I meant financially maximizing a transition period on an already laid out long term plan.

>> No.23707637

did i fuck up my life by going all in XRP?
if i didn't will i make it with 22k xrp?

>> No.23707699

all I'm gonna say is /biz/ hated XRP and there were almost no positive discussions here about it in 2017-2019. Do with this what you will.

>> No.23707717

haha :D

I'm a resto nigh elf druid
I play on French server Defias Brotherhood.

If you want to add me, send me an email above. But you're tauren? ughhh nevermind

Cheers. I wish you a great time

Hehe thanks. People tell me this in real life. I very often get the words
>I never met anyone like you before

But yeah I'm glad I ignite something in you


>What is your opinion on the manipulation of the price from tether printing?
You know that used to be something I think about a lot, but I just don't think about it anymore. Even if it does cause a little boom, it'll be brief and bitcoin will recover. The value of bitcoin is so much larger than tether at this point.

I wouldn't worry. If there is a little dip, then just hold through it, don't panic sell. I wouldn't even be surprised if bitcoin is unshaken by tether popping. The USD is about to get seriously inflated remember. tether is peered to the USD. So.... each stimulus the US government releases is washing tether also.

Yeah I did here >>23705296

>You are full of shit when you only focusing on BTC and DOGE but I agree with 90% of what you say.
hahaha thanks. Well if you're right, then the good news for you is that only I will be the one suffering lol

It's option 1. I don't play games

yeah ripple is awful, get out as soon as you safely can.

>> No.23707770

Know anything about eRSDL? I have 5k from airdrops that I'm treating like free money. Don't want to just give it away to scams but losing it won't really bother me. I want to dump it all into something. eRDSL sounds nice but all the shilling and super cringy scammy replies in the threads do not look good for it.

>> No.23707786
File: 568 KB, 640x623, 1604442809858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi i am 24. First job. What should I focus on first? First car? First house? Investment? Crypto (is crypto the most volatile asset on the planet and the quickest way to be a millionaire)? I have so much to ask you but I am so clueless about everything... You dont have to spoonfeed me. Just tell me the correct mindset or the best way to live so that I can make it. Tell me what I should focus on! :'(

>> No.23707790

Would you please recommend the books that have really contributed to your development as a person?
For example, previous anon who has made it, recommended authors such as Greene or Cialdini

>> No.23707831

i bought before the 2017 pump and i didnt sell anything i held like a fucking idiot so now i guess im either gonna lose all the money or make it.... not gonna touch that bag fuck it

>> No.23707876

If I were you I would market sell it for Link as soon as possible, maybe keep a small stack just in case.

>> No.23708086

oh. um. Hm. That's an interesting question I did not expect.

The first one that comes to mind is 50 shades of grey. I read it a long time ago before it was a film. It taught me a lot about women and shattered my old ideas of how women work. It helped me understand them and understand what girls desire (sexually speaking) most in a man.
How to win friends and influence people was the catalyst that turned me into an altruist.
Taking LSD. Ok that's not a book, but it also shaped my life a good deal. I took it alone in my bedroom and just meditated on it for hours. I thought about my problems, fears, desires, etc and it gave a new perspective.
The subtle art of not giving a fuck was good. I needed to hear it.
I remember reading a book on the monarchy of Sweden, learning about their old kings. The mindset of a king.
Code geass, even more so. It's an anime but they brilliantly teach the mindset of a king.
"Anger management for dummies" helped me a lot. It teaches you ideas that go beyond just anger. I run circles around other humans now because I have so much control on my emotions and they don't

It's all so random. I pick up stuff all over the place. But yeah I guess these are the ones with the biggest impact.


I like your question. I would focus on eliminating expenses first. If you're paying a big amount of rent, get creative and try to stop it.

One example, of many, you can do for free is just getting a mortgage on a house with some bedrooms. Then rent out each bedroom. The rent from all the rooms will pay the mortgage. And now you have a free place to live and slowly gaining money each month.

Once you minimized your expenses, then all you gain is yours. cherish ideas. Ideas are worth more than gold. Any fool can sell his labor away to a company by the hour, but a clever man captures his ideas.

And stay optimistic. Don't let people discourage you. People will try to discourage you, evil exists, learn to see it.

>> No.23708113

Do you have a goodreads?

>> No.23708136

I don't

>> No.23708284

Hi. I am pretty young guy. I want to know what are you doing as a freelancer. In my country it is so unusal way to make living that i have problems to start freelancing. Maybe you can advice me what should I start from? Actually i am learning to code in C++... maybe that will help.

>> No.23708354

why do you hate coinbase?

>> No.23708386

Too dumb to code. What next

>> No.23708421


I bought ETH at $2, started scrypt mining back in 2013. Made a ton of mistakes, but learnt a lot along the way.

I was a btc maxi for a long time, only dabbling in alts for the gains. Despite being in crypto for so long I had never even really looked into xrp until recently.

While it doesn't quite align with the libertarian dream for crypto, the more I look into it, it actually seems to me that it could be something that's adopted globally by banks.

I guess I just think that it's more likely that governments would ban bitcoin before they let it take over as the reserve currency.

I like the way Sam from To the Life Boats put it as 'riding on the coat tails of evil'. Xrp isn't the crypto utopia we all envisioned when we first discovered crypto, but ultimately it may be what's used.

>> No.23709011

I'm not the best person to ask, sorry. I have been very lucky in finding work and my skillset is hyperfocused on bitcoin, which puts me in a certain easy-to-fill niche. There is always demand for my skills.

I did talk to a hotshot programmer once in the past and he suggested focusing on bleeding-edge technologies if you want to make the most money. Like neural learning, AI, etc. I guess I would put crypto in the list because it's in so much demand, and that demand will soon surge.

From my experience programming, you learn the basics first. So in C++ you have completed the basics once you learn how classes work. After you finish the chapter on classes, you can basically do anything now. Then choose a specialty and move on from there. At that point you should start applying for jobs. But really I'm not the best person to ask, look for the occasional thread with a skilled programmer for the best advice.

The management has terrible vision and they don't care about their customers. It's run on greed sans morals. They supported bitcoin cash and every dumb mistake along the way. They network with bad men. This company needs to perish.

Oh, and they froze my account with 35k$ in it and left me stranded.

>adopted globally by banks.

>governments would ban bitcoin
how. they can't. They tried. Especially China.

>let it take over as the reserve currency.
I don't think it'll happen by their choice. They didn't choose gold either. It's just the best available option. The moment something better turns up ,you must use it or be left in the dust. Government will not have a choice in the matter.

Ok so I read your whole post and I believe the mistake youre making is wishful thinking. You put your eggs in a basket, now you hope dearly that your decision was correct, to the point you start bending reality to keep your nerves calm. You can say all these sweet words you want, but they aren't going to stick to me. ripple just sucks. No future.

>> No.23709052

You ready to go down under when Trump wins? Doesnt believe in crypto btw

>> No.23709079

After his victory in 2016, bitcoin surged. I anticipate it'll do the same. Generally markets dip before presidential elections and relief afterward. But I wouldn't worry too much. No matter what happens, it'll just be brief and then quickly return to normal.

>> No.23709093

The hell is this shit thread
I cashed out 3 mil from the 2017 bullrun and currently hold 7mil in crypto
Am also 38 y-o

sit down young man, you don't know shit

>> No.23709109

I think your ego has ran away with you. Take LSD.

>> No.23709137

I can't bike though because countries near me are in war rn
and hyperinflation so can't get any BTC
banks cucked us out of OUR money
t francais OP?

>> No.23709150

holy fucking shit dude
do rich anonymous people give to charity or is that just bloomer mentality?

>> No.23709164

am so tempted to post my crypto GoFundMe lol

>> No.23709165

Nice thread OP

>Oh, and they froze my account with 35k$ in it and left me stranded.
Yeah, fuck Coinbase. You should check out Coinmetro if you want to support something built by a really great guy (Kevin). Also lowest fees of all fiat exchanges.

>> No.23709170

No I'm an immigrant to France.

>> No.23709189

oh nice
any reason you chose France other than the culture?
was gonna immigrate for a master's there
at least you aren't in Paris
fucking infested with immigrants rn

>> No.23709205

>Take LSD

I took LSD in my 20s already, just go back to wow kiddo

>> No.23709317


Elon is in bed with LINK. Check the GitHub maxifag

>> No.23709337

He is lying until he proves it with a signature like I did. He's probably a immature boy reaching for attention.

>Yeah, fuck Coinbase

Thanks I'll give it a look!

Yeah I lived in Paris the past 2 years, it's full of niggers arabs and jews. The few french who are there have a hazed look in their eyes and they keep to themselves, unfriendly to foreigners.

I chose France because I'm racially French, I wanted to be around people like me, who look like me, and so I have a sense of identity. I'm an American by birth and was real tired of being nothing more than "white" or a default race that is fun to batter. Here, at least, there is a memory of where my ancestors came from.

A big reason I came was to help politically. Because I know what it's like to have no identity and live in a multiracial experiment like the USA, I want to save France from falling to this same fate. In small examples, I let my friends say whatever they want to me. You would be surprised what political ideas French men have, but are unable to say to anyone. By simply being a non-judgmental ear to talk to, they can speak freely and appreciate that. I'm also blatant and set examples; I leave an impact on everyone I touch, because the French are so obsessed with what others think about them. But I am obsessed with being right. Respectful, but right. They're not used to that. So my example has changed the lives of many, and I'm sure it ripples outward into their friends to and so on.

I think one small candle can light an entire room of darkness, revealing every little detail. I just want to be a candle in France. Like, to make the world a much better place before I die. I think my efforts are most effective here.

I also beam success and optimism IRL. Despair bounces off me like ping pong balls. People quickly find their ideas that stop them from fulfilling their dreams, are actually not so strong after all.

>> No.23709361

No he's not; that is an API connection. Anyone can do that and peer it to link.

Sign an address and then we'll talk.

>> No.23709386

fucking based af my brother
yeah they are conservative when it comes to politics but that is mighty wholesome and ambitious of you to stay true to your goal
saving your replies for inspiration
hope your efforts bear fruition
who knows if I make it out I have your email now
especially to arabs and such
am Lebanese but can fit in with French because I look foreign and well perfect proficiency in the language

>> No.23709413

>None. Bitcoin only.
>I'm watching doge however.
This is why it takes you people 2 bullrun cycles to get to a measly 3 million USD while others are making 300million in 4 months.

>> No.23709416 [DELETED] 

Prove OP wrong
I dare you
just kidding ofc

>> No.23709417
File: 1.11 MB, 621x803, Trap 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I plan on living in my car for about $100 a month (not including health insurance, might take medicaid).

What can I invest in such a way that my money is:

1.Protected (from litigation)
2.Acessable (to use)
3.Safe (from risk)

Are Cash Equivalents in a Cook Islands trust fund the most based way to do this?

>> No.23709425

are you single op? manwhore? i find it hard to keep the mentality you have when the opposite sex/a significant other is a problem whether lack thereof or not.

>> No.23709443

I'm certainly not trying to convince you, just wanted to hear your opinions.

Obviously you can't 'ban' btc, but if it was outlawed tomorrow, and anyone you transacted was a criminal, how would you cash out or use to live off of?

>I don't think it'll happen by their choice. They didn't choose gold either. It's just the best available option. The moment something better turns up ,you must use it or be left in the dust. Government will not have a choice in the matter.
I actually hope this is the case because I think it's the best for humanity overall long-term. I'm having a hard time accepting that governments would secede control of currency rather attempt to institute their own from, or use one that's been partnering with banks for the past ~5 years.

>ripple just sucks.
This is the same thing I heard years ago when its was worth just a few cents that prevented me from even touching it when i could have made massive gains. It's not an argument. Again, I would rather btc reign supreme, but I think it's prudent to hedge on what I would like to happen, vs. what I think actually has a distinct possibility on happening.

Ripple is working with banks. That they're a real company with a super defined niche. I would love to hear why I'm wrong.

I'm not here to have my feelings coddled or my opinions validated. There's so few genuine people in this space it's hard to find reliable sources that aren't shilling. I'm just a truth seeker.

>> No.23709453

who is this semon demon?

>> No.23709461

Absolutely based.

This makes me want to move to Mexico and help others make it.

>> No.23709478

Honestly my long term goal is coming back to my country as well if I make it
based bros all of you

>> No.23709482

I wish I knew.

>> No.23709501

Thanks buddy

>> No.23709506


Victoria Salvatore

>> No.23709517

When WWIII comes you wish you had gold.

>> No.23709522

OP I am 50% in bitcoin and 50% in chainlink

I am sure chainlink is going to move up massively against bitcoin in the ratio so hopefully that trade nets me more bitcoin. From what I have read you sound like a maximalist which is pretty based.

>> No.23709531

You are a fucking king.


>> No.23709544

Creeping now. Good god.

>> No.23709563

>to get to a measly 3 million USD
damn. I wish I was as rich as you

I'm single. Seriously searching for a wife. Been with many women but not a manwhore. Nothing shameful.

>i find it hard to keep the mentality you have when the
I know what you mean. This applied to me big time when I was younger. You can solve this by learning to understand women. Once you do, then you can peer their self-interests with your self-interests.

One key thing I eventually understood about women is that they have unlimited desire. Unlike men. Men have very limited desire. This is because we are satiable. Women are not satiable. The moment you give a woman what she wants, she feels fleetingly happy, then quickly wants something more. Or better. Or so on...

You can then harness your love for your girlfriend and tap into her endless desire to help you reach your fullest potential. Because she will shatter the satisfaction in you. Now that you are no longer satisfied, you will start desiring more and accomplishing more.

Satisfaction is nice, but it's also dangerous. Too much satisfaction leaves you standing still, happily. Like a homeless man without problems -- he is way too satisfied. If he was not satisfied, he would start trying very hard to stop being homeless.

That's just one example how women are useful. If you don't do it right, then you'll just be frustrated with her and she'll drag you down. The key is to really understand women.

A book I suggest is "men are from mars, women are from venus" and also MGTOW forums and youtube channels. I'm not mgtow, I very badly want to marry, but the mgtow guys have lots of brilliant insight to women.

>> No.23709585

Pls respond

>> No.23709617

I am actually looking for scholarships in Bordeaux instead of paris because inflation cucked me out of my savings >>23709416 (check link)
Have you ever been to Paris
how do you think a 27 year old with nothing would adapt in a city like that?
I wouldn't care if paris or not, just any way to GTFO and I read bordeaux is much calmer and cheaper than Paris
thank you

>> No.23709665

>Like a homeless man without problems -- he is way too satisfied. If he was not satisfied, he would start trying very hard to stop being homeless.

This is what I've come to (except living out of a car) due to taking minimalism to it's logical conclusion.

It's a very odd place to be. Voluntary homelessness (with savings) is like financial invincibility.

However, because your relative needs are so small, there's nothing left to do.

It's like a comical but technically true version of financial independence.

Not sure where this life will take me.

>> No.23709672

would you recommend I get 10$ worth of Doge?
It's all I can afford atm

>> No.23709687

imho living frugally is dangerous
I did for 5 years just to save up but lost my savings due to inflation
that might not apply YET to first world countries

>> No.23709707

Why not just bitcoin? It ticks all those boxes

>Ripple is working with banks. That they're a real company with a super defined niche. I would love to hear why I'm wrong.
Because a blockchain is not necessary for this type of settlement. You can accomplish this very easily -- actually more easily, by just using a traditional database. It's a misuse of the technology and preys upon ignorance and buzzwords to connect corporate banks to each other. It's wasteful,not innovative. It will not survive the long run.

It's basically like trying to sell a toaster to a guy in the 90s because it has a modem inside. It might have worked but only because everyone was so ignorant at the time. Once several years pass, the bankers will start to be knowledgeable of bitcoin and blockchain and what it's really used for and soon scrap ripple. There is absolutely no future.

do it. One life, and this is all you get. Life it as you want.

When I read that post, this is what I heard lol and I'm not kidding:
>When WWIII comes, the price of bitcoin will drop so much because people will temporarily cling to gold. This is your chance to buy it up very cheap and make a fortune. This is your second and last chance. Get ready to buy as much bitcoin as possible when the war comes

tbqh I think you're right, but mainly in the short-term. I think there is a small fortune to be made by trading popular alts against bitcoin. Not trying to maximize your dollar holding -- but by trying to maximize your bitcoin holding. If you want to day trade, this is probably the best way.

I think you know what you're doing. You'll do well

>> No.23709746


How is it protected from litigation?

Also how is it safe? Isn't it a meme due to it's volatility

>> No.23709749

great thread, thankyou for your time. i was the guy that requested contact info and emailed you.

>> No.23709757

Thanks homenigger>>23709687

>> No.23709777

I would disagree. Inflation is hardly going to effect me. Massive inflation on my $100 a month budget would still be laughable.

>> No.23709794

How so?

>> No.23709819

Yeah I lived in Paris 2 years. It's great. Live in Belleville and you'll meet a lot of young people like you. Rent is cheap and salaries are high. Paris is a great city and I am happy there. The only reason I'm moving is because I want to find a wife and Parisian women don't marry, nor are they faithful in any interpretation of the word.

haha I love it. It's clever and this shows how powerful your dreams are to you. When you finally make it, you'll look back on these memories with a spark in your eye because it'll remind you how badly you wanted to accomplish your dreams. It's very human. Do what you need to.

And yeah we are men, we don't need much. Really don't need much.

uhh ye --- hmm.
depends why I guess
10$ is a lot to lose.
I bought a million doge's and I plan to hold onto them for a very long time, perhaps 20+ years. I'm not sure if it's worth it for 10$. Might as well go with bitcoin desu.

>How is it protected from litigation?
It's unconfiscatable

Got it. I'll reply after it dies or tomorrow. Late here.

>> No.23709831

you'd be surprised
200$ was the price of a phone where I'm from
now it's a months salary and gonna be less very soon
https://tallyco.in/s/utsgf7/ (not shilling but too long to copy/paste)
if you wanna read
long story short I managed to save up most of my money in banks to wire when I apply for immigration or at least pay for my master's degree
now like the rest of my peers banks allowed PEPs aka politically affiliated people to deplete the country of USD when the crisis started and we withdraw monopoly money while parents kill themselves( literally some burned themselves alive because they couldn't provide for their families anymore) to get some money
fuck corruption

>> No.23709854

thank you for your reply
what do you mean a lot to lose
you got around 2k worth
but yeah by 20 years I don't even know if I'm alive
fuck it I'm keeping them in BTC( I was gonna convert them because exchanges are banned here)
based BTC maxi anon

>> No.23709870


>> No.23709901

Okay Bloomer.

Seriously thanks though.

>> No.23709937
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>Take LSD.
coming from a fan of both LSD and your thread, "take LSD" is always a shitty response. I've met people with a naturally breathtaking scope of thought who never needed to do that, and I've met a sea of pointless people who think tripping made them into something special when in reality they all simply NPC'd themselves from one fashion to another. It is a pointless response that reduces you to the value of a drug epiphany that will likely have very little real world effect on a person's place on the peasant-to-king gauntlet. If you go around acting high and mighty about doing it, and tell people "take LSD" (which translates roughly to "hurr stupid pleb, take LSD, and only then PERHAPS you'll be capable of comprehending how correct my argument- which I do not currently DEIGN to bolster, for lack of need- in fact was! HAH!"), I hope they do take it, and realize that the real magic is the hodling and that this /biz/ thread was just a motivational hodling session hosted by a larpy narcissist. Satisfying details about your passive income strategies would sure BmeTFO right about now, Mr larpy mclarperson van larpface.

>> No.23709959

Hey anon, great thread really enjoying. Who are you calling for the election?

>> No.23709961

do you practice nofap/semen retention? thoughts on it?

>> No.23709974

i have a grand and wanna double.


>> No.23710022

I put 500€ on Trump

Between all of that rage-encrusted word vomit, I actually found a nugget of usefulness. So thank you for your best attempt at helping me.

Uh it works wonders it just really hard to do. My best days on earth at all nofap :/ fuck.

Bet on Trump last minute :P

No, seriously just buy bitcoin and wait less than 12 months. It'll more than double given enough time.


>> No.23710082

how much amphetamine sulphate have you consumed orally this week?

>> No.23710133

There was only ever one nugget and you're welcome. Thank you for the thread, larp guy. The middle ground between your attitude and that of a normal person is HOT LOCATION so it does good for the world. Even if you can't close the deal on this thread with detailed passive income advice and elevate it out of larphood and into legend like an actual genius would and 100% absolute positively would.

>> No.23710143

none. But I took adderall for a while when I was 21. It actually did a lot of good for me during the time. But it left long-term effects that were bad.

I don't drink caffeine or anything but rarely. LSD a few times a year maybe. MDMA like 3 times in my life. And no alcohol (but I drank as a teenager).

>> No.23710146

>could and yadayada would

>> No.23710203

yea i put 1k$ on trump earlier today when odds were decent. just before the votes started getting counted the odds were crazy, 200+ for trump. now there both shit.

>> No.23710226

I could give up beer but not coffee. Have you ever done shrooms around a campfire anon?

>> No.23710290

it does, it really does brother. and i can say the same. my best days on earth were ALL on nofap. mutually exclusive if not very close to it. in my eyes it is the path out of poverty and unsurprisingly i have been a poor piece of shit in the past 3 years despite graduating from Stern and I blame it all on my fleshly weakness and inability to overcome my desire for indulgence. but i am sick of myself and my state of living so I truly believe that the rest of 2020 is my moment to be free finally. and this is what i've been telling myself through every single streak and failure but it feels different this time around and i think it may be due to the current global and politicla atmosphere. i am assuming that you are not christian but every time i've relapsed, i've been experiencing serious serious pain and suffering both mentally and physically. my nerve pain comes back from my injuries come back in full force and i am constantly doubting myself, my interactions with people constantly contain negative aspects. but only a few days into abstaining from sexual immorality, my pain disspiates, my mental state gets lifted... almost as if God is telling me... this is the path, this is the way. obviously i'm not trying to convert you, i just want to validate your observation that nofap really does work wonders. thanks a lot man.. truly. i gained a lot of insight from reading your responses and i feel validated in choosing my path the path of righteousness. perhaps this, besides marriage, could be the next goal in your life that is worthy of pursuit now that you've achieved so much financially. regardless, God bless you brother.

>> No.23710297

Any foreboding signs/resulting long-term effects I should look out for? I stopped all other legal and illegal drugs a few years ago except for amphetamine.
I also have the experience of discontinuing what was essentially a year of heavy use and the trailing 3 months of sleep deprived round the clock retardation until my equilibrium self-corrected(this was with supplementation.) Apart from this, I've had 3 annual checkups in the time I've been using as a drug of choice and all results have said I'm in good health but still I wonder.

>> No.23710386

no but it's a dream. honestly i don't have the friends for it. i need real friends

you will not get my crabby patty recipe!

bonne chance :)

that's a good idea. thank you anon. i wish you the best

The issue for me is that my old, sober motivation never came back. It's like my baseline of motivation fell a few notches and never recovered to the pre-adderall level.

Just be careful. Be able to answer the question "why" every single time you pop a pill. If you don't have a reason, or only have hedonism, then you shouldn't take it. it sounds like you're monitoring your health. Maybe you're fine. I'm not anti-drug by any means. When I lived in LA everyone was on something. They worked while high for performance reasons (microdosing, etc), so I understand.

>> No.23710552

Hopefully one day you get to man! Seriously changed my outlook on life more than anything else, I won't get into detail but I've had them a handful of time with friends and its amazing.

>> No.23710643
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Ok, so I got a loan for 23k exactly a year ago, used it to go half on Bitcoin and half in Ethereum. Left a few thousand out so the monthly payments wouldn't hit me too much but I can very much afford it. My final payment is on November 2024 I plan to sit on these till 2025, would it be better if I put it all on Blockfi and just collected interest in the meantime?

>> No.23710646

Thanks for your responses on this, I've been looking to talk with someone over this for a while.

I live in a country where the environment outside is trying to kill you 80% of the year with no sunlight and dopamine does not come easy. Admittedly some of the use is to cope with this, but it really fucking helps. With you being from the USA, imagine the values from of a conservative small-town mentality in a conservative socialist childproofed hellhole where people think raising workers is the good thing but I'm wrong for doing it for myself without despairing over job security/locking yourself up on mortgages for the rest of my life the second you have the otherwise most amount of money you'll ever have till promotions/retirement at 65 and that's where I live.

Almost got it to where I can live and save off passive income in a country I like that doesn't fund multi-generation welfare families and conservative nonsense or care about religion for that matter.

Sorry for the rant, what you have going for yourself helps to strive for.

>> No.23710803

What country? Genuinely curious.

>> No.23710871

It's 3am. I can't promise I'll respond anymore, I might sleep.

>Blockfi and just collected interest
No, I would not trust them. Keep them in your wallet. The interest there is trivial anyway. In 5 years you will see serious gains by just holding.

Putting on blockfi means you stand to lose it all, for a petty miserable gain. I understand the temptation of greed, but you're already doing enough by just holding them.

Yeah the pressure of culture and the judgements of other people can cripple you. You just got to do what you know is right. When everyone else casts their vain judgements, you can hold onto what you know is true and make your own decisions. Eventually, you'll prevail and all the jealous people will envy you. You'll be better than them.

>> No.23710938

>haha no

Dude, you invested $100K to get to $600K. That, a 6x climb, is in no way impressive in the crypto world. Half of us NEETs invested 10K-$15K and became damn near millionaires at Link's ATH.

>> No.23710954

Ireland, coming from this place seriously nerfed me in the global context. Fortunately, I got involved with certain communities and learned the value of capital and entrepreneurial values from a young age. I come from an upper-middle class background and the vast majority are still financially illiterate here. Also, everyone is casually malnourished and doesn't equate that with the mental health epidemic. BTW don't forget alcohol is good and give patronage to the local childrapery either someone you know or relative/friend of the family was molested in

>> No.23710970
File: 90 KB, 1080x2316, 123270757_351581542583168_6939638692750441529_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will follow your advice, thank you for your response anon, I hope to live out my life like you one day. Just hurt my back at work lifting tile, out for a few days. Looking forward to not sacrificing my body for some shitty corporation.

>> No.23711041

>This is because I have thought about it and I understand how economics and crypto work.
no you don't. you're not even aware of legit promising projects

>> No.23711067

I turned $15k into 80k. I haven't touched my initial. What are my next steps? I don't want to leave the market and don't need the money. Don't want to touch crypto until it's worth over $500k

>> No.23711087

the fuck are you on, this was a fan made adapter

>> No.23711088

It did for the longest time and I placed so much negligent time and energy into it for years despite a growing voice screaming within me to take the hardest few steps out of my comfort zone. I do not seek to be envied, I just want the result I know that will work with me and to live every day doing what I want. The people with their nonsensical perceptions of everything will just derive that from whatever result I get and I've cut off 95% of people I used to know because the fundamental differences became to big to ignore. No one's at fault, but I found their existence draining eventually.

>> No.23711105


That was a project from a hackaton.
I know it’s a API. Im not gonna spoon feed you. If you had any ambition left you would of not fell complacent and become the BTC maxifag I know you are.
Anon, the LINK Marines was right all along.
Check the waruso. You’ll find about crumbs leading to Tesla,
Tyler technology, government agencies, Financial institutions amongst many more.

I’ll run the world one day.
You will still be wondering why the lightning network failed.
BTC’s run will end violently.

>> No.23711163

dude bought bitcoin at 2300, made a x6 and thinks he's a genius

>> No.23711446

broke college fag, 24 years old working on a bachelor's in operations mgt. 4 figure portfolio. what would you say to me if I was your son?

>> No.23712921

checked and re: monero, it's got the inflation thing like doge that could make it more scalable than bitcoin espc if bitcoin scalability doesn't work. plus the privacy and fungibility. going to check the tx size, i think they added some new tech that makes the tx size better. Also not sure why no eth but maybe you're thinking it will all be private enterprise.

>> No.23713030

I'm proud of you son

>> No.23713047

if he put 6 figures in at the time he is a genius. your statement is poor fag cope, nothing more.

>> No.23713099

Are you new? You know how many people come on this board with $20K, $50K, whatever to blow and they have no clue what they're doing? Buying in BTC is not a super big gamble compared to what others have done and pulled off. That is the safest thing you can go into in crypto. And I know this guy hasn't been in the crypto world long as he only has 43 BTC.

>> No.23713171

i don't think you understand the real value of 43 BTC. I have a 7 figure net worth including 11.25 BTC and i know i am WAY WAY WAY early. 3 BTC is generational wealth when you factor in the people, orgs, biz, govs, and cb around the world that own several thousand. Just because something is the easy way doesn't mean it's the wrong way anon. why do more work than you have to? you have a poor person mentality. keep gambling anon, you think vegas was paid for by the casino owners and residents? no, it was paid for by the gamblers. gamblers get the rope and large BTC holders get rich. Always has been this way, always will be this way.

>> No.23713970

you are a true fucking chad OP

>> No.23713979

how long did it take you mind me asking

>> No.23713983

only 43?
1 BTC would pull most people out of inflation but countries like mine don't even allow crypto purchases lol
based OP making it big

>> No.23714126

cheers alpine bro, where did you start with investing? Did you just YOLOd on BTC because of memes or did you DYOR?

>> No.23714242

dude lucky u found VALUE

>> No.23714763

Haha. (dif IP)
I asked because there is a Tauren in Bigglesworth with name Bitcoinbull.
Thought maybe, just maybe it could be you.
I am a troll mage for what it's worth.

>> No.23714777

Im all in on XRP for Flare, but its only 1k. Im from a beautiful 3rd world european country tho. How do you cope now?

>> No.23714861

I have about 40k saved up amd no degree. Should I just go back to school or save up more and invest or start a small buisness?

>> No.23714929

Maxis are psyoping link remember that

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