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>crashes violently for a year straight

What went wrong?

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They did the needful

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Nothing. Everything is just as planned.

Just never ask, planned by whom

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It was an obvious scam.

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> pick up fresh steaming poo
> put in wallet
> hold for a year
> its still worthless shit, only filthier and more crusty
> what went wrong, biz ?

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Look up Michael Saylor's interviews. It's not terribly complex.

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Look up how cheap it is to 51% attack BSV per hour. PoW is not scaleable with the exception of Bitcoin.

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>What went wrong?
Was expected when you have the whole crypto crime cartel against you.
But no worries, BSV wins in the end.

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>What went wrong?
it performed a hell of a lot better than i expected so whatever.

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>ugly fat retarded loser

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BSV is the 6th seal.

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>Who cares about a corrupt pedo protecting judge

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craig is satonshi ,, STIFF !

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this whole court case is bullshit, even if Wright is not satoshi I don't see why Kleiman's deadbeat brother is legally entitled to any money. He is not named in any will and by all accounts he was not a sibling who tended to his brother's needs when he was wasting away.

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Yep Kleiman's claim to the money is complete bogus. He doesn't even have a case. He says there was a partnership, but has provided zero evidence of such. Case closed, right? He should have been laughed out of court from the get go, but of course this landed in a jewish court where everyone involved is part of a corrupt jew clique conspiring to steal the Goy's money. A tale as old as time itself.

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KYS moron.

That's right.

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dudes it's a literal case about bitcoins that never existed.
and you biggest problem is if anyone deserves them?

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Obvious scam is obvious

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BSV is peak midwit
Grug and savant both buy BTC

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>dudes it's a literal case about bitcoins that never existed.
HAHAHAHA imagine the mental gymnastics it requires to be a corecuck

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and CSW risk 20 years in prison just for fun. Based

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well it's about bitcoins craig supposedly mined between 2012 and 2013.
so those are not even the satoshi coins to begin with, which were mined in 2009 mostly.

the bitcoins that never were

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>What went wrong?
Craig didn't/can't/wont prove he is Satoshi. So everyone gradually lost interest in this, slowly fading into obscurity.

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also BTC rebounded, defi market started, a bunch of other stuff leaving bsv behind , also making the founders and supporters look like total idiots thinking btc would die.

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I am asking. Whom is it planned by?

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>SCA ONTIER begging Pieter Wullie for bitcoin

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