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>Not even a single thread about Statera

It's dead, isn't it?

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Never say that, you're scaring me

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we're waiting for news so theres no reason to post , iykyk

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We’re just waiting til dashboard and marketing. The newer batch of memes are not bad and is bullish for the long term.

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I only made this thread because I'm about to drop $6k into statera

Here's to unbelievable wealth in a few years.

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i think something has to be alive before it can be considered dead

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>t. GangSTA

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statera cant be dead thats the point

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I'm grateful for STA, but I made a huge mistake, early on. I can't give details now because its very obvious to identify wallet. But because of that decision I hate my self right now. STA compared to that decision is nothing.

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Once the update hits and biz is flooded with Statera again you will see that it was worth the wait and quiet days.

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Oh no guys, Megan is in trouble!

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we're still on track to fulfill the prophecy

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this is phenomenal

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the most decentralized project on the planet

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9.99 march?

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Fantastic, hahaha :D
Keep the Sta flag flying, gentlemen!
Biz will be FOMOing in soon enough when we take off again...

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Not at all. Just waiting for the inevitable. Comfy af

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Finally bought in this shitcoin, lookin like the bottom was in. What am i in for?

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A few months of crabbing and daily fud till there is news.

How much did you buy senpai?

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Statera really has the best memes, we've already made it anons

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No news and that retarded chink whale selling. There’s not much to talk about.

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The number two wallet dumps 10 eth worth of sta once every 24h. That’s really not a lot if there was other people buying. But demand is so low that it holds price down...

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I'm expecting the buys to come in after the elections are over. Everyone's probably betting on Trump right now to 3x their investments.

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100k volume in 24 hours is awful, this shit coin will go the same way as BRDG which was a good project but just ended up bleeding to death as there wasn't enough volume. Hodl is a meme for a shitcoin like this, glad I got out at 33c. Even then people were saying to hodl.
There's always something coming to give a price bump
> muh token burn
Price dumps
> muh balancer refunds
Price dumps
> muh dashboard
Price will dump.

At this point you'd unironically have been better holding xrp, the ultimate shitcoin over sta the last 3 months,
Get out, put your money in something that will make you money.

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Omg I found one!!

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ud be truly foolish to not be holding a suicide stack considering the price anon, for ur own sake i hope u reconsider, but i also understand it could be another 2 months or god knows how long until we get news

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Anon I hold Statera and the real volume is $30k. It's one of the most solid underground projects there is. No whales, no gigantic dev funds, actual working product etc.

Yes there are other projects that can make you faster money if you like to gamble (see the recent HEX pump). But I only play sure bets. Did it with ETH at $8, Chainlink at $0.2 and will do it with STA.

If you don't like don't buy, if it drops to $0.01 I don't care. Will dca all the way down.

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1k worth. Too much of a poorfag with bets spread thin to get more.

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based. what will be the turning point that causes this to explode? do we think the dashboard + marketing combo is enough?

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depends how widespread and effective the marketing is, "secret" is supposed to come around the same time from what ive read.... if they can advertise big % returns on phoenix while simultaneously providing ease of access/entry... shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

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No?? but you made one just now, and FUD one while we are at it. Never fucking selling

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The wait is fucking killing me but I know it’s worth it. Still in the green anyway so not worried too much.

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A mix of easier onboarding for normies (dashboard), marketing and an other bullrun that is started.

I wish some more legitimate exchanges but don't know if that's gonna happen since those scumbags demand a $15k deposit.

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Should I be buying SNX now to get ready for the pool? It's the only one I don't already have. Need way more ETH though so I'd prefer to stack up on that.

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Could be. But the secret project could be enormous for all we know. If we somehow got to 100M marketcap before bitcoin breaks 20k it would be so sick. We'd get to keep it pooled for the whole bullrun

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This is the usual smooth brain response I expect from sta autists.
No logical discussion, no reason as to why my points are invalid just larping memes to help you cope.

You've invested in shitcoin not needed. Enjoy bag holding to 0

Well done on your previous wins anon, guess that just goes to show you can't pick a winner everytime

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you could if you have the money or wait till sta moons sell some of ur stack to buy what you need to pool

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You need more spacing faggot. Way more.

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> This is the usual smooth brain response I expect from sta autists.
>No logical discussion, no reason as to why my >points are invalid just larping memes to help you > cope.

Didn't even get a meme this time, disappointed

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I don't have the money because I invested it all in STA.

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The thing with BRDG is, even buying that shit I'm quite certain you'll make a 10-100x next bullrun. You don't have to be smart during those times. But comparing STA to BRDG is retarded. STA has 30k volume which is considered really shit, but BRDG had a volume of LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR some days meaning no one even bought it yet it still pumped like crazy and could've netted you a 100x if you bought when it was as dead as possible.

You know this already, that's why people don't bother replying because you are just fudding so you can get more. Still, all it takes for STA is one single pump to a dollar or so and I guarantee all the real fudders the shit will go to double digit dollars.

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Your kind made me sell LINK when that Zeus fud emerged. Fuck you I’m not going to do the same mistake again

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You're right with BRDG but there was never 0 volume pumps, because the volume was so low all buys and sells had bigger affects on price.
This idea of holding out for the "10x during the next bull run" stuff really is smooth brain thinking.
If you really believe in sta but had any sort of grasp of the markets you'd sell your sta, buy into something that's actually making money and then look to dca back into sta if it starts showing any form of life. I agree that during a bullrun anything can moon, but we're not in one yet and bag holding a token which seems to be doing its best to go to 0 is retarded.

Kek, the zeus fud was so obvious I'm surprised you sold, but the fact that you sold link over zeus fud confirms that I should be doing the opposite to what you are.

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omg kill meee now

i bought at 40 cents and all the telegram pajeets say to keep hodling and 1 dollar end of of year

im gonna kill myself, why did listen to group who wait for a pajeet literally named abu to run their project who already sold his stack and a trannny who bans people

pls god whyyy

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u have to go back

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no sympathy for retards that buy the top, buy more now and make up for lost time

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Good one.Enjoy those heavy bags while waiting for
> the news

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u literally told people to buy xrp, at that point you've proven responding to you logically is a complete waste of time, you talk about heavy bags but nigga i bet you have the heaviest of all

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I didn't say that though did I. I said you'd have been better with xrp, which as we all know is a total shit coin, if that shitcoin is doing better than yours there is no hope.

As for my folio, it is faultless, pic related

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STA is unironically the dumbest idea for a coin

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Time to start explaining yourself anon.

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Replace XMR with SNX and you can put all that in Statera to make you passive income. What the fuck are you doing with those stablecoins? seriously. Unless that's the final result of you swinging Ampl, YFI, YFI clones, Uniswap gems during the summer. Otherwise what the living fuck are you doing, grandma? waiting to be rich in 15 years? maybe Ethereum will pull off a 10,000x like YFI did in 2 months?

I can give you all real FUD if you pay me 300$ per paragraph post.

It could had been good you had to farm STA via farming, aka YFI. Could had been good if a big name like a developer behind Fantom was behind it.

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ok dumbo

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nah, people just expect bitcoin to crash soon and so with it all alt coins to crash too... if anyone bigs up any coin now, they will look like a idiot... so to not look like a idiot no one is shilling any coin and everyone is waiting for this weeks lockdowns and shitty events.

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statera was dead the moment humans evolved a functioning brain. It is only propped up by the same crowd who buy into MLMs

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he doesn't even remotely understand STA

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Imagine STILL trying to fud Statera? Fucking hell. Incredible. Hahahahahahahahahaha

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My portfolio is worth around $3mil
I don't need to fill up on shitcoins, I want crypto to be an investment not a gamble.
Show me a better portfolio and I'm all ears but for now dont mind me ignoring your advice

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>claimsothers don't understand STA
>sat around from September thinking STA moon is just around the corner with muh dashboard
>doesn't remotely understand statera himself
>can't see through the most basic 40iq crypto scam out there.

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Anon I've spend nearly two hours every week to rebalance my shitcoin portfolio (hardware wallet, multiple exchanges, recalculating what to buy and what to sell to fund it and then send it all back.). The fact that there is an solutions who automated that and the project token increase in value is beautiful.

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>worth over 3million but still fuds microcap coins on biz
my nigga

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> I want crypto to be an investment not a gamble.
It wouldn't had been a gamble at all if you put it into Ampl and sold the top or put it into YFI and sold the top.
Same if you did a 10x on BTC while it was sitting at 10k

Everyone saw the September crash a mile away because everything was booming in August. And even then September had great investments if you didn't hover around the top like a retard.
Based, MEME, Nyan, Pickle,

I seriously seriously don't understand you people who do this bullshit. "I want crypto to be an investment" and I want China to stop being a communism state. Roll with the punches, sell the top and buy the bottom, create some scams, etc.
That's how the big guys like Andre Cronje do it. That's how intuitive people do it.

Fuck anyone who said STA wasn't good for swinging while you were a noob with 1000$ to your name. Fuck anyone said ESH+Ghost didn't make you money if simply had bought the bottom and sold the top. Same for YFI clones.

By the way here's a legit advice for a mini whale like you: Get the fuck in TRON right now and long it 2x. Trump winning the election won't save us and european markets locking down for Corona matters a shit load more than America going on lockdown.

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I'm bored! When does the bullrun start?

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Severely underrated post. Statera literally can't die. It's why we became obsessed with it in the first place.

>> No.23678916

Yet you haven't give any legit and correct answer to why is it shit and dumping (which is not) other then comparing it to completely different project like Bridge Protocol, like no similarities at all, not even one. Of course you also mentioned that sad autistic FUD sentence something like "Glad I sold at xy". Nice try, won't work...

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oh hey, it's the "if you had swinged AMPL and YFI you'd be a billionaire" guy again
the amount of knowledge you spit out always baffles me, I bet you're a billionaire by now

>> No.23679235

Didn't read never selling nigger

>> No.23679297

>My portfolio is worth around $3mil
Of course it is fuder, of course it is. I have xxx amount and not an ounce of proof like always just baseless fud larp...gtfo. You are awfully invested in threads and convo of a coin which you soo don't care about and not invested in. Hmmm, you must be such a good person looking after outs financial well-being. Buy like everyone else fucker, don't fud.

>> No.23679623

If I'd listen to my instincts and I'd leave my conscience outside I'd be a trillionaire.

>> No.23680142

yup me too, only billionaire now...

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They hated him because he spoke the truth.

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The 24hr Volume in Balancer is $3.6k and on Uniswap it's $29k.
The Project is by no means a scam or rug pull that can be said, but It is indeed a shitcoin that is bleeding and desperately hoping for positive announcements.

I personally hold a very small amount which was bought early on for single digits however I wish I sold all my stack when it was 20-30 cents.

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nice try, still not selling

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>That is not dead which can eternal lie

>> No.23681173

>the project definitely isn't bad, but it's awful
gtfo with your semi-subtle psycho shit fud

>> No.23681541

Right... Did u also pick bitcoin at $2. This just makes the sta community sound sketchy

>> No.23681818

Just this one guy? This makes you smell like pigerz

>> No.23681880

i honestly thought statera was a scam until i saw this meme

>> No.23682059

Based and checked

>> No.23682148

Because of /biz/, I got in ETH at $4, and Link at an average of 28 cents. I only put a hundred on the ETH, was a major poorfag. But I have 10k Linkies, never selling. I only came back to /biz/ because I saw Link mooned, it's not that unbelievable that /biz/ was right more than a few times and some of those people still check in here. I'm in STA for an average of 3 cents, buying more weekly and will double down if it drops below that price. It really is inevitable

>> No.23682415

Bought in for 3c which means you've held on to them for ages, I hope you took some profit when it got to 40c+ sta unironically will never be that price again

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