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You might or might not have heard about "The Great Reset" that WEF people want to implement during this pandemic, seizing it an opportunity to change the world completely.

I thought maybe some people here have delved into it and have researched it in detail.

Is it realistic? Will it really be global?

I just don't see Russia, Eastern Europe and many other countries ever signing up for something like.

Surely there would be protests and opposition to it?

Which investments would be best for such a case?

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>Which investments would be best for such a case?

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freeze dried foods and protection
>please post it

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These people are retards. Listen to some of their ‘presentations’.

They even believe asking Prince Charles to endorse them carries weight with a public they clearly don’t understand.


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>Is it realistic? Will it really be global?
no its not realistic, its highschool mock UN committee/debate club-tier. Most of the ideas sound like they were crafted by the mind of a 1st year philosophy major.

There will be tons of resistance, most of the world isn't going to care or listen

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Our leaders are already under the sway of this agenda
Just listen to Boris talking about "building back better"

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>You might or might not have heard about "The Great Reset"

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>build back better

>a trigger for the acceleration social and economic change

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Bro this is legit Justin sun 2.0 releasing a hyperinflationary shit token. Didnt read not buying

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1000 link will mean you won't be a nwo slave

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i mean, is Bitcoin a solution if they ban cash and confiscate property?

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It’s just a mindless slogan. It has no resonance with the public.

Politicians will say any retarded shit if they think it sounds clever.

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Bitcoin, CBDCs, Quant and a few others have a future with or without their plans in operation.

Most alts are going away, we all know they are garbage-tier.

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>Which investments would be best for such a case?

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Lube, kneepads, farmable land

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what is CBDC and Quant?

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Central Bank Digital Currencies - the digital dollar, pound, euro etc.

Quant makes them all interoperate so they can be easily spent across banking networks and international borders.

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It's just some shit about sustainability (why is is that bad?) and technology (pros and cons, but it's going to happen regardless).

WEF doesn't even have any power anyway.

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Where is this quant? Another altcoin?

No central bank digital currencies have yet been established, right?

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>farmable land
They can confiscate that.

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Quant Network project is discussed on this board every day.

There are are a couple of minor CBDCs launched already. The majors start launching next year.

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> There are are a couple of minor CBDCs launched already. The majors start launching next year.

Which CBDCs have been launched already?

> https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/quant/

This quant?

If that is non-government solution, why would governments use it? It's not like big gov wants to pop some /biz/tards bags

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public here, I am pro the great reset and will work to actively bring it about. the current system is shit.

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No christian schizo but this is Satan's thread.

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It has plenty of resonance with our leaders.

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You need to DYOR. You can Google CDBCs and you can check out this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/cryptoseq/status/1318653571110404097

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Enjoy your slavery brainlet.

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It doesn’t resonate with anyone. The current financial system is on the verge of collapse, so this Great Reset is the last roll of their dice. It’s desperation.

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That's even worse. Desperation is far more dangerous than greed

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>I will actively work to ensure that I and my children can be slaves for eternity


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Quant is a dead shitcoin dont listen to him, this board is being flooded with paid quant shills

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Kek, some would say NOBLE

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who here team Christ?

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The ceo of quant has worked for hsbc, the federal reserve, the uk's version of the federal reserve (treasury or something), mastercard, etc and the majority of the team is so well connected its almost ridiculous. If CBDC's were their only business plan, then ya, the token probably wouldn't be needed or desired, but their plan extends much further than just going after banks. Overledger and various MApps will have uses in basically every industry that's looking to implement blockchain tech (so basically every industry).

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I want to be a NEET so Im good

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Useless eaters get the rope, kek.

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I am.

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how are you planning on implementing it?

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I thought so, because if I was working for some big EU gov or USA gov I would sure as hell not just decide "hey, let's buy bags of this random shitcoin pump&dump project that we will use in our totally legit decentralised currency".

I assume if EU was smart enough to create a decentralised currency they would also be smart enough to build a bridge or any other necessary technology without relying on some random shitcoin pumpers.

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alright, in that case it sounds legit, is there no way to explain Quant really simply? Because I've noticed there is a law that the more complicated a project is to explain the scammier it gets. For example, bitcoin is easy to explain, can be done in 5 minutes. How do you explain Quant in 5 minutes?

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The voice of truth

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>if EU was smart enough to create a decentralised currency they would also be smart enough to build a bridge or any other necessary technology without relying on some random shitcoin pumpers.
No one will fucking explain shit to you, you newfaggot triple posting time wasting spamming reddit faggot.
Jut go buy QNT, lose all you money and never return here.

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>Which investments would be best for such a case?
you had three years lol

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very very obvious coordinated Q&A

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Damn now that you point it out....kek

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Quant is a project that aims to make is easier for different blockchain to "talk" to each other. def have a suicide bag of it but chainlink steals the show everytime. its coined the industry standard now, and if you saw in my other post the literally tech they shilled in their book and recently gave an award to. many projects have already adopted chainlink as their oracle of choise but many project and still deciding to make their own oracle. we've already had examples of how bad that turned out even in the march crash everything chainlink powered was okay! im guessing youre low IQ so youll prob be asking how would quant use chainlink? a very general example would be like i have a contract on the ETH blockchain. say theres some parameters in the contract "after the price of gold hits X price, send the contract to this other blockchain to do whatever. chainlink oracles would go grab the price of gold for the contract and let it trigger if it met the contract parameters. while qnt is simply making sure the process of transferring that contract between blockchains goes smoothly. im not doubting something like qnt needs to exist but its tokenomics simply reply on speculation. chainlinks token utility makes it so the price HAS to rise. if blockchain shit really is the future and will be used in everything its pretty much a guarantee that chainlinks price will be huge, but qnt will be a gamble if the price goes over chainlinks.

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im super drunk my bad ihope you get the point

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> No one will fucking explain shit to you, you newfaggot triple posting time wasting spamming reddit faggot.

I'm not a newfriend, I've been on 4chan since 2006 back in the /b/ days and also when /r9k/ just got founded and turned into a virgin board. Also, I was banned from reddit by IP and device, so I can no longer post there.

>Jut go buy QNT, lose all you money and never return here.
What is forums for then?

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but how can there be oracles if they break blockchain by definition aka, they are impossible as there is single or multiple failure entry points. Basically if somebody compromises oracle source info, they are DONE. It can't be realised mathematically, but it seems livelihood of programmers depends on ignoring this fact.

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You’re a paranoid schizophrenic.

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I have 18000. I hate my job.

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this fud has been discussed to death and as others are saying in the thread you need to hit the archives and DYOR. if you seem to know so little and so much at the same time can you explain to me how stock tickers work and how safe their API's are? like really please explain to me where the price of amazon comes from on an exchange? you need to realize that if youre a business owner and theres say two systems...one thats 99.8% secure and one thats 99.9% secure which one would you take? fuckign dick

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> EU
> smart

Governments don’t build their own fucking tech. Private industry does. Why would they use Windows and MacOS when they can write their own OS, kek.

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and you're caught, retard.

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Post your portfolio

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You’re literally retarded.

Anyway this thread is supposed to be about TGR.

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so you admit I am right. Oracles are not real. It's all a scam. Just use database lmao

Funny how its been like 6 years and still no real life actual projects actually using this crap.

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fucking KEK at the coordinated QNT shilling itt, the thread has nothing to do with quant you stupid third worlders. I normally don't fud anything but here's a daily reminder for you retards:

banks are not going to go to uniswap to purchase a token lmao

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Kek, you are now promoting Quant, because they agree.

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>"Big Gov"
>yeah let's just buy imaginary tokens from this 4chan guy to fuel our technology

lmao. They wouldn't create a token, would just find some normal solution without all the retarded gamification gambling.

To use torrents you don't need a token. same case here

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Brainlet detected.

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lol good bait! did you and a couple other discord faggots plan this thread to shill qnt? lmffffaaooo sure smells like it

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This thread went downhill fast. Perhaps WEF fags are screwing it up. Or could be Link or Ocean flags.

Who knows.


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me, but god won't save us, i just hope he will give me the strength to decapitate thousands of commies before i meet him

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They are evolving, like Skynet.

Soon they will have multiple bots all conversing each other asking about crypto in the SMG board.

God save us.

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Russians don’t protest their minuscule $300 wages so the great reset meme will be taken positively since they’ve nothing to loose
T. Russian, was born in this shithole

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but the archbishop isn't a follower of Christ
his god is Lucifer
read the letter.

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NOlinkers absolutely BTFO.

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why do you want to own all kinds of useless garbage? are you a hoarder?

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It simply wont happen. All IOs need the hegemonic power, if the executive leader of the hegemonic power is Donald Trump, and there is not much doubt that this will be the case, IOs will be kept bleeding money, and no money means no way of acting. Imagine a world wide centralized communist like bureaucratic monster without the US; I already see China and Russia stabbing each other while the EU Brazil and India fights for crumbs, while Niggers keep starving. Great reset my ass.

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I can't believe that's real. How would they not know how much backlash they'll get for throwing in social issues in there, that we must comply with what they prescribe

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don't explain anything to him until he asks a question and says please

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its not so bad tho.
as a Link holder you will still be able to eat as much meat as you want.

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explain immediately or I will stand up and flip over the table in rage

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CBDC means that every single transaction will be tracked and taxed. It gives incredible power to the central banks to control people. pms and bitcoin are the future for people who don't want to be slaves.

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would you mind having gay intercourse with me please?



get the FUCK back to r eddit cis scum

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Why does he look like an ape?

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Where are the pics of him in the weird cult uniform coming from. I can't find the source.

Thanks anons.

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pic related is from his letter
dark to light...
understand satan is one side of the coin
lucifer is the other half
read the bible...understand greek/roman mythology
father time aka satan...aka god of this world
is cronus/saturn
gets defeated by zeus/jupiter
jupiter is lucifer, new age bible lies and says he is venus/morning star
kjv says otherwise
catholic church is luciferian
the nwo is satan/lucifer dichotomy
they bring us down with darkness
and *save* us with *light*
it's a false light...the antichrist...that will be the biggest deception
keep Christ in your heart, be willing to die for Him as He did for you.
Q tards with their *light* and *truth* is prep for lucifer
new age meditation/kundalini is luciferian, the belief we can be God and shift the timeline ourselves to avoid the second coming
just like Genesis, they want us to believe we are God.

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>Most of the ideas sound like they were crafted by the mind of a 1st year philosophy major.
Are you implying that a 5 year philosophy major is any better?

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not sure what is crazier, your pic or your post.

>> No.23669973

that is in the letter from the Archbishop Vigano to Trump, it's real.
don't fall for Satan, that's the easy part...avoiding the vaccine, healthpass, debt reset etc...they will come after you regardless...oh well
big deception comes when the Antichrist comes to *save us*
more will fall for that
it's not hard to see if you actually pay attention, read the Bible, understand mythology, understand the new age, astrology, quantum physics, all together....
we can raise our brainwaves past time-space, but we are not infinite God...
those in power somehow believe they can be God and avoid Jesus
they will repent when they fail.

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Trump is pro reset tho

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you should live stream your psychosis

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and he looks scared. you can see from Trumps body language that he knows that Klaus is above him.

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The Catholic Church put together the Bible, not the Anglicans.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but Christ appointed Saint Peter as the first Pope

>> No.23670054

of course
they are both the Dark and Light
they are both sides
understand Hermetic duality
enjoy the show
the majority is blind

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It really doesnt matter who wins the election, they all work for Klaus Schwab.

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glowie detected

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he even knew putin when he was a little wee lad

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hes behind everyone and everything.

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here he explains the covid camps for antisemites and global warming deniers.

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The only winners in the COVID era are China, aka the ones who released the virus and then did an absolutely fucking brilliant pump-fake where they completely shutdown for a couple months, shelled billions into propoganda-lite about how lockdowns really work (see: Italy), and then completely opened their economy back up while the rest of the world followed suit into the retarded fucking lockdowns.

"Great Reset" is a fucking meme, like >>23666447 wrote. We're heading for intense, worldwide social unrest. It has already started but it will get much worse.

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it is entirely social in nature, not financial. the financial side of it could not be less important. imagine a world where access to basic human needs is controlled by the same people that think saying 'nigger' is as bad as murdering one. everything important you use can be taken from you in an instant because it's owned by someone else.
>i'll just use my cryptocoins to buy things behind the government's back
with what? your internet connection is blocked due to wrongthink. you can't use a public terminal due to wrongthink. you can't use anyone else's because they're afraid if the Exalted Leaders find out they let you, they'll be blocked for assisting wrongthink. The only reason I'm not freaking out is that the people behind this have consistently failed to get their bullshit one-world-government schemes off the ground.

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I have heard of it a little when I studied Economic. It was a fringe topic that some swore by, other laugh at, but most would entertain it as a What If hypothetical even if they didn't really buy it. The idea that a central power could do this is laughable, but the idea that misaligned incentives could cause it by cascade is not as crazy and a bit scary to be honest.

Lets say you got one rich person who thinks this is a good idea, and moves their investments to plan for it. Individually they are a fool who will lose. But some other who respect them also buy in, and then speculators try to game it by buying in, then tiny investors copy them thinking the rich must have magical foresight, then governing bodies see more and more movement and start hedging their bets, ... soon the worlds market has moved towards The Rest. Once enough people buy in it will happen because everyone one either wants it or assumes it is inevitable and doesn't stop it. No secret central power, just need a mob of idiots and some money. Our world is full of both money and idiots, so odds are it could emerge as reality. I mean the world nearly ended because of tulips, this is just a bigger scarier version.

It was a fun after class game modeling what it would take to trigger it, but we stopped playing because we realized that we need more people to ignore that as a crazy idea to prevent it from happening, so we were adding to the problem. So the best thing to do is tell people it is not real and don't act on it. It like some horror movies monster, the more powerful you think it is the more powerful it becomes.

>> No.23670341

Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Islam, New Age, Mormonism, are Luciferian.
They are not of God.
Churches/religions that preach you must do works for salvation are of the devil.
Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus alone, in His finished work in the cross and death, burial and resurrection.

>> No.23670361

>You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy

sounds like such a terrifying dystopian threat. I never understood extremism until recent years. We need to rage against these freaks to the absolute extreme, even just to get back to the middle of the road.

>> No.23670401

Not to mention the antichrist will come in many forms, now what happens when he comes in a form whom a false Luciferian religion said he'd come?
Yeah, they would be deluded into thinking their religion is right and that the antichrist is their redeemer.
The deception that'll happen in the great tribulation will be astronomical to say the least.

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The real meme reset will be if the US decides to just hyper inflate all USD denominated debt away and announce a new currency:

USD 2.0 backed by Au/Ag, with sub miligram value equivalents being tradeable via digital account ledgers, and accounts being physically re balanced on the quarter.

>> No.23670910

>those do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps o placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated
good luck with that

>> No.23671787 [DELETED] 

>paid shill doesn't know the terms for Bank of England
>Treasury or some shit

>> No.23671824

>Paid shill doesn't know the term Bank of England
>Treasury or some shit
>thinks CBs would really use a /biz/ coin

>> No.23671916


They are talking about debt forgiveness and creating a deflationary currency for the people to have a consumer class. Basically cementing in stone a lord class and a serf class.

XRP and its use as a bridge for CBDC's is being relentlessly talked about on XSG. If you believe that they want what I mentioned above than XRP, LINK are your best bets.

XRP because its the bridge asset for all CBDC's. They're basically just waiting for regulations to pass in the US specifically as other countries are already moving forward with regulations. If they havn't already done so. LINK has also been directly mentioned by Klaus's book over the 4th Industrial Revolution(Bald guy in previous pics posted). Most of you honestly don't deserve these pointers but I'm feeling generous. Owning enough XRP might put you in the owning class, just don't go took deep as you don't want too much attention drawn to yourself by ((them)). I honestly can't even fathom how large LINK will get if it does accomplish what its setting out to do. Another anon in another thread mentioned how if it really does come to fruition it will likely bring about Shor's algorithm. Or for any plebits here 'Roko's Basilisk'.

Also Quant totally had paid shills so don't listen to them for shit. Ripple has literally been laying the groundwork to be the bridge for CBDC's for years now and it makes no sense for banks to use any other alternative.


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XRP is a centralized shitcoin.

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You fucking dumbass, that's exactly why they will use it... so tired of hearing this argument. We're literally talking about how they are already bringing about the great reset. You really thing their main concern is decentralization of power??????

'XrP iS a CeNtRaLiZeD sHiTcOiN'

>> No.23672141

>that's exactly why they will use it
nope, its centralized thats why nobody will ever use it. thats why the chart looks like your poverty.
>You really thing their main concern is decentralization
yes, thats why chainlink made it and why XRP didnt.

>> No.23672145

why can't these fucking faggots just leave the world the fuck alone

>> No.23672154
File: 78 KB, 1100x825, 5e7099fbc4854005f835ec65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Exactly. If people want to draw religious thoughts out of this, they are looking in the wrong way. Revelations is what I think will unfold if they bust the economy and the financial debt system.

>> No.23672167

Because ze Nolinker need to be locked in pods and eat ze bugs.

>> No.23672231

These guys are powerful but they aren't competent. 2019 WEF they were still acting like the Phillips Curve was a real economic model and even someone as dumb-lucky as Dalio was on a panel telling them that if they start raising rates they'll probably get boxed in.

>> No.23672259

Comparing LINK to XRP is comparing apples to oranges. One is a CBDC bridge and the other is a decentralized oracle system. Its like you're not even trying.

If you compared Flare to Link maybe I'd listen. Don't think there is any real argument there as Flare isn't out yet so we really just have to wait and see past December.

>> No.23672427

>imagine thinking you can't own both

the absolute state of biztards

>> No.23672476

Didnt even think of that. We are in for a wild ride. Theres always the chance I'll be jailed or killed anyways...might not even see it.

>> No.23672532

Hegalian Dialectic. We are all supposed to oppose this "great reset" in order to accept the true NWO... which won't be all that bad.

Q predicted this

>> No.23672934

who voted for Klaus Schwab?

>> No.23673048

Believing in the great reset or really any sort of super power cult boogeyman conspiracies is a flaahing red flag that you're a low IQ pol brain

I truly feel you need to be an absolute fucking retard to buy into much if anything /pol/ peddles. Sorry OP you're ngmi

>> No.23673481

>One is a CBDC bridge
no usecase for this, Banks will just issue their own CBDC token, no Cripple needed.
>wasting your money on XRP trash when you could be all in Link.

>> No.23673678

how will foreign exchange function when chinas already set the precedent that cbdc will use a walled garden architecture?

>> No.23673708

the CBDC would fail if it increases financial exclusion you fucking brainlet.
have you ever read any CBDC papers and done some basic research into the topic? obviously not.

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File: 90 KB, 933x445, AC8E38A0-FD10-4F5D-A0C9-98162EF35038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Many figureheads adopting WEF rhetoric. ITS HAPPENING

>> No.23674541

I am going to kill you.

>> No.23674748

fucking pajeets shilling QNT all over this board and on CT

>> No.23674870

no and no
if they do that US credit rating will go to shitter and will not recover for at least next 75 years
and even if they say they start backing it with PMs they will just end up printing fiat papers because the kikes and politicians just cant help themselves
no matter which way US as superpower is over once petrodollar is gone US will revert to venezuela levels

>> No.23674922
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>US will revert to venezuela levels

>> No.23674951

the writing is on the wall bruh what you do with it is your choice

>> No.23674952

TGR will require Quant. Chainlink was a POC that has shown its limitations.

Ripple won’t be used, CBDCs will be - each central bank will issue their own and use Quant to ensure they interoperate across borders.

>> No.23675565

This is worse than the worst of sci fi dystopias.

>> No.23675708

This. The youtube comments on wef videos are all satanist this, communist that its not subtle enough to be real

>> No.23675769

It's just a desperate attempt to solidify Europe a a cohesive unit before the post WWII global market trade system falls apart and people start killing their competition again.

>> No.23675781

Like this my man

>> No.23675841

That is true, for most of the world, the proposals in "The Great Reset" are actually an improvement. I'm pretty sure you'd increase the quality of life in Africa if we just airdropped nikes on them.

>> No.23676609
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For those of you who don't know, this dude has like 3 doctorates and his only real job ever has been being a professor, so it makes sense that he's a marxist.

>> No.23676665


>> No.23676720

Bahama sand dollar, and Ecuador(though it failed and wasn't real CBDC lol). China's in beta but has best chance at succeeding due to incentives and integration with government social credit system(though I am sure there's ways to game it).

>> No.23676860

The way Quant is being shilled I'm starting to believe it's ((their)) coin. Fuck them, I'll keep away out of principle.

>> No.23677345

Kek, imagine turning your back on a coin that will make you rich. Even worse, leaving it to others to become even richer. NGMI.

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