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It's pretty clear that society is falling beyond the point of no return. Morals are gone, the family unit is destroyed, all jobs are being automated, healthcare is a disaster, hyperinflation is setting in causing homebuying to be a dream for most, etc.

Over the insane 2-3 decades that are coming, what will be the best investment in your opinion?

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crypto, ai, gold/silver/copper

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>talk about how the world is going to shit
>posts picture of one of the greatest men to ever live

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>what will be the best investment
Blood and soil

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I just meant for it to be a reminder of the good times. Heil Hitler.

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It's not over, we just need to make some changes.
But the best investment in such a situation will be gold

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> Learn being a good orator
> Start a new popular movement based on people despair

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Heil Hitler brother.

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the chinese economy. they're a bunch of dirty lying chink scammers but their economy is on the way up, and it will surpass our pathetic """service economy""" within the next several decades.

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Best AI investment?

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