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> am phd student

> read wojak index joke

> do a big procrast

> make wojak index webapp

> it's 3am

> i'm exhausted

> it's ugly; it's done. wojakindex.com;

why did i spend $20 and a fuckton of my time on this?

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don't click this it gave my virus.

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ran into problems with DNS. It's not even up yet folks. Check back tomorrow maybe.

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don't know about you but i'm prolly gonna get a virus from this site. I'm prolly gon get covid or sth from all this autistic hyperfocus working till 3am

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clicking shit like this enough guarantees you will be fucking robbed in 2022

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that guy who made memeatlas beat you to it sorry champ

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got virus warning

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damn son

better get yourself to a test and quarantine center ASAP

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can you really get a virus just by visiting a site but not clicking on anything?

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Depends... If it's running some crazy video scrips you can get something. Most antivirus should contain it.

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is windows defender sufficient?

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Only if you use windows

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I know so little about tech that I don't know if that's an ironic reply or not

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It works on IPad

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Now make a erc20 token and use your site as a an offchain oracle for market predictions and shit, watch how the degens ape in then dump on them for a couple hundred thousand dollarinos profit.

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* an erc20 token, sir

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great idea

what tool did you use to make the screen shot of the catalog?

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I wasn't here when this happened, is that a real screenshot? how come all the threads have like 1000+ replies?

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Couldn't possibly be a mockup.

>> No.23640788

unlikely unless the site you clicked on is making use of a 0day browser exploit, has happened with firefox/chrome in the past I believe

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anon great work

it takes just a few seconds to load so I hope you're not scraping the catalog and computing the colorwheel on every single page request

what tech did you use?

>t. phdanon

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add a graph that shows the historical pink levels over time and the price of various coins so we can see the correlation

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