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>revenue: $8.77 billion
>net income: $331 million

>pays Elon Musk $11.8 billion bonus

How long until this Tesla bubble bursts and the fraud gets exposed like Theranos??

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>What are shares

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When you hear about a company whose CEO has some version of Steve Jobs' Reality Distortion Field, buy buy buy

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this dude sold out to jews a while ago like paypal a while ago but thats cool and im fine with it since he likes cat girls

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It’s a $11.8 billion CASH bonus dumb faggot, not shares.

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I don't think Tesla has ever had a profitable quarter

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He's not getting 11 billion in cash dude

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He is. He has a $56 billion bonus cash program setup by the board of TESLA. After TESLA hit a $400 billion valuation he unlocked his 5th and 6th milestone of his bonus programm and will get a $11.8 billion cash, NOT stock option, bonus.

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Not for too long, Elon slashed the price of Model S because of fierce competition, now with newcomers and established automakers wanting a piece of the cake, Tesla will need to accelerate the innovation process even further.

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you're wrong my friend

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Kek Waymo is LIGHT YEARS ahead of TESLA

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Stay mad. Elon is building infrastructure with his billions which is more than any other billionaire can say.

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>beg government for gibs me dat to keep SolarCity afloat after delivering shit-tier installations
>government won’t give musk anymore gibs me dat for SolarCity
>merges SolarCity with TESLA to not expose the fraud of SolarCity
>begs government now to give TESLA gibs me dat to keep afloat

Who will this conman merge TESLA with when the government stops giving him gibs me dat? SpaceX?

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It's in equity you fucking moron

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All these years I thought I was all in Link.
But when I look at Elon's state, I now realize that if you want to be all in you need to put everything at stake and be ready to end your life if something goes wrong!
I am just a healthy person not investing more than he can afford to lose, but I would like to understand how he decided to go full madness mode.

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