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>CBDC (central bank digital currencies) are a scam, literally a dystopian fully tracked FIAT 2.0 system where you bleed purchasing power but you also give away your privacy
>BTC doesn't care about US elections
>sats is all that matters
>if you want to play, play with peanuts and convert all your shitcoin gains into btc, all shitcoins bleed to zero in the long term
>don't leverage or you will lose it all
>don't keep your btc in an exchange, buy them and transfer/store them offline immediately, safely, do 100 backups of the wallet.dat or the seed key, again offline
>don't trust "someone", not even if he is a a "trusted" public figure with a great cv
>don't trust services like paypal, or future scammy services
>don't wrap your btc (wbtc/sbtc/tbtc/renbtc and similar are scams, and they will run away with your private keys, while you will be bagholding a worthless erc20 shit-token)
>don't buy btc with funds like grayscale, you have to pay a premium and you are not even sure if they are 100% backed by btc, high risk of fractional reserve and no key ownership
>don't think it's too late, it's never late, i was buying below 1000$ and i still keep buying above 10000$
>don't swing, it's risky and you will not sleep at night, hold for a few years, this will ensure you will hold during the way up with 2k green daily candles
>btc is the most safe but asymmetric bet you can do right now
>remember to convert your entire savings into btc, each month, staking like a maniac, and you will do just fine
>1 BTC might seem expensive, but you can buy fractions, a fraction of BTC is still worth a lot of money
>if you have an expensive car and paying maintenance, insurance and taxes, consider selling it for btc
>btc is an appreciating asset, not a liability
>btc is not an investment, but the best form of savings

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OP knows

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Everyone needs a stack of Bitcoin and Quant to survive the coming reset.

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>sucking banks cock by buying a rothschild coin
you deserve eternal wagecuckin damnation

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Quant provides a flat playing field so the little guy can survive.

Bitcoin is his store of value; an exit from fiat with convenient on- and off-ramps when unavoidable.

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Holy fucking based