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wtf it didnt rug

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You think they’d spend 2 months making a whole new concept and release the contracts 2 days to the public before launch and rug? Lol there’s already over 1000 eth staked prelaunch from today only. Another 600 will be put in by the aegis.dao pool too. Hasn’t even launched yet. Let that sink in.

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>You think they’d spend 2 months making a whole new concept and release the contracts 2 days to the public before launch and rug?

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Or you could jus read the github and realize it’s literally impossible.

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>devs put out contracts in advance
>community and auditors have literal days to review the code before it launches
Imagine thinking this was a rug. This is unironically the next yfi/core. This is step 3 in all of this.

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How can I join the SURF gang without any money and no skills to help grow the project out?

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Wish you were here

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didn't rug YET

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STFU retard, it's projects like these that pump the hardest, and I always miss out because no money

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>it’s literally impossible

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They had an issue with the USDT because it’s not a standard erc20. So what did they do? Simply refunded $200k and made sure everything was legit and what did people do? Saw the true honesty in the team and ended up staking even more. The world works in mysterious ways. You’d have to be deluded not to see the promise in all of this.

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>Simply refunded $200k
not yet

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a-any minute now!! They're definitely gonna rug!!!

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>You think they’d spend 2 months making
2 months for 400K .... not bad not bad

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no funds were risked... they are refunding the 10% staking fee+more... users have their funds.

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there is NO reason to invest money into a project where the devs are anonymous
literally none

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I didnt invest after the waiting room discord bullshit. a bunch of us start in a discord for 3+weeks waiting on this new awesome never seen before project and in the end he just directed everyone to a 270+ people discord for this shit coin.
So I went fuck this faggot and didnt waste my money on it.
Hey OP of the waiting room you scamqueer faggot we wanted a new token not one you and your friends had loaded your bags on already you pajeet scamming queer

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The fact of that matter is that the contract had 100% of their LP’s. Devs could have took it if they wanted, but no they didn’t because they’re not pajeets and actually know how to build new things.

Their GitHub is public, not sure what else you need.

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gonna moon anon

surfs up

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Yeah don’t invest in bitcoin then newfag kek.

That’s fine, people have been staking all day and there’s over $500k in it prelaunch. Jokes on you.

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>Yeah don’t invest in bitcoin then newfag kek.
I didnt, and i wont.

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>loaded bags on already
It literally hasn’t launched yet, team gets 0 tokens. Supply starts at 0. Anon, I...

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Not worth it unless you put 100eth+

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You must not be familiar with the soft launch.


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The github of harvest finance is also public

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Bad business logic on their part. They’re just a clone too.

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so I'm not interested in fucking with the yield farming. Just want the token because it's going to moon and I have a few spare eth lying around. From what I can tell, that means surf.sol is the token to look at. But there's a soft launch where people stake uni, and that has already taken place (?), and zero hour is Friday (?) when I can buy surf.sol? The discord is a trainwreck and the TG is a memed out hole in the ground, I'm looking through the whitepaper now

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Harvest was exploited, not rugged
Harvest also had other issues beyond the Curve arbitrage exploit, like the admins having control of all funds
In contrast, there is no way for the Surf devs to run away with user funds besides abandoning the project, which is a risk with every crypto
They also have a smart contract whitelist to guard against arbitrage exploits

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theres a buy surf in the header part of the website
also surf.sol is the name of the file that contains the surf contract (.sol is extension for Solidity files - the ETH programming lang)

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Did you even bother to read what you put before posting? I don't think I've ever seen a team be this transparent about their project. Why would you want to keep people from a project that released their audited code 3 days ago and clearly are trying to do right by their community?

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Farming is only a way of distribution. It has not gone live yet. People are staking pre launch right now. There is over $1M staked right now. You can buy surf 500 Blocks after it launches. Surf launches tonight at 11PM PST. They also have nft surfboards that are selling on opensea. #1 went for 9.2 eth. Bullish.

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How is their Discord a trainwreck? Literally every piece of relevant info is available in the #announcements channel, the whitepaper, and the website itself.

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nvm the buy surf part, just clicked it myself and it seems theres no liquidity as of yet
so i'd imagine you gotta farm it with some other shitcoins first

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setting my alarm for go go moon journey

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soft launch doesn't start until tomorrow, you'll be able to buy the token 500 blocks in

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The discord maybe cleaned up a bit now, I only looked a couple weeks ago when I put surf on my watchlist. At the time, there wasn't an easily accessible breakdown of terminology and verbiage used by the project. Some of this seems to have been addressed.

Yeah was just reading through the contract, looks like a lot of YAM code in there.

My primary confusion has been (and still is) on the whole presale, soft launch, hard launch, etc., combined with the whirlpool/beach/etc. terminology. I understand the need for metaphor-based descriptors of the ecosystem, because it is a little novel; for some reason it's just not dropping in for me.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys, I'm excited about where this might go.

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whitepaper, fren

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Sorry, but not a fan of anon devs. The last few have been rugpulls. best of luck.

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>Sorry, but not a fan of anon devs. The last few have been rugpulls. best of luck.

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The project started 2 months ago as you may know. Devs changed a ton of things later on to make it unique to its own. The contracts can be diff checked and you will see a lot of new code and tweaks in it.

The soft launch is part of the launch. It is just the first 1000 blocks of the launch. During this time, 25% of the supply will be distributed. The supply is capped at 10M. There are 26 beaches (pools) with 26 diff eth pairs. The whirlpool is what the surf contract puts all the surf it buys into which will then be activated after the supply is farmed up. I’ll admit there is somewhat of a learning curve because there’s so much info but once you get familiar with it you start realizing the ramifications of the contracts working seamlessly together. It’s a really neat concept/s.

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I prefer the code to do the talking. Anon devs or not, doesn’t matter if the code isnt checked out. Andre isn’t anon but he scammed millions. Code is law and surf released it days ahead of launch. Have a look for yourself. Project isn’t even live yet.


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>Harvest was exploited, not rugged
Form the point of view of the investor, it's the same if he loses his money from a rug or from an exploit. My point is that >>23580353
implied that the investors could lose their money and answering "Their GitHub is public, not sure what else you need." is very bad. A public github is only one indicator of the security of a project, very far for being the only thing you need.

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nothing's stopping you from reviewing the code yourself. additionally, third party audits are releasing later today.

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target price?

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Thanks. Wish I'd had this before reading the whitepaper and going back through the community, the context makes for much smoother understanding.

From what I understand, right now, people are staking pairs and claiming % of the beaches. These beaches are going to pay out 1% of their SURF and UNI (if relevant) rewards over the next 100 days. When the SURF token goes live in ~12 hours and can be traded, if SURF price goes up, you get less SURF, if SURF price goes down, you get more SURF. This is to reward hodling SURF in order to accrue yield as an experiment in longer-term farming. In essence, if you stake some ETH in, say, ETH/UDST pair to get SURF rewards, you are betting that SURF price will be favorable in a few months, the team won't disappear, so you can get a more or less stable 3x in 3 months. Sound about right?

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$0 by Sunday, unironically

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the 3x is from the 1000% APY but over like 3 months (100 days) btw.

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Again, reviewing the code can't possibly eliminate the risk of losing your money which is what >>23580461 implied by saying "not sure what else you need". Also calling aegis a "third party" audit is misleading since they have a vested interest in the success of the project.

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now you're thinkin with your dipstick
Sherlock is doing an audit

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my math says $0.01 brah

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If you’re a competent dev then you should be able to eliminate the risk 100% by testing it yourself.

>> No.23582226

and when i say "Sherlock is doing an audit," i mean they're doing the main audit. aegis is icing on the cake, but i understand your skepticism of them

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just as 0.99 equals to 1 so does 0.01 equal to 0

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this is such an obvious scam, good luck to you guys

>> No.23582352

>obvious scam
Anon please come with something better. Everything has been released and there’s over $1M locked and the dam thing hasn’t even launched yet. Idk how you can just make this assumption and be okay with it. Which shitcoin are you from?

>> No.23582399

Thanks I haven't checked them up.

Weird logic here. Since the aegis audit didn't eliminate the risk 100% then your comment implies that the Surf devs are incompetent or that aegis made a mistake.

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what kind of faggot says this? Are you all fresh from reddit jfc its EXIT SCAM

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If that’s your argument then why is aegisdao putting in 650 eth? Answer that first

>> No.23582508

>aegisdao doesnt eliminate 100% of the risk
>aegisdao also tosses in $250k
I suggest lurking more. It may help.

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don't be a pedant
if you believe aegis can't be trusted, then you believe there is risk involved with SURF. reviewing the code yourself is a good way to ameliorate that sense of risk.
but as we now know, Sherlock is also doing the main audit, so you can stop having nightmares about brent sneaking into your bedroom and snagging your private keys or whatever

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>If that’s your argument
No sure what argument are you referring to. I didn't make an argument in here >>23582399

>why is aegisdao putting in 650 eth?
Because they want to make money.

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ok, another question: on surf.finance, you can claim % on a beach using ETH. this will result in a 100 day payout and so on. If, for example, I do wBTC/ETH (which is also a UNI pairing), does that mean that for 10 ETH dropped in the LP, my claimable rewards will come back to me as SURF & UNI, based on the transactions done between wBTC and ETH? And question 2: I can "add liquidity" in the same dialogue on the website, but all that does is take me to the generic wBTC/ETH token pairing on Uniswap...so what's the point of that?

>> No.23582683

it's fine if you suspect aegis of being a bunch of conniving thieves who not only have a knife in their other hand but also are colluding with surf to get a fat portion of any funds they might exit scam, but i'd be interested to hear what leads you to believe that

>> No.23582836

Yes staking wbtc gives both surf and uni. The 1% for 100 days is the whirlpool rewarding surf.
For #2 it’s just a quick button to reduce your time searching for extra sites

I suggest you sit out.

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They know very well there's >0% risk involved in tossing $250k. But this is obvious and you can ask brent if you want.

>if you believe aegis can't be trusted
I don't believe this and neither I blindly believe them. I think their audit was helpful. But I have some reservations.

>you believe there is risk involved with SURF
Of course I believe there's risk involved and I'm sure everyone in aegis thinks the same. You guys seem to have a very naive conception of risk.

>reviewing the code yourself is a good way to ameliorate that sense of risk

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>implied that the investors could lose their money and answering "Their GitHub is public, not sure what else you need." is very bad. A public github is only one indicator of the security of a project, very far for being the only thing you need.
that's what the audits are supposed to resolve

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All I know is aegis does the audit and then still tosses 1/4 million in. Not sure what else you need to know. The dev is in discord answering anything and everything you throw at him.

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lmaoing @ the font size

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rational people >>23581661 are getting shit on for being rational

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A waiting room was added because some pajeet put a link on twitter and we were swarmed with hundreds of pajeets asking for handouts and Airdrops. If you got stuck in the waiting room, it's because you were one of them

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>7 posts by this ID
still hasn’t provided any warranted fud. Sometime I wonder if you’re on our side and just bumping for the hell of it.

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Physically impossible

If you can’t read code, find someone who can so they can verify it with you.!

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actually wrong rankesh I saw the waiting room discord shilled here as a new token and it was gonna do soemthing new and never seen before. but sure go with your larp version of it was shilled on twitter and im a pajeet. show hands since I know a poounloo finger pointing moment when I see one. post hands rankesh

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> Sometime I wonder if you’re on our side
stop with the whole "fud" and "our side"
im on the side of every anon, yes, even you

im gonna be honest with you i dont and will never invest in a .finance project
if you want to do that, thats honestly fine
you have to accept that investing in a .finance meme defi project with anon devs raises more red flags than any other project no matter how legit the dev is

people are insane in crypto, just yesterday have i seen a bunch of people trust a dev and buy his coin, he was talking to everyone in the tg for MONTHS
but then the big day came, price was at $4 and one second later it was at 0
it wasn't even a lot of money kek

so again, if you shill a project like that, expect anons like me coming in and shitting on it.. Rightfully so.

>> No.23584266

>yesterday have i seen
yesterday i've seen
kek i can't write today

>> No.23584983

>9 posts by this ID
Still nothing against surf besides saying it’s gonna rug when in reality it’s passed the audits, code has been released for several days and there’s over $1,000,000 currently locked and that’s just from today. Please help yourself help yourself. You’re standing on the sidelines while this is at face melting levels and it launches in 8 hours. I don’t pity people like you.

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You’re the one that said they had their bags packed when the token hasn’t even launched yet.

Thanks for this basket weaving advice. Also, Thanks for bumping the thread though, seriously, the community is blowing up right now. Keep on keepin on.

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notice how salty and buttgaped people get if you say hey not interested in investing in this token. why do you care so much what others do with their money anons? you have no claim to their cash yet get so god damn butt gaped cuz they DARE not invest in something you did. I swear 90% of this board is full of mental midget autists that cant accept people do things differently than others and sperg out cuz NO MY WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY REEEEEEE! fucking pathetic virgins no wonder your parents never loved you

implying the amount of posts means anything autist. go tell your group home wrangler someone has more posts than you online and watch how quick the punishment bjs start for you again

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Bitcoin is the biggest potential rug in history, over 2 million btc have never moved in 10 years. When Satoshi finally rugs or someone finally gets access to those wallets this will go down like the titanic. why do you think big business refused to touch it for so long. Nakamoto playing the long game

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Go ahead and explain why, we’re waiting pajeet.

Notice how you’re still
In this thread and meanwhile surf has $1.1 million brought in in the last 12 hours. This is why you’re poor and joining something called “the waiting room” in hopes to free yourself from your current situation. You’re not fooling anybody.

>> No.23585464

Marc and clement


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>posting an old screenshot as if it were current
You're being a little too obvious there fuder.

>> No.23587319


>> No.23587343

Kek that was from 12 hours ago. Here let me help you out
Here you will find that you get btfo. Good day pajeet

>> No.23587467

what if a faggot front runs the creation of the SURF-ETH pool at a ludicrous price and dumps?

>> No.23587672

Nobody will have SURF until the Tito contract makes the pool. bots won’t be able to front run because the pool is already created before they can have any surf in their wallets.

>> No.23587712

>Yeah don’t invest in bitcoin then newfag kek.
wow yes kek kek your .finance shit coin kek it's exactly like bitcoin kek kek KEK!

kek kek! KEK!

>> No.23587720

kek! kek kek! KEK!

>> No.23587763

are you having a seizure?

>> No.23587782

I think he is hired fudding pajeet KEK

>> No.23587796

If this is all you retained out of this whole thread then fucking Kek. Thanks for the bumps you’re doing gods work. There’s over a $1M staked right now in the last 12 hours...

>> No.23587800

Kek kek!

>> No.23587809

Yeah I'm in the same boat. I don't want to get bogged down in a shell game of farmed shitcoins, but I wouldn't mind risking an eth or so on this trash when it launches.

>> No.23587816


>> No.23587861

so all in. Based retard

>> No.23587874

Give me a rundown.
Does it do anything special or is yet another buy this to farm this so you have more of this useless shitcoin?

>> No.23587902

I heard SURF is going to be the only currency hookers will accept in cancun by 2021

>> No.23587924

It's not about making money as such, it's all about that chill

>> No.23587955

u get money for staking so i guess it does that

>> No.23588033

farming is the means of distributing 10M surf tokens
there's the surf token contract, then the tito contract which mints surf during the farming phase, then the whirlpool contract that redistributes surf to surf LP token stakers, uses staking depost/withdrawal fees to constantly buy back surf, and funnel dividends from future phase 2 dapps to surf LP token stakers
read the fuckin whitepaper

>> No.23588047

Luckily farming is only a way to distribute it. Wait for phase 2 and the whirlpool. That’s where the real fun starts. Those that think it’s just farming are very short sighted.

Read the whitepaper so you can see exactly how it works. Do you expect to farm with no risk and then help kill the project whenever you feel like it? This is designed for maximum sustainability. The team doesn’t get any team tokens so there won’t be any sell pressure. And 5% will go to buying more surf every block = constant buy pressure. Positive feedback loop. Get with the program.

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File: 1.09 MB, 2939x1744, Whirlpool infographic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone wants the discord invite discord gg jpZA55

>> No.23588079

ok it does nothing I get it
Will gets some and get the fuck out once it moons because crypto is a clown circus and this kind of shit is popular with zoomers

>> No.23588080
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Fucking based

>> No.23588110

you got doodoo brains nigga

>> No.23588112

dumbfuck niggers don't realize this is just a pump and dump scheme by discord trannies behind other shitcoins that have long died out.

the idea is get in early (devs can dump anytime as they accumulate 10% of all tx) and so you have to hope for a pump and dump on everyone else.

it's literally a shitcoin pnd scheme, there's nothing special about it.

get in early to dump on retards, then watch theme seethe as it goes -95% in 2 months, at the latest.

>> No.23588124

devs don't get surf from the fees, they get every other token put into the beaches

>> No.23588130
File: 16 KB, 450x482, surf-1m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SURF has 1 million dollars staked already ...

>> No.23588138

waiting for moon HURRY UP

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>he thinks it’s a farming clone
You have done literally 0 research. Devs don’t get 10% of the tokens, it’s been stated several times. Look into the whirlpool, look into the contracts, look into the whitepaper. Here, let me spoon feed your helpless self.


Source code


Also there’s nearly 3000 eth locked in the last 12 hours. The joke is on you Kek.

>> No.23588196
File: 229 KB, 1200x1000, 17F87409-897B-4CAC-8ADD-42DA5D692904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you’re going to talk shit at least have some relevance with stuff that can’t be refuted in 3 seconds. The bump was nice though. Thanks.

>> No.23588897

guys what is the risk of staking my entire stack

>> No.23588938

high. its unaudited spaghetti code

>> No.23588947

what about the Sherlock audit

>> No.23588970

They say it's being finalized now. Waiting on that before I do anything.

>> No.23589259

We out here, we SURFin

>> No.23589298

Cope harder kek there’s another $250k that’s about to go in.

Sherlock said the code was good and they’re working on the official report. Smooth sailing

Fuck this is amazing. This is truly the next yfi/core

>> No.23589319

are my funds 100% safu minus the fee if I ape in

>> No.23589631

This project has the lowest chance of rug compared to anything ever shilled on biz unironically. The code is rock solid. If you don’t feel comfortable right now then wait til it launches and see how smooth it is then make your ultimate decision.

>> No.23589711

$1.5 million now locked and climbing. This is wild. This is going to be an insane launch.

>> No.23589801

i'd say so

>> No.23589955

Is Sherlock known and can be trusted? What have they audited before?

>> No.23590030
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Personally, I'm all in.

>> No.23590034

Not sure what they audited but they are a real auditing team by the looks of it. The funny thing is, the devs that built the code are more capable than most of these auditing firms. They’ve been building for years. That’s what makes real coders, actually building and testing things. Audits are more of a ruse for good social measure imo. If the crypto sphere wasnt so shady, none of this would be needed.

>> No.23590121

I have some locked in, just a whole lot more sitting on the sidelines, it’s my first ever farming experience so even though I love the project I’m still scared of bugs and impermanent loss from all the market volatility going on. I still have the mindset that everything in crypto is a zero-sum gamble where there’s always the chance of getting annihilated, even a nice project like this. Oh well, if all goes smoothly I’ll at least have some exposure

>> No.23590140

Got my surf board ready, let's go frens

>> No.23590327

4k ETH locked and the FOMO has not yet even started....lets goooooooooooooooooo

>> No.23590451

Gonna ape in and grab a 10x easy in and out.

>> No.23590651

Wait till people start rushing for the lowest values beach with 10 minutes left. That’s going to be crazy to see.

>> No.23590692

Lads, will I have to stay up late to wait for the surf/eth pool to open?

>> No.23590706
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Where's the BREEV citadel?

>> No.23590728

hangin from a tree

>> No.23590848
File: 1.36 MB, 1997x2773, II CARD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unfortunately, if you are burger-kin, you will have to stay up late, laddie.

>> No.23590936

This is gonna be huge

>> No.23590964
File: 90 KB, 404x319, 1600337070888.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was in the secret discord with the rest of you, but I didn't join because surf finance sounds generic and if it doesn't rug then it'll scam you in another fashion. Good luck, faggots.

>> No.23591016

Fair enough I’ll be tanning in my speedo and catching a big waves without you brah.

>> No.23591028
File: 400 KB, 600x507, 1600353371264.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>y-you're gonna miss out big time!

Probably the best indication of a scam.

>> No.23591059

you're right, this project is going to absolutely crumble to pieces without your 0.5 eth

>> No.23591103

fucking waiting room biz gem bs
ill take a look at the code later and form an opinion if its worthy
but i was expecting a coin "for biz" which was promised and already failed to deliver.

>> No.23591234

Hour and a half until staking and still no Sherlock Audit. Was told that they'd update shortly. Was confident until this happened.

>> No.23591340

they're literally minutes from releasing it
it's pretty good, you'll probably be alright with it if you have more than two brain cells

>> No.23591658
File: 60 KB, 605x753, page 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aaaaand it's out

>> No.23591661 [DELETED] 

audit released

>> No.23591672
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>> No.23591681
File: 67 KB, 603x745, page 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23591696
File: 83 KB, 607x753, page 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23591712
File: 78 KB, 601x751, page 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23591719
File: 429 KB, 460x460, 1535611230563-biz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23591726
File: 62 KB, 603x747, page 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23591727

Fuckoff pajeet

>> No.23591741
File: 20 KB, 603x749, page 7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23591760
File: 50 KB, 601x749, page 8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all of the spooky sounding high concern shit can only be activated with multisig to begin with and then SURF will fully migrate to holder governance
funds are safu imo

>> No.23591778


>> No.23591783

what happened to /biz/ getting in on this early
fuck u tiderider!

>> No.23591820

this guy is trolling, no one is this dense

>> No.23591822

you've had all day to stake, where have you been?

>> No.23591845

tiderider promised bizonly launch everyone is already in not worth giving up 10% lps for

>> No.23591858

fuckin surfbased, too much eth in this now, pumptubular perhaps

when does this list?

>> No.23591867

SURF farming hasn't started yet. you had all day to put your stake in early. also, half of that 10% goes directly to market buying surf and locking it in a vault for constant buy pressure. the other half goes to the team, but they get no surf tokens, so they can't dump on you.
500 blocks after launch, which is a little under 2 hours

>> No.23591871
File: 70 KB, 1060x352, Screenshot_2020-10-29-17-03-17-22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus fucking Christ

>> No.23591899

Thanks for listing the audit. I found that for my case, it'd be more effective to wait 500 blocks for the Surf-Eth beach to unlock if I want to be efficient.

>> No.23592128
File: 260 KB, 657x660, asdfasdf324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23592137

8k now

>> No.23592275

have i missed the boat for prestaking or does it not matter as long as I'm in at launch?

>> No.23592377

i just staked rn. still 700 blocks to go

>> No.23592390

is this unusual tvl for a defi farming token? never done this before

>> No.23592421

what pair you staking?

>> No.23592469

I put 10k into this, what's gonna happen to me?

>> No.23592490

You just lost 1k

>> No.23592493

It's not a rug, it's just a shitcoin.

Wait for UNN

>> No.23592672

This is the next core there’s over 9000 eth in the last 14 hours

>> No.23592701

Dam this is insane. There’s only 2 hours left of the soft launch

>> No.23592731

I cannot wait for phase 2 that is when the project actually starts

>> No.23592795

"Soft Launch" you mean farmers dump the fuck out of the price as soon as it hits uniswap?

>> No.23592854

4 mil, so much money going into this already, the site is crashing.

>> No.23592863

15mins till moon begins fomo engines

>> No.23592911

2 min

>> No.23592979

I only staked 2 eth and i've made $100 already wtf

>> No.23593183

I've made like 15 ETH worth so far

>> No.23593204

damn which pool?

>> No.23593227

Last chance for soft launch
discord.gg q76mKUx

>> No.23593345

Literally who

>> No.23593415

A mix of the LINK pool and the SURF pool (which is giving ridiculous returns rn)

>> No.23593418

Almost 10k eth locked

>> No.23593637

Website seems to be down for me

>> No.23593670

They just have a new cloudflare link

>> No.23593993


>> No.23594503


>> No.23594527

Already in Coingecko?

>> No.23594565

This will 10x when burgers arise

>> No.23594568

Everyone please sell big scam it's over.

>> No.23594595

holy shit i thought this was a scam only pooled 10eth

couldve made soooo much more. you do realize surf is going up after dumping this doesn't happen with pool2 normally

>> No.23594639


>> No.23594656

Why is the website not working?

>> No.23594658

Damn those devs are talented. Is 5$ eod enough?

>> No.23594688

3 is more realistic
Same market cap as Statera, a shitcoin that does nothing but is overhyped, so a coin that's good but isn't as known (yet) could touch it

>> No.23594718


>> No.23594749

I sold at 88 thinking it was the top
Fomo'd in again though

>> No.23594752

Anons, just read the WP. So much potential.

>> No.23595075

how long will it take to get back the 10% fee when I stake LP tokens?

>> No.23595123

Carefull for AEGISDAO , they are connected to SURFTEAM.


>> No.23595282

Yeah they are, what’s your point? Do you realize how deluded you sound? They did a token sale for aDao. This kind of fud is terrible.

>> No.23595309

Anon, I....

>> No.23595408


>> No.23595627

10% of ETH/SURF UNIv2 LP get locked as liquidity, 5% of every other farming pool and 1% of every transaction end up in the whirlpool, reducing circulating supply
very bullish for another 2-3x

>> No.23595822

So I guess I gotta accept that i'll get rich from this.

>> No.23595926

laughing at this retard right now

>> No.23595963

but they did and the apes saved it

>> No.23595977

Can't blame him to think that giving the history of farming.

>> No.23596132

the tokenomics saved it because it’s actually well-designed and not retarded

>> No.23596135

So did you farm?

Lol yeah. Biz was warned about this for 2 months and retards still ignored it because that thought it was just a farming clone. Always DYOR nignogs.

>> No.23596200


>> No.23596205

I did. Almost 1k surf right now.

>> No.23596341

Glad to hear

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