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Kleros is a blockchain application which creates consensus of honest individual's deductive reasoning by allowing them to act as jurors in a shelling point powered arbitration system. Honesty is enforced via a crypto-economic staking model where jurors stake PNK in order to be draw at random from a pool, with jurors self-segregating into self assigned specialty roles; in addition to this functionality, the token also serves to protect the project from 51% attacks and avoids giving disproportionate weight to the holders of a pre-existing token ("why not use eth?"). The most commonly quoted "big ticket" use case is for kleros to act as "The Standard" arbitration method for e-commerce done on the blockchain. The first token sale, outside of the seed funding sale, happening in January of 2020 so the project is relatively new.

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I'll buy your pnk for 6 cents

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I’m contributing to this thread instead of having sex with my girlfriend who is sleeping and has her ass jutted out touching my flaccid 4 inch cock

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so many purple ids i hope i don’t get a poo id

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Serious question- how can use 'kleros court?' Like if I wanted to make a bet with an anon and tie the money in escrow with kleros as the arbitrator is that something I can currently do relatively easily?

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green and pink ids we're all gonna make it

check em

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are there limits to what the kleros courts can make judgments on? I really love this

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If two parties agree to use Kleros Court as their method of arbitration then in theory there's no limitations.

As time goes on, more and more specific/specialized courts will be opened, so that jurors qualified in each specific field can be sure they will participate in relevant cases. At present there are 7 courts, with relevant sub-courts.

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Secure yourself a job in a digitalized world

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You could use their dispute resolution system, yes. However, it may make more sense to use the Kleros Escrow system in this case.

For a new case, you will have to get in touch with them. Once the product is "finished" (more polished, at least) - you won't have to.

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In the real world arbitration can be used on literally anything provided there is a contract between two parties - construction, insurance, tenancy deposits etc. Kleros has the foundations in place to provide arbitrations on whatever DApps want to throw at it. Then there's curation. Kleros is literally years ahead of the blackchain space in terms of utility, I just hope that it doesn't take that length of time for the market to catch up with it.

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Ok thanks. I'm looking forward being to put my epeen on the long against anons, lol

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>if I wanted to make a bet with an anon and tie the money in escrow with kleros as the arbitrator is that something I can currently do relatively easily?
Yes. You can make a bet on omen.eth.link right now and it will be arbitrated by kleros.

>For a new case, you will have to get in touch with them.
Can't you just use dispute resolver and pay your .21 ETH?

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I'm transgenderm,i get drunk every day, i hold pnk and i cant get over the tragedy of Rhodesia
want me to kms? then its quite simple; do the darn needful so i can "make it" so i can drink myself to death

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You must find peace within yourself if you are ever to truly make it, tranon. Taking care of your body and moderating your self-destructive/addictive tendencies is the crucial first step upon which everything else can be built. Listen to anon.

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I think I met you in the other thread. Please don't hurt yourself anon

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Based. Priorities

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Bby let me marry you

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You are going to have to wait at least until 2022 then

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>tragedy of Rhodesia
is there anything more pathetic than being a member of the LGBT community and a racist at the same time? Grow up.

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Shut up jew, they're /ourtranny/

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Still holding strong fellow pnk chads

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I want to pound you

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SIRS will pnk be below 6 cents tomorrow?? I must do the needful and complete 100k stack soon...

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going surfing tomorrow, will put my gains into PNK
I know you're trying to be nice and I appreciate that, but it's not that easy
maybe, idk. I'm not gonna harm myself lol. Thanks though
marrying a tranny sounds like a dead end idk, you can do better for sure.
okayyyyyyy :((
cute image btw
What did Zimbabwe use before candles? electricity
Bad jokes aside, do go on
You don't know me
put your money into SURF.Finance, then put your gains into pnk. just a suggestion

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I don't care what the others say. You're a good person and worthy of love!

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>What did Zimbabwe use before candles? electricity

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I just noticed who's in your pic, lol! You're in league with the Bogs!

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>that reaction image
very based, OC?
>it's not that easy
I know. But you can try.

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thank you pnk pal, you are too.
it's a really good image huh. It's not oc though, but it's kinda fresh I think as I've only seen it posted once before

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I want to at least be friends with you, do you have a discord or something?

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I have a Discord, yeah. Why do you want to add me though?

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You make cute posts and aren't a shitlib so it might be fun talking to you

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You have amazing taste in pasta, sir, later on today I'll update this to include a few new links/info, but for now I'll just say that clemént LOVES to surf.

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Nice scam. You guys are worse criminals than scamtera team

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hmm, okay. Post your Discord and I'll add you soon'ish(I'm going to bed in a moment)
clement betray and federico is an alcoholic :((

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3.0% of PNK/ETH uniswap v2 LP is PRE-STAKED in the PNK Beach AFTER they had to redeploy the contracts. High profile following and promoters coming on board soon. GQN6A9t

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Can you plz add me too? Amifren#2691

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K: LiqqyPro#4320

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This coins been bleeding for ages

Czech em retards

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You are damaged and mentally ill and even more damaged and mentally ill for following the retarded ideology of this place. Get help or kill yourself

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Leave UK Anon alone!

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oki, the IDs are written down, thx. I'll add you both when I wake up. night night
ok ok ok so what do u wanna convey everyone?????

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In the natural world, a member of a volk that works against his volk is a traitor, and an inferior being. Just as white liberals and leftists are scum, the same is to black ‘coons’ and ‘based’ ‘minorities’.

If you do not act in the interest of your group of people - and instead undermine them, you are worse than scum. You are not worthy or being an adversary.

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Behold the average 4chan degenerate. Pro white but pro tranny, even willing to flirt with such an abomination due to his pathetic loneliness

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And? We lived in a fucked up world, where jews are organizing the genocide of our race, you expect everyone to be unscathed?
If you're White and promote the wellbeing of the White race that's what is most important, this demand that everyone needs to be perfect only weakens our people, as they then have the excuse to opt-out.

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>calling all villages

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Goodnight, fren!

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lmao stfu rabbi

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How am I pro-tranny? We have zero political power to enforce any sort of anti-tranny policy. The people who have been victimized by the jews shouldn't be turned away, we should seek to help them to the degree that we can. If you love the White race then you should love your White brothers and sisters, if someone isn't actively being anti-White you should have empathy for them.

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Not everyone needs to be perfect retard. But we need to have standards. I would even tolerate homosexuality - I don’t really give a shit. Trannyism is fucking disgusting though, its a fetish that becomes an identity. There are no LE BASED XDDD trannies that are worth acquainting with.

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>you make cute posts

You’re a fucking faggot bro

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You need to have standards, that so what, internet racists approve of you? If you actually care about saving the White race then you would have realized that most of us are fucked up in our various ways, and we need to work together to help us on an individual level and on a collective level.

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I’m brown dude i was just joking around

nice movement you got there LMAO

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Should've bought more PNK instead of more CORE. Feeling like shit bros.

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>you would have realized that most of us are fucked up in our various ways
fake, homosexual and deboonked
lmao I hope you're not even kidding

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I’m not I LARP as a white nationalist all the time.

I also market bought more Kleros this morning to support my race. More racially aware than you fags

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I mean if you're brown that just means your people aren't enough of a threat to jewish power for them to have mindfucked you yet and are useful as a cudgel to attack the White race with.

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Its not too late anon buy more while its still under ten cents

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I’m arab

>bro the jews dont even mess with you guys

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fucking kek idk what to believe, you're triggering my kike radar at this point though
Everybody should love their race and their country, simple as
idk nigs were attacking jews last night in Philly, and have been for a while in NY
many are actually decently aware of the kike bs
lmao based arab

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Hey man it's One Struggle against the jews, I strongly oppose Israel and America's bullshit in the ME.

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Just voted on my first Kleros case. My side won so I got a share of the spoils.
Monetary rewards aside it was actually a lot of fun.
Being able to decide a random stranger's fate with real stakes involved is a strangely intoxicating feeling.

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I am semitic so your radar isn’t broken

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How big of a stack do you need to have staked to become a juror?

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>I’m arab
ew lol. Your people are weird af. What kind of Arab are you btw?

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Depends on the court, but it's all random drawing weighted on the amount you stake relative to others in whatever court(s) you are staked in.

You could theoretically stake the absolute bare minimum and still get lucky and get picked.

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I don't have the money and I'm not selling my CORE at this price.

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you know it's going to 0 right...

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congratulations, you are hated by everyone

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Injective Protocol came at the right time. No gas fees, no shutdowns, onchain transparency, that's the crash we've been waiting for guys

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False, she's loved by me

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I have hopium. A shitcoin doesn't get 6 million in funding that easily.

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Rare and black IDs make it

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'oh no'
and let me guess, you're either living in Germany or France too, right?

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how about you stop derailing pnk threads? Because of you 99% of the replies are unrelated to pnk, crypto or even business

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you didn't like the joke I told you then I take it

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US kek

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