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Not sure, but I just bought myself 600k today. Feels good to be on something that is less that .01. If it does dump i'm thinking it will still be over .01 so I won't be in the hole too much.

Although i'm debating if I should dip out before or after Nov 19th. I still have PTSD from UNI and it raping me when it dumped.

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No. Fuck off Richard James Schueler

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What is that guy known for? Did he make a scam coin before or something?

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is this going to .01 for sure before nov 19

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This is a fucking SCAAAAAAAAAAM

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Post proof brah.

Look i'm no HEX shill, but i'm deff gonna scoop up some sweet short term gains.

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>price up
>hex threads start

Gee really difficult to see what's going on there

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I know very little about the crypto market, but the impression I get from watching the video and reading the website is that Hex is the crypto equivalent of a Perpetual Motion Machine.
Is that a fair assessment?

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Remember to stake (Any number of days u want) for some insane gains @ go.hex.win ;)

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Sorry janny, no profit for you.

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its just a time-locked deposit
it's the #2 most popular financial instrument in fiat finance

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We broke ATH just yesterday.

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And what purpose does locking in serve?

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Is there a way to check how many suckers have put money into this?
Just curious what sort of scale we're looking at here.

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