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>he doesn't check the /biz/ PWI (pink wojak index) before he checks his blockfolio

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really though if someone could somehow code a website that uses OCR to scan /biz/ and gauge how pink it is at a given moment, and then translate that level of pinkness into a number which we could call the Pink Wojak Index

well you'd be a legend

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i love going on 4chan before checking blockfolio just to predict how bad it is based on the amount of wojaks.

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jesse we need to cook :D

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where to check it sir?

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for now you have to check it manually, just come on /biz/ and scroll through and see how pink the board is

there is arguably also a green wojak index but not as much

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Fake and gay

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thank you sir i will do that accordingly

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>implying the PWI isn't one of the most reliable buy signals

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