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What do I do frens? sell now?

I am financially ruined, bought a 50k stack near ATH.
Do I sell and use the money to find this chink scammers and make them pay for ruining me ?

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Invest in an actual project next time. You reap what you sow

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wait for the next pamp

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when is it gonna happen? is there any chance it will happen ?

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it already did a dead cat bounce off $1 recently. this is gonna get chinked to zero and you will be left holding it

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Sometimes you just gotta accept you backed the wrong horse.

Sell up and try again

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Why did you buy a CZ scam HIGH and not stop loss? NGMI if you don't get out now.

Fuse bottom could be in FYI

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what is a fuse bottom ?

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As in you bought at 4.80? so you're down 80%? at that point why even bother selling. You'd have to 4x on something just to get your money back. And that aint gonna happen in the market at the moment. Coin is still in relatively early days. Just wait it out faggot.

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no, average buy is $3. I fear that this chink scammers are not capable of another fake pump before they exit scam for real

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i am in the same position. Do i sell now when we are 80% down from ATH ?

Can this shit pump atleast 50% ?

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Sorry to inform you but look at Nano 3 years after the pump. Many still waiting like you and sxp is not even done finding its bottom yet

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Don't compare nano to swipe you cuck. Swipe actually has utility.

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>Swipe actually has utility.

Cope swigger

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Problem is that the return amount on staking is too high. Too many people have earned it on their wallets and it will continue to dump as they offload.