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Few understand.

>best unofficial 4chan/biz/-centric token of all time
>fairly distributed to only 4chan participants
>tricked pajeets into buying 4chan passes + shoe-on-head
>made a Nigerian a temporary prince
>successfully tits + timestamped a Nigerian girl

Maximum Supply: 22,222 CLV

Dev tripcode: !!MRjcL2CuF72 and confirmation https://twitter.com/clvfi/status/1315009390693548034

Web (everything is here): http://clover.rocks

Token Address: 0x22222C03318440305aC3e8a7820563d6A9FD777F

COINGECKO: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/clover

ETHERSCAN: https://etherscan.io/address/0x22222c03318440305ac3e8a7820563d6a9fd777f

UNISWAP: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x22222C03318440305aC3e8a7820563d6A9FD777F

CHART: https://app.astrotools.io/pair-explorer/0x1a455b43e185ecc80b4118a47255bf97cde976fe

Githubs: https://github.com/clvfi + https://github.com/gutsclv

CLOVER MERCH: https://clover-protocol.myshopify.com/collections/all

Simple Youtube guide for how to get ERC-20 coins in Uniswap (Uniswap is the recommended method):

Simple liquidity pooling guide:
go to https://app.uniswap.org/#/create/ETH
add CLV to the pair (this pairs CLV to ETH) using the token address 0x22222C03318440305aC3e8a7820563d6A9FD777F
and then press Approve and then do it again but this time press Pool (it's a 2-stage process, this is normal)
(Recommending anons also add a LINK-CLV pair if possible)

OP template for future /biz/ threads: https://pastebin.com/wtmVFiQn

Trust the plan.

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Almost to a stack of 222

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Clover is dead, I'm sorry. Try core instead.

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>red ID

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Try $cope instead.

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This is the first time I've sold some link to buy into a token.
Let's go biz, work your autism magic

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you better not know what happened to vrc, fagmin's other project

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>10,000 dollar bags

No thank you. I will keep my Lition and add Digital Bits and in 10 years my net worth will exceed 20 million.

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*sips from his CLV mug*

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Tardmin keeps mentioning liquidity farming, is he going to be intelligent this time and make 'cloverswap' or will he briefly pump the coin back to 12 dollars before tanking it to .22 cents when onigirifags dump on him and ruin his attempts to revive dead projects?

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I'm well aware of vrc and everything else going on around the project.
I didn't ape in like a degenerate faggot, I actually research before I buy into anything.
I don't care about vrc though, I just sold the airdrop i got for holding clover for some peanuts and stopped watching it. I bought in for clover, not the side projects nor to carry a bag of every future airdrop we'll get

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chadmins little brother hacked the PC while chadmin was passed out drunk

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So what is the plan exactly?
How do this coins get generated and what is their use case?

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I believe it.
Little shit sabotaged the code.

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They don’t get generated, they get passed on from weak hands to strong hands in CLV2D/CLV3D. The use case is to be able to play whatever ”games” get cooked up with CLV and receive airdrops from projects interested in handing out their coins through certified /biz/tards instead of handling forms, wasting time and standing out with pajeetery

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Behold, the new hit single from our very own Nigerian prince, Temmy:

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1 CLV = 1 CLV

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Ok I'm all in now

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Few understand.
But you clearly do.

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Price is about the same as it was 2 weeks ago.
Seems pretty stable to me.

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>few understand
>Scams anons just like that blue kirby faggot

At least stop saying that cringe line you already made your money, already convinced anons to buy VRC, and convinced them to buy this shit before an 80% drop what more do you want you piece of shit

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didn’t the dev give up on this? stop trying to dump on these retards

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>didn’t the dev give up on this?

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>spamming threads with the same shit images being bumped by the same telegram faggots

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CLv is the next COOM

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>that new interface

Chadmin if only you'd waited on VRC and done better testing, CLV would be at 20 right now. Why the fuck did you get drunk and punch that cop? Crazy bastard.

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COPE/C4D tokens should burn, CLV should be exchanged for C4D. Last man standing gets the whole donkey.

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>convinced anons to buy VRC

People who sold their CLV to buy "DRC knockoff #2" deserved to get fucked, this is my honest opinion and I have no sympathy for you.

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Sneak peak of the new website,
currently in development.

There will be a mobile version too.

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mfw I swapped some of my previous clovies for VRC

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*precious not previous

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>Total liquidity: $26,197.87
>Daily volume: $20,293.33
What did Clv mean by this?

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It means I'm getting in on that liquidity pool as soon as I free up some ETH.

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>CLV price $23.55

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Damn that’s a nice website

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>CLV was at 30 dollars
>if people had HODLED it would have gone to 100 by now
>instead /biz/ jumped on the next boat hoping for a quick 2x and got burned

I hope you learned something from all this and don't seethe in every thread about how VRC was a scam. If people choose to be retards and dump on each other, no one can do anything.

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The plan already happened

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explain to me how you guys can support this when the dev's other project vrc was rugpulled?

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More like dumped to death by former NRCT bagholders.

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the dev lost money on VRC lmao

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It wasn't rugpulled. V2D funds just couldn't be withdrawn. The dev was the first one in it and lost all of his funds there too, then decided to stop development since there wasn't much more he could have done with the project after it's revivial. The TG group was threatening to dox him over it so he closed the group. It was filled with pajeets so nothing of value was lost anyways

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are you really this daft? is this why scams like luigi were successful?

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I followed the project closely, nothing I said was false. I've tracked the devs wallets many times.

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Here, I think you might like this.


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I swung almost the rest of my stack at $10. Should I unironically buy back in? Last night was such a shitshow with the drunk chadmin, it was embarrassing. Am usually active in tg but haven’t even checked today.

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Now would probably be a good time, yes. Some good things being planned.

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>Last night was such a shitshow with the drunk chadmin, it was embarrassing. Am usually active in tg but haven’t even checked today.
I'm with you on that. I don't think it gets much worse than this, only titanium hands are left. I've been wrong before but I think now is a safe time to buy back.

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i would wait since its probably going back to $2

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Yeah. The price back to where it was before the rollercoaster.
This seems like the bottom. I saw it dip below 5 a few times but every time it does the dip gets eaten up real fast.

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>going back to $2
The only time it was at $2 was at the very beginning when the airdrop holders were first setting up liquidity.

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Did someone say Clover42?

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The chat was fun at first but now it's just a sad group of bagholders coping they didnt sell at $30. CLV will never be above $10 again

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Last time I checked 1 CLV was still worth 1 CLV, did something change?

>> No.23515122

>CLV will never be above $10 again
Yep, also capping this to use later

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/biz/ is also filled with pajeets though

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Both of these posts are cringe but for different reasons.

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I hold both sir

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Remember when I warned you fuckers about the losing way in the game theory and you guys shut me up and reported me to telegram so I got banned? Next time fucking listen to me instead of silencing me like a fucking echo chamber. I literally predicted it correctly. 5 Dollar CLV!

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FUCK YOU you and all the "clovie ogs" where shilling VRC saying it was great and would be the next big thing YOU ARE ALL LITERALLY AS BAD AS PAJEET SCAMMERS stop fucking shilling this fucking garbage on /biz/ by larping as oldfags kill your fucking selves you are fucking N I G G E R S

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seethe harder nigger

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No, some of us were actually against the acquisition of VRC.
We saw all the NRCT bagholders and knew they were going to dump all over us as soon as they got their airdrop.
I think the dev was high off of the CLV pump.

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>clv holders get antibiden token airdropped

CLV can't stop winning

>> No.23516395

>10k in liquidity he put into VRC
>could have put that into CLV and pumped it higher

Why so much attention for a clonecoin that only pajeets bought to dump for 1% gains?

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>clv holders get 2x toshimon airdrop
Yeah I'm thinking we made it lads

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Thanks for giving me a heads up on the xbiden token. Just got sent my airdrop.

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I think the short answer is he got too cocky. Said something about building an empire.

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Not FUDing as I hold 100+ that I acquired at $5, but why purchase ONIGIRI then while VRC was cascading? I got out of both with more clovies than I entered with. I don't think CLV is close to dead despite the retarded shenanigans last night, but literally any amount of focus to CLV itself instead of acquiring pajeet nigerian shitcoins will instantly pump this 3x. Website update, another partnership with non-jeet holders, etc. PoWH was a cool idea (especially for liquidity and supply locks) but I think the idea got soured by people that got fucked by (again) VRC, which pumped upon release of V3D and almost instantly dumped, ruining all the new poolers and causing everyone to simultaneously cash out their LP from frustration (and selling back to CLV or ETH), crushing the VRC-ETH LP / VRC price in the process. Think a lot of that is reflected in the fall of C2D and C3D in "price" (.97 C2D per CLV vs 1.33 ATH)

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I guess it's annoying because I think he's actively avoided putting money into CLV directly in case he gets dumped on by people like cryptotoad, but put a lot of attention into trying to foster shitcoins like VRC.

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Yeah I hear ya, and I totally agree.
I'm not touching onigiri, it's a total niggercoin. I'll just continue to hold my clovies. I learned my lesson.

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I sold at $25 anon it was clear as day. Sell when others are greedy.

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>sold most of my stack
>it pumps back up
>missed the opportunity to double

Well fug :DD

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>selling the absolute bottom
ngmi retard

>> No.23517065

Based, red pilled, and checked. $22 EOM

>> No.23517078

2.7 was the bottom, I sold at a respectable number and was waiting for it to go lower.

>> No.23517095

>2.7 was the bottom
Maybe 2 weeks ago

>> No.23517179

It was never gonna go to a lower floor than 5. It literally started at 5, pumped to 15, and then crashed back to 5. I really didn't except it go to below that besides the occasional sell-offs which were quickly scooped up.
I honestly bet it'll go back to $6 before it hikes to $8 or $9, but then again it really only takes a couple ETH to accomplish that

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>> No.23517815

>they didn't first buy near 3

Sucks for everyone but me I guess. I was in profit no matter what happened. Only people with a sweeter deal were the airdropfags and most of those retards sold when it was like 5 bucks.

>> No.23517915

im still in with 100 clv. not selling.

>> No.23518107

Send the dev your eth address and let him know you’re a clovie and you’ll receive antibiden tokens

>> No.23518624

kek this so much and they dont even realize it yet

>> No.23518717

He literally just absorbed another shitcoins entire protocol (oniggeri or some shit). What do you think those funds are going towards?

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Pumped to $50 on bithumb news.

>> No.23518827

Almost nobody even got the airdrops, which both lasted a couple of hours. It's just another scamcoin that claims it's "biz's coin" before pulling the rug. Look at all the shills in this thread

>> No.23518870

Any proof?

>> No.23518884

>I didn't get muh free gibs
fuck off nigger

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File: 3.00 MB, 800x800, Clovidchan_nude_dancing_censored.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not ashamed to bump this thread.
Fuck you.

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Highly based

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Also reminder that leaf is planning a uniswap clone

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Bump for clover tiddie

>> No.23520892

ngl dat cloverchan, oooof

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henlo frens

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>tfw this guy has more CLV than 99% of /biz/
he's going to make it, anon. will you?

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