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Anons be honest with me...

I have 100 QNT, will I make it?

I see it pumping hardcore right now and I feel bad, I thing I should've bought more... Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

>> No.23507909

You’ll make it fren.

>> No.23508082

I promise you that those 100 will be worth 100k-200k in two years.

>> No.23508099

Whens the binance listing!!!

>> No.23508162

Dude I have 8....
I only have a hundred link and I had to give up some to get them so it was a big decision for me

I wish I had a hundred

>> No.23508196

posts like this mean we are very close to the dump now

>> No.23509146

Dump into the stratosphere more like.

>> No.23509168

QNT fags are the worst. please kys

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