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Previous thread(all credits not my work):

As the thread dipped the pool grew! Welcome to the /biz/ ARK MONEY MACHINE THREAD 5.

We are in the middle of a campaign to get /biz/ paid daily via voting for our /biz/ delegate, which has gone from rank 309 last night to (currently) 55, soon to break to 54. We need to get to at least rank 51 to start getting our voters paid.

>I wanna get paid too, how do I join?
Go to ark.io, download the client, and then follow this guide: https://blog.ark.io/how-to-vote-or-un-vote-an-ark-delegate-and-how-does-it-all-work-819c5439da68


You should have as much ARK as possible in your wallet when you vote, since the more you have, the more we go up in rank. That also means you get paid more.

90% of all Ark forged from our biz node is going to YOU, THE VOTERS. We are making sick progress, keep it steam rollin' boys. I am currently getting our delegate node ready for forging by adding security, and later upgrading hardware. You guys keep getting our rank up and we ALL WILL BE REWARDED.


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Rebuke the nonbelievers!

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YES only those of faith will reap the rewards of the ARK!

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just added my poorfag vote contribution with 100 ARK

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still can't believe #8 on the forging list wes is voting 100,300 Ark for biz, this is gonna happen anons. We are making this happen.

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OP you shouldve used D3SIGN's logo he made for us

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Literally no brakes. Thought we would slow down at some point but nope.

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This one?

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>tfw Btc still transferring
Is there any other coin that has this pool voting thing you guys are doing

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yup thats the one, I tipped that guy 5 Ark because of his great work was doing
imagine how many more anons will jump on board as soon as we actually start forging dude.

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Hey what site do you guys use to monitor ARK? I use Bittrex now but my autism gets triggered that the y-axis changes as you move position. Any site like cryptowat.ch?

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you can use coinmarketcap.com

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thought the same, but arkbros going strong!

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Needs more jpeg

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Anyway I have two small suggestions for the OP; one, we add /arkg/ to the OP or some similar name for easy Ctrl-f, and two change
>campaign to get /biz/ paid daily
>campaign to get /biz/ paid weekly
as that's the current plan so our profits don't get chewed up by hundreds of daily transaction fees.

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I tried getting my btc to exchanges to buy me some ark but it's no good, over 24 hours and still 0 confirms despite a standard fee.
Also, what's the name/address of the biz delegate?

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no candlesticks ;(
about to put 10k into the brotherhood.

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I also suggest using one of the two high quality images posted by D3SIGN found here >>2348964 and here >>2349164

>pic related
>also this link:

luv u anon we gon mak it

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can you guys push down the price with big sellwalls ?? dont wanna buy in that high. just set up some big sellwalls to scare the normies

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What happens when you vote? Do you lose the ark permanently? What happens if the delegate reaches positions 51+/doesn't?
Basically, your thread is dogshit m8.

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It's usually faster to send funds in a coin other than bitcoin. You take a couple extra transaction fees and also have to watch for uneven prices between exchanges though. I like doge for transfers, but I usually withdraw to my wallet and then only send most of what I withdrew. It's a flat 10 doge fee to send from wallet.

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lurk more

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I voted my account yesterday but bought more ARK and transferred to wallet today. Does this increase the vote count? I tried to vote again but it said that I already voted for BIZ. Just want to make sure I am contributing the most as possible to this worthy cause. If anyone would like to help me contribute more my wallet is : AaPN5Sr4duPrwXX3E6smeQ7GfnXNaUPUCq

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Whales are already doing that for us, they want low prices too. That list of delegates, with all their millions of ARK? Every one of them knows this is going to blow up. You're basically dithering over buying ETH at $8 instead of $7 a year ago.

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Guess I'm voting for someone else then :^)
Yeah, no problem with my alt-coins, but getting alts in the first place when I have to buy BTC with fiat is a blocker.

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Figured it out. Voted with 2105 Ark.

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I did not create this thread anonymous did, my newer threads are aimed to help noobs with info in the OP.

The blog.ark.io link in this post >>2349419 explains everything well. In order to boost our position into a forging node, we need to have people like you put Ark in their Client wallet, then go vote for the biz delegate, voting costs 1 Ark, but that is all you sacrifice for earning a payout every week when we reach position 51+

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nice fidget spinners!

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Yes. 1 Ark fee for voting and unvoting. Each ark you have gives your wallet bigger voting power. If your group is top 51 ark delegates then the voters get paid ark back, in proportion to their ark balance.

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never do this, ever, I have posted the same information probably 100 times over and over to get anons able to vote for the biz delegate, but I'll do it 10,000 more times if thats what I need to do in order to get as many anons to join the mothership as possible.

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>transferring in BTC
how new are you?

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but man we would need like 500k more ark to be safe. i doubt /biz/ alone can do this. any plan? we need to convince the DGB guys after their dump to join us.

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OK, so you pay 1 ark, not K ark, when casting K votes, where K is how many arks you have in your wallet. Correct?

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Yeah it was confirmed on twittee yesterday that your vote position increases as you add more ark to your wallet

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This voting pool thing is called DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) I personally only know of ARK but is a crypto is using DPoS it's the same idea.
An hour ago in the last thread we had delegate #8, wes give us his vote with 100,300 ARK we instantly jump up another place from 54 to 53. We were stuck at 58 for a few long hours but we did it. This trains has no brakes.
>delegate #8 wes
>source for noobs: https://www.arknode.net/VoteReport.txt

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Made y'all a promo "poster"

Best of luck, you have my vote.

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yes you pay 1 ARK to vote and then K-1 is your voting power. If you put more in the wallet than K increases by that amount.

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we need something like Digi-chan for Ark. some kind of Ark-chan.

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>only yields 1 ark per month or less
wow this is worthless

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If you're planning on holding for more than a month (which everyone should), then you're profiting.

>> No.2349721

>ARK hits $20 in one year

>> No.2349725

There's is an anon working on Ark-chan he posted one or two pics but I'm an idiot so I didn't grab it

>> No.2349751

>make at absolute maximum fantasy-tier $240 from one year of this nonsense
wow that almost covers a tenth of my coffee bill.........

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How do i get 1 ARK to vote with?

>> No.2349759

Hey guys fucking retard here, but I'm new to crypto so I'm going to ask one of you not rail my asshole and take pity on me

How do I purchase ark? I'm tryna put whatever wind in the sails I can

>> No.2349773

This, if you aren't aware Ark community has bounties aka they pay you in Ark for shit that promotes the Ark ecosystem etc,


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ok just voted. if there's any generous individuals in this thread that want to help a poorfag student out...

>> No.2349790

Your fault for not buying more Ark then. Now is your chance

If you have over 1,000 Ark then you'll be making quite a bit, especially if and when it hits $10 and up.

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Work through it. What do you want to do? Buy an altcoin. Where do coin purchases happen? Exchanges. Is ark on an exchange? Google says yes, it's on a site called bittrex. Can I buy it on bittrex right now? No, it says I need bitcoin and I do not have bitcoin. How do I get bitcoin? Google shows several exchanges that sell it for cash.

>> No.2349810

looking for 1 ark donation to vote with

also can create some content.. what you need?

>> No.2349842

You would need Bitcoin or Ethereum first, then transfer that to an exchange (Bittrex) where you can buy altcoins like Ark.

This will probably take some time to set up though.

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>> No.2349849

nigga your 1 ark vote is worth nothing the importance of your vote is based on the size of your wallet besides it costs 1 ark to cast a vote

>> No.2349877

Anyone like to donate so I can cast a vote?



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a quick one to get the ball rolling

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where can i buy some BTC w/o so much verification shit? I have $100 in ESP2 and plan on hodling that until it gets on a bigger exchange.
I to just put hundreds on ARK and just forget about it.

>> No.2349929

Can't art, but how about a hymn of the /bizark/ union for free? I was inspired by >>2349374



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Bro we literally pooled over $300,000 USD in 48hrs on a neet uprising image board. We are making the top 51.

>> No.2349970

Damn has almost twice the voterz as the next highest. 256 for biz 135 for the second highest.
I have 930 ark and planning to buy more. Once i set up a fresh partition ill download the wallet and vote

>> No.2349978

I bought my Ark, but it's taking awhile for the Ark to withdraw from Bittex, anyone have this problem?

>> No.2349981

the jew fears the neet

>> No.2349986

PHOTOSHOPPED hold on I will submit I Am an adorable asian woman who can draw your TAN

>> No.2349998

Check your email for verification email from Bittrex

>> No.2350021

I didnt do the math, but if that is true, that means were average close to maybe $800 per vote. Not bad for a bunch of neets.

>> No.2350030

GIMP'd actually, just replaced the pendant with a slightly rotated, slightly skewed ARK logo

>> No.2350031

I feel stupid, thanks!

>> No.2350034

also i'm in canada if that helps. quadriga wants to much info

>> No.2350046

so what type of gains are we talking if we actually get in?
I only have 300 ark so how much could I potentially gain?

>> No.2350066

10 dollar coin easy, 20 by end of year.

>> No.2350090

More than you would if you just kept it in your wallet.

>> No.2350118

Whoever this is, I sent you 1 ark. I have 111 Ark now ready to contribute ;^)

>> No.2350143


Id recommend getting with quadriga anyway but use these for short term

>> No.2350183

voted with 38.1 ark worth. what do I win?

>> No.2350188


Help a poorfag out! I want on the ARK train! I will personally tongue puch a fart box for 100 ARK.... lizard tongue Out

>> No.2350213

That's... actually really fucking impressive.

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File: 103 KB, 600x284, ark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Ill invest in some ARK when I can sell my SIA, BITB and XVG. Hodling af. Ill voye right away, and thanks for the 90% OP

>> No.2350300

Not bad but the shop is a little rough, plus it needs to be wallpaper size

I prefer the red logo as well

>> No.2350306

HODL until it hits 0 boys

>> No.2350327

I bet the top 1% of addresses voting for biz hold 99% of the Ark

>> No.2350365

There are 268 voters

I highly doubt there are 2 people holding 150,000 ARK each, I think the biggest whale we have is wes, who has 100k

>> No.2350390

You're right. The top 3 addresses hold 140,000 combined it looks like

>> No.2350419

pareto principle is found everywhere you look

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You win a cut of the 422 Ark our node will forge every day when we reach position 51+, and get a weekly payout, 38 isnt that much ark though so the cut might kinda small in terms of of Ark, but when Ark is worth $10 and then $50 you'll get a nice little chunk of change there dude.
The fire rises my brother.
I did the calculation on the info I know of, the biggest Ark holder is wes, the #8 delegate who decided to show up out of fucking nowhere and tell us he's gonna vote for us as long as we make the cut before the end of the weekend. Anyway he will be making the most out of anyone involved so far with 14.79% of the voters Ark payout. BUT keep in mind once we are generating money with proof to other biz anons, think about how many more anons will jump on the train really mixing things up, but also boosting up our spot too.

>> No.2350430

I'm sure there are dozens of people on the bottom with one or less Ark contributed because they didn't understand that the vote is just to get your wallet staked with the group, abd having nothing staked means you contributed literally nothing and wasted a dollar.

>> No.2350443

Just stuck in 2.5k for you my /biz/ bros

>> No.2350461

luv u anon mwah

>> No.2350471

You're a big guy

>> No.2350474

Trying to get setup to vote, just sent ark to my wallet from bittrex. Issue is that the ark is not in my wallet but looking at the blockchain explorer it shows that the transaction went through and the arks arrived at the address fine. I know most wallets need to sync but I'm not seeing anything in the wallet indicating that I'm unsynced.

>> No.2350476

Yeah, around 24 people have 1 Ark or less in their address after voting for biz

>> No.2350485

Ill put my 12k ARK for biz tmw after I get my payout from the current delegate I am with.

>> No.2350486

Where can i see a detailed breakdown of the voters and how much they are staking?

>> No.2350493

Nevermind, just showed up.

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lmao, /biz/ doesn't have that kind of clout m8.

>> No.2350505

Going to put in 12k Ark once my Bittrex withdrawal limit refreshes.

>> No.2350506


Think this is the closest I've found


>> No.2350509


Then dropdown on Voters. Their addresses seem to be in order from least to greatest amount

>> No.2350525

Yo Ark bros, add an extra phantom 9k to whatever the current voting weight of the biz pool is. I will switching my vote over when I next open the wallet.

>> No.2350532

Got it. Thanks guys. I scrolled right over the standby tab.

>> No.2350536

plz donate ANkA5ySpWKA4ch7A3gJkzGyAvbcM1uo646

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we're climbing
in the words of pic related: slow and steady wins the race

>> No.2350556

Is ark pure-dpos or does it have a pow component or what?

>> No.2350560


>> No.2350562

Important to note that ETH was sub-$10 for over a year

I know because I bought 500 of them at $8

>> No.2350563

pure dpos

>> No.2350574

what did you sell them at?

>> No.2350599

Can someone really quickly explain what this is? I have 250 ark, can I gain something and in what timeframe?

>> No.2350600

>implying he sold

>> No.2350621

Got a friend to vote for biz

>> No.2350646

Also, should I buy the dip? This seems like a x100 coin in the long run.

>> No.2350670

at this point it remains a x10 sure thing, then more

>> No.2350678
File: 50 KB, 776x269, 420blazeitsaget.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty damn close to be honest with you family

>> No.2350684

How much ARK will I get back and how frequently?

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File: 577 KB, 1004x3180, bizarkpool retard proof pic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As long as we reach position 51, (looks like we can do this first thread posted 9:30pm est on june 6th) we start make money, the % payout to voting anons is once a week for now. follow pic related and the link in the OP for help regarding voting. Your payout depends on how much ark you hold, the more you hold in your client the more you get paid weekly.

>> No.2350732

Still have them, though I put 30 into ARK

>> No.2350736

a bit more than 3 ark/month I think

>> No.2350744

Yes but how much exactly? 1%? 1 token a week?

>> No.2350758

Please do some reading the calculator was posted 100 times. It's worth investing for the passive income, compound interest stockhold and long term potential.

>> No.2350765
File: 3.07 MB, 4032x1521, ark-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A little too long since I used it, here is another one.

>> No.2350767

even 1% a week could be significant when this coin takes off and you build compound arks over years. it's literally free money

>> No.2350786

So who pays the profits? Don't get me wrong, but this sounds like a ponzi scheme.

>vote to get on top
>get dividens depending on your position
>new voters pay the dividends to get closer to the top


>> No.2350819

spreadsheet wasn't in the OP and hadn't been posted in this thread yet, not everyone has read the previous threads which is a good thing because otherwise we'd be slowing down in terms of how much ark is being added.

Calculator for those trying to figure ROI, note that our pool will be beating the best numbers on there currently.

>> No.2350829

Shit, forgot link.

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File: 74 KB, 300x334, 1327781892319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

omg i just told you did you even read the post!? The more ark you hodl the more you get paid weekly!!
The politics prevent this from happening, you can unvote if I fuck you over. My proposal I created is based on transparency and trust see link:


>> No.2350892

I don't know what we're winning but I want to win


Anything helps

>> No.2350920

Begging is not contributing.

>> No.2350930

Pretty sure he's wanting specific numbers, if my calculations are correct we'd be doing a bit better than .2%/week. Which is pretty decent when you consider that this is on top of expected gains for ARK.

>> No.2350950

90% of the Ark goes to the voters if that is what you're asking.

>> No.2350954

150 ark would be how much a week/month?

>> No.2350979

Rough estimate is .35/week, 1.4/month.

>> No.2350989

lol these dudes dont want to answer because the number is probably like less than 1% a month.

>> No.2350993

No shit sherlock but I got pending deposits up my ass trying to get in today. If this wallet's like any other then I'll know who sent me 1 or 2 ARK and I'll send it back. Not sure how much the tradeoff between LTC to this shitcoin is going to be but I'm getting there

>> No.2350999

fuck zen quads

>> No.2351026

You're looking at this all wrong. 1% a month is a very decent number as its in ARK and ARK is a solid hold longterm anyways. So you're getting more of something that's appreciating in value over time anyways.

>> No.2351080

Please tell me you're going to automate the payouts. I really don't want to have to trust someone to manually run the payouts program every day

>> No.2351094

I am looking into this actually.

>> No.2351107

Pretty sure we're going with weekly payouts so the fees don't tear us up too bad.

>> No.2351123

What I said still applies. I don't want to have to trust a guy to manually pay me.

>> No.2351134

use a nano AWS EC2 instance and run a cronjob

>> No.2351249

Did I do it right?

>> No.2351296

No, you have 0 ark on the vote and lost 1 ark on the vote commitment.

>> No.2351307

how do i get my complete balance on it? I have 1000 in my wallet

>> No.2351324

/biz thanks for tipping me on ARK 4 days ago, up almost 300%, have a little over 2k in my wallet on bittrex, but I'm a newfag still to coins and not sure what to do here. I downloaded the client.

I'm not sure what to do next, import wallet? Create account? What's the next step? Do I use my deposit or withrawl address for the import wallet?

Thanks senpai, will donate a few ARK's to whoever helps me out

>> No.2351336

Nevermind, I think it's correct, I just don't know how to read.

>> No.2351346

create your wallet, save your passphrase on paper, go to vote, add delegate, type biz, vote, voting costs 1 ark, boom done.

link for more help

>> No.2351351

create account, then go to bittrex and withdraw the ark to the wallet's address. Then vote.

>> No.2351362

ok, lets show those whales who is boss

>> No.2351411

any type of EC2 instance you think is best for our case? Just by skimming I'm thinkin maybe X1 or R4

>> No.2351431

Voted! Let's do this!

>> No.2351474

>create wallet with the client (this is easy, just press create account)
>save your pass phrase they give you in multiple locations (save it on notepad on your PC, on a flash drive, and print it out), don't lose it
>withdraw Ark from your bittrex wallet to your desktop wallet like you would with any other coin
>hold for a year

Here's my Ark address if you want to thank me: AP7YvRtLLQqeuaRuNCDRAun3Xe1aEeuHFi

>> No.2351508

Ayo hol up. This shit aint a smart contract? Why?

>> No.2351564

Cronjobs allow scheduled executions n shit, we're talking about the making the payouts automatically done by the machine instead of me running the script manually.

>> No.2351600

Can i vote and keep my ark on a paper wallet?

>> No.2351618

>Recommend you encrypt that notepad file with 7zip.

Ark donations because I helped the guy asking for donations


>> No.2351639

Yeah, and what you get from the biz pool per week is a percentage of what you currently have in the desktop wallet.

>not investing in magic internet money that also reinvests in itself as it appreciates

>> No.2351753

vote cast. see you at 51

>> No.2351784

How to encrypt with 7zip?

>> No.2351789

Ok, So I voted.

Lets say we make it to delegate 51 and I add more Ark later. Is my percentage based off the original amount or does my new balance come into play?

It's not a big deal to throw 1 Ark for a vote now, but it could being a bigger deal in the future.

>> No.2351848

Install 7zip. Right click on the file. Go to 7zip in the context menu. Then go to add to archive. In that window you will see a place to put a password and set encryption on the bottom right.

>> No.2351851

New balance.

>> No.2351919
File: 24 KB, 500x375, 4e9f78d3b0d1512002d465b1f19be1e4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw miss sub 33k sat price waiting on ETH transfer

>> No.2351932

Thinking about taking out 200 ARK to buy DGB to flip. Thoughts?

>> No.2351974
File: 29 KB, 384x400, 1495298089579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm dumping 5k coins at .0004657

>> No.2352058

i wouldnt be surprised if it hits 30k desu

>> No.2352108

I need an adult named magnet.

Magnet? WAHHH. Need spoonfeed.

My client ask for uh passphrase when I go vote. Is this safe?

>> No.2352124

If you're set on doing it, atleast wait until about 6am est tomorrow morning, ARK seems to go really high and then dip around then.

>> No.2352152

Thanks for the advice.

I have to admit, this dip has me a little shaky-handed. The prospect of Ethereum heights has me bolstered, though. Any idea why the dip? More whale fuckery?

>> No.2352171
File: 31 KB, 483x291, wallets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2352172

The passphrase is required for any operations with your wallet. Its essentially the password. Its generated when you create a wallet and youre supposed to keep a copy of it for recovery purposes.

>> No.2352191

thanks Canada.

Just sent in my vote!

Can I get a "I voted today!" stciker as well so that I can virtue signal about voting up the biz pooL?

>> No.2352247

Massive whale fuckery. Lot of support and volume is climbing again. Also lots are pulling out of bittrex and setting up voting. I hope and expect we don't moon again till Sunday/Monday because my eth arrives on Saturday... also remember how new this is. Polo should be coming.

>> No.2352329

Actually, that raises a question. If all the ARK is being staked (in theory), what does that do to the value if it's not moving around?

>> No.2352344

Ree I did that but I can still open the .txt file without it asking for a password

>> No.2352359

It creates a new archive that is encrypted. The old text file will still be unencrypted in the same place it was before. Look for a .7z file with the same name.

>> No.2352362

ok i voted with a little dicked 182 sized wallet

>> No.2352368

i'm about to hold my wife and gunpoint and tell her to let me drop extra cash on ARK. god, why couldn't it be this cheap when i bought back in the day before yesterday.

>> No.2352375
File: 75 KB, 550x560, 1460075981660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That compounded with panicking plebs that don't look into ARK beyond "lower trade volume = dedcoin", not taking into account the fact that we're all holding off bittrex atm.

Hold my friend. The fire rises.

>> No.2352398
File: 43 KB, 1268x164, Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.59.17 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't be me :(

>> No.2352410

Maxed out my coinbase purchase limits, eth not arriving till saturday fuck my life, just hoping that whale is still doing his thing till then

>> No.2352424

Thanks senpai

Deleted my unencrypted ones and it's uber secure now

>> No.2352436
File: 24 KB, 362x259, 0$.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should have bought LTC my dude :/ I got mine in minutes a few hours ago

>> No.2352440

bro your hands are too weak for the crypto game. you are probably better off betting on horse racing.

>> No.2352452

New money coming in will buy it. Also people who already have it are still buying, I have 5600 and I'm picking up $5500 worth in two days. It's the speculative phase, the smartbridges make ark super easy to use and will reintroduce volume on a massive scale. Also polo.

>> No.2352526

Is buying that with the checking account faster than with ETH? I mean I maxed out my instant debit buys and my bank transfer ones. I already put the quick eth in but I need MORE

>> No.2352527

DGB is not a great long term thing man

>> No.2352577

Oh GOD, no! Like I said, quick flip if it DOES hit $.10 so I can buy more ARK.

>> No.2352582

Keep the dream alive I will sleep now, might not be as available tomorrow as I was today, but we will see for sure tomorrow. I'll try to be on while I'm out via mobile. If I am needed for contact use this [email protected]

>> No.2352684
File: 25 KB, 624x525, 1493787004535.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that one guy whose address ends in cuq

>> No.2352708

trust me, my hands are much stronger now. i'm relatively new so i had to go through some painful shit to learn.

>> No.2352732

Yup, everytime.
Then I got burned out, just left it in the account without touching it for a year. Next thing I know the 20 cents I had left became $10. Moral of the story, HODL.

>> No.2352751

I was actually wondering about this, bought about 2000 ark a few weeks ago on a whim and was wondering why everyone was ignoring all the shit they were announcing in the past week.javascript:;

>> No.2352783

Cool, a new meme!

>> No.2352800

Nice pasta

>> No.2352866

Vote cast. Hodling on this one. Lets make some cash guys. We can actually work together instead of shill and dump each other.

>> No.2352919

agreed. going to be an interesting night. hopefully the whale will give us a fucking break soon.

>> No.2352938

Can someone answer this question from another thread?


>> No.2352965

Tbh, I don't really give a shit too much on the price when I'm buying on a long term hodl. .95 - 1$. No big deal, This coin is an easy 30$ + . Maybe even 100. not gonna become jew for a few pennies. I don't have the day trading blood in me.

>> No.2353034

I do. Still holding this for the biz pool.

>> No.2353036

i plan longterm hold as well. but it'd be nice if i could increase my coins before the price goes up

>> No.2353067

mmhh looking at https://www.arknode.net/VoteReport.txt we are very far from being at the rank 51. Even if everyone double their stack it sill won't be enough.

>> No.2353166

>tfw i wanna buy more but don't core coins are up too much

I want to drop another few hundred bucks but don't want to move from core positions and don't want to buy at 263 ETH and 30 LTC but the ARK dip is real and tempting


>> No.2353260

looks like we're climbing. no whale orders til near 40k

>> No.2353269

ARK - way of the Ethereum

>> No.2353280
File: 82 KB, 1730x702, Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.15.43 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lookin not toooo bad

>> No.2353293

Why don't we do this with LISK as well?

>> No.2353301

the dip might be over soon

>> No.2353331

legit think ARK tech is a several billions $ market

>> No.2353401

Some 36 hours ago I joined.
Even got 1 ark from you guys to join biz group.

Then I got rid of al my LTC to buy ARK.
Since then LTC is up, ARK is down according to blockfolio.

Can someone reassure me? In twoo weeks time I will have 400 euro more to spend, but right now I would rather buy me some ETH....

>> No.2353403

Lets go boys, ark is about to explode.

>> No.2353424

the price is just correcting from 300% growth in less than a week plus whale manipulation for the last 2 days. things will be back on track soon enough. we're hoping for at least 2$ by next week friday.

>> No.2353471

Cool, I will be monitoring.

Thx for answer.
- and if it rockets, I will send the 1 ark back to where it came from since I am no ass.

>> No.2353487
File: 21 KB, 207x165, num1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this coin. It's a twist.

>> No.2353532

You can't do swing trades on crypto unless it's your full-time job. Don't bother trying to understand the direction coins go. Read up on coins. Is the concept interesting? Put some money into it, as a proportion of your confidence in the coin. Also, diversify.

>> No.2353579

nobody jynx it :D

>> No.2353721

I jynxed it by warning not to jynx it. fuck

>> No.2353737
File: 217 KB, 1978x876, Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.56.55 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing suspicious about these sells...

>> No.2353761

Enlighten the crypto/trading noob?

>> No.2353778

nother 1200 coming up

>> No.2353795

there's a whalebot manipulating the price. it's been obvious, but now it's extremely obvious. all those same coin amounts within microseconds of eachother, in small incremented sell amounts.

>> No.2353812

1) Is there anything we can do?

2) What does this mean for the price of the coin?

>> No.2353816

basically the whale is trying to start a sell panic and force people to dump all their coins while they try to eat eachother by non-stop undercutting to be the first to sell. thus lowering the price, allowing him to accumulate more coins at the now lower price.

>> No.2353825

you hold!

>> No.2353851

i wish bittrex had a limit to the number of buy/sell orders you could put in in a day, making their bots worthless.

>> No.2353852

Thank you, and obviously. I spent my last $30 on DGB trying to profit from that clusterfuck to build my ARK stack.

>> No.2353862

Nice idea, but it will never happen since they get a portion of each trade.

>> No.2353874

one thing is, the amount of botting being done and for how long on this coin means that these people doing it must have a lot of faith in this coin skyrocketing soon.

>> No.2353888

then perhaps have a scaling price. every X amount of orders in a 24 hour period raises the fee a bit, until it becomes prohibitively expensive.

>> No.2353902

Now, that? That idea I like.

>> No.2353911

Would never happen, they make way too much off the bots as is

>> No.2353928

i know, wishful thinking, but it makes this whole process bullshit that 1 person with a lot of BTC can literally screw thousands of people by plopping 1 fucking high coin order down in front of everyone else.

>> No.2353933

Then, taking this in a different direction, would it be possible/profitable to write an "ethical" bot? Especially for a non-whale? Do 4-5 trades per day, dump your whole stack and buy back when the price drops 2-300 or so SAT? Limit the transactions to avoid a fire sale, but keep the trade volume up and slowly build a stack? I don't know a thing about programming, so this is all just hypothetical.

>> No.2353938

you speak true. EVERYONE HODL! just don't panic. the moon mission is taking off soon

>> No.2353952

you'd have to wait for the price to drop a lot more than that before buying back in. at least a couple thousand or any profits would get eaten by fees.

>> No.2354471

If I were richer I'd risk more on it. As is I only have 40 ARK. Still... Something.

>> No.2354508

am i voting for boldninja? or what?

>> No.2354531

it'd also be helpful to get ARK on a couple more larger exchanges.

>> No.2354550

we're trying to vote up biz
unfortunately it's all based on the grand total of coins all the voters carry, and most of the people who bought into ARK apparently can only afford 40-50 of them.

>> No.2354554


Also, what's our current rank?

>> No.2354560

ok good i voted for biz initially then read that thread. surprised nobody mentions this earlier



>> No.2354576

If this isn't a moon signal I don't know what is. The whales want in.

>> No.2354603

Anyway I can join the pool from a mobile device? Don't have a computer at the moment.

>> No.2354625
File: 970 KB, 2700x1944, t3DtIqd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

exactly, i think these last 2 days have been the whales trying to accumulate as much as they can

then they release the kraken.

>> No.2354650

What's the Kraken in this scenario?

>> No.2354674
File: 25 KB, 875x337, Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.43.48 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2354683

Holy fuck, this shit is about to tsunami into the +100%

>> No.2354707

I'm in with 60 ark -1

I'll try and buy some more later

>> No.2354818


This. We caught them off guard and they're trying to punish us. A few hundred /biz/raelis have these whales scared they won't hit max greed

>> No.2354887

whales have pulled out it looks like

>> No.2354890

Voted yesterday with 313 in my wallet. Waiting for a transfer to go through tomorrow, and will buy more. Love you.

>> No.2354896

For tonight, at least.

>> No.2354898
File: 25 KB, 870x363, Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.13.31 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

spoke too soon
maybe he'll be nice and not block our path this time.

>> No.2354963

Just doubled my stack. I really have faith in this coin.

>> No.2354972
File: 32 KB, 876x436, Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.23.34 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2354974

Just tripled here. This will be +30% in the morning.

>> No.2354985


>> No.2355011

they spent bitcoin on more ark?

>> No.2355054

Just look at the market depth. It's already +10% in the last hour.

>> No.2355074
File: 727 KB, 1024x768, ARK-HAS-LIFTOFF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2355083

how do I know if I voted correctly? I got like an error message right after I sent a vote for biz

on the front page of the client it says -1 ARK sent from me to me

>> No.2355097

I bought more with bitcoin?

>> No.2355101

See if your address is a voter for the biz delegate on the link posed in the OP.

>> No.2355110
File: 17 KB, 588x233, ark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2355112

okay checked it, yup I'm on there

glad I can help you guys, only got 800 ARKs though

>> No.2355161
File: 45 KB, 1259x297, Whale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whales are starting to buy

>> No.2355162

damnit, HOLD...

>> No.2355178

fucking bot, every fucking time.

>> No.2355183
File: 13 KB, 287x277, implying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all under .5 BTC

>> No.2355184

This bot is gonna get burned for good. It's okay, they can buy back in at a loss when this explodes overnight. Just wait til the chinks find out about this coin too.

>> No.2355194

How long will this vote last? I just got started on crypto and need to buy at coinbase first.

>> No.2355199

Just voted, do I need to keep my wallet open all the time?

>> No.2355206


>> No.2355214


the same shit is being used on DGB too.

i'm hoping this doesn't become the cancer that kills bittrex

>> No.2355229

It lasts forever unless you vote for a different delegate.

>> No.2355232

The nember of normies in this thread is off putting. I know they'll increase the price but it makes me feel like I'm late to the party, which i am i guess.

>> No.2355240

After I voted, am I allowed to move my ARKs back to bittrex?

>> No.2355245

If you think people are buying thousands of buys within a couple seconds all around the same amount, you're in denial.

>> No.2355266

no, keep them in the pool, otherwise your vote weight means nothing. you can add more to your stack to stake more

>> No.2355282

and here we go, bot causing the dip. lowers the price a few notches, then drops in a huge sell order to prevent it from going back up, then does a string of low-ball sells to make it looks like people are running for the hills to cause everybody to think they need to get out quick. rinse and repeat until it gets down 2-3k sats. then let it accumulate. rinse and repeat from the beginning.

>> No.2355308
File: 70 KB, 930x845, Screenshot_2017-06-09_03-06-32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just bought 90 more boys

>> No.2355332

currently 53, w/ 90% gains we shall spread this pool all over the chats we are growing insanely fast

>> No.2355347

| 52 | cryptolanka123 | 0.46 | 579,577 | 92
| 53 | biz | 0.28 | 355,842 | 313
| 54 | anamix | 0.22 | 279,236 | 33 |

>> No.2355356

What is the point of this?

>> No.2355367

Keeps the price bobbing around the same level so they can, in essence, sell to themselves and keep acquiring more ARK.

>> No.2355372

Where can one procure such a programming tool?

>> No.2355373

im sick of this shit.

someone ddos the ark website. fuck this coin

>> No.2355381

what is this delegate thing?

>> No.2355384

We need to buy while they're doing this, when the price moons we wont be able to vote as much.

>> No.2355389

It's not just ARK. A lot of promising coins are getting whalefucked.

It's like communal PoS. We vote for a pool by paying 1 ARK to cast a vote, then leave our ARK in the ARK client posted above. Once we break into rank 51 and above, the node starts generating 422 ARK per day, and depending on the amount of the ARK in your wallet/client, you get a percentage of that ARK paid out. The guy running the node is distributing 90% back out to the /biz/raelis who vote for him.

>> No.2355391

like i've said before, i've been working on building a bot to follow his actions and sell/buy his dips automatically.

>> No.2355401

I would also like to know, but whoever is behind it is probably a pretty l33t programmer

>> No.2355403

I would agree, if I had money to buy with. I got shitcanned last Thursday. If I didn't think this was going to make me rich next year, I'd have cashed all my crypto holdings out by now so I wouldn't be living on rice for the forseeable future.

>> No.2355404
File: 98 KB, 663x464, Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 2.21.48 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and you know it's a fucking bot because who the fuck panic sells 1 fucking dollar.

>> No.2355405

What exactly does "working on" mean? Development process or thought process?

>> No.2355407
File: 60 KB, 1877x629, arkwalls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good thinking, once this guy is out of the way, it's blue skies.

>> No.2355408

Aw fuck we need to double the donations to reach 51

>> No.2355416

How much to let us in on the fun?

>> No.2355421
File: 37 KB, 1098x497, ark chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at that price stabilization over the last few days

0.0% chance this is organic

>> No.2355424

Ill give you 100ARK for a copy

>> No.2355427

0% chance what is organic? The growth? and why?

>> No.2355432



>> No.2355448

im not yet for the feds to regulate this shit. because i want people to make money we need the batman or something tho.
like a whaleman. we need captain ahab

>> No.2355456

heh i was thinking about calling my utility The Harpoon, but now i'm thinking of calling it The Whalepoacher.

>> No.2355457

I'll harpoon a whale for 5k BTC.


>> No.2355459

I'm gonna say its the devs trying to make it look like its a stable coin. screenshot this.

send ark


>> No.2355464

Voted. Go /biz/

>> No.2355465

Not the growth, the stabilization. Someone is keeping it at this price to accumulate more.

>> No.2355466

Hey, seriously. How much you want for a copy.

>> No.2355467

It won't let me vote, gives me error of timecode failed or some shit...halp

>> No.2355480

free for Arkbros. gonna opensource it so you faggots dont think i'm trying to hack your computers and steal coins, it requires api keys and shit and yall can't use mine.

the sooner we deal with this shit the faster we all win.

>> No.2355491

Can you include a "For Dummies" guide?

Also, will it link with our wallets so we don't have to keep shit on Bittrex and we can stake between points, or will we need to load the bot with what we want to play with?

Also, thank you.

>> No.2355492

Hit me up boys

>> No.2355499

>Can you include a "For Dummies" guide?

Seconding this

Will donate 10 Ark to you if you post address

>> No.2355520


it has to use bittrex and bittrex buy/sell orders.

you just create an api key/secret in the settings and put it in the config and run it.

writing it in node.js so all you'd need is node installed on your computer.

going to be running tests on it in the morning because it's 3 and i'm exhausted.

night yall.

>> No.2355529

Good luck. Keep us posted. Get a trip so we can ID you.


>> No.2355530


just find me in the ark threads tomorrow night.

>> No.2355547

Will do. Night anon

>> No.2355552

Put your name to Ahab

>> No.2355564

I go by Wolfey :D

something interesting is going on with dgb buy/sells right now. whale fight maybe?

>> No.2355576

How do I profit? I have 500.

>> No.2355577

I just want to say I really like the ARK community. I don't know what it is about this coin, but everyone seems a lot more helpful and genuinely nice in these threads.

>> No.2355601

sell it for more than you paid for

or buy it for less than you paid for

>> No.2355609

We all want to get rich, and we all know that to grow ARK, it's going to take coordination, cooperation, teamwork, and word of mouth. You don't get that trying to be the biggest dog in the yard.

>> No.2355615

Please make an Ark discord.

>> No.2355618

Yeah, and it makes me feel good about this coin over the obvious shillcoins.

>> No.2355619


I think it's because it's a more "mature" audience. We know it's a slow grower and not an overnight pump and dump. So it's all about that patience. Which most of these kids do not have.

>> No.2355634

we'd be at 1.50 too by now if it weren't for weak hands and bots. with most of the blame being on the bots.

tomorrow, hopefully, revenge. sleeping for real this time

>> No.2355639

Here. I set one up really quick. I'll flesh it out in the morning. Hopefully we can get the delegate anon in there.

>> No.2355648

Also I'm setting the invite link to never expire, so spread it in any future threads.

>> No.2356177

For the payout does /biz/ have to reach 1st place?
If so that's alot of shilling needed.

>> No.2356234

Need to reach 51st or above.
We still have a ways to go, but we're growing fast.

>> No.2356639

Mornin /biz/ i got called into work today so you're gonna have to rally anons without me for a few hours but I believe in your meme magic, keep pourin on the ark pile my dudes.

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