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Just went all in after reading up for a week.

Am I a retard or am I going to make it

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>Am I a retard

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you'll going to do just fine anon ignore the fudsters and haters that'll show up to shit on your parade

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If you bought only after a whole week researching the coin, you're ahead of 99% of this board.
People here just do a 5 min research or not even research and throw money at anything.

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LIT will be fucking useless faggot

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>If you bought only after a whole week researching the coin, you're ahead of 99% of this board
If he did a whole week of research then he should know that this will go nowhere faggot
You should know this already after reading the whitepaper

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I don't know shit about this coin. All i know is that a whole week of research is based.

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That is an enormous stack of lit lmao you better be staking that shit

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I have read the whitepaper, all fucking 70 pages of it. When comparing the potential, the team and how far they've already gotten, I struggle to find comparable projects below 300M mcap

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So what's the longterm expected price for this during the BOOL RUN?

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>investing in krauts after they elected fucking MERKEL
>investing in an energy token
doomed to never make it, enjoy watching your money crab for another year.

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Conservative - 0.70-1.30$
Realistic - 1.30 - 3.00$
Optimistic - 3.00 - 10$.

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So this is a project that is probably guaranteed returns, but it isn't a 100x guaranteed so the best results are having a lot of money already to throw in and wait.

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Idk op lit has been around for a while now

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Stake it dude. Atleast 3/4 and hold like 50k to trade if this shit moons. You need to lock in for a certain amount of time BUT you compound and get about 20% apy and it supports the network.

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5 minutes? I don't have time for that shit. I just buy whatever is shilled on biz and has good memes
t. $400k in crypto

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Goddammit I was hoping for more time to get bigger than a suicide stack

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Staked 300k. I'd stake all of it if I didn't go all in

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How much is a suicide stack for this anyways?

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Fuck yeah dude, congrats. Working my way to a 50k stake. I don't think alot of mother fuckers on here realize what LIT has going on. They will around the $10 mark.

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