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Anyone know what this is;


new sub domains spotted with certs here https://crt.sh/?q=%25.linkpool.io from yesterday and on the 11th of October.

Is ICE are a reference to this?



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whoa whoa whoa

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This is bullish
$15 eow

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how dead is this board? this might be the best news of 2020.

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agreed, if it's true

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We made it again

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Explain for brainlet

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I wonder how many of them browse biz

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ICE will be involved in some way with the staking process whether as a node or a data consumer, or perhaps both

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so you're saying the entire world will be using chainlink? and yet it's still
>12 dorrar
Fuck we are still so early yet I feel like a lifetime has passed since I joined this cult.

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alts.linkpool.io seems like a generic domain only bought so that domain scalpers don't get a chance to profit in the future. ice.linkpool.io tho, it's too specific...

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its not a domain, its all subdomains on linkpool

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How can domain scalpers scalp subdomains?

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Wait, ICE as in fucking Border Patrol ICE?

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What did they mean by this?

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They do offer nodes as a service.

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>chainlink is going to contribute towards deporting smelly mexicans

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Wrong ICE, but yes Link could be used to keep noncitizens out.

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Why would ICE use fucking linkpool to run a node? They would run their own node. Also it makes no sense for ICE to even run a node. If these sub domains were for chain.link then they'd be breadcrumbs perhaps

Stop being so delusional and take your meds

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Yes. Border patrol is going to chip everyone entering the US, oracalize the 2020 census data, use satellites to track the comings and goings of the chipped migrants, and then LINK will automatically snitch on them when they overstay their alotted time.

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or would you use the leader in nodes? you need 100k link to even get in the room with linkpool

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You can't even explain how a coyote could transport a whole child into America, bean breath.

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LINK news does not matter. The price is determined purely by how hard Chinamen are putting the boots to it with contract hedged shorting and how much ETH node providers need to operate in rug land.

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Someone should ask in the telegram

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No you need 0 LINK. Staking is nowhere near ready so that means nothing

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So lets say these ice fellas will run a node, why would they need a linkpool subdomain? Do the other nodes have one? Doesn't make sense
The alts one must be linkpool branching out to other alt steakings like tezos, so nothing to do with chainlink

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Every linkpool NAAS node is name.linkpool.io

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it gonna go up to 13.00-13.50 and then it will dump. my calculations were completely wrong yesterday

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thanks for taking a pause and wiping your mouth for us jonny

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Wow you find the word ice, this must mean The InterContinental Exchange is using ChainShit. Bruh are u deadass right nowÉÉ Just like when you fund a hexagon on a picture at microsoft that must mean microsoft is using shitstink?? LMAO linktards are completely delusional

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it's gonna*

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Please OP... Stop...

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Yeah but linkpool is like 25k

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One of the cofounders of linkpool was asked about this a few days ago and didn’t respond to the question. Connect the dots OP, gob crisp I’m excited for you guys

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Dear lord

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wtf I love horses now

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linkie topics: how many mexicans will ice deport
Meanwhile xrp schizos

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This is BIGGER than Paypal.

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ICE put Mexican babies in cages, I'm not surprised the xenophobic bigots at link pool are supporting these monster, after all link itself is highly problematic and known as the alt right Donald Trump coin

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Umm yeah that's gonna be a bump from me dawg

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Best thread on this Japanese Shakuhachi Flute Enthusiast Forum desu

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a literal fucking nothingburger

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You know that linkpool offers nodes as a service, fully managed, right anon?

And that institutions will not have to run their own node as long as they can have LP run it for them? That means they don’t need an in house team to participate in the node economy

Nvm anon I’m sorry you’re so smart i think you’re right

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if link doesn't go beyond 13.00 by tomorrow i am selling. it's gonna dump

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I want you to pause, breathe, and not be a retard
If link went to 20 in a bear market
Where will it be when BTC leads a bull?

I know there’s plenty to be made swinging, but on our ride up plenty of us will swing from ropes

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>The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is an American Fortune 500 company formed in 2000 that operates global exchanges, clearing houses and provides mortgage technology, data and listing services. The company owns exchanges for financial and commodity markets, and operates 12 regulated exchanges and marketplaces. This includes ICE futures exchanges in the United States, Canada and Europe, the Liffe futures exchanges in Europe, the New York Stock Exchange, equity options exchanges and OTC energy, credit and equity markets.

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how is there no thread about this?

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>2 pbtid
Working overtime rabbi?

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it's pumping right now. it pumps for four day(usually peaks on the 4th day) and then dumps

when the dip gets to there i am selling

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Please do

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Based Docusign, they are the OG linkmarines.

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Docusign has like 5k twitter followers they are just another literal who

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link pumping for more than four days is unheard. it has to dump before it can pump again

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Theres been some crumbs about Bakkt (ICE) +LINK but it is out for a year and LINK is not involved so far...






Last pdf about ICE Link is from 2015 so seems like its not related

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unhead of*

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/biz/ is fucking dead but I like it this way tbdesu.

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ICE used to use Blockstream for their crypto price feed product. maybe they're switching to Chainlink? pic is their CSO, Samson Mow

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>twitter followers

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no, they just aren't a very exciting company to follow on twitter
they have tons and tons of customers, it's a big deal

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to clarify, maybe they still use blockstream. i don't know.

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>id: CUM

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Actually unironically this. It's brainlets frothing over an impressive sounding name despite it being a nothing company again just as with Openlaw.

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AHJAHAHA Tom has betrayed shuitstink and is Using Clause's oracles instead! Its over for chainstink no adoption no usecases!

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They can’t lmfao

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Clause is built with the Accord Project which might still have links with Chainlink as a contributor.

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It's thr main listing site for nodes. Even T Systems is listed there.

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We are making it bros. Theres no denying it. Strap it

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when will we see some fucking volatility JUST GO UP OR DOWN ALREADY

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Holy shit.

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> clause delet medium docos featuring Chainlink
> Tom is a Chainlink advisor
this is bullish af but I wonder if
> Chainlink without deco cannot offer the privacy a large corporation wants
> clause dropped link until they could offer privacy
> sergey buy ari solution

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I feel like I remember seeing breadcrumbs about Clause deleting mentions of Chainlink, but I can't find it. Do you have it?

>> No.23476779

that definitely did habben. I was there

>> No.23476818

not on me but I was there I remember reading the posts back in 2018
Chainlink and Clause both contribute to the accord project still desu

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People who sell link in 2020 tend to be the same people who try to fit square pegs in round holes.

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1keoy is FUD

>> No.23476884

bearish for link & linkpool
literal fucking who's

>> No.23476913

First I learned basketweaving and now this!! I don’t know what to do with myself.

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Love these threads frend, reminds me of the early chainlink days, when every breadcrumb was called a larp or nothingburger... well we’re #6 at cmc

>> No.23476988

yep and radio silence from Tom since then proves to me at least they were busy working on huge things behind the scenes.
Can't wait for critical uptake as DocuSign shills their sc solution and marines kick back and profit. Normies won't even know most likely

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Tom is still listed as an advisor on Chainlink

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here you go frens

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not to mention enrique t salem liquidating docu stock to buy chainlink tokens

>> No.23477256

How do you know this anon?

>> No.23477344

this link was not archived but I think it was talking about Clause Openlaw and Link

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Is Link the mark of the beast?

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Neural link brain chips + 5g on every corner + LINK = NWO
This is why I went all in, not because of 500 literal WHO partnerships. People who still think this is a conspiracy are the ones who will be getting chipped.

>> No.23477563

you found it, we are all going to make it

>> No.23477582

42 is that you?

>> No.23477618

42 mains pol now

>> No.23477671

Ugh it would be great if it throw poor whites out of the country their such leech’s on the system and it’s sick to look at them smell is unbearable and their all oxycodoned out

>> No.23477706

good. that guys a faggot

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Delete this immediately.

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I fell for the shadow link meme.
I could of been a multi millionaire.

>> No.23477771

How do you know this

>> No.23478118

>fell for the shadow link meme
I refuse to believe you. I can't believe that anyone who was smart enough to be that early actually sold over a /biz/ in-joke that wasn't even trying to pretend to be real FUD.

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Whats the apy on staking link?

>> No.23478354

I would too. On jessicas "ugly" tits

>> No.23478924

>ctrl + f "chainlink"
>0 results

>> No.23479278

you can't make subdomains without owning the domain

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>CE Link is a post-trade connectivity and middleware application for the credit default swaps (CDS) market.
>Full support for CDS transactions through a single user interface or API
Now who is our favourite mommy who invented the CDS...

>> No.23480146

Daniel’s mommy

>> No.23480206

DA, yes

>> No.23480213

I believe!

>> No.23480267

Holy fuck. This is really the best news for crypto ever. I don't care about boomer fucktards finally pulling their head out of their asshole and buying 2011's PND Ponzi (China Coin, AKA Bitcoin). This is real adoption for a ledger that actually has value.

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ho ly sh it I can not even begin to describe how excited I am for you guys

>As part of the research grant, Xiao will be collaborating with Chainlink Labs and our research team to work on the future development of DECO’s privacy preserving oracle technology, further expanding the Chainlink Network’s ability to greatly increase the amount of private & premium data available for use by all Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 applications.

>“Chainlink and DECO have the potential to transform the smart contract ecosystem in the same way that HTTPS completely reimagined private commerce and communication on the internet,” Chainlink Co-Founder Sergey Nazarov said. “To fulfill our mission, we seek to work with the best minds in cryptography and we’re eager to collaborate with Dr. Wang as one of the leaders in his field.”

>> No.23480445

Didn’t he bought out deco entire research and team? Why he need to pay another $100000 in grant for some more research?

>> No.23480510

Can i short LINK on Plotx?

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You already know it man, white rappers on the blockchain

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Right on time for election I guess

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Just asked about this in the linkpoo telegram

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>> No.23481567

fuck that guy

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Assblaster strikes again

>> No.23481955


Same man, this thread feels like 2018 vibes, lots of breadcrumbs, discussion, autism and dreaming

>> No.23482263

What’s the meaning? Read the whole thing can’t figure out the big deal

>> No.23482280

Staking isn't live. The figure I started is to enter into talks with them about managed nodes. The demand is so high that amount is needed to enter discussions with them.

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were going to be billionaires arent we?

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They're going to make movies about us arent they?

>> No.23482483

Checked and why did you make the brainlets aware? Pretty comical reading for a bit. Kek

>> No.23482582


I hope some of anons got a Linkpool bag at least 0.04LP. The dex is heating up so good luck getting some in a few months.

>> No.23482594

Great find fren

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I have no idea what this means

>> No.23483015

Forgot the based trips check


>> No.23483218

You Just Win

>> No.23483368

When you realise there is no link because we are link. Gmi

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Checked and mafiapilled

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Tom Gonser KNOWS

>> No.23483759

I'm soo excited for all you stinkies

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>> No.23484039

Comfy fireside with Tom and the big Serg

Wen round 2

>> No.23484132

Checked and kek is real

>> No.23484220

Network Lead for major humanitarian non profit here, do with this info what you like. Sure OGs can make the connections.

Remote IoT data centres running on Microsoft Azure via SpaceX Starlink Satellite constellation. Being trialled by several private sector entities and US Military. Gonna need a privacy preserving decentralised oracle for that...


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OC for your service Marine

>> No.23484743

LinkPal is literally PayPal's new blockchain thing

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Is this what mooning

>> No.23485137

4% on the daily is not mooning. God I miss 2017.

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>burger king

>> No.23485731

Yeah try $18

>> No.23486015

Nice new crumbs for the epic bread ser

>> No.23486032


We’re implementing an Azure Remote Data Centre PoC that’s leveraging Azure’s blockchain stack to track and record humanitarian relief data / digital IDs in a third world country that I can’t name without zeroing in on my project. These RDC’s coupled with cheap satellite internet connectivity via starlink is going to lead to a monumental explosion in connectivity and ID of third world citizens and Chainlink it integral to it all.

>> No.23486079

I'm diamonds rn

>> No.23486117

Sooooo unconfirmed?????? Everything is just unconfirmed with very high probability but never confirmed. WTF

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File: 239 KB, 1080x1131, Screenshot_20201024_165606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Confirmed but we dont know what its about

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>Chad O'Fork

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>> No.23486538

>Friday breadcrumbs
>it is now Saturday
What did he mean by this

>> No.23486715

I honestly believe that everyone holding 100 Link will make it by 2030. Having seen this tech in the wild and the doors it’s going to unlock to so many without. 97 out of every 100 people are from a third world country without any access to the internet. Imagine a world in which over the course of the next 10 years the user base of the internet grows by a factor of 30. If 3% of the worlds population right now leverage the web, imagine when we reach full connectivity via cheap starlink. The majority (97%) of new web users will utilise Web 3.0 from the jump. No one has any idea how important the cubes they’re holding are.

>> No.23486884

Are you responsible for the Chainlink meme that was posted yesterday comprised of floating shipping containers with satellites and electricity poles protruding from them?

>> No.23486912

it's Saturday OP.

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File: 16 KB, 888x91, Screenshot from 2020-10-24 08-52-46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just sold

it's gonna dump. it's been four days

>> No.23487102

>Pajeets ruin the internet
>More third worlders ruin web 3.0

>> No.23487117

Not me anon, but I think some of the more long term thinkers here are starting to see all the moving parts coalesce. Coupled with a 30 times bigger use case for the standard internet, you’re going to have a dizzying amount of ever expanding IoT networks growing off of and connecting to Web 2.0. Complete data interconnectivity across a fully connected populous. Chainlink has cornered the market already. There’s a reason the GlassNode top wallets never stop accumulating.

>> No.23487122

Post it please

>> No.23487176

Why bears exist in the crypto market? I can understant those people who working with options in the stock market and writing an option to make some money when stock going to fall down, but why there exist bears in crypto market? Is there something good of being bear in crypto market or you just want the price go lower so you can jump in?

>> No.23487188

This one I think >>23475716

>> No.23487239
File: 94 KB, 749x1116, photo_2020-10-19_09-40-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Congrats on never gonna making it

>> No.23487242

As someone who is vested in third world tech development, you’re going to find yourself in a world which you’re eternally grateful to them and that you got in LINK early. The Chainlink network cares not about your creed or colour, only that you have data to transact. Full populous connectivity will bring Web 3.0 to maturity and LINK will make 2026 anons 81k reality. Just wait til they start starlinking these Azure containers in worldwide shipping lanes... I could name off so many usecases that will take LINK to places people think impossible right now.

>> No.23487256

Oh yea because we’re all rushing to follow docusign on twitter

>> No.23487332


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File: 3.97 MB, 500x575, Jessica Biel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Todays call is an absolute low cap gem project.
It has a really really smart UI and well below 100k market cap.
Less than 500 people have it in their wallets and the team has locked liquidity for a year and commited to the long term future of the project.
You guys are going to absolutely love this one.

Join Uniswap Chads - t.me/uniswapchads - to get involved.

>> No.23487612

Salty losers that missed out on buying when it was cheap.
Instead of buying they cry and scream for the price to go down.

>> No.23488192


>> No.23488321

why do poor people do this stupid shit
guess thats why they're poor

>> No.23488348

Why Linkpool would partner with ICE link and not chainlink itself?

>> No.23488502

Ari and Sergey got a hold of Wang? Happy to hear. Now they just need to get Dr. Dong and professor Bofa Deez on board. Chain link has a stiff future ahead

>> No.23488564

lol good job on your scraps retard

>> No.23488607

It is likely that Linkpool is one of many node operators that was chosen for ICE, or else they were chose to make some sort of thing like market.link except for ICE's needs.

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