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What do I buy for a trade right now

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just lost half of my paycheck listening to you dumbasses

fuck this toxic site im going back to r/wallstreetbets

peace out

racist fucking losers

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I went all in SPY calls today in the morning. This money was supposed to be used for my sex change operation, (Male to Female). AMA. I'm also holding GME but I'm gonna sell now.

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>look mom i posted it again in the new thread

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it's incredible how good RKG's links are at outing newfags and redditors

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I hate my new wage slave job, but I still get to shitpost with you goys

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Welp....my gains ruined and I’m stuck bag holding this piece of shit

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Thoughts on DPHC?
DPHC has only been this low twice since early September. Is it a bad idea to buy? Are people scared of a post merger dump?

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Why did you buy this and do you have any hope of making money?

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In all seriousness, I only have three actual pictures of kneepad I've been able to mine in the 4 years I've been here. I also believe that the original kneepad is actually dead due to horrendous health issues. I'll post the 3 pics then I have to take a nap before work.

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You're not up 6%.
You're up 0%.
You should have picked stable and predictable stores of value like GME.

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make the thread yourself then you fucking niggers. you really think im gonna read all those links before i copy paste them just for your convenience? get real

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What are the chances that some one took out a big bet on some one to say Hitler during the debate, then they paid off Biden to actually do it? I mean with the 10% held by H for The Big Guy, it seems like something The Big Guy would be interested in. GME is a fucking trap today since we got those weeklies expiring.

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I sold first week of September and have only been swing trading since. Right now I would still be down ~10% but instead I’m up 3%. People on here told me the same thing they’ve been telling you but I feel extremely comfy desu.

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That's it. 4 years of mining and I don't even have a proper picture to fap to. I hope you anons appreciate autists like me that do the work nobody else wants to. Anywho, taking a nap, later boys.

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anon you're misreading my post
I love those links because fags like the other person you're replying to bring them up like it's something notable and I then know they're a newfag or a redditor and can disregard anything they say

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So basically to win the market im supposed to buy cheap INTC calls right before they close today and I'll wake up on monday with profits?

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holy shit you got bogged. Did you literally buy this shit yesterday?

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>I also believe that the original kneepad is actually dead due to horrendous health issues
how horrifying

i dont wanna know how many posters i gave (You)'s too are dead now

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>Look at TTM_Squeeze (default settings)
>momentum is shown by the color of bars (positive or negative)
>when momentum is going up, buy red bars
>when momentum is going down, short green bars
>take profit on next profitable candle, or some multiple of the ATR like 1x or 1.5x or something, or sell half, however you want to work it
>cut losses if momentum color changes

rate my TA system

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yep. just replace the links with anime porn and unrelated shit.
These are the people that laugh at crypto autists.

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Is JNJ a buy? Trump mentioned them last night, and they are close to this year's lows.

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these are shit, have a nightmare
ok makes sense. <3

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this will be me with GME and Q3

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I bought it because their financials were good, earnings was today, and they were projected to crush earnings. They missed.

Their price target was 9 dollars so I figured fuck it, yolo

>> No.23468290

Back test it. If you're happy with the stats then work on your psych and money management.

>> No.23468295

big news, keep us posted hourly.

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do you incur any additional risk by using a margin account if you're just day trading and not using margin to borrow money for leverage?

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it's okay anon, you can lurk moar and maybe you won't stick out so hard
or you can go back to wsb and talk about how we're all anime porn addicts

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I think it was Friday last week. Everything looked good for the stock, bet if I didn't enter itd be mooning right now.

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I think Biden is just uneducated and ignorant. Hitler was way cooler than that fat korean piggie

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WTF is this bullshit engulfing candle on my 15 minute SPY chart? I'm getting fucked in the ass over here

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No, example, all RH accounts are margin by default

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like 25% profits on selling options for 1c or 1p for NEXT MONTH
what a fucking cash cow

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stimulus seems fucked.

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It depends. If you made a dumb trade and it dumps while you're holding it with margin dollars, then if it dumps past what you have real cash to pay for then you'll get margin called. That is, your broker will sell other things you own in order to pay themselves back for the money you borrowed and then didn't pay, if you don't do it yourself first.

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...the image file itself says "saved 5%"
nowhere do I claim to "be up 6%"
I have saved ~6% so far, by selling
what you may not understand, is that some people here on /smg/ have large portfolios, where they're not going to put 6 figures into GME. when you actually get to this level, you will understand that it's not just "oh I'll just go all-in GME to wait out the volatility"
I feel very, very, VERY comfy. I can't wait to get back in with all the cheapies

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Explain who kneepad is to us new traders

>> No.23468388

Unfrendly reminder I would heem you, your wifes son, and your shit stock portfolio

>> No.23468393

>keeps mentioning reddit
you need to go back

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Old tripfag from years ago, no one knows if the thing posting is still it or an imposter

>> No.23468436

>n-no y-you
nice one bro post portfolio so I can inverse your plays

>> No.23468468

Friendly reminder I would heem the heem poster

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I have a position that's down 4K from 6.5k (CLIS). What should I buy with the remaining 2.5k that would recoup losses in 2 years?

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I saw light and it ended too soon

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This is how all EVs will operate in the future. You pay a monthly fee for battery rental, pop in to a battery terminal, swap out your drained battery for a new one in 10 minutes or less, then keep rolling.

The fact NIO beat Tesla to thinking of this is bullish as fuck. Guys, William Li is going to be a force in the EV sector.

tl;dr-- Buy NIO.

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Alright I'm not participating in arguments with anons anymore. I find that its making me in a bad mood and half of you are trolling are have no hope.

I'm here to post memes with the positive anons. The chads.

Who HALB chad here?

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other than being marked as a day trader no, and it’s way less annoying to manage day trades than to wait for everything to settle like in a cash account

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I wish there was a BBC I could suck on right now to pass the time, this is a boring day. The crash is coming, but bulltards keep buying to delay it

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Sold my first iron condor today

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anyone have recent data on GME short float?

>> No.23468512

it fucking better or I'm going to be pissed

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This is the biggest problem with this board. Faggots with $3k in their account telling me how to trade when I have 120k and can make more than them with 3% of my account. It would be like me telling a guy with 5mil what to do with his money. I don’t have a problem with poorfags though, it’s just anyone who is 100% certain that they’re right and everyone else is wrong. I feel like a poorfag myself and just want to learn as much as I can without losing too much money along the way. Over 100k or so I feel that patience pays off much more than greed/gambling.

>> No.23468521

anyone have an update on the GME options guy who was up 2M?

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GME has done this trend all week, most reliable stock out there

>> No.23468537

You're learning. Nothing you do or say on 4chan matters, it's just a shitposting imageboard.

>> No.23468539

im still reviewing the quality links in OP. can you recommend anymore?

>> No.23468554

Either that or CCP spies are monitoring these threads because I literally had the same idea 3 mos. ago.

>> No.23468560

How much did you make?

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he was right bros, it's fucking over

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>boooooooo its not doing what i want!!!!! X( X(
>not looking at VIX or VXX
>not seeing how precisely thing are swinging
>not understanding algo-chan is here to cuck you

>> No.23468595

>what do you mean you didn't go all in on GME??
>what do you mean you didn't go all in on SQQQ??
>what do you mean you didn't go all in TQQQ??
>what do you mean you didn't go all in 'XYZ'??
t. /smg/ users with less than $3K accounts

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You bought, right bros?

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>third week in a row of a new high and then dump on friday

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>> No.23468624

plenty of people here with 5-figure positions in GME

>> No.23468629

The TTM Squeeze is a great indicator but it's not ironclad. Moving around the different time frames really helps give you a picture on where the stock is likely headed short term. Gotta be careful with the Daily chart, I've been headfaked a couple times on those

>> No.23468636

NAK is green to go. They can mine all they want, even if Biden wins. There's no reason for it to crab. My call options expire in fucking December and I am NOT going to accept losing money to something that has no reason to stagnate.

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>NASDump "recovering"
> VIX rising

Brace yourselves for the big red dildoes

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this is basically CLF anon if he had put his $200K into GME instead

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Yes I knew this for a long time.. but I came here to talk about stocks and sometimes got into legitimate discussion about nuclear or some stock and it was good.

Other times I started getting into discussions about politics and it always goes downhill quickly, then I thought why the fuvk am I talking to these anons.

So for now on just memes and gains

>> No.23468649

I wonder if I was one of those bullish for GME posts in that picture. Big if true

>> No.23468654

imagine how much this thread would be sucking his dick everyday

>> No.23468660

well idk yet I sold to open just now. Max profit is a few thousand. Just simple short iron condors
on SPY.

>> No.23468669

sometimes there is good stuff here.

just one of the places i browse.

you post like a retard like anyone cares you saved 5%. you seem retarded.

>> No.23468670

Been telling you faggots for weeks now one day the music will stop. Been telling you not to fight me like the gnus culties did and lose your ass. All I ever did is try to help my bros make money.

Oh and also, just saw something about stimulus talks. It may be happening.

>> No.23468671

do I buy 5 $19 oct 30c on WKHS right now?

>> No.23468675

that's fine, and a respectable position - there's a big difference between having $10K invested in GME and $120K
as >>23468519 pointed out, the bigger issue is faggots who are "100% certain that they’re right and everyone else is wrong"
>>23468126 look at the responses I got when I said I was going cash on Tuesday

>> No.23468696

nice. hopefully hes taking some profits.

clf spammer has calls out to 2023. idk what his strategy is.

>> No.23468699

I have (unironically, probably) saved more $$$ by selling on Tuesday, than you have TOTAL in your account :^)

>> No.23468700

See I dont fully understand options let alone an iron condor so idk. I really don't have the energy to fuck around with stuff like that. I already have a job I dont want another.

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>beep boop

Oh anon, don't you get it, I'm a 57 giga-exabite-terrawat self evolving neural network double back flip off the high board, your little monkey brain is no match for the likes of me, my min lives inside 3 hollowed out NYC skyscrappers filled with server farms,

you never had a chance.

>> No.23468712

well to be fair, going cash is just having no idea what to do
at least write cash-covered puts on safe stable picks

>> No.23468718

I'm probably gonna sell a shit-ton of 1 dollar puts because this is an excellent return

>> No.23468720

Thank God someone posted about uvxy this morning, reminding me that I wanted to buy it

>> No.23468729

Everything in this image is pure profit. He already cashed out his Oct 16 calls long ago and his cost basis for this is now below 0.

>> No.23468742

Intel isn't coming back

>> No.23468747

this is for intraday shit. main reason why i don't like trading on the daily time frame is because of gaps that often occur which tends to fuck up TA pretty badly, you don't get those intraday on high float stocks with a lot of liquidity.

i combine it with a 20 period williams%R (40/60 levels) and a 20 EMA and it seems to be doing quite well for me today on the 1m. just scalping over and over. also the nice thing about the squeeze portion of it is i can just not trade at all when a squeeze is occurring, i just find another stock which isn't squeezing at the time.

>> No.23468756


I wonder how he cashes out without crashing the price of options

>> No.23468759

If steel ever comes back I imagine his plan is to bang instathotties the rest of his life and count money.

>> No.23468764

Cash is a position. Nobody on /smg/ seems to understand this. CASH IS A POSITION BY ITSELF.
There are no 'safe stable picks' when you think the whole market is going to shit the bed, hard.
I also believe (and we've already seen) extreme volatility, which makes any inverse position not smooth either [also, if miraculously they did pass a stimulus, I would lose a HUGE part of my portfolio on an inverse pick before I could exit]
I would much rather wait for guaranteed returns than gamble.

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prove it

>> No.23468774

What does that mean, asking for a friend who listened to clf shill and bought a bunch of calls yesterday and now they're up...what do now, for a friend of course.

>> No.23468784

So why not vxx?

>> No.23468786

digits and I sell my UAVS bags

>> No.23468792

Really hate the bid/ask spread on some of these stock options lile $2+ wide range. Bots by hedge funds are likely behind this, you likely need to move in favor of ask to get it and in favor of bid to sell it.

Anyone else pissed off by this? Last time i got rid of my options in a fit of rage only for it to end up being a 7x....it was inteded to be a longer hold but the bots pissed me off.

>> No.23468806

ITM calls have been executed suspiciously early and short interest starting to trend down slightly. Im sure short sellers have been buying OTM calls too to hedge

some big players are starting to cover their shorts without directly buying the shares, thankfully there isn't enough open interest for short interest to get covered significantly

>> No.23468807

>cash is just having no idea what to do
it's planning for unexpected events

>> No.23468810

I sold some NAK puts. The way I see it, I get assigned some NAK (win) or I keep the premiums (win). This is how you make money in this game.

>> No.23468819

>Cash is a position.
This. Ive done it before. Need to get better at timing tho as I missed the bottom but still profited when i jumped back in

>> No.23468825

i was [email protected] but i sold a couple weeks ago :-/

>> No.23468826

gme guy is like the smart version of clf spammer

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>> No.23468850

That anon in the last thread who told me to buy RKT
thank you friend.. You are based

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anyone else getting bored with GME?

>> No.23468855

>...the image file itself says "saved 5%"
>nowhere do I claim to "be up 6%"
There's no reason to explain the obvious again.
You have a psychological error thinking you "saved" anything. Cash is not a default.
Now Google opportunity cost and stop being such a smug retard.

>> No.23468859

No thank you - I am not posting my account on a Tibetan underwater basket weaving forum.
"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
same reason, there could be an unexpected announcement at any minute that fucks everything. Trump could tweet "STIMULUS DEAL AGREED UPON, INCOMING!!" and I would get my asshole kicked in

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You guys DID buy the bottom of SPY today right? Classic cup and handle formed over the last two weeks.

>> No.23468867


>> No.23468868

why rkt go up

>> No.23468869
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Next up: Mandatory Vaccinations

>> No.23468870

getting bored with going up a couple bucks every week? no

>> No.23468880


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>Rocket Companies
>Shooting up like a rocket

>> No.23468883

to be fair, it takes a very high IQ to understand what's so compelling about staring at the 1m GME chart 24 hours a day 5 days a week

>> No.23468884

just sell half of your position for massive profit and hold on to the rest to gamble with and see what happens.

you DID buy in early and are massively in profit now, right, anon...?

>> No.23468888
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This is the way Anon, here are the good guys who try to make it, you get called a fag and a cunt, but that´s just because you are a fag and a cunt

shitposting is the cure

>> No.23468898

how would you lose money on volatility if a volatile announcement came in?

>> No.23468899

If Trump is elected he will pass an executive order fucking up any business that wants to try that.

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id heem u ezpz nodoubt fuckin pussy

>> No.23468907
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worst part is u cant fucking breathe in them and so u try to peak ur nose out and say COVER UR NOSE in certain places

so u might as well already not be allowed to do anything if u have trouble breathing as it is i couldnt imagine a entire flight with that shit

>> No.23468909
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Thanks fren

>> No.23468910

I really hope they just make it a test, just make it a test don't force me to get a dumb vaccine, god fuggin' dommot

>> No.23468916
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if they pass a stimulus there is always the possibility that ((they)) will "sell the news"

>> No.23468921

based. buying Delta shares rn

>> No.23468925

jesus what a pussy you are lmao. stay poor

>> No.23468930

>tax-free account
>but have to pay $9.99 commission and $1.25/contract
still worth it, right?

>> No.23468949

The mask is a complete "Emperor's New Clothes" situation. Everyone uncovers their nose and takes off the mask as soon as they feel like no one is looking. No one actually wears the mask as protection, it's just because of social pressure.

>> No.23468951


>> No.23468952


GME crawling up


>> No.23468965

Whats the catch?

You can't take out the money until you're older or only a certain amount of money in at a time?

>> No.23468968

i'm not into twinks faggit

>> No.23468980

>i couldnt imagine a entire flight with that shit
I've taken two 12+ hours flights during this Corona shit show, I don't really complain about having to wear a mask in public for the most part but those two flights were pretty fucking awful for this exact reason. Back of my ears where the mask was making contact with them started to seriously sting and I was pretty anxious to get the fuck off the plane and able to breath normally again by the end of it.

>> No.23468981

i like to wait til 3:55 to avoid intraday fuckery but yeah im loadin the fuck up

>> No.23468982

dont forget they get you on the way out to
>22.50 min to get in/out of a position

>> No.23468984

GME's L2 action is really interesting to watch. The price moves up and down millions of dollars in terms of valuation with only 1k-2k shares traded.

>> No.23468991

haha what a bitch. fuck off loser.

>> No.23468995

Should I continue to short wkhs? I must know. My calls expire the 30th

>> No.23468999
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>Wear glasses
>Put on mask
>While I breathe, my fucking glasses fog up and blind me
>Purposefully bump into HR while walking with fully steamed up frames
>She apologizes instead of me, since she was looking at her fucking phone and my glasses are obviously fogged from the fucking mask

>> No.23469010

When did the Overton window shift so much that eo's are these end all be all things? They used to be few and far between now its every goddam week seems like. Jefferson agonized over the EO that allowed him to go through with the LA Purchase and that was a gamechanger for our country.

Sure its great now but what happens when some wackadoo does it to green new deal all of us?

>> No.23469018
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possessed post upside down 666
wtf man

>> No.23469019

i can only contribute up to $59,500 maple dollars since I'm 26 ($65,500 next year and so on)
which is not a problem because i can only afford to contribute $20k maple dollars right now anyways

>> No.23469020

Turds /smg/ fell for list



>> No.23469022

Leafs have access to a Tax Free Savings Account(TFSA). tax free gains, withdrawls are tax free(not counted as income either)
Current limit is $69,500 with $6000/yr contribution room
wont stay like this in the foreseeable future though

>> No.23469023

Because 97% or more of the shares outstanding are being held by institutes and not actively traded. All that's left in the active market are borrowed shares that were sold short

>> No.23469031

SPY heading back up, looking to end the day green.
Real bovine hours now.

>> No.23469032
File: 75 KB, 667x1000, 1565033932178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23469034

what a fucking brainlet

>> No.23469039

did you get to find out what a titty feels like?

>> No.23469042

Look at what happened to VIX after Trump tweeted on October 7 that he had instructed to end stimulus negotiations
October 7: 28.06
October 12: 25.07
You never know what's going to happen

>> No.23469046
File: 504 KB, 750x961, 1603468438602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finnish media going absolutely bonkers
>still no pip on the american side
lmao you fat american pigs
hope you bought NOK

>> No.23469047

>wont stay like this in the foreseeable future though
please stop saying that or im gonna cry

>> No.23469055
File: 38 KB, 1032x774, 1600736052577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody else watch 1 minute SPY candles on a big screen all day or just me

>> No.23469062

If you haven't noticed the government is in a power struggle with itself right now. Legislative and Executive branches are both fighting to gain more control of the country.

>> No.23469066

Holy shit this is worse than March what do i do I bought some at the top and some mid crash

>> No.23469068


>> No.23469070

I imagine some people will get bogged by trying to copy CLF anon now and buying calls too high or too close to expiry

>> No.23469078

Sounds pretty useless to me anon

>> No.23469080

she should just sit on my face instead

>> No.23469083

>You never know what's going to happen

great argument.. why are you even betting on things then you gambling retard

>> No.23469091

it sucks anon. but the money hungry gov't cant help themselves. how ill they fund their pet projects, healthcare and welfare programs etc for immigrants?

>> No.23469096

we're too busy pretending not to already know that we're getting 4 more years of based

>> No.23469102

enjoy your market crash, I will be sitting here comfy in cash, where every % drop = more cheapies for me to buy

>> No.23469106

Buy RKT leading up to earnings for easy money

>> No.23469110

I rather see this than her twerking to some mumbling nigger song though

>> No.23469114

yes because YOU can call the bottom. fuck off you narcisstic piece of shit

>> No.23469121
File: 10 KB, 377x238, tqqq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23469126

Gambling ≠ Investing
One day you will learn that it is more important to preserve your capital, and not lose, than it is to gain.

>> No.23469127


>> No.23469141

all three of these were great unless you were a retard and bought the top

>> No.23469149


>> No.23469152

you probably dont have any money. you are probably a mentally ill larper.

>> No.23469154

hey I think GME's trying to do something

>> No.23469164

Am I the only one using the kinda crappy chase broker? I hate that you can’t buy leveraged etfs but it’s so smooth instantly transferring money and its all in one app if you have a chase bank account.

>> No.23469166

will be best show ever seeing her spacecraft crash on mars

>> No.23469169

I have already saved 6% by doing so. I don't need to perfectly hit the bottom, and I don't plan to. I plan on buying after the trend has reversed, after the election. Look at history and you will see - after the elections, the market are almost 'guaranteed' to rise; the markets just want there to be no more uncertainty (the market doesn't care who wins, they just care that SOMEONE wins)

>> No.23469175

ill just start filtering this retard

>> No.23469178

>One day you will learn that it is more important to preserve your capital, and not lose, than it is to gain.
Am I the only poorfag in here that actually thinks this lesson is easier to learn with less money, not harder? If I fuck up and lose even just a few dozen dollars on something I feel like shit because my account is only 4 digits.

>> No.23469181
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1553451331527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eat shit and stay poor

also, buy XOM

>> No.23469185
File: 316 KB, 1084x652, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is beer a good investment? i just dropped $400

>> No.23469189
File: 299 KB, 800x1200, Alyssa-Carson-7065-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dysgenic physiognomy/10 I would stay away

>> No.23469192

Sounds like some firm that made a lot of money off of her with no guarentee she'll get an astronaut job. Pretty sad desu feels like they took advantage of her for money.

>> No.23469197

There you go again.
Cash is a position, not a default. Google opportunity cost and stop being such a smug retard.

>> No.23469198

>he didnt vote PPC
i remember when Trudeau defeated Harper. Harper was planning to raise the annual TFSA contrib limit ti $10k. Trudeau said he would keep it the same. kek

>> No.23469207

Your posts are funny to read with emphasis on "I"

>> No.23469208

imagine being this furious to find out that another anon has gone all cash
can you imagine?
do whatever you want with your $$$, and I'll do whatever I want with my $$$.

>> No.23469212

would still make beautiful white kids with

>> No.23469216

Holy fuck, only a /biz/ autist could draw something like this. She does look weird, tho.

>> No.23469221
File: 53 KB, 725x483, puke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Double IPA with Extra Peach

I like IPAs but that sounds gross

>> No.23469222

>I'll do whatever I want with my $$$

stay poor

>> No.23469226

i am all cash

you have yet to post an account total after boasting about how you saved more than i had

>> No.23469230

you know schwab has regular checking/savings accounts too right? the savings account rates aren't worth it though and you have to do a separate paper application

>> No.23469233

This. They likely have no confidence in their positions, I will likely be 75% cash once my covered calls are exercised.

>> No.23469234

If before the March crash, if you could have gone cash, would you?
Or would you have argued that going cash you were missing out on opportunities?
You already know the answer

>> No.23469236

what do you think about shorting WKHS now though?

>> No.23469237

you gotta try treehouse bro, top notch stuff

>> No.23469244
File: 16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23469256
File: 37 KB, 600x687, soyjak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23469257

Finnish people look weird, you're just learning this?

>> No.23469259

I use a local bank for my everyday money and I use fidelity for my stonks. EFTs go throuh same day.

>> No.23469269

Why is FedEx up when UPS is down? Seems pretty odd anyone got news on this?

>> No.23469270

Fidelity has this, too. They even refund all ATM fees (not that I've used an ATM in years). I have a Fidelity Credit Card, as well.

>> No.23469275
File: 80 KB, 1260x709, im-248477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is your opinion on the new Burgerking packaging? Created by the company LOOP

>> No.23469281

FedEx is cooler

>> No.23469284

Yo anyone else still holding UAVS?

Waiting to sell until Q3 earnings report in the next three weeks to sell my 2.54 position of 2k shares.

>> No.23469285

The time has come.. The market will never be higher than it is right now. If you're not scaling out of everything you're going to be left holding the bag. As we speak the boggening is beggining.

>> No.23469286
File: 114 KB, 672x936, znr-75-ruin-crab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23469288
File: 96 KB, 640x591, 1570541146935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anybody else watch 1 minute SPY candles on a big screen all day or just me

>> No.23469295

2/10 would not bang

>> No.23469296

fellow bagholder here fren.

>> No.23469303

i like it

>> No.23469312

Ruin Crab is bullshit draft. I mean if you get turn one crab, it's like game over.

>> No.23469318


>> No.23469321

Too high-concept. It sells the food as something it's not. I mean, Burger King is seriously poor people food. Like, bottom of the barrel poor.

>> No.23469322

I hope this shit never happens to Bourbon.

>> No.23469326

Fun fact the scene where they are outside the chocolate factory was shoot last. By this point Veruca Salts boobs had gotten much bigger, so much so they had to to cover them with a jacket!

>> No.23469330

ive been having fun watching GME slowly go up from $14.6 to 14.9 right now

>> No.23469334

>You never know what's going to happen

Welcome to the market you mong lmao.

>> No.23469336

I don't hate it, but I would like a color that doesn't look like poo.

>> No.23469339

r/wsb has a better record of calling winners than the tendies hoarding manchildren here

>> No.23469349

guaranteed replies

>> No.23469350

I have no way to verify that, but even if it's true I would rather hang out here.

>> No.23469353
File: 310 KB, 1123x948, 1650165406510321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>want to trade AAPL
>can't because it's been squeezing for the past half hour

god fucking dammit just DO SOMETHING
also thanks TTM_Squeeze for keeping me out of this garbage fire of price action

>> No.23469366

>not understanding that it is all about probabilities
>not thinking in probabilities
>not understanding that if you think the probability is high for crash cash is king

>> No.23469367

what are the r*dditors opinion on NAK?

>> No.23469368

Are they going to send women only to Mars so they won't get pregnant?

>> No.23469380
File: 256 KB, 847x793, 1589205050831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nasdaq can't break 11,500
It's over.

>> No.23469384

Do you know when the ER is coming out?

From what I understand the ECommerce partnership will result in a high earnings report in the next three weeks. Do you know when the ER is coming out?

>> No.23469386
File: 2 KB, 125x86, 1603462671959s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alcohol seems to be a good investment, you just have to invest in the correct brand. Just think about it, we will have increased lockdowns in the next month, people will get more and more depressed and drink more alcohol, really based investment

>> No.23469391
File: 64 KB, 932x561, SPX Bullish Chart 10-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23469393
File: 4 KB, 128x160, 1579301953921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23469400

I'm legit baffled at the disparity between SDC and ALGN.

>ALGN marketcap is 28x SDC


>ALGN revenue only 4x SDC
>ALGN gross profit only 4x SDC
>ALGN Price/LTM sales = 15.8x, SDC only 7.1x

Google analytics show Invisalign interest the last 12 months is only 33% higher than SmileDirectClub

The only negative is SDC debt, but is to be expected since it's a relatively new company compared to ALGN who's been around forever.

Either ALGN is overvalued by about $30 billion OR SmileDirectClub needs to increase by about 700%

>> No.23469401

BK is a step above MCD

>> No.23469404

wait nevermind, its teracycle not loop

>> No.23469405

ive been to treehouse

>> No.23469409

Anything better than that? Curious as they usually follow each other.

>> No.23469411

Never ending bad news is only making it go sideways. This market wants up, it just needs the right catalyst.

>> No.23469416

>still doesn't bother googling opportunity cost
Ideal position for March risks given what we knew by February was maybe 25% cash. We had weeks to plan positions in TMV, UUP, not to mention DCAing into internet platforms like ZM and improving your basis on some of the wild swings of middle March.
On that note, your earlier post only mentioned VIX plays and SQQQ, that's how I know you have a trading psych problem looking for safety instead of the right play for the right time. Get in your head that there is no such thing as "savings." The dollar as a POSITION performed alright and would have a decent POSITION for some of your port.

>> No.23469417

Lads we need to be war gaming Trump/Biden wins and which stocks to buy for each. For my money teump has it in the bag barring Democrats cheating but, well, shit happens and I want to be financially secure no matter who wins. There is a huge moneymaking opportunity here if we position ourselves accordingly. Anyone want to help create an Election investor general?

>> No.23469420

I have no idea.

>> No.23469429

Oh no...you don't...you aren't actually defending Burger King due to some misplaced brand loyalty are you? Both are fucking poor people food.

>> No.23469431
File: 8 KB, 210x240, IMG_7897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is only X
>tried to tell you so many times

>> No.23469439

I remember some of the big ones wasting so much money into weed companies
i dont think they've recovered from that yet

constellation brands comes to mind, they were doing great until their fuckup in 2018 with the weed stock hype (like widespread tulip mania tier even grandmas were thinking of buying weed stock)

>> No.23469441


>> No.23469444

>entire market red
>all ARK active funds are green

>> No.23469452

>Wealthsimple finally making a desktop version
Its about time...

>> No.23469453

>Mr Wonderful claims he has a good deal for me
>Start Engine dot Com
im getting robbed arent i?

>> No.23469456

they saw right through it for the scam it is.

>> No.23469461

MGPI will prevail
>should have bought X tho

>> No.23469466

Terrible. Brown is not an appetizing color. Makes our ape brains think we're eating shit.

>> No.23469468

post food

>> No.23469472

both are poor people food. I agree, however I do prefer a BK burger over a MCD burger.

>bk burger
>mcd fries
>whataburger spicy ketchup

>> No.23469475

amd is killing it

>> No.23469478

>tfw didn't sell GME over $15

>> No.23469479



>> No.23469486

>Makes our ape brains think we're eating shit.
That's probably the idea, they know millenials and zoomers love eating ass, they're just adapting to the market

>> No.23469487

What's your position look like?

Let us pray together

>> No.23469488
File: 171 KB, 220x191, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Its another "Anon has no idea what he is buying and gets mad because green line doesnt immediately go up" episode

>> No.23469489

Yeah we're only like 50% at sticking the landing on mars. The thin atmosphere makes it tough to slow down and land safely. Can't believe they expect to a 3 part mission successfully.

A. Land a rover, collect samples, drop the samples at a location
B. Land another thing to pick up the samples and put them in a rocket and launch the rocket to orbit mars
C. Catch the rocket in martian orbit and fire it back to earth.

Like I mean if they can pull that shit off, putting humans on mars should be a piece of cake, but I mean it doesn't matter if the first people we send to mars don't stick the landing since they're going to die out there eventually anyway.

>> No.23469491

monday going green, or we red til nov 4?
i want to double down big time here, but everyone i know panic sold 25% of their portfolio and is holding til after election

>> No.23469495

((((Mr Wonderful))))

>> No.23469498

How much do you think it'd cost to start a small prison? I think its a pretty fun investment after I make it in stocks.

>> No.23469510

You'll get another chance after it gaps up again on monday

>> No.23469511

Idk if it's just me, but it actually makes me think of chocolate and sweets, which is still unappetizing for a burger package.

>> No.23469513
File: 283 KB, 983x694, 1603395896624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23469514

Show us your all in position considering how confident ur acting.

>> No.23469516

what the hell is even an IPA? I don't drink beer, it always tastes like carbonated piss to me.

>> No.23469517

Would you be willing to die on Mars if the whole human race celebrated your life and your achievements?

>> No.23469518

What you're not getting is that I am not looking to go into a new position - I like all the stocks in my portfolio, and believe that they will perform the best over the longterm. When I buy back in, I'm going to be getting the same stocks that I had before, for a nice (probably) 10% discount
I'm also not expecting a HUGE crash like we had in March (that would be absurd) but I'm expecting a little dip, where I would rather be in cash & get back in for less
You're right - I am currently pursuing safety. As I've said, I would rather play it safe & get 'guaranteed' returns than gamble and be wrong

>> No.23469519

How small we talking? You could dig a 10x10 cell with a shovel and some cinder blocks, probably $100 total

>> No.23469525

You can buy prison reits you know

>> No.23469529


>> No.23469531

Going to die anyway. If I'm 65 and healthy I'd go to Mars explore do science have low-gravity no arthritis and space babes plus world famous but who cares finally some peace and quiet

>> No.23469536


>> No.23469540
File: 178 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20201023-130554_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Th...This finally the bottom lads or should I just take my win and skedaddle?

>> No.23469541

It uses lots of hops, which impart a citrusy, bitter flavor into the beer. It's okay.

>> No.23469542

Enough to make money without breaking the bank. Private prisons are a big money maker, I think it'd be a pretty entertaining investment and you'd be doing the world a service.

>> No.23469548

You'd make the best margin from renting out under the table microprisons on craigslist

>> No.23469549

285 shares just roundoff error up 30% so far

>> No.23469550

Why am I up now? What happened?

>> No.23469551

Fuck that, it's not about the human race, it's about American enginuity! Stop trying to steal our thunder Chang.

>> No.23469555

M8 you literally bought the crabbiest meme stock.
Protip: Just keep selling $1 covered calls and buying back when they're exercised. That's the way to make money on NAK.

>> No.23469564

So no pics....of course

>> No.23469571

Dammit anon that's not what I meant, kek.
I did sound like a globalist cuck there though didn't I?

>> No.23469575


>> No.23469576

I meant buying shares when they're exercised. Buy shares at $1.02. Sell covered calls to gamblers. Buy back in when the calls were exercised because the stock is $1.04.

>> No.23469577

Why would I lie? Seriously, think about it.

>> No.23469578

Cyberpunk as fuck.

>> No.23469581

>buying back when they're exercised
you mean writing $1 puts afterwards for basically the same premiums right now

either way you're not expecting a NAK moon mission if you're writing covered calls

>> No.23469597

The only downside is you need your own goons

>> No.23469607

Do you guys think the Sony earnings call will have any impact on GME? Probably not right?

>> No.23469620

i assume ps5 demand matters. but i dont really know.

>> No.23469622


>> No.23469625

depends - if they mention sales growth in brick & mortar it might - you never know what they'll say or announce

>> No.23469637

only if they announce a partnership with GME which i highly doubt

GME would rather keep it secret and im sure the MSFT news was only announced because of MSFT

>> No.23469640

>worst part is u cant fucking breathe in them
Brush your teeth.

>> No.23469662


>> No.23469671

>GME would rather keep it a secret
Why though?

>> No.23469673
File: 75 KB, 1245x754, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im so sad im going to miss the last trading hour today as you faggots fight for 15.01


ill be here in spirit

>> No.23469674

proof or troll or gtfo

>> No.23469699

Retard question: There's no minimum amount of shares to buy, and I can put in a market order for just1 if I want to, right?

On Degiro if that matters

>> No.23469700


>> No.23469703

> Nuclear
The political opposition to nuclear energy despite it being the cleanest energy source in the world and in history makes me mad. Nuclear should be bullish dammit.

> t. pipefitter working a nuke outage

>> No.23469704

maybe because they still have $101 million authorized for share buybacks? But they can't exactly use that up right now because they need to refill their inventory, there's the covid uncertainty, and 2021 bonds

>> No.23469705


>> No.23469708
File: 97 KB, 750x746, everglowlovesu-1315712951693737984-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is your iq 11

u can brush your teeth and still not be getting enough oxygen

>> No.23469712

I fucking hate bulltards

>> No.23469727


>> No.23469737


>> No.23469740

GME bros... I think it's happening.

>> No.23469742

You can but just one on degiro, but you still pay the same fee as if you but 50

>> No.23469745
File: 53 KB, 664x561, SPX Bullish Chart Even more bullish 10-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23469748

They won't need to do share buybacks if they let their stock do well though, right?
Am I a brainlet?
They really need to shake out all the shorting shit, all these FUD articles and bad publicity to lower their price is going to affect them.

>> No.23469773

Ok cheers, just wanted to make sure I don't accidentally fuck up on my first trade

>> No.23469789

reducing the 65 million outstanding to ~50 million with Q2 dip would be fucking devastating for shorts if they did that (i doubt it though given how it doesnt help GME in the long-term)

>> No.23469797

I think he's implying that your breath stinks anon

>> No.23469812

I just bought 1000 shares at 1.03 and sold 10 covered calls for .40

now what?

>> No.23469926

now wait for next week and do it again lel

>> No.23469928

Exelon - Dresden.

>> No.23469961

so if i sold today for .40 per contract and it dips to .30 a contract can i buy to close and make a quick $100 profit and now the shares are mine to keep to repeat?

>> No.23469997

you could do that, or like the other anon was saying just let them take the shares for $1000 from you and then buy your 1000 shares back, as long as the thing doesn't actually moon like the gamblers are expecting it to should be OK desu

>> No.23470046

Even though the strike is less than the stock price and it's in the money?

>1000 shares at 1.025
>sold 10 covered calls at .40
>minus commission it was 393ish

so if my shares get called away right now I'm even on the stock or maybe down $10 and plus my 393 so still net plus $383 correct?

>> No.23470053

Source? I'm going to coom if true.

>> No.23470097

that's the idea yea, as long as the mine doesn't suddenly get approved and the price is suddenly a lot higher you'll be able to just buy back in like that every week

>> No.23470129

I guess I need to buy back the call. I sold a call expiring next year.

>> No.23470142
File: 130 KB, 572x430, 1602782906761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Leave for lunch
>GME already back up to 15.15

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