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I fucking hate it, these people are total niggers. I just want my own house one day and not have to work 40+ hours a week just to be able to live in it. I'm stuck here because I'm helping them with their mortgage. They act like it's not a big deal but I know secretly it would break their spirit if the shit got forclosed. One day this hell will end.

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They give me shit for drinking all day and not helping at all

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fuck boomers

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If they have their shit together, just figure out a way to get away from them so you can drunk in peace. That's what I'd like. I just hate living with these niggers a lot of the time I'm here. I love them but they are just total niggers. I'm no saint, but christ man I'm getting tired.

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Just be grateful you have somewhere to live, you fuck. Calling your parents niggers is extremely cringe when they're still looking out for you

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Fucking nigger! Can you fucking read? I'm carrying all the weight. They are total rude niggers that don't care about keeping me up til 5 am, even at the expense of my mental health, and they have the nerve to bitch about me being ln edge when I can't get the proper sleep a person needs to function as a normal human being. Fuck you I hope you stub your fucking toe really hard soon faggot.

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