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it's over for bearfags

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Which crypto will benefit most

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Cant beat it, buy it.

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Curio (CUR)

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Elon coin is coming

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wtf i am fucking rekt shorted 11k

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paypal in talks to buy bitcoin

omg its all over

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defi is the new hotness and paypal is starting to buy the centralized exchanges. smart

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thats how early it is for DeFi

eth is literally in 2014 btc stage right now, i can easily see $5k eth next bull run

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if he knew, then why did he leave?

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Because Chainlink allows Bitcoin to be wrapped on Ethereum

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deluded mETH faggotry. ETH is failing

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unironically bitcoin

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you don't need chainlink to wrap crypto assets mongloid

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>thinking this is bullish

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>Because Chainlink allows Bitcoin to be wrapped on Ethereum

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It's the "FUTURES ARE COMING" shit all over again. Lol this will not end well.
>Paypal will just ignore legislation
Lol no

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All this people think bitcoin will continue pumping. What is going to happen is the hodlers will start buying shit like PS5 and XBOX X in 2021. Since it isn't a bitcoin to bitcoin transaction and the sellers get $$$$$ PAYPAL is going to have to sell the bitcoin and the prices will dump because less hodlers

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I meant more in a sense that it makes it into a more viable financial product. Same thing as you don't need decentralized oracles but it makes the whole thing more secure and reliable so you can actually build stuff, for instance Chainlink allows smart contracts to be built in a highly reliable manner as it also helps DeFi products get reliable information about wBTC

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Should I sell my BTC for WBTC?

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bitcoin hands down

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>OGN gangsters where you at?

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it will defy all common sense and reason if coinbase users prefer bitcoin over eth and ltc.

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it will defy all common sense and reason if paypal users prefer bitcoin over eth and ltc.

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It's ADA

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Futures are coming is what drove bitcoin from 4k to 20k. This is good
Only the retards didn't sell their BTC at 15k+

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