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8:30am shower and breakfast
9am-6pm: 70$/h consultancies
6pm-8pm: side project number 1 (400k to be split for 5 people)
8:30pm-10:30pm: side project number 2 (potentially 50-250k depending on buyer nationality)
10:30pm-00:30: personal side project (undisclosed, could bring a ton of profit)
00:30 try to make my wife pregnant with my dried and barely functioning balls
1:00 after unsuccessful attempt, rage open the laptop to buy more btc
sleep and repeat until multimillionaire and nope, I’m not going to pay a single taxes, sorry niggers

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>with my dried and barely functioning balls

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> half an hour to shower, eat, brush teeth, dress, pack amd commute

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>00:30 try to make my wife pregnant with my dried and barely functioning balls
Why do this? If you get her preggos it's going to just add more work to your life.

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>what is working at home

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what are you talking about?

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what kind of side projects are you working on?

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> half an hour to eat, shower, dress, shave, shit, brush teeth

A commute itself isn't the issue you teemage larper lmao.

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I will be a bit more poor but probably I will start enjoying life a lot more

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>4AM: violently wake up drenched in sweat
>4AM to 5AM: pre-workout 5km run
>5AM to 6AM: eat 10kgs of eggs and raw venison
>6AM: squats until I lose consciousness
>7AM to 8AM: beat up my wife and rape her
>8AM: go back to sleep

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This is not natural on terms of human history and this is not natural in terms of human future. This is simply the norm right now

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In the long term probably, but in the short term you're going to be having a crying baby wake you up at 3am every night.

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>half an hour to eat, shower, dress, shave, shit, brush teeth
that’s more than enough you inefficient piece of shit

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shut up wagie

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>4AM: violently wake up drenched in sweat


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1400: wake up, smoke a few bowls, listen to music, check the profits for the night.
1600: walk to the bakery across the street. pet and play with one of the local cats
1700: shitpost
0400: go to sleep
Somehow I still make more money than you.

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buying btc for a few years now, I doubt anon, unless you bought the corns pre 2017...

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6-6:30: get ready and drive a few blocks to the office
6:30-3: pretend to work, take 45 minute bathroom breaks
3-10: BJJ, cook, walk dog
I’m so god damn poor. Never become an engineer. This degree is my biggest regret. Everyone thinks I’m smart and rich but I basically do baby math on excel and listen to people complain all day, just to make the salary of a talented bartender.