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Now that PNK is pumping maybe a few more people will listen to me:




Kleros is a blockchain application which creates consensus of honest individual's deductive reasoning by allowing them to act as jurors in a shelling point powered arbitration system. Honesty is enforced via a crypto-economic staking model where jurors stake PNK in order to be draw at random from a pool, with jurors self-segregating into self assigned specialty roles; in addition to this functionality, the token also serves to protect the project from 51% attacks and avoids giving disproportionate weight to the holders of a pre-existing token ("why not use eth?"). The most commonly quoted "big ticket" use case is for kleros to act as "The Standard" arbitration method for e-commerce done on the blockchain. The first token sale, outside of the seed funding sale, happening in January of 2020 so the project is relatively new.

Marines will spam any thread they perceive as a threat to the LINK-dominated culture around here so I'll say in writing I also own and believe in the vision of Chainlink.

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Checked Kleros $0.99 EOM $9.99 EOY $99.99 EOY21 confirmed

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Kek has blessed this thread and PNK, happy stacking to you fren

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Oh shit that get

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1+Million Pinakion in the bag, sirs. What am I in for?

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checked, any explanation for the huge surge in volume in uniswap? went from 70K a day to fucking 1.2M

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No ones buying PNK. I wish the mods would ban you fucks. Even the XRP kiddies are preferable

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No idea, I am not an insider, I am not even inside of the weird FUD discord that is running the pajeet campaign (which is to turn to a tranny campaign at $0.80 btw, from previous PNK General), I just like the project so I post about it.

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You will be a millionaire if you hold for long enough. I do not have breadcrumbs on adoption pipelines so I cannot give you an exact timeline, but my best guess would be 6-7 years from here until we are in the double digit dollar range, perhaps less if we see inflation from BRRRR kick in.

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Thank you for checking it out, my dude, I would also like to point out that my ID is a very vibrant and HEALTHY pink colour ;)

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Checked. Good thread.

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Considering buying PNK for the first time in my life.

Been holding ETH and BTC and some Tellor so far. Tell my why this will outperform any of those?

This seems popular on /biz/.

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Don't buy what's popular on biz, buy what your own research leads you to believe will be valuable in the future. I've posted a few starter resources in the OP, so I'll tell you what my first LINK marine response told me in January of 2018 when I asked for a response to the JSON parser fud: DYOR. If you don't want to read the whole book, the white paper is here:
and the yellow paper here:
Vitalik Shill here:

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The only way I'm going beyond growing the community by posting on-ramps for anons to do their own research is if you join my super secret tranny group, the link to which is an unlock-able on my RARIBLE, get paywalled dickhead (VsZp83)

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>Thanks be to God
>Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.
>Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit

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Oh no did you buy at 15c and sell at 5c?

DYOR on why fundamentals are strong (see OPs links. otherwise:
>low market cap
>early buyers, not available on exchanges yet
>huge impact potential
>relationship head of ebay/paypal dispute resolution
PNK is in no way better than BTC or ETH, but the growth potential is much bigger: for PNK to reach rank 25 (which it will) is a x25, which will happen far sooner than either BTC or ETH x25. If in this time BTC/ETH do even a x10, then PNK will have done a x200-250

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Vitalik ‘shilled’ Kleros on a couple occasions. When was the last time? Is it true that Vitalik unfollowed Clement on Twitter? If so, why..

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I'm unsure and I don't care to know, the appeal to authority was intended to bring in people who care about that sort of thing. If I had to guess why its probably because Vitalik unfollows people who don't post often?

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Thanks, fren.

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Someone big in dispute resolution is literally going to use Kleros in his next startup

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biggest court has only 133 jurors? gonna need a lot more adoption than that...

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Well, yeah, its a growing product

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In case it went over people's heads, I posted the invite at the end of that post so you don't have to buy anything

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Don't worry, just hold for 2 more years.

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hey anon look at this >>23432752
if you've been here from 2017 or 2018 and been holding LINK, looking at the memes etc..
you would know what this is all about
also pic related has some meaning in it

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in on subtle kleros shill digits thread

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I am a NEET and cannot accumulate any more PNK until I get a job. Will 40,000 be enough to make it? I feel like it will inevitably be $1 some day, so no matter what buying in under 20c is always good

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Vitalik never followed Clement, what you heard was from our fudding campaign.

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