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Perfect moment to buy RSR. Thank me later.

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You sure? Usually when a coin is up 35% in a day, it's not the right day to buy.

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no actually perfect time to sell

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tomorrow it will dump -20% you stupid nigger.

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Probably the most bearish chart I’ve ever seen

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advice like this is why biz is poor

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What kind of stacks you guys holding?

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Please buy.

Go out and buy as much as you can.
Base it off meme line shit like >>23427741
Because as well all know applying standard economical practices for projections is a sound way of determining crypto futures./

To say nothing of the fact that:
1. the mainnet isn't out yet (which means 30B (((billion))) tokens are still locked) and RSV's burning process can't take place
2. RSV has literally 0 velocity, even after listing on stablecoin trading platforms like Curve
3. Venezuelan adoption has been so slow that they've had to do in-person handouts in Caracas as part of the on-ramp process for App users, and they have no formal partnerships with any institution as of yet.

Buy. Buy RIGHT now. Buy like all the other drooling FOMO retards that have zero understanding of any crypto projects they dump all their life savings into.

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suit yourself I guess... and it was at 0.0127 when I posted it

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this is just poor information. You need to get better material. Copy+paste some good fud.

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>he didnt post the total supply this time
go ahead fudder we have plenty of time to laugh at your posts while we climb

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Honestly I don’t know what to believe. I’ve been holding 100000 since .80 cents and this coin doesn’t behave like any thing else in the market. I tried to swing today and luckily only lost 40 dollars which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. I’m literally just going to HOLD because there is no use gambling with a suicide stack. Also I’m a poor fag with only 3,500 in crypto

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>buy at the top of a 40% pump
I think I will wait a little anon thank you for shilling your bags to me though

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keep hodling. the reason it mooned today, is because argentina has begun arresting people for exchanging USD for pesos on the street. people are going to still want USD but it will now be harder for them to get, and it will push more people into using the RSV app.

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Reminder why to NOT buy RSR

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I’m still shorting this shitter
Bought at 78 sat yesterday and sold today at 105
Will be back at .80 in two days

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>I’m still shorting this shitter
Based on what?

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What was the other coin Peter invested in?

Pretty sure its cuz of the paypal announcement

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Always sell a bubble.

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What exactly is causing this random pump anyways? Definitely isn't any fundamentals.

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Already holding brother, sold some of that pump to get ready for Covalent's IEO.

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yeah well people said the same shit about Link when it first started popping off

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he doesn't know

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This is the most sperg thread on biz. The FUD spread by you pajeets is why all of you eat your own cum.

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>t. public school teacher

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The agents are coming!
The agents are coming!
No Mr. Fudd Revere. The IRS doesnt care and nobody is siezing any wallets.

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Can 100% confirm they are in talks with Paypal

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Secured a bit of profit in case of an elections market dump
On my way to 1MM RSR

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Rsrdev said it would start at the end of October.