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>Literally the only crypto with a real future
>Literally Internet 2.0
>Literally made and backed by Satoshi himself

Why the fuck are you not all in BSV?!

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I am and it's a bad decision.

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Press S to spit on his grave

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Eveyone on biz knows Craig is a conman except your dumbass. Go shill your bags on plebbit pajeet

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how does it feel that paypal added BCH but not BSV? that's actually quite some statement from them if you ask me.

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You ask this everyday

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If BSV is so good, why does PayPal reject it?

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>Literally ignored by PayPal

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Accumulation period ends by the end of this year, time is running out.
Paypal will flood the btc mempool with transactions that its pathetic 1mb blocks won't be able to processes leading to a poor user experience and the removal of BTC from the platform. Naturally the price will collapse as the truth comes out.

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