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Who else got fucked by the Chainlink meme?

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How do you fall for a json parser meme anyway?

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Is there a way to get my money back? We could start a class action suit against Chainlink company or something like that

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You had 2-3 years to buy at 20 cents. If you miss something and it goes 100x, you don't fucking buy it. Look into Bagder - BEFORE it launches - not after chainlink esque movements https://github.com/Badger-Finance/badger-geyser

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no one who paid attention before 2019, unless they didn't buy
s to spit on newfags who showed up here at $2+

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I have bad dreams lately about it.

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That meme is at least 2 years old. So if you’ve been around for that long and still got fucked by chainlink...
You’re either a swingie or a nolinker who had 3 years

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Fucked? Nah. Wasn't early enough to make it either though. Bought at 3$ sold at around $5 I think? Buying it now seems ultra high risk to me though.

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I remember this feel, I hope to see you on the other side champ.