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No, but I’m looking to buy more at $6

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Why can't this shit either die or go up, why does it have to sit and sit and sit and sit and sit and sit and sit and sit for months and months and months, just go up or go to fucking zero already!

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chainlink is a shit coin

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Link marines help me the fud is leading me astray nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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corona crash would make me soo happy kinda tempted to buy another 50 at 10 but that`ll leave me with only $500 to trade till next 10th

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the train hasn't even left the station yet

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What kind of computer is needed to run a oracle?

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that means you pay a small fee each month to rent a virtual server in a server farm that someone else maintains (and keeps running 24/7)

You can run it in your house with any piece of shit computer that can run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but I really wouldn't recommend that, because it could go down a lot

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The people who are sitting on 6 figures worth of LINK had to wait 3 years for any significant price movement.

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Of course it's over retard. You morons bought a token that does nothing an API can't do. The founder has been dumping 10s of millions of dollars on you retards and all he did was pay someone 500 bucks to make a solidity contract to mint tokens on the ETH blockchain.

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I have 777 link and that's all i can afford, i'm poor as fuck and have been waiting 3 years too, get this fucking show on the road already.

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Yes 200x ICO price and a correction is over. (granted I think $5 or less is imminent)

Personally, DMG looks juicy.

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it's only just begun

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cringe, link marines sold at 20 dollars and bought at 20 cents. if you didn’t, you missed out

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Always has been

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bitcoin is going up because normies are finding out about it. itll go up then crash, thats when they put their coins into other projects like chain

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yeah but it was an awesome ride!

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maybe chainlink was about the frens we made along the way

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The ride never ends.

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Over? It hasnt even begun.

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checked and frenpilled

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Pfft, I tell ya. When Chainlink’s bullrun starts, your little nuts are gonna start quaking buddy.

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Why didnt you get a job you nigger?
Theres at least one freak on biz who only ate oatmeal porridge for two years to buy LINK

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You're not ready for the bullrun yet anon. Your balls haven't dropped out of your stomach.

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