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Andre Cronje just deployed a new Keep3r KPR contract
contract adress:


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shameless bump

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Seems like this is the non-beta one. This is going to $2k.

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what happened with the previous one? Did he pull the liq? no announcement whatsoever?

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Ok I'm done trying to fuck with whatever he is doing. Some guy just bought 266 of the new one bought at $2.

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Yeah, the point is that one of those addresses will be the last iteration and will be worth thousands of dollars.

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Explain to a brainlet how I buy this. Currently I can't seem to swap.

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anon posted the uniswap link above

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Yeah but it says "Price impact too high" no matter what I enter.

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adjust your slippage use the gear icon. andre added 400 coins

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no because of muh "test in prod"

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Can anyone tell me if this is safe to ape in?

apparently last and final iteration, the first one was a 1500x


is this safe pajeets?

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no, it's the f9c not the f78


you gotta go check the last contract he deployed

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What should I set it to? Keeps saying the same.

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set it to some ridiculous value like 10% or something

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this says v8 tho i think its the latest version

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not according to the kanye's deployment records no


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It's not even deployed by kanye himself lol

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This is the latest and greatest.

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Still not working, even on 20%

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are you on this?


can you send me the link for that ? It seems that this is legit tho

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You have the wrong token. Use the contract from here.


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This is wrong too



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Gonna try and accumulate this shit below 150

Can only pray this ubermensch doesn't pull the plug the 6th time

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Anon are you sure you are on the right pair because it works for me (tm)

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fucking retarded dumbfuck
That is the wrong token

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Why did the discord granny trannies all become obsessed with Andre

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dude this is all too confusing... how come theres v8 then


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anon, check out andre's address and make sure you aren't buying some rando coins created by ranjesh


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you guys do realize the etherscan just pull the token name from the contract definition right? any ranjesh can create a coin and name it Keep3rVn

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Lol how the fuck is the first KPR still trending on dexts

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>dude this is all too confusing
not really, if you know what you are doing
Listen to >>23386797
It is this one

Copy the contract address in the uniswap tab.
Also I am in now. Let's pump this shit

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Someone confirm this is the correct address?

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if this does turn out to be the final one best thing to do is to quietly accumulate

If he adds more liquidity then that would be the bull flag

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He can't tho, because the rest of the coins are locked in the contract

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no, that's a deprecated address

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the 10k? What would be the use for them again? Are those suppose to be the rewards paid out to the keepers?

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Ill fucking kill myself is this turns out to be the final one. I got rugged by andre twice and sold the last token at a 60% loss

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ye, read the smart contract

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nice try

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I posted it here when it went from 0 to 50 to $6
>>23385937 gonna fkn rope

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is the latest one deployed the actual final one? am i gonna get rugged by andre?

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>Ill fucking kill myself is this turns out to be the final one
Thanks anon, for the buy signal
Seems this is the one then

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>is the latest one deployed the actual final one?
He set 0xf9c in the unioracle contract. So it actually might be.

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It could literally be the final contract and he'd still rug just for the laughs
He's been deploying new ones all day for a slight change in the code

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maybe, becuase of muh "test in prod"(tm)

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>> No.23387009

no shit. he could even just redeploy the code and say oppsie dasie this is the final one I promise bro trust me

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fuck it i degened in, hopefully i don't get EMN'd

>> No.23387080

Nah anon, that's the final one. I'm pretty sure.
Obviously don't go All in. But it's worth a few hundred bucks. If he announces it on Twitter than this shit blasts past $1000 easily

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cmon now, literally the only thing you have to go by is the contract starting with 0xf9

>> No.23387105

How many did you all get?

>> No.23387112

>. I got rugged by andre twice and sold the last token at a 60% loss
Gib the eth adress. I bought at 10 bucks bcz of ur link kek

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of course anon. are you gonna sell the initial fomo pump if he does announce it on twitter?

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he's not going to be announcing shit on twitter lol, not after emn

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It's almost noon in Africa
He's gotta be planning something..

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He won't open 10 different Uniswap pools
And it has it's own website and documentation

I am pretty sure he does not continue to create new contracts for another week.
>are you gonna sell the initial fomo pump if he does announce it on twitter?

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godspeed anon, lets hope we make it

>> No.23387204

it says last updated 2 hours ago, can we see what it was?

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To keep a company running consistency and renewal of means is paramount and as such for Hot Potato to maintain its system allocates 25% of the bounty pool reward to the Recycle Pool of the system which will in turn serve as the next round of bounty funds.

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English, mother fucker, do you understand it?

>> No.23387362

so we have no way of knowing whether this is the final coin or just the latest iteration

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>omg new Andre token!

>> No.23387432

currently I'm 0.2 eth up with 1 kpr

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>there is still more volume going through the first rugged one than this

>> No.23387492

Just woke up and checking kpr.... see the last one just rugged and now a new one? Got a 10x from this yesterday...afraid to go back into these shenanigans. What is going on here lol

>> No.23387497

fucking kek

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>> No.23387621

Test in prod is what's going on

>> No.23387697

So he’s updated the article with this new address?

>> No.23387780

Appears so!

>> No.23387786

So he is very likely serious about it.
Otherwise he would not mint a new contract for the lolz and immediately update the address in the documentation, if he knew he would overthrow it again in just a few hours.
I mean I would not go All in, but risk reward ratio looks very good to me. Especially because burgers are still in bed as well

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About 3 fakes up on Uni as well trying to cash in. Will be interesting to see if this is the final iteration.

>> No.23387832

He updated the address with every new KPR token instantly.
He started working on the token yesterday. Made multiple tokens then and multiple tokens today. He still has the current token on docs as Beta address. He is still writing the code.
Do you think he finished his project in under 2 days?

>> No.23387846

Address listed as "beta", that's his _out, if and when he rugs everyone

>> No.23387850

which article? can you send it here

>> No.23387860

yearn finance is also beta officially.
It will always be beta. Period
I won't miss the next 10x, but you do you

>> No.23387862

Search for kanye's github profile

>> No.23387865

He won't keep testing in prod. I think this is the one. This could be big

>> No.23387874

Shit I only put 50 bucks in for 2 kpr. Feels good

>> No.23387878

anyone buying this dip?

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I want to, I have 7k waiting to dive in, if it's real but pic related is kill

>> No.23387890

nevermind it's over

>> No.23387903

Already got bought up

>> No.23387904

You are looking at the wrong coin anon. The latest iteration starts with 0xf9c

Go checkout the github page

>> No.23387918

thats literally what he will do. he will test in prod for 2 weeks

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For Fucks Sake

>> No.23387935

can you just send it here please?

>> No.23387946

He obviously was pointing out how the last iteration went. (back to zero)
Which is logical, because there is no more use for it.
But this one might be it. Not throwing in at least $100 if you can afford to lose it, seems stupid to me.
The other one went past $2000 and it was not even official
This one is not even 1:1 to ETH and will propaply be the final version
Like I said, I really doubt that Andre creates a different contract each day of the week for the next week

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>> No.23387954


>> No.23387960

Why wont he just use an unknown address for testing?
Why does he put the token up for Uniswap liquidity every time so retards can FOMO in?
Anyone even understand what the Keep3r network is eventually supposed to be 2 weeks from now when the final version gets finished?

>> No.23387965

Anon you are probably looking at the wrong coin. Check if the contract starts with 0xf9c

>> No.23387970

0xf9c is the real deal. We are lucky to get in on this before the burgers wake up

>> No.23387975

No but muh "next yfiii"

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That's what i used, you have no liquidity

>> No.23387992

yeah no shit there's no liquidity you want to degen in $7.5k man just buy a couple eth worth

>> No.23388007

I want 20 of them now

>> No.23388008

so buy less?

>> No.23388009

Cause there is only 20 kpr left in the liquidity pool anon. So far only two addresses added liquidity, and we don't know how the rest of the 10k tokens will be distributed. Given that everyone is eyeing for at least 100x on this one, nobody wants to add liquidity to this pair because of il

>> No.23388011

Why wouldn’t you do small buys separately

>> No.23388015

Don't buy $7.5k worth in one transaction, buy an eth at a time

>> No.23388065

fuck it mooned from 0.45 back to 0.65 while i was unlocking my ledger to buy the dip, literally end me

>> No.23388083

It's always dip if you get in early

>> No.23388085

you still have time before fatburgers wake up and fomo in. I bought this token for $30 and sold at a loss because i thought andrenigger gonna eploy another one...

>> No.23388093

btw the top wallets are beginning to unload their tokens that they got in first

>> No.23388101

3 hours till burger wakes up

>> No.23388107

Consider this your only chance to get in at all.

>> No.23388116

i already have some and buying now would DCA my buyin price higher...

>> No.23388129

>you still have time before fatburgers wake up and fomo in
unironically bought more

>> No.23388141

Someone DM fomosauruson Twitter he was pissed he missed the last one. No doubt he’ll tweet about this one when he finds out

>> No.23388144

I'm accumulating on the small dips and will unload half onto the burgers in a few hours when they wake up and keep half to zero or moon

>> No.23388148

There is little point dca'n if you are early enough. Just buy 100 dollars worth and forget about it

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What price are we thinking it'll pump to, conservatively speaking?

>> No.23388170

15k. And I will cash out and buy me a kangs mobile

>> No.23388193

one million trillions thousands of millions dollars per 0.0001 KPR

>> No.23388200

i got fucked so hard in the recent andre rugpulls that i put my last eth just now. if it fails i quit crypto cause im broke
dont fuck me again andrenigger

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bros are we dumping on the muttburgers or waiting for the twitter/normie fomo?

>> No.23388233

I don't know, but this made me lol literally, fucking Scamdre Rugpuller

>> No.23388240

Godspeed anon. We are gonna make it with this one. I have a good feeling about it.

>> No.23388244

Normies will unironically buy into the deprecated tokens or pranjeet copies

>> No.23388254

I'm in 1 eth too let's gooo

>> No.23388255

well obviously they would at this point but once the project is legitimized most of them won't fall for those

>> No.23388276

vampire bots are starting to drain KPR-ETH, don't buy in with anything other than eth if you want to prevent it, otherwise we are losing value

>> No.23388290

When do burgers wake up?
2 hours?

>> No.23388309

East coast should be waking up about now

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>vampire bots are starting to drain KPR-ETH, don't buy in with anything other than eth if you want to prevent it, otherwise we are losing value

>> No.23388324

There was another one added by Andre 6 hours ago that he just pulled liquidity from. What’s up with that?

>> No.23388325

nice. Still a lot of room to go.
The one from yesterday shot past $2000
This one isn't even at $200 yet
Really comfy

>> No.23388327

t. Vampire bot owner

>> No.23388335

i got fucked by that. went to 000000000000$

>> No.23388337

Test in prod (tm)

>> No.23388347

Because the one we are at is the final one
It's that easy

>> No.23388354

How do we know that won’t happen to this one?

>> No.23388360

conje is fucking hack...

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File: 555 KB, 360x360, House_Truck.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the only reason we think this is it, is because the docs have the address?
Is that all we got?

>> No.23388382

Imagine trusting this asshole ever again, let alone you (this reeks)

Tomochain solves this.

>> No.23388384

t. hayden

>> No.23388389

We don't know. Thats why don't throw your life saving in it

>> No.23388407

It's deployed by the yearn deployer address

>> No.23388420

What about previous ones?

>> No.23388434

Fuck off with your coin that nobody uses except commies

>> No.23388443


>> No.23388454

Anon, just throw fifty bucks into it and pray andrei test in prod won't deploy a new contract again

>> No.23388458

Big dip

>> No.23388462

Buy High Sell Low

>> No.23388465

He rugged it

>> No.23388471

0x4bf is latest KPR

>> No.23388475
File: 2.70 MB, 640x360, 1421296341934.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welps it was fun, what the hell

>> No.23388477


>> No.23388482

Bought more

>> No.23388484


>> No.23388492

buy newest address then sell when he changes address

easy profit :) i've done it 3 times now

>> No.23388505

is it on uniswap yet?

>> No.23388506

Beta Addresses
Keep3r 0x4BF4660f95a7A1489CC5f6c20E95e6Ad7d4F88c1
Governance 0xEEFb7264FD804e23eF55478c55105f6E2Bf1EFd9 (Deprecated)
Keep3rJob 0xB68E7dEB279EAa11F234DFf4931458d2C002D10D (Deprecated)

>> No.23388507

kill me

>> No.23388517

My life was ruined due to this shit and then i sold and bought cocos-bcx , its 100x better than this shit

>> No.23388519


>> No.23388536


>> No.23388537

what article

>> No.23388547

No liquidity

>> No.23388554
File: 1.42 MB, 352x640, 1592230477309.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do like i did and ask questions, be suspicious, the whole thing stinks pretty bad.

>> No.23388573

Not rugged but I think one of the first buyers just took profits. Can't blame him.

>> No.23388601

lost 2 eth kek

>> No.23388604

Liquidity is gone. So if he took profit at the exact right time that looks suspicious.

>> No.23388608

lost 1
fucking scamdre

>> No.23388610
File: 102 KB, 1024x819, 1336910964741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23388615

Same, this is the new one from the article now.


>> No.23388619

what are you gonna do? swap your useless tokens for the new one?

>> No.23388637

I’m gonna put a tiny bit of eth in the new one and hope for the best. Probably get rugged again.

>> No.23388649

DONT DO IT i got fucked of my all eth today by andrenigger

>> No.23388670
File: 2.97 MB, 960x540, 1525636003105.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would they delete then update with a new contract in the documentation? Why waste the time? Really fucking nasty.

>> No.23388687

why are people still buying the old token?

>> No.23388693

aware me on the article fren

>> No.23388694

New has no liquiditiy

>> No.23388706

old one is literally useless though, why would anyone buy it? dumped my bags @ 0.11 eth anyway

>> No.23388717

you guys are too fuckin easy.

>> No.23388730

no vol on that shit

>> No.23388735

anyone just waiting for his new token to have liquidity?

>> No.23388736

of course. gotta get my losses back

>> No.23388740

Yeah lol

>> No.23388749

how much eth we guys lost since today and last night? I im about 8 now lol

>> No.23388760

all ive had

>> No.23388764

retard if true

>> No.23388765

sorry to hear that man

>> No.23388777

Thanks buddy. Wish you luck on the next andrenigger token. He cant keep getting away with it

>> No.23388780

Literally created a new contract to cleanup error messages in the code, Andre, absolute legend

>> No.23388782

Is he going to add liquidity to this one?

>> No.23388784

so should my slippage just be 5%? or can I put it up to 10% and ignore the frontrunning message?

>> No.23388800

i assume so haha, just a matter of time, whether or not hes just gonna rug this i dunno but ive been burned twice now, so gonna get profits on the way up for this one lol

>> No.23388812

What’s the new contract?

>> No.23388817


>> No.23388820

What pisses me off the most I sold yesterday after a mere 2x and then it went on to do another 5x
And today I got rugpulled
Fucking nigger
Next one might be it though

>> No.23388832

add liquidity already andre nigger

>> No.23388862

Is this the one where he doesnt add liquidity

>> No.23388868


>> No.23388870

so you guys are just buying every contract he comes up with and getting rugged?

>> No.23388873

>Is this the one where he doesnt add liquidity
thats why i didnt sold the last one kek

>> No.23388875

if you get rugged 9 times and 10x 1 time you are even

>> No.23388881

Why the fuck did he add liquidity with previous ones if he knew he's just testing in production?

>> No.23388886

>if you get rugged 9 times and 10x 1 time you are even
yep i made 5x from yesterdays keep3r thread, so i can afford afew rugs now.. hopefully this one is legit and i can make 100x

>> No.23388892

based anon holding rugged tokens to 0 just like redditors with exit-scammed projects in 2018

>> No.23388905

i already got fucked hard so i dont care

>> No.23388911

So you guys just waiting for this?


>> No.23388924

WTF I love Andre now!
I love seeing these degens getting rugged over and over and over and over again going into a Beta address token. lmao

>> No.23388931


>> No.23388942

I should have bought Statera with that money
fuck me

>> No.23388944

>can't afford to thriw away a few eth for a chance at a >100x
poorfag detected, back to your wagie cagie

>> No.23388955

You guys really are retarded

>> No.23388965

He just started the project 2 days ago. He will update the code still 2 weeks, making 10 new tokens every day. Enjoy chasing a 100x that will only start once you are out of money.
I'll be getting in once he announces it on Twitter and get my ez 10x.

>> No.23388971

>bought Keepr yesterday,
what can I do with it ? swap with the new contract?

>> No.23388973
File: 70 KB, 1080x841, wifn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23388982

your 7.5k ready bro? put it in all at once as soon as he adds liquidity

>> No.23388983


>> No.23388989

yeah sure kid

>> No.23388991

Last commits on github for the contract where about cleaning up error messages and updating documentation, I don't think there are 10 iterations more to go desu.

>> No.23388994

you kang andrei does not do swaps. good luck holding your test tokens

>> No.23389004

Not even gonna read the thread, but I'm assuming you all got scammed again yeah?

>> No.23389013

andrei changed the token distribution model tho. now he holds all 10k tokens

it used to be that he holds 400

>> No.23389017

hope Andre will add a swap mechanism

>> No.23389023


>> No.23389026


>> No.23389032


>> No.23389033
File: 2.65 MB, 420x420, 1555122738356.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm about to go to bed and can't babysit this rug for much longer. I get the feeling this may go on for a few more days with updates.

>> No.23389037

wtf is bond()

>> No.23389038

So that's the final one now, isn't it?

>> No.23389053
File: 141 KB, 1000x1192, 1598308847540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

send your usdc to me i'll buy it for you while you sleep and send it back ;)

>> No.23389058

Kek, never change biz

>> No.23389060

doubt it. for fucks sake I don't even know what's the purpose of this token lol

>> No.23389061

Who the fuck added Liquidity in Uniswap yesterday with a test prod token?

>> No.23389064

yes but no, but also yes, but also no, but yes

>> No.23389072

Scam. Buy some cocos-bcx and wait for : Defi-Nomics

>> No.23389074

what do you think? santa claus? andre is the only one who can

>> No.23389076

Still, does anyone understand the project yet?

>> No.23389080

>Not even gonna read the thread, but I'm assuming you all got scammed again yeah?
im going straight to kleros court

>> No.23389082
File: 2.95 MB, 720x1280, wagie.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So that's the final one now, isn't it?
rr- right guys...guys?

>> No.23389086

Does that mean 10,000 going into liqudiity?

>> No.23389089

Yeah, it takes your money away in different iterations

>> No.23389103

hes added another 10k 5 mins ago

>> No.23389105

yeah it seems to do with decentralising "keepers" who would call contract functions such as yearn harvest, which so far was done by centralized humans

>> No.23389108

it means he can now allocate the 10k to anyone

>> No.23389114

shit implementation then, hasnt managed to take away any of my money yet

>> No.23389123

yeah that doesnt explain anything to me

>> No.23389126
File: 3.00 MB, 1000x837, huntergf4.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of anons got their Pussies Grabbed tonight (rug pull)

>> No.23389127

npcs are rats

>> No.23389132

then you are ngmi

>> No.23389155


kek why are some people still buying the old test token, it's at 0.01 atm

>> No.23389157

when liq sirs

>> No.23389170

this plese sir andreet

>> No.23389175


>> No.23389176

But seriously. He has just started the project yesterday. If he ever gets done with it in 1-2 weeks, he will then take a few days to test for bugs and then announce the real token.
This shit takes time, even for Andre.

>> No.23389186

yeah seriously wtf andreet I dont have whole day to wait

>> No.23389192

becuase new corn doesn't have liquidity yet. gamoomer needs to gabooooo

>> No.23389200

is there a way to get notifications from etherscan or another ethereum explorer?

>> No.23389202
File: 16 KB, 380x285, SanjaySingh_FB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23389208

bullshit. This is the one
Spread your FUD elsewhere
Not falling for it

>> No.23389212

hello andre sir hurry up with liquidity i must buy new kpr to feed my villege

>> No.23389220

hes such a scammer

>> No.23389223


guys, all 10k tokens were just moved from andre's wallet into the contract
liquidity soon?

>> No.23389227

soon tm

>> No.23389242

he figured out degens are FOMOing into these and changed the deployer to not even add liquidity to Uniswap
have fun watching etherscan non-stop

>> No.23389245
File: 114 KB, 750x1044, IMG_1728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please buy my coin sirs, it do well, you will see much happiness

>> No.23389260

give us liquidity andreet
>give us liquidity andreet
give us liquidity andreet
>give us liquidity andreet
give us liquidity andreet
>give us liquidity andreet

>> No.23389274

ok degens, just read the document. I think there will be another iteration soon because Andrei just sent the tokens into the contract and there is no way he can get it out now

>> No.23389284

does this mean this is the final?

>> No.23389297

anon... the contract adds the liquidity...

>> No.23389299
File: 85 KB, 508x512, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will add liquid to coin next sirs

>> No.23389309


You literally said that about the last one.

>> No.23389313

how come he keeps linking up contracts with no eth value to them?

>> No.23389315
File: 132 KB, 300x300, Personal-Finance-Questions-300x300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.23389320

top kek

>> No.23389359

he had a function in the old contract that deployed to UNI LP from the contract itself
i just checked the new contract though and that function is missing, as far as I can tell this new contract doesn't have the ability to create a UNI LP

>> No.23389382

Where are the proofs?

>> No.23389388

keeps sending 0 Kpr to the "final" contract? also looks like a lot to it and this is one day of work from someone known for buggy shit.
really doesn't look like something to be fomoing into desu

>> No.23389399

check for yourself the tx that deployed the LP to UNI last time and go from there

>> No.23389442

I'm too lazy for that, and I cant read that code lol

>> No.23389458

So there will be no liquidity for now?

>> No.23389486

so how would you be able to read the proof that you requested?

he sent all tokens to the contract and as far as i can tell yeah, it doesn't have the ability to add liquidity, definitely not in the same way that the old contract one did, but it's still possible i'm overlooking some new code from andre

>> No.23389506

I was just memeing with proofs, but I could understand it if you actually explained why it was so, because I can read some code at low level

>> No.23389669

Just I lost 200$ on last keep3r, he decides that it's the last with added liquidity

>> No.23389745

Andreeeeee let us ape add lIquidity

>> No.23389926

anyone understand the code thats currently available?

>> No.23389941
File: 153 KB, 771x804, 1597042410818.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23390170


>> No.23390204

anyone understand the code thats currently available and have anything interesting to say about it?

>> No.23390219

already did

>> No.23390233

you gotta have the token (or to be more precise, the LP token for KPR) to create jobs/reward workers

plus KPR is used as a governance token

>> No.23390430

Andre please rug pull us already

>> No.23390800

Sorry bro i see that now, cheers

>> No.23391167

0x6559 latest KPR lol

>> No.23391208

Shits not getting liquidity anymore

>> No.23391231

is Andre retarded with this all new versions?

>> No.23391254

why isn't he letting us degen in anymore

>> No.23391292

not even showing up on uniswap

>> No.23391320
File: 229 KB, 834x948, 1581794554831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23391322

learn how it works newfag

>> No.23391381

yeah just shows how incompetant he is

>> No.23391525

omg I've lost money approving previous token

>> No.23391544

How do you see what projects he’s launched?

>> No.23391604

you need to hold at least 5 YFI and then you check it on yearn.finance
hope you bought in when YFI was $35 like we did

>> No.23391648

Hey I hold only 4 YFI, could you please send me one so I can see the updates

>> No.23391659

yeah post address but please give it back

>> No.23391702

Thanks man, 0x40E01B0CbACdBCBD5483bfCc4Baf7F9a4bfDaBDc

>> No.23391717

sent ;)

>> No.23391723

you have suck blue kirby's dick also

>> No.23391915

Where I can find this blue kirby? Or is that andres synomym? Because his github logo is blue

>> No.23392163
File: 51 KB, 357x512, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My weekly moonshot channel “Uniswap Chads” previously brought you:

Bnsd finance, 380%+ pump. (Hot tip)
Mafia.network, 35%+ pump. (Moonshot)
Chess coin, 100%+ pump. (Moonshot)
DogeFi, 100%+ pump. (Moonshot)
UniCrapToken, 120%+ pump. (Moonshot)
AllianceBlock, 55%+ pump. (Hot tip)
BaconSwap, 220%+ pump. (Moonshot)
Toast.Finance (House) 125%+ pump. (Moonshot)
Fiscus FYI (FFYI) 60%+ pump. (Moonshot)

I do weekly moonshots and 500+ chads have already joined my channel and many of them are already profiting from these epic pumps!

I am making my own set of rare, limited edition, NFT’s which will be distributed to the people in my channel. The use case of these NFT’s will be announced once they have had a few weeks to become more distributed (I will give away 6 NFT’s per week, which is 3 per moonshot, since I do 2 moonshots per week). The winners of the NFT’s will be decided by 3 criteria. 1 NFT will be awarded to whomever purchases the most amount of the moonshot token, 1 NFT winner will be randomly selected from all participants and 1 NFT winner will be awarded to whomever buys the token first. (If multiple Ethereum addresses all managed to buy in the first block after the moonshot is announced then it will go down to a random draw between those that got into the first block.) Moonshot participants have to purchase the token in the first 20 minutes or they will not be considered to receive an NFT. The utility of these NFT’s has yet to be announced although I can say that holding them will have some very sweet benefits.

Next week’s call is going to be an ultra-low cap coin with STRONG pumpamemtals!! I'm predicting a MASSIVE pump.


>> No.23392217

kek, even with this kanye rugpull I still got out 300%

>> No.23392248


>> No.23392370


>> No.23392449

why not just unironically summon andre to kleros court?

>> No.23392454

People who sleep uses rug as a blanket

>> No.23392712

that was hilarious
>sorry guy, I was napping

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