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All the cryptos ripping off XRP schizos are really starting to get cringe

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SMG copied our GTA meme

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>implying that xrp threads aren't just retards larping as schizos because they think it makes their shitcoin mysterious and interesting
>implying that xrp has any actual good memes to rip off
>implying that 90 percent of xrp retard general threads aren't just mouthrbeathers reposting retweets from twitter larpers at each other
just go back and stay there
xrp is actual trash

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Fantom is now ripping off $2k EOY meme. It's gone too far. This is an XRP board.

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Better put them in their place before it gets out of hand

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We goin fantom on dis

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>this board thinks xrp isnt going to make it