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JBG, a bullish low cap gem?


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JBG has an existing use case since the beginning of the year it has been built into the OpenSea NFT marketplace platform.

JBG is accepted by my store as well as a few others:


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What is it

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A couple of other stores (other than mine) that accept JBG (that I'm aware of right now):


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It's the most vanilla token possible... no burn function, no wierd buggy stuff (I used a solid boilerplate deployer). The uncouth barbarian of ERC20's.

It's 1 trillion supply because I wanted it to be spendable (for "velocity") and get maximum wallet saturation.

To that end, I've done a lot of airdropping and tipping (in my Discord community using tip bot) to the extant that I now personally have less than 15% of the supply to my name (thus impossible for me to rug). Also, quite a few whales helps keep the balance of power well distributed too.

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What else, it's built into Trust Wallet and the logo shows up on Uniswap so, it's SLIGHTLY less cringe than poo coins that don't have their logos embedded/built in.

One thing that baffles me is how these pump and dump poo coins get literally thousands USD into them and then rug, all without so much as a logo in Uniswap.

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How do you get your logo approved in the wallets and on uniswap?