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>lost 26k in unrealized gains and now at 11k

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Food scams?

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are you me

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Nah just holding bags of shitcoins like core

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Same but 200k -> 30k

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Yeah dude this alt season is over cut all losses and just ride BTC

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I've lost 150k

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What price did you buy in? Wait till after LGE is finished and try to swing to make some back.

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I’m down from 190k to 70k right now

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500k to 123k here.

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160k to 5k the pain is too much might as well an hero

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Bros tell me you’re just larping.

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Exact same.
Regrets of a PNK non-swinger

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120k worth of link to 14k in shitcoins, lost in rugpulls and desperation
T. no larp

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700k to 300k here.

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If only you had gotten JBG, you be treading upon the vanquished while Kings bowed to your Aquilonian throne.


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Ive lost so much money I dont even want to look.

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I went 85k - 15k since start of September, thx BREE scumfuck scammers

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I make a regular +10% per month :)

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I lost everything

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>when your 2000 dollars becomes 4000 dollars and you think you're finally gonna make it but then it all comes crashing down so you gamble on shitcoins, panic sell and just generally lose money like a fucking retard until you're down to two eth, then you lose the last eth but managed to turn the other eth back into 1500 dollars so you only need a bit more and you'll break even

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200k to 20k

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holy crap, you guys gotta be larping, just hold some BTC and ETH, whats so hard about that

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stop buying shitcoins
it's that easy

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Fucking exact same JUST amount and I held BREE too. AND BZRX.

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60k to 20k 3 times, 20k to 4k, 4k to 250k, 250k to 5k kill me bros

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I went from 10k to 500$ and back to 12k thanks to LINK lmao

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I fucking wish i was larping i knew it was the top and i still didnt sell it was at the height of the y shitcoin craze im so retarded i wish it was larp

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Well I started with $5k so that's a 17x my whole folio in 2 months.

Only retards like me that go all in and never sell can get there. But retards like me also hold it all the way back down -80%.

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Started with 3k peaked at 70k over the summer
Now I haven't looked at zapper in a while too scared, probably down to 45k

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Same anon. Same.

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>Lost 2k in crypto from day-trading coins and not knowing about volume/liquidity
>Only 1k in my portfolio right now

I'm holding this coin. Do you guys think I will make it?


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I would kill myself

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i went from 60k -> 24k i feel nothing

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10k - 500k then back to 50k 2017-2018
50k to 750k from 2018 - 2020

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i lost a quarter million in 2018 lol

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How do you people cope with all of this?

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treat money as an inconsequential thing. its the only way to not an hero

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Check btc-collector dot online

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What the fuck is this? A pajeet bot?

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cant lose what wasnt yours to begin with

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I lost so much in unrealized gains in september and october bros i feel so fucking retarded

the only way I cope is that I know i can eventually make it back, I just need to start from the beginning again. Financially I am back to where i started before the august defi pump

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I lost over $100k you aren’t alone. Just get back into the game and reaccumulate. Rn is the worst possible time to fold.