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HEX. Will it work? Best case scenario?

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$1 EOY

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Why yes it will pamp, the question is how much

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If you havent already a 1 million bag then i dont know what you have been doing. Literally free money.

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Yes. Marketcap pole position.

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The question is not will it work. It's already working. The question is how well it's going to work, as in how fast it's gonna pump and take over the rest of the market. Are we talking end of 2021, 2022 or 2025?

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HEX is like XRP but more retarded. If RH can stay alive it will pump into the stratosphere

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More not-so cook pics of Richard "Spam King" Schueler, please.

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It's the first and only crypto designed around being a crypto, that is to say its price. Virtually every cryptocurrency ever put forth has no use case (except for Bitcoin which will be the next store of value after gold).

The truth is blockchain is the technology that people should be excited about. Cryptocurrencies are still very early, and there will probably be some use cases but the truth is a lot of things work very well without a cryptocurrency. 11 years people have been trying to find utility - nothing. Blockchain is the technology to watch, and most likely will see adoption, but it boringly won't make people rich overnight.

Hex has a lot more to it than just being a project about price. Many layers. The rabbit hole gets pretty deep.

For these reasons it could realistically break into the top 3. It is designed in every way to do it. In fact it's designed to be the perfect cryptocurrency. Will it? No clue, that depends on us.

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>Will it work?
>Best case scenario?
Richard Heart dies.

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Best case scenario if it works axion does it better
Fork of hex that gives airdrop to all hex holders
Removes copy of all rewards that go to richard like in hex, and all the eth goes to market buying axion

Its a community made version of hex where devs get nothing and all goes to community, most fair version of hex

Thats best case scenario

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Do you guys have any idea what millions of dollars in development capital could do in the hands of a creative biznessman. I am excite

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>perfect cryptocurrency.
It can't even be spent.

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People misunderstand decentralization. RH and the OA coins are a major asset to HEX holders and will likely to continue being such. Having one big shareholder is superior to many small ones. The whale can act as a CEO improving the overall ecosystem in the long run, while many small holders can't. The wish to get rid of whales (RH in this case) is still motivated by greed, but inverted to be greed of the "little people".

In regard to Axion, I think it might have a pump in the short term, but I'm long-term bearish on the project, compared to HEX. I will likely claim my coins, but can't say I'm excited about Axion overall.

>It can't even be spent.
That's the whole point. Why would you want to spend it. Selling/spending is a terrible use case.

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This is what makes Hex interesting. It's challenging what we think of when we think of cryptocurrency. It's breaking things. Disruptive technology. The raw semantics are now in question.

Bitcoin isn't used as a cryptocurrency either, too slow, to expensive, and the network has shown that people don't like spending it. They like holding it. They're using it as a store of value. Every metric points to this (see Michael Saylor's new interviews). And yet per Satoshi's whitepaper it was designed to be a currency. DeFi is the organic move to crypto being no longer interested in roadmaps and partnerships, not dependent on them. DeFi is breaking things. The emergence of fintech is changing the entire financial landscape. Fintech is breaking things. Hex is the center of all of this. Uniswap was nothing and saw no volume until Hex came along. Same with MetaMask. Much of the UNI went into Hex. The writing is on the wall.

Hex could drop to zero. There have been many projects throughout the years, many promises. What I'm saying is that nothing is like Hex. It's a disruptor, it's capable of anything. It's up to us to embrace it.

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it's already working. i've been in it since the beginning and had zero problems and i've made more money than my previous net worth. hex is amazing in every way and i don't even feel the need to shill it. its just gonna fucking moon there's no way around it

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put another zero after that decimal and thats exactly where i got in big boy. then i cashed out like half into eth and that almost doubled lmaoaoao. i fucking love richard heart. i'm rich off his hard ass work and smart ass mind

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Axion is a superior product and will topple Hex when mainnet launches in a week

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Satoshi was blinded by his ultimate vision of a censorship resistant peer to peer currency, which admittedly is art of the endgame for crypto.

The problem is that there is an obvious, though somehow underemphasized step to getting to the level where it's used for daily transactions.

The step towards it is to store enough value for the network to have sufficient economic energy to function as an independent alternative.

HEX is the first project directly tackling this problem. It is built with the main goal of solving it. RH seems to be the only one who understands how important this is.

The process of storing enough value takes time. And HEX is built to monetise the component of time between where we are, where we should be and onwards into an indefinite future after crypto has been adopted.

HEX is the necessary link in the process of getting crypto adopted and now that it exists, it will function as it's intended sucking up capital and growing infinitely, due to the mechanics of how the staking in it works.

When people buy and stake for 5-15 years, that's it. The value and economic energy is stored. And the beauty is that mathematically speaking people buy and stake faster than those who have staked can finish staking.

HEX is a game-theoretic masterpiece, a positive feedback loop, a meritocratic system set in code for all time with the purpose of freeing people from the legacy systems which have kept them enslaved through FIAT for so long.

Bitcoin can't take us much further. It's running on fumes right now. There's no possibility for excitement in regards to bitcoin. HEX however will show what is possible when a project is designed well. This space will soon be worth trillions because of HEX.

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Axion isn't audited and looks like scammy shit. It doesn't have 1st mover adv., doesn't have a flaming gay mascot, doesn't have a bigpayday.

Oh yeah, I looked into it. Its crap

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Yeah really sounds like you looked into it

It's been audited twice, has big pay days, and has a superior UI

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>Why would you want to spend it. Selling/spending is a terrible use case.
Because it's a currency. Are you retarded?

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I like reading the comments, so far. good job.

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Kek, you still don't get it, so you?
Keep selling your shitcoins then.

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I think that Hex will be the new CD. What are banks paying these days? It's astounding. With inflation you are guaranteed to lose money. Institutions know this and people are starting to figure this out. The crypto CD which allows this beautiful trustless way of transparency in the space.

Don't count Bitcoin out. Listen to Michael Saylor's interviews that are popping up. Bitcoin is better in every way compared to gold. It WILL BE the next store of value.

And don't play sides. If Hex wins Bitcoin wins if Bitcoin wins Hex wins. It's blockchain vs the world, not crypto vs crypto.

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>isn't audited
nice way to show loyalty to richard, just spread lies

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Told you it was going to break to the upside

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You will never have the network effect that hex has and your devs are anonymous pajeet

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he did tell you

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>And don't play sides. If Hex wins Bitcoin wins if Bitcoin wins Hex wins. It's blockchain vs the world, not crypto vs crypto.
this is what the zoomers need to understand they're just embarrassing themselves when they wish death upon Daddy

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When it comes to Bitcoin vs HEX, if you have a good understanding of both projects, IMO it's pretty clear that HEX is the better choice. Both projects target the store of value market. HEX just does the better job of storing it, through actually monetising you storing and holding your coins by staking, while the only advantage of Bitcoin is current brand recognition and having been first, unless you can give me some good reason for why it's still needed.

For the moment Bitcoin will remain king though. There's still time until people figure out what HEX is and see that it isn't going away while continuously appreciating in value. Once more people recognize HEX, it's very possible that it will be the catalyst for an exodus from Bitcoin.

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Go be a level 32 wizard in someone else's thread faggot

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There's never been a successful fork. Forks happen when people leave original projects for personal reasons or to get rich. This happened with Hex because some people just can't stand Richard, but this mindset never works. You have to choke down your pride. When disruptive projects occur, there are always competitors. Look at all the DeFi coins trying to figure it out (and there will be solid projects here). There will be imitators, there were 4 Hex copypastas at one point. This is the way the market works. When something wins, it wins everything. Look at Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. No one wants the second best. And so they swallow up everything and murder everything else.

Axion isn't even a fork, the code was ripped off of GitHub with some tweaks - there's never been a successful fork much less a copypasta. It's just not going to happen, even at the lower market cap.

Also, you are airdropped Axion 1:1 for holding Hex. You can have a double chance of making it, or bet on a copypasta.

Exactly. People that attack Bitcoin attack crypto. It's us vs the world not us vs us.

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There are plenty of coins that do Bitcoin better. Faster, cheaper, more secure etc. It doesn't matter. The first mover advantage is too powerful. Hex is only here because of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will be the future store of value. If you don't know this by now you should do a bit more research. What do you think about Saylor's points? Raoul Pal? Pomp? Chamath? Millenials don't buy gold, Millenials only own 5% of the wealth. Everything is digitizing. Add all this up, there will be an exodus. And Bitcoin will become the ultimate store of value because it's better for this use in every conceivable way.

That doesn't mean Hex won't be absolutely massive, but it can't beat Bitcoin. As much as I love Hex. That's why I have most my money in Hex. People aren't realizing how much of a paradigm shift it is. You can tell this because of the amount of vitriol with no substance behind it. It's uncanny, it tells me that people either don't understand it (usually the case) or don't want to accept it. These are weak walls to break, and when they break, it's fucking over.

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The year is 2035 and my stakes are about to coom. Whats the price of HEX?

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>Exactly. People that attack Bitcoin attack crypto. It's us vs the world not us vs us.

Bitcoin was a psyop made by the CIA and NSA with tech developed by them to tame the growing vital and economic energy of libertarians and anarchists. Satoshi Nakamato literally translates to Central Intelligence in Japanese. There was no man. There were only the institutions who created the idea of the man. They have been hiding it in plain sight, while laughing at you this whole time. The mystery of the man was consciously made this way to hide the fact that BTC was created by Intelligence agencies. There's power in mystery, which the CIA obviously understands.

Satoshi's vision of a P2P network for transactions is unreachable within the functionality of what Bitcoin provides and is such by design to keep the illusion alive and direct the energy of people into a dead end. People are attached to the idea of what Bitcoin represents, which is an amazing idea, but the problem is that people need to detach it from Bitcoin itself, since the code of BTC slows down any possibility of achieving what it puts forth as aspiring to achieve.

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1HEX = $5 after a correction from $30

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The market doesn't give a fuck about any of that. Isn't it obvious by now?

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>The market doesn't give a fuck about any of that. Isn't it obvious by now?
Sure. The market doesn't care. It just goes where the hype and the money is.
I'm just pointing out how BTC is not good code for the long run. Short term I'm bullish though.

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xrp is just an affinity scam
hex is pure game theory gambling

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It's all true but market incentives matter more. And as long as the ideal of a 100k or a million dollar BTC exists in the minds of the speculators it has the possibility to manifest itself as reality, regardless of whether it's a psyop or not.

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Get into some wrapped bitcoin and play defi maybe?

I don't care about code or anything else. BTC is about a ledger that goes back the farthest. Its the ledger, not the tech, which by the way is still the world's hardest network

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I am much more excited about this. >>23371383
Few realize what could become possible when this happens.

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Yeah, the amount of people screaming scam without any substance and pure ignorance reminds me early days of bitcoin.

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Hex's biggest problem is ethereum atm, but I'm optimistic longterm they can fix their issues

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I just hope they fix it before HEX gets too big for their platform.

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I'm buying hex specifically because there are people who get absolutely enraged when you say anything about it, and I'm going to be rich because their wails of "delusion and scam" feed my appetite for inflating it.

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Based and hexpilled. This is the right mindset. HEX derangement syndrome is great. Even people who previously seemed intelligent or respectable reveal their true nature as ideologues when presented with HEX. Imagine the anger and tears that will come when they'll realize they were wrong and missed out while we were doing countless x's. It's gonna be glorious.

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