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What we know so far about statera:
> $1 EOY is fud
>dashboard soon, probably days left
> 15 million tokens burned
> fud is getting more and more desperate
> guaranteed 20x next year
> secret project ;)
> NS, OP
> possible listing soon

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It's fucking shitcoin you are gonna get rug pulled by devs soon, stop promiting these scams.

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Nigga I own a large portion of all tokens. I'm the one who rug pulls. Don't you ever dare to speak to me like that.

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cant rug pull as contract is immutable

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what is the real and non-meme price prediction for the EONY? I want to grab a bag at 5c.

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Soon to be 16M burned. But yes it will crab until dashboard/secret project/marketing. If the devs solve the issue it has with volume and liquidity it could seriously take off to top 50

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Muh token burn muh $1 EOY

Fuckimg cope. First the refunds was going to be the thing that got you to $1 ... that was 2 months and 30c and $1mik in volume ago, Now its this dashboard. This coin is unironically never going above 10c again. Anyone still holding this not needed shit token is destined to be poor

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didn't read
never selling

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Is there any thing happening this week, if not it'll go down to probably 3 or 4 cents. Might not be a bad idea to "tether up" into eth or usdc until we get closer to positive news.

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Everyone knows that the Dashboard coming in 5-6 weeks won't cause a pump, it's the secret project solving the issue with low volume/liquidity and marketing that comes after that. It will blast straight through $1. The whales holding massive amounts of STA won't let it fail. Absolute worst case scenario they'll all pool together bumping up the returns a shit-ton which attracts more people. Statera literally cannot fail unless crypto and defi dies.

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biz has a cult following that will never let it fail. If there's ever a bullrun biz would shill this shit into infinity.

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im sick of these shitera posts

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No source, just all conjecture, you are doing a disservice to other anons. Look at the Volume ffs, this will go to a couple pennies for the foreseeable future, go into eth or usdc until this bottoms out, then buy back in if you want.

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>let me tell you a thing or two about making it
>owns 2k shitera coins

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That too. But STA is also very solid fundamentally. The absolute end goal would be to have it in all portfolios managing everything from crypto to stocks. And I wholeheartedly believe this could happen in a few years time.

Just imagine it balancing Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Facebook for instance while making use of the volume created by autobalancer. Would be revolutionary for investing.

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I hard-fudded STA for a while now, I'm done fudding. You won't get any help from me anymore. Good luck.

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I'm officially ending my FUD campaign against statera. I'm done accumulating.

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>thinking dashboard isn't priced in
fucking LOL

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This coin is basically unknown anywhere outside of biz, out of 4500 holders I would say anyone on this board with common sense already owns a bag. Accept that these threads have no point until there is news to share outside of biz, STA is absolutely dead weight until then. No one is selling because there's news coming, no one is buying because everyone who is interested in it has already bought. Hold tight, but you're wasting your time shilling.

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Statera is either the dumbest or smartest invention of the year in crypto. It’s stupid simplicity makes it so funny. I bought 2k just for fun.

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It’s a coin by autists for autists. Let us have our fun talking about this stupid fricken thing. It’s better than real life.

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Most decentralized DeFi project

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Why do you think the fud has been so effective? Because only biz knows about STA, for now. It’s only a matter of time when this gets out to the masses.

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think twitter will hop on next, eventually youtube. Not the youtubers people paid a couple months ago.

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>explain Statera to someone with autism
Oh, makes sense. I’ll definitely buy some.
>explain Statera to someone without autism
What the fuck why would you put money in that.

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I think what will happen is Dashboard getting released whenever it gets. Then the marketing campaign starts with paid YouTube shills and Twitter shills on top of it. It will for sure make price explode. Once it is high enough they will release the secret project causing price to break $1 after which no one knows what price is fud and what isn't and the real fomo will start.

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This isn’t fud btw. It’s just funny this coins biggest challenge is that people who are neurological genuinely cannot comprehend it.

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This is true. However this is why the Dashboard is key. The APY will be clearly stated on there, it will be easy to pool and that’s all it takes for the normies who know about liquidity pools but not about STA to hop in.

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I do think post dashboard marketing will help ST alot, but I'm not getting my hopes up for this secret project. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised

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They said it would solve the issue with liquidity/volume being so low currently/not consistently high. If this is true and it really gets solved, it means the returns will skyrocket.

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Didn't know they said that, guess I'll check the telegram. I'll give that a solid big if true

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Well they didn't say it outright but they very obviously hinted that would be it

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if the price pumps to $1 or .50c when we all start pooling the price pressure and fees from all the balancer TX is going to be insane. if you have no faith that the coin is going to pump in the next 2 months then why arnt you pooling? even with this low volume you can get ~30% ROI on delta pooling.... fudders will pretend like this coin is a scam but u could be literally making more money RIGHT NOW than any real stonk investment by pooling. once the dashboard comes out and the people that dont fully understand how the coin works have it presented to them in a retard proof way, shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

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Next year will be glorious. Don’t know about this one however. Not much happening

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gentleman, our bags are looking to rocket in the immediate future

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All of this darn fud that I always see in Statera threads, saying that it's a scam, has no use case, that the price is down over 80% from its all time high, that all the memes are just low-effort edits of link memes, that it's holders excessively shill on biz, that the dashboard is useless, that the dev is a Nigerian or that the Telegram admin is transgender woman... (all of these points are of course completely FALSE).

Why would y'all care so much, and take so much time to trash-talk a heckin great project that you aren't invested in? Why would they care that the Statera gang have just 4 or 5 threads in the catalog at any given time? LINK had TWICE that in its heyday and was not as solid as statera. And how come reddit and other sites don't trash talk statera like biz does? They love Statera and see the obvious utility it has. This is some kinda flim-flam, gang.

You see, Fud must actually be a really, really good sign. All of this Statera fud is just from people trying to tank the price so that they can buy more for cheap. (it won't work!) The fudders all wanna buy Statera! They're doing this because they know it's going to moon. No one on biz actually thinks statera is a poopcoin or a scam, NO ONE. Holy smokes, how come I never thought of this before?

That settles it. I've gotta buy more Statera! And so do YOU, buddy. Come on gang, let's all buy more Statera right now! Let's show biz what the Statera gang can do! Who's with me?

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fiddy tree hunnit statera yeah i think imma finna be da richest nigger in all realities existance da king of all nuggers

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Statera is a dead coin. Axia, QQQF & Stonk have made it irrelevant.
Oh, wait...

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Axia literally surpassed STA in volume yesterday

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aaaaaaand AXIA devs exited.

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shill me this, i get that its "Index fund" which is on balancer that consist of sta, link, snx, eth and wbtc and that when portfolio reshuffles gains or loses the sta token burns increasing the price of it, but who the fuck stops someone from creating such pool themselves since its on balancer and everyone can use it?

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This shit went up like anything else in the past year. People made money, you guys hold the bag. its a shitcoin like so many other coins out there and a stupid dashboard wont save it.

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noone stops someone from creating more pools, go wild anon, make any pools u want, if u think u can make a more popular pool than link/btc/eth/snx then do it, worst case scenario it becomes popular and people use it and the price of sta goes up. as we saw with xsta anyone can take statera and do whatever the fuck they want with it, building a coin up from no value is hard bro

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Look at the volume and try to tell me this isn’t a biz Flavor of the month shitcoin

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its been more than a month

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why the fuck even have statera in the pool balancer doesnt pay for it

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did the tranny really get fired?

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Apparently so

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fuck off kay zonday ya fudding kunt

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It's a recurring joke so no.

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but the real question is... would more people buy if the tranny did get fired?

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fair question - personally i think abu is the bigger problem since he works with multiple projects and isn't very interested in any of them particularly. he's a shitty community manager but somehow people think he is a dev so getting rid of him could help. i like the tranny enough puts in a good shift

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yea theres no way id be able to moderate tg bro, nigger pajeets and retards asking the same question all day, holy fuck its cringe to read i just dont wanna miss out on any buy signals

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gotta be half crazy to cut your own balls off even more to mod a tg let alone buy sta at 20 cents and hodl down to 5, but someone's gotta do it so the tranny it is

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Happy STActober my dudes

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Take a look at the holders chart. Unironically decentralized.

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its been confirmed...Statera team lied about the dashboard release. it is being released in December at the latest.

>> No.23370617

How much do you have?

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you just confirmed yourself as a liar, anon

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Autobalancers already exist in traditional finance. ie ETFs

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They have given estimates a few times but it always gets delayed. Good news is that it should be coming out before December if not then at least during Dec. Pool and swing until then

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Yea but they don’t make use of the volume. Have yiu ever heard of ETF’s averaging over 100% APY? Didn’t think so lol.

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I still say the dashboard comes out this month
I know there are only two weeks left, but I still feel good about it
When it comes to Statera, things seem to look darkest before the dawn

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the tranny even said stupid fuk

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Statera was way more powerful back in June when it had the daily general and constant Thanos memes. Now it's virgin as fuck with all this frenposting + everyone hanging out in a virgin Telegram chat. Low energy

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the tranny said: we lied about the dashboard release its december. Nigger are you retarded?

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These APYs only workout in the cryto space due to arbitrage opportunities found in price differences from different dexes

>> No.23371779

His point still stands, makes no use of the volume unlike STA

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i decided to sell my 120k Statera ... more better coins out there with bigger potential earnings

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if that was actually you, you picked literally the worst time to sell and deserve to lose your money

>> No.23372230

the problem is alot you don't know how to cut your losses. time is money. aint got no time to sit around and wait until december while everything else is pumping.

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You should have sold at 10c like the rest. And which tokens are you going into now you retarded half dolphin?
Why do you dolphins always refuse to get the fuck back into STA? because you lose all your gains on the trash you attempt to 10x

>> No.23372382

Also you're so anti social you can't even contact someone with cash to make an OTC deal to buy your stack.
This token would had been so much better if it was only the top 20 addresses and no one else.

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Nice anon!

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>While everything else is pumping

It's been a sea of red for weeks, aside from BTC and a handful of others making a little move.
If you're gonna sell, then sell.
Don't fucking announce it, just go.
Don't forget to whinge when we're at a new ATH and you're bemoaning the fact you sold at the bottom...

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There has never been a unique feature or improvement to this erc20 token. It's destined to fail with no significant brainpower behind it. No is going to use statera except to dump on normies like you

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I don't think you understand immutability...
Blockchains can be immutable and still have developers you fucking bird

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That's because Statera is a finished product
There will never be any updates to the token because they aren't needed
What the team is working on is improvements to the UI, to make using Statera more user-friendly. This is a good move imo because in its current state normies will never touch it

>> No.23373986

he's beginning to believe

>> No.23374141

wow so no updates ever needed for this finished product? amazing, hope they get that UI done before retiring early so you can learn

>> No.23374723

It get's done in December so you can go fuck off fudder

>> No.23374740

fuck off fudder it gets done this month

>> No.23374759

Oh I wish...

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This. Accumulate, swing and pool until Dec. Then Dashbord is out the dev team starts marketing and so will we

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