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>join a bunch of token discords
>incessantly fud
>invest in the projects that didn't kick me

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That's unironically a nice way to filter projects. Some teams are immature as fuck, they take constructive criticism as a personal attack and ban immediately

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what a faggot lmao

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you should have been kicked

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broke: discord is for trannies
woke: discord is where the elite gather

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Akro doesn't ban you for those interested, I fud hard. I even called out a mod for what he said and he didn't take it personally. All around based

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and yet here you are

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Whats your win rate?

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Its amazing honestly they must answer the same question hundreds of times . We ahould invite them here to call people faggots and blow off steam

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havent been kicked from any of the discords of projects that i thought were investing in, which is a good sign. i joined a few of the tg's of the garbage projects posted here, and, you guessed it, they all kicked me.

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I did this in the puffcore telegram and they just kept me lmao

based devs

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No I mean did you invest and actually make money

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havent invested, yet. bear market is going to likely crash all these alts another 66%+

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