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Im thinking of borrowing eth on aave to buy linkpool. can someone explain to me how to do that with my link stack and how I got about paying back the loan but can keep the linkpool tokens after? total noob here

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this is now a thank you thomas thread. write "thank you thomas" and chainlink will be $100 eoy.

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Loan stablecoin and buy Eth with it at binance for example. Dont loan eth, if eth starts pumping you are fucked. I think. I dont know

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This anon is correct, better to borrow a stable coin against your collateral as then you can predict the debt load. if you borrow say 100 eth at $380 ea and eth goes to $480 each the debt may outweigh your collateral risking liquidation.

>t. Borrowing on aave against my linkies for a while now

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so I borrowed 10000 dai against my linkies..now link is pumping. how do I worry about paying back the loan? if at all?

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What if you buy Tether and Tether implodes?
It's value will be basically nothing, erasing your debt, but what if you can no longer re-buy the tokens to pay back your loan?

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You loaned stablecoin not link. Link pumping is good

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What if ww3 starts and we all die? There are other stablecoins than tether btw

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thank you thomas

You can't dodge the Hodge

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Thank you Thomas