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I was setting up a metamask for my gf so i thought i would be fine just "overriding" the current metamask I have to make hers (on the same browser) Thought i could just use my seed phrase later and it would recover all the individual accounts inside. So i tried to do that and it started me off with account 1 which was good, 2 3 and 4 as well but when i clicked add count for 5 , 6, 7 , 8 they wouldnt recover they would just be fresh new wallets.

pls help i had 80k in there wallets 7 and 8 like a retard. Am i stuck

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please help this man!!

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I'm sure you'll figure it out

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What's your seed phrase anon? I'll see what I can do.

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Your gf definitely gonna steal your seed phrase.

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Devo is a normie with a gf reeeeeeeee

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did u restart ur internet sir?

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what? your seed phrase should restore everything...have you not got metamask on your phone?

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Why do you have 8 wallets in the same metamask and why you put all your money on 7 and 8? Contact their support retard.

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imagine not having 100 wallets in the same metamask. look at this faggot

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I set up Metamask for my sister so she can earn money through ponzi schemes and sent some ether to her address to show how it works. Now she can see in etherscan how much money i've got and earlier I never said her that. Though she doesn't know well what etherscan is and probably won't look up my address.

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try myetherwallet

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Just download a new browser or use a diff computer and import your wallets with your seed phrases

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fuck got me chuckling

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Go fukk urself Devo you are a scammer pos and help bantony steal from ppl like w Wage Money.

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did you import accounts 5-8?

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> he didn't export his VALUE private keys

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Like did you click the new wallet button to make these wallets or did you copy in a private key/JSON file

I've imported my seed words onto another computer, did not have any problems whatsoever importing all my accounts. Do they show up as empty on etherscan?

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