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JBG, bullish low cap gem?


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wow that is one grim shitcoin, down to it's last decimal
at least it literally can't drop any further
$150 daily volume and 500 bag holders
this is the most depressing thing I've seen all day

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I think it's bullish... it has a use case (NFT payment option on OpenSea). It's been around since February, and no, it's not actually at all time low.

If by grim, then you mean, like the Cimmerian of ERC20 tokens, then, okay, it's fairly grim... and it laughs at your four winds.

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Lookie here, NFT auction on OpenSea starting at 0 JBG.


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Zeta - https://medium.com/zeta-protocol

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Are you too lazy to summarize Zeta? You realize no one enjoys the pain of going to Medium to read stuff without some summary/synopsis first.

Is Zeta an ERC20? Is it yet another convoluted Tribe of Judah(TM) mechanism to skim Goy pennies into a bucket and run off with it?

A bit of info would be helpful.