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>23 cents and falling
I am financially ruined and no longer have the will to live

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Xrp was debunked a long time ago

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What does this mean anon

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no fud

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$2000 eoy bro
just keep holding

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bullish. Bless God. You are constantly inflicting. Your slow demise. BIG DICKS BIG DICKS BIG DICKS BIG DICKS

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>He went all in on just one investment
I'm holding some xrp too, but I find it hard to feel bad for you.

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>95% of transactions and blocks are empty

What did you expect? Nobody is using this shitcoin it is just a proof of concept

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Most plausible conspiracy I read from some insider larp that gets no attention because it will suck is that ALL crypto will crash to insolvent levels before booming up again. A Rothschild special.
Buy enough that you can loose it all and stop stressing.

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It means it's proven debunked.

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Once September past you should have sold.

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xrp is the absolute best coin to get into RIGHT NOW. it's vastly undervalued. you are a complete mong if you don't have at least 10k xrp with the price this low

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lmao take your shitcoin back to twitter and fuck off
i honestly doubt any of the "schizo" threads where you just repost twitter larpers back and forth at each other got a single biz regular to buy any of that trash

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10 cents EOM, bagholders rope EOY

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I wonder how that söiboi from youtube with the long fucked up hair is doing when he's been posting all cringy xrp shit for months on end. Literal schizo tier if you hold xrp. Muh previous pumps.

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do you follow the news at all? i'm not upset if you don't, but xrp is actually being used irl for things other than pump and dumps. there is demonstrable value in xrp. it is here to stay and now is the perfect time to buy.

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>silver 2.0

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yeah, it's being used as a cash register for JEd and Cripple execs. 55 billion left to sell.

Nice nothingburger conference they had just now, paid for with gullible faggots money,

No fucking way in the physical universe we occupy this ever goes to $2000 or whatever the like. Not unless a loaf of bread costs $10,000 first.

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are you saying I have to wait 20 years until the next rally?

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Bunch of people might buy in as everyone likes to waste money. Look at the retail chains stock prices that are fucking on death's door. I would prep a sell point to get out of it.

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silver is better unironically. xrp as silver implies its networks are even up in 10 years

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XRP is based. This thread is based. Buying now

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I heard XRP can settle transactions.... FAST!!!

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I bought $500 bucks worth of this shit a few months ago as a joke, and ended trading all on eth liquidity to get my uniswap shitcoins out. somehow this means I made money on it

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I guarantee XRP is going to mega pump. Probably once all of the little bitches stop talking about it

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It's been over since December 2017 anon.

Look into Zeta

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There was a massive post on r/XRP where they debunked the whole project, fucking faggot kike devs.

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I find it hilarious xrp cultqueers couldnt get new buyers so the devs hired people to shill it nonstop on 4chan to bring in all the mentally stunted retards into the coin and you peasant class poorqueers fell for it hook line and sinker. this token had its day years ago and like chainlink its time is over and done and yet you 2 cultqueer token fags cling to the past thinking it'll return someday.

kek the standard.... the standard of shit

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XRP ruined my life

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All of the schizos have heard the call... this is why they aren't posting here. If you know you know.

XRP 2k eoy

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and a bad one at that
slow, missing blocks, permissioned garbage for no good reason

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But ripple as an agreement with [redacted] bank! This means the establishment likes it! It doesn't hang around alleyways smoking dope like Monero! It's the only RESPECTABLE cryptocurrency!

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>false and misleading fud
shut the fuck up tone

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you have permissioned masternodes when there is 0 need for them currently, if you want to do masternodes, you can do them based on staked balance rather than just locking your shit behind a trustwall; 32 thousand missing blocks
what's misleading?

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>what's misleading?

4 seconds, sub-penny fees, can actually scale

>32 thousand missing blocks
"January of 2013, a bug in the Ripple server caused ledger headers to be lost. All data from all running Ripple servers was collected, but it was insufficient to construct the ledgers. The raw transactions still survive, mixed with other transactions and with no information about which transaction went in which ledger. Without the ledger headers, there’s no easy way to reconstruct the ledgers. You need to know the hash of ledger N-1 to build ledger N, which complicates things."
>Jan 2013
>xrpl still in early develoment
It's irrelevant...
An interesting innovation is the invariant checking, that add an additional layer of security by insuring that each critical variable is coherent before any ledger close
xrpl/fba seems to be less prone to failure that the other systems
but I listen if you have something to add

>permissioned garbage
Anybody can have a node, with its own trusted UNL, therefore the control of ripple is diluted over time.

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Move to kambria ass hats.
Weve been telling you for weeks.
Up 50% since yeatedsay.

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i'll see you in lichenstein

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oh no this template shitty meme will make me sell my (in profit) bags
>look guys i'm so cool I hate what the culture of this retarded board tell me to hate, I am accepted in the group now amirite, amirite ?? based dudebro ! let's put money in pastabox.finance bro it will moon

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nobody gives a shit about your bags faggot

shove them up your ass for all I care

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> XRP profit
> I timed this pump and dump scam just right
sure retard

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>he show me the linear scaled post-2017 bullrun
Yeah I can look at a graph too ...
Only bought this year after all the recent happenings
but the other retard is right nobody gives a shit.
but good to know that you
>buy high
>sell low

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>can actually scale
any central server can do multiple times cripple's speed and with no fees
that's why DAML and corda are being used on CBDCs, and not cripple

>It's irrelevant
it shows how incompetent schwartz is and how cripple is completely behind the enterprise chain companies; cripple can't even do interoperability with public chains using xrapid, your tech is the absolute lowest enterprise chain in the market

>Anybody can have a node
a listening node, you're not making any blocks
go see what masternode means and how PoS coins are doing what cripple does, but with no trusted point of entry
>just run a v-validator
lmao, just goes to show how illiterate you really are
your validator will not detect anything the masternode chooses not to disclose, your cuck-tech is DOA from every possible front: disaster as a public chain, outdated trash as private solution

the only thing cripple manages to produce is retards like you who buy bags and expect that banks will buy them at a premium
keep holding!

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While stellar goes up, which i predicted on this board many times.

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I hate xrp I hate owning xrp and I hate jews

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those who know obviously know, wagmi brothers. fuck fuds and niggers

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The airdrop will help us all! Register before December 12th!

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