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Uh, guys?

Is this priced in?

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Yes I believe it is, we’ve seen predictions of a second wave in the fall since mid summer

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same in the eu

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It’s from increased testing, idiot. Look at death rates. They’re all still flat.

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Looks like the beginning of a third wave to me.
Protip: Food is a good investment for the next few months.

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im a lefty and it drives me fucking nuts when people dont realize the death line is flat and thats what rlly matters.

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Cases are rising, but deaths are stagnating and in some examples decreasing. It's clear Trump is right, this is not as deadly as they claimed it to be. Lots of people are probably immune or have it without knowing.

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You know this cock sucker is working from home.

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what a hoax this retarded shit has been

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even if deaths stay the same and don't rise, that's 400k dead americans in a few months.

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My God...

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>2nd wave oh my god!

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>the death line is flat
This new wave just started. There's a delay between being infected, being hospitalized, and dying.

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>nothing can return to normal until everyone takes the vaccine

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America has an average of 240k dead Americans each month regardless of Covid.

400k deaths per month is really not that bad for a location with such poor health and healthcare access.

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bah gawd

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>the death line is flat and thats what rlly matters
Its not flat and its not what really matters.
Covid is not a binary outcome like the flu, where you either live and recover or die. Covid has outcomes where people are left needing double lung transplants, dialysis, have heart damage, have clots that cause strokes, heart attacks, etc. Covid can leave people disabled, unable to work and sucking tax money from the system for the rest of their lives.
This is not good for the market, and its not priced in

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Oh, it appears so. Are people dying from it?
Are people going to the hospital from it?
Is it harming children or young people?
Is it having any negative effect whatsoever on children?
Is it having any serious effect on people under 70?
Is there any severe long term effects from it?
>if you have diabetes or you're over 90 years old, yes
Oh, ok. So why does it matter?
>b... muh.... uhh.... holy shit this guy thinks COVID is a hoax! He doesn't believe in science! This guy is a racist! Trump supporter anti-masker over here!

I'm not even exaggerating, this is the current discourse going on right now. People can't even perceive reality through their own perception, their views are permanently warped from online/television/newspaper media

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>Covid has outcomes where people are left needing double lung transplants, dialysis, have heart damage, have clots that cause strokes, heart attacks, etc. Covid can leave people disabled, unable to work and sucking tax money from the system for the rest of their lives.

I am begging you to get off your computer and go outside. I'm fucking begging you to walk to the nearest hospital and talk to regular people. No, I don't mean doctors interviewed on MSNBC. Go outside. I'm begging you.

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The election results are already priced in. Corona killing another 100k Americans over the winter isn't.

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Yes. We will print the problem away.

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I understand why you don't want to believe it. Its difficult for the brain to process. Its very scary, and that makes it easy to pretend it isn't real so you feel better. But it is real, and going for a walk won't help. There will be tens if not hundreds of thousands of people disabled for life before this is over

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This is the reason why the price is tanking.

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no one is dying of covid you jewnigger shill. you need to go back.

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Classic cup & handle...bullish!

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>reporting for duty great Corpe Tech!

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>look out of the millions of people who got it, recovered, and then were perfectly fine we cherrypicked a few hundred people who were already in ill health and got permanent symptoms, the sky is falling guys
This is what too much media indoctrination does to you, like the another anon said, please, go outside, talk to people, this isn't healthy

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>Its very scary

Huh. See, I've flown across the country multiple times since March, I've traveled to several different states, and I've been working in office since June. I could not be less afraid of the spooky cold, amigo. You're projecting.

>There will be tens if not hundreds of thousands of people disabled for life before this is over

You're a freak, you can't be saved. Anyways, I'll just continue living my life as normal and there's nothing you can do to stop me. Enjoy your schizophrenia man.

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now show the deaths

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Weak b8, no one is this retarded

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God I'm truly blessed to live in this shithole country.

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The flu doesn't have a binary outcome either you fucking idiot. Everything you listed can happen with the flu. It has a binary outcome for MOST cases, just like Covid has a binary outcome for MOST cases.

There's an estimated 750 MILLION covid cases worldwide. If Covid had serious complications in many people you'd CLEARLY see the effects when 10% of the world has it.

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Yeah no, I literally go to bars and restaurants every weekend. I flew across the country to attend a social gathering with 50+ people from multiple states. I went back to the office as soon as i possibly could and I wear a mask as little as possible. I interact with 20+ people a day.

I've never gotten the spooky flu and I've never felt sick. If I got it, it'd go away after 3-5 days just like it did for our obese geriatric president. You're a fucking faggot and a freak if you're below 60 years old and afraid of COVID-19.

The thing that makes me happiest is that all I need to do to win this "debate" is to keep on living my life as normal, which is what I will do. Meanwhile you can eat shit and get fucked my man. Everything I posted is a fact by the way.

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>you need to go back.
I've been here long before /biz/ was made as a crypto containment board, you whiny cunt.

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Considering it only kills the very old or very sick, 100k doesn't matter. 3 MILLION people die in the US every single year. You think adding 100k is really going to make or break the economy? You bears are mental

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They are literally paying people to get tested just so it won't end before the election.

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>Everything you listed can happen with the flu
Can you list some cases where 20 somethings with the flu required double lung transplants to survive?

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literally just take vitamin d lol

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>I know it's difficult for your brain to process how scary covid is, and it's much easier for you guys to deny it even exists, this is very, very real and very, very terrifying.

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Yes, ventilators will destroy your lungs if incompetent doctors put you on it needlessly.

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It's the pneumonia that damages the lungs you idiot, and pneumonia happens from the flu similar to how it happens to covid. The flu is actually literally less dangerous for people under 20 by a significant amount.

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The fewer people who be, the more money for me.

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so no then?

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You could have just said "I don't believe in science" and saved us both some time.

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the internet was a mistake. i dont thnk any of this nonsense could have happened before the 2000s, people would have just gone outside and realized the dupe, nowadays simulation of the internet IS the reality for these dumbasses

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Because it totally would have ended before election if people weren't being given fucking $125 gift cards, lmao. You schizos are too weird

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>Ding Ding Ding

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then you need to kill yourself instead, leftoid retard faggot. What can you contribute to this board when you believe everything that comes out of the jew mouth, you fucking nigger.

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We should be more worried about lack of a second stimulus round since that too is already priced in.

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i got 10 ETH to put into this shit how do i find it on uniswap

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>I don't believe in science because jews do!
Jews believe in breathing in and out, too. Stop doing that. Now.

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>100k old people die
>100k less people sucking down social security/pensions
>~300k boomer households get mega-inheritance bux
>they blow it all immediately, stimulating the economy
This is bullish af

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Let’s consider a few basic facts. 500k people die in the US every year from smoking..... fucking cigarettes, which are legal are twice as deadly as covid has been (if you believe the exaggerated death count).
The majority of deaths counted were for people whose age already exceeded the average life expectancy.
You’ve been fucking scammed by politicians and retarded data “experts” Who don’t recognize their own blind spots and infer extreme conclusions from skewed measures. You gotta be completely fucking brain dead to still be worried about this shit.... knowing what we know now.

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No what? The pneumonia was responsible for the double lung transplant, which can occur from different bacteria or viruses, such as the flu. Your base assumption that covid was the reason, is faulty.

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testing retard. deaths are low as fuck faggot. go fear monger on pol stupid fuck.

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No, only you deny science. Covid 19 is much smaller than the holes in a mask and even an n95 mask. It's like covering your body in chainlink fence to protect from mosquito bites. Pro tip: it won't. All that wearing a mask will do if you're not sick or coughing/sneezing everywhere is make you breathe harder and make co2 build up which will negatively affect your lungs if you do it for hours every day.

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Dude, the Hong Kong flu killed 5M people in 68-69, which is significantly more than covid.... people didn’t shut down the planet and hide behind masks, they went to fucking Woodstock and passed around joints. The media has stirred up so much panic over this shot it’s unreal.... it only looks big because we’ve been watching it so closely for so long

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>retarded data “experts” Who don’t recognize their own blind spots
Lmao, yes anon you totally know more about their fields than they do because you watched a few youtube videos. Their decades of experience in their respective fields are no match for your youtube-fu.

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"science" is garbage you jew-loving spiritual homosexual.

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Quit being obtuse. We all know this virus is the biggest fraud in the history of mankind. Never forget that germ theory is just that, a theory.

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USA is #9 in the world in deaths/population: https://www.covid19reporting.info/

the line of deaths/population is going up in the USA not down, see same site

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Well yeah, I actually am an expert in my field and state at numbers all day long. Was clear as fuck to anyone with a functioning brain that early estimates were heavily skewed.... since you initial data was mostly gathered in hospital settings. Now we know more than we did then, and surprise surprise.... it’s barely worse than the flu for most demographics. The problem with people though, is most are stupid and don’t want to change their mind or be wrong..... sunk cost fallacy

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Yes of course anon, .33nm CO2 particles are getting caught in your mask but the 100nm Covid particles are just flying straight through. Shit, I didn't expect /biz/ to have a particle physicist lurking, guess I shouldn't have spoken out of turn lmao

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Holy fuck 2nd wave covid just flew over my house.

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>Knowing things is too hard, I'll just act like science is fake and right-wing youtubers are the real experts!

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There are many, many cases of permanent brainfog and chronic fatigue. As someone who lives with those conditions, trust me when I say the regret you feel when unable to undo the choice that brought them upon you is the blackest, most helpless state you will have ever experienced. And it is-- as of yet-- incurable. Herd immunity doesn't take that into account.

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How do you feel when many bitcoin holders are in fact naive cuckolds who believe everything the media says about C19? And that sell their coins for fear of this second wave?
We are sharing our crypto space with cucks.

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you're the one denying science: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/342198360

duration of mask-wearing by the public was negatively associated with mortality (p-value < 0.001)

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Weird how you can still smell the fart particles though, having passed through both your pants, and your shitty home seen mask.

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You don't think there's experts in their field who are calling the governments response as criminal?

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you are literally dumber than a nigger

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Yes just like the oxygen theory of combustion is just a theory. Why don't you douse yourself in gasoline and light a match since theories are just some guy's idea that he cooked up on a lazy afternoon one day.

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>8 months since outbreak


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The US isn't experiencing the whole wave 1, wave 2 thing. It's just a gradually rising tide

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You dont know anything other than how much you resent your weak/absent dad for failing to stop your mom from feminizing you, m'Science cuck.

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>people didn’t shut down or wear masks
>killed 5M people
Wonder why?

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>crippled with permanent brainfog and chronic fatigue
>you science denying hicks better listen to me!

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Your a fucking retard. No one gives a shit about this gay ass virus anymore. I bet your one of those idiots that wears their mask alone in the car.

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>There are many, many cases of permanent brainfog and chronic fatigue

case of the feel bads :(

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>There are many, many cases of permanent brainfog and chronic fatigue. As someone who lives with those conditions, trust me when I say the regret you feel when unable to undo the choice that brought them upon you is the blackest, most helpless state you will have ever experienced. And it is-- as of yet-- incurable. Herd immunity doesn't take that into account.
I too caught covid and now my nose turned into a hook nose and one of my asscheeks is now bigger than the other.

>> No.23326717

Friendly reminder that it doesn't matter how masculine or tough you think you are, it won't help you against a virus that attacks your very cells. Oh wait you probably don't believe cells are real

>> No.23326731

The projection is real. Post a pic, I wanna see how much of a chinless, projecting chud you are, weakling.

>> No.23326744

May you never taste this kind of regret. It will be by the grace of Christ alone.

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Yes. Mask wearing prevents the spread if you are sick already because coughing/sneezing doesn't fly everywhere. If you are not sick and noone is sneezing/coughing on your face then a mas does nothing besides restrict fresh air.

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High quality thread right here.

>> No.23326752

Every virus is different. This one is interesting in that it barely affects younger demographics at all..... instead of exploiting this vulnerability, we are shielding everyone from it and hiding in our homes.... just waiting for a vaccine. It’s pathetic. The sooner we get to 60% percent immunity, the safer everyone is. Be it by vaccine or spread. Why the fuck are we shielding the young and healthy? We are literally subjecting kids to the strictest reopening rules.... when they are the safest demographic. If we had smart leadership, schools would never have closed and we would have made an effort to shield the old and weak. Would be over by now With less deaths too probably

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Thank God I work in healthcare. I'm laughing all the way to the bank.
The only bummer is that I probably won't be able to travel internationally again for a few more years.

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Sure about that? Because last I checked, Biden is favored to win right now, thanks to all those (according to you) non-existent people who care about the virus.

>> No.23326767

It's all just too horrifying for them so they have to pretend it isn't real so they can cope with it, even if it means believing in things that have no evidence or basis in reality whatsoever, even in the face of proven verifiable facts.
It's a common type of delusion some weaker minded people have during long term stressful situations.

>> No.23326781

trump is going to carry states you have not seen turn red since the 1980s. maine, new hampshire, minnessota, are all going red this year. reddit is going to have a meltdown.

>> No.23326797

A virus so devastating 80% of people need to be tested or they won't even know they have it

>> No.23326800

Wrong, people he initial panic was understandable, back when grocery stores were empty and we though people in China were actually dropping dead in the street. There were a lot of unknowns. We know more now, but you’re afraid of changing the narrative..... sunk cost fallacy

>> No.23326801

>If we had smart leadership, schools would never have closed and we would have made an effort to shield the old and weak.
This ignores the reality that asymptomatic carriers can spread it to people who ARE vulnerable. How do you suggest we protect the elderly when their pozzed up kids and grandkids are all running around without a care?

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I only wear my mask if I'm going to a store and they require it. If they do, I wear the mask below my nose to give myself fresh air. I never caught it even once. Seethe retards.

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You are literally a discord tranny.

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Fucking autocorrect

>> No.23326814

Interesting hypothesis but I'm afraid it's not backed by any actual evidence. And no, youtuber opinions and facebook memes do not qualify as evidence.

>> No.23326853

Most of the elderly in our society live alone or in homes, not with their grandkids. Literally all we had to do was make sure the vulnerable wear n95 masks and socially distance. Everyone else just needed to wash their hands more regularly

>> No.23326855

>leftoid retard faggot
I didn't say anything that suggested I was, numbnuts. You really are a deranged little cunt.

>> No.23326856

>80% of people need to be tested or they won't even know they have it

Approximately 72% of polio virus infections were also asymptomatic. Those infected eventually ended up severely disabled. We don't know what the long term effects of covid are or if those that are not getting better ever will.

>> No.23326858

I didn't go on vacation this year. I can't go to Canada to hang out with my friend or for a cheeky date night. I've been to a restaurant like 5 times since March whereas my parents always want to eat out when I see them. Best friend postponed his wedding indefinitely. I've been working remotely after being unemployed for 2 months What the fuck else do they want me to do? What do they expect us to change? Where's the tipping point where normal people stop giving a shit about any of this?

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it didn't measure mask wearing by only sick people it measured mask wearing by the public

>> No.23326870

You are?

>> No.23326898

Pneumonia heals in two weeks, and hepatitis A in four weeks.
No need to crash markets, close industries, order lockdowns, etc.

>> No.23326903

Yeah totally. This started out as 14 days to slow the spread, so that our hospitals could have more time to prepare for a surge and not be overwhelmed. That worked. Somehow though, it’s he goal became new new cases, which is fucking crazy. Life must go on.

>> No.23326921

And 0 cases of the flu will happen

>> No.23326925

And the world managed to function just fine with it existing

>> No.23326943

Deaths are good boomer money goes to milenials
Its the lockdowns and people taking sick days for a fever or a cough

>> No.23326944

It’s funny you say that because most countries literally stopped collecting flu data this year. The counts are covid/influenza

>> No.23326998

>Where's the tipping point where normal people stop giving a shit about any of this?
Most people already stopped giving a shit. It's the businesses, especially small businesses, that are still cucking out. It's understandable since they don't want to get in trouble with the law with retarded politicians in power currently.

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where can I buy this, bullish af

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I'm aware. What I'm saying is If they had a group where only the sick were mandated to require a mask the death rate would be no different from the groups where everyone is required to wear one. Wearing a mask is pointless for those who aren't sick.

>> No.23327171

Nah, tech benefits from this. Short leisure & travel, office reits, oil & gas, etc

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>> No.23327354

for some reason this has always worked....

>> No.23327369

covid is a meme designed to destroy trump, once he loses the election you wont hear about covid anymore. buy ccl/mgm, guaranteed 2-3x by next april.

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mmmm the denialism here is delicious.

When will you delusional faggots get tired of moving the goalposts every time Coronavirus passes another threshold?

No wonder our economy is fucked... we have the dumbest possible motherfuckers with all of the resources to do anything about this and they never care until they’re gargling to death on a ventilator >_>

>> No.23327824

>united states
no one cares, die

>> No.23328227

Not for Safex. Few.

>> No.23328300

>Wearing a mask is pointless for those who aren't sick
That's the problem you dunce, you can be sick without you knowing it.

>> No.23328301

Debunked by Snopes

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>> No.23328357

Thanks to /pol/ I manage to get out of my positions before shit hit the fan, and managed to accumulate at the bottom.

>> No.23328680

My man

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>> No.23328703

You're right the world is ending and there is nothing we can do.

>> No.23328711

>Covid has outcomes where people are left needing double lung transplants, dialysis, have heart damage, have clots that cause strokes, heart attacks, etc.

you are a fucking retarded slave

>> No.23328726

I'm in denial of the FACTS right before my very eyes!

Never mind that I, unlike many people, LEAVE THE HOUSE! EVERY DAY! I actually go out into the real world and see it with my own eyes!

But people who's entire reality is formed by what they read on Twitter, that's what's real! Wear the fucking mask bigot, look at this fucking graph!

>> No.23328743

See you in two weeks - G. Reaper

>> No.23328883

imagine still falling for this scamdemic NWO propaganda almost a year in...
The only thing priced in is the total enslavement of the goyim on a worldwide scale.

>> No.23328907

Kek too true

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So would you say it's a net positive if death cleanses the population a tad more?
That's pretty much what I hoped for when this pandemic started desu, and yes that includes me if I die I die
But holy shit it wouldn't hurt if it put a big dent in the population, there's never been this many people alive at one time and things like housing and living expenses could actually go down and new jobs would be avalible
People would even be able to start families again
I m a g i n e

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>selling your body to the globohomo kikes and your soul to satan for a $10 gift card
>getting injected with genome-modifying mRNA nanobots slowly transforming you in a nonhuman goybot (with technically no human rights) where all your now genetically modified cells are patented and owned by big pharma forever for a $10 gift card

normies can't be this retarded, r-right?

>> No.23329060

Part of the strategy discussed in Event 201, the tabletop exercise carried out in Oct 2019 at The John Hopkins Center for Health Security https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/about
It was paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and was clearly a rehearsal for events which were to unfold soon after.
Part of the strategy discussed was complete control of the narrative through press, tv and social media.
I strongly suspect many of the voices we are hearing in here which advocate the ridiculous measures we have seen, lockdown etc, are actually paid trolls.
It's too retarded to believe all this media crap now. People who really are that stupid don;t come to places like this and vociferously defend their stupidity.

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Breh, no
Just look at footage of Trump vs Bidens rallys
Then think about how many never Trumpers simply aren't going to vote because they don't like Biden either
Not to mention how vile and putrid some of these people act when they find out you even tolerate Trump, one of my friends had his windshield busted over a sticker, these are violent lunatics in a corporate mob
Plus a lot of us just keep quiet in support and pretend to lean left just to be able to stay out of it and/or play devil's advocate
The more I drive past Trump signs in my neighborhood, which is way more than I saw last election, the more I know he's going to win and I didn't even vote for him last time but I am now
Silent Majority is real and when he landslide victorys, every red state on that map represents how much of the population wants these whiny fucks to just shut up already

>> No.23329177

That's a given, the only pro scamdemic shill here has spammed the thread before bothering changing his IP.
Also, you should take a look at /pmg/, the number of glowies and JIDF shills posting on a daily is absolutely out of the chart lately.

>> No.23329181

>we are shielding everyone from it and hiding in our homes....
Thing is, you don't have too hide in your home if you wear a mask and keep a reasonable distance from others. I agree that the way they've gone about lockdowns is braindead retarded. Governments (both federal and local) have treated lockdown as an end rather than a means, and are looking at it like an all-or-nothing approach; they either shut things down completely or try to "go back to normal" by opening up without any precautions, safety measures, or equipment in place. Total shutdowns should be brief if at all, and used only so that we can take time to equip ourselves for reopening.

>The sooner we get to 60% percent immunity, the safer everyone is.
It's a nice idea in theory, but in practice it hasn't worked out well for places like the UK and now Sweden.

>> No.23329203

>im a lefty

>> No.23329254

>they've gone about lockdowns is braindead retarded
It's actually very clever if their goal is to crash the pop&mom & middle class economy with no survivors, let their globohomo corpo buddies buy it back for pennies then reset the financial system using CBDCs, enslaving the people for good to the central banks.

>> No.23329289


>> No.23329337

Sadly this is true, or at least makes sense.

>> No.23329384
File: 10 KB, 420x431, 1602837791162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gets robbed and shot by niggers in the middle of the street
>get spotted by muslims
>they notice you dying and decide to decapitate you
>Drunk driver drives by and runs you over because he was too busy on his smartphone
>Become another Covid-19 death in the headlines
>young man dies of Covid after visiting a party

>Joe was such a nice person, he really liked diversity. As a matter of fact, he was out and celebrating diversity!

>> No.23329505

Everytime biz has a corona thread I realize how fucking retarded most of you are.

>> No.23329532

I was about to type this exactly lol

>> No.23329562

>brainfog and chronic fatigue
what is adderall

>> No.23329580

Shit, I'd pay for that. Where do I sign up?

>> No.23329596

basedjacks have never really done much for me but for some reason this one had me in fits

>> No.23329643
File: 213 KB, 835x709, babby10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Everytime biz has a corona thread I realize how fucking retarded most of you are.
>I was about to type this exactly lol

fucking reddit posts. You both have to go back.

Anyways, I remember arguing with people back in April/May about how harmless COVID-19 really was and how I didn't give a shit about it. Funny that 5 months later those same freaks are STILL trying to gaslight me into how scary it is, while death rates/hospitalization rates remain absolutely fucking minuscule and I continue to live my daily life exactly the same, except now I have to occasionally wear a mask to appease the cretins. Makes me laugh.

I will never, ever be afraid of a coronavirus that has a .003% death rate and only seems to harm 80 year olds or the morbidly obese. Makes me laugh to see soys sperg out about it though and get so upset when I don't take it seriously.

>> No.23329701

I'm sorry how does this relate to crypto or to unn.finance at all? UNN isn't even publicly traded yet if I'm not mistaken. makes it hard to come up with a chart on it

>> No.23329796
File: 246 KB, 2037x1253, hospitals.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only numbers that truly matter. Hospitalisations.

>> No.23329813

Why should I leave biz, I am here since ETH.

Nobody cares about your little blog how you are not scared of covid19. The only way idiots like you will listen is if their loved ones are dying from it (assuming you have some).

>> No.23329827
File: 62 KB, 935x655, deaths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a) Coronavirus is a new respiratory virus that has, undoubtedly, become an event that caused excess-mortality in the age group of 70+
b) the concept of 2nd wave is a meme and named to explain the extreme mutation of the spanish flu 100 years ago. There are no 2nd waves, at a macro level it is evident that while cases still go up (better testing), deaths have flatted for a long time
c) sweden is a prime example of this as cases have been flat for a long time
d) any type of surge today is based on the severity of the lockdown back then, how many were already infected and new schools opening up leading to a quicker spread of the virus
e) nobody dies from the coronavirus under 70, unless you are diabetic, cancer patient or immunocompromised
f) this happens because of cross-immunity with other virus, namely other coronavirus that our body tends to forget as time goes on (or is not previously boosted by contacts)
g) when you are a child you have ZERO protections against any respiratory virus. For children, covid19 is the same exact shit as any other disease. We are made to learn, adapt and fight all these virus
h) before some dimwit tells me they know an healthy person under 70 who died from this, what i'm saying is that it is as improbable a normal person to die from this than any other respiratory disease. The ones at risk are, again, diabetic, cancer patient or immunocompromised because of the novelty of the virus
i) the consequences of the disease are, once again, a meme. Yes, virus pneumonias are fucked up, we've known this for decades. It is expected. As yes, even severe influeza might have severe consequences for years on healthy people.
j) the median infection rate of coronavirus is 0,05%. Just think about this for a second. Those 0,05 are all extremely old people or people with heavy comorbidities.
k) protect the elderly with quick tests on nurse homes

>> No.23329842

how do we get back at the chinks for this virus?

>> No.23329859

-We only Aped legitimate ALPHAS after extensive research and due diligences,NO SCAM and NO RUGS allowed.
-This to endures that everyone in this channel able to get in EARLY,contribute to private sales or even start mining on those DELICIOUS APY before anyone else.
-As always,this is not financial advise.There are no guarantee that the alphas/project will be fully legitimate like how nothing in life is guaranteed .Always DYOR

Check out BarnBridge


>> No.23329874


>> No.23329900

>.003% death rate
Death rate in the USA is 0.068% anon. That's not the proportion of infected people that die, it's the proportion of the population of the USA that have died of it already.

>> No.23329932

>binary outcome like the flu
This is false by the way.

>> No.23329996

even severe influenza can fuck you up
viral pneumonias have been fucking up people for decades
severe outcomes after corona is as rare as in any other respiratory diseases. There's more reporting because the whole planet is probably getting it in a small period of time

>> No.23330003


ok doomer

>> No.23330082

Total nonsense. Covid/sars-cov2 causes a severe acute respiratory syndrome. It's literally in the name. Imaging shows what is termed 'ground glass' opacities in the lungs. Patients given oxygen need like 10x more than patients with other diseases. They're having to change the tubing on the machines because the original tubing can't deliver enough oxygen fast enough.

>> No.23330136

100% false. you're confusing the outcomes from the disease right away vs long term.

>> No.23330170

You're a fuckwit. Guess what, sometimes when your lungs are injured you never completely recover.

>> No.23330201

my father had a viral pneumonia 30 years ago. I know very well what it does to your lungs dimwit

>> No.23330216
File: 978 KB, 1143x1591, 1506B95C-73BC-460F-8966-3D785A36CB61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no

Let’s close down the economy because fat 90 year olds are dying of a flu

>> No.23330235
File: 22 KB, 430x452, _20201002_220435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao that's just age retard. Everyone wonders why they don't feel as sharp at 30 as they did at 18 its because you're dying nigger lmao.

>> No.23330249

>severe outcomes after corona is as rare as in any other respiratory diseases.
No. They're not. Severe outcomes with covid are much (much) more frequent. t. don't want to drown in my own body.

>> No.23330259

Get you some adderall. That will clear that shit right up

>> No.23330294

post the data

>> No.23330302
File: 25 KB, 322x300, 95C4E45C-DE56-41F3-AD38-21C7D94E8EAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daily reminder that more people will die from suicide and have their lives ruined by the economic shutdown than by this Chinese bio weapon

Look at Chinese they are living life right now because they know this is a game. Crash the US economy. The only way you let the Chinks win is by shutting down. We have to rebound and then do everything in our power to annihilate them on every front.

>hammer them with tariffs
>jack up our military
>hang the traitors
>gulag BLM/Antifa
>beef up our allies near/around Asia

>> No.23330322


>> No.23330365
File: 79 KB, 600x800, 205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You could have just said "I don't believe in science" and saved us both some time.

>> No.23330445


>> No.23330571

This. The salt this year is going to better the 2016 takings

>> No.23330587

People die from covid during winter you smooth brains. The rest of the year it does nothing at all. Have fun on the upcoming crash America

>> No.23330597

Don't try to explain things to sheeple. They will never see the reality. They aren't able to.

>> No.23330614

Oh, it appears so. Are people dying from it?
Are people going to the hospital from it?
>Yes, hospitals are getting full in Europe.
Is it harming children or young people?
Is it having any negative effect whatsoever on children?
>Not to all, but yes.
Is it having any serious effect on people under 70?
Is there any severe long term effects from it?
>Looks like yes. Still too early to know.

Some people are just clueless

>> No.23330624
File: 42 KB, 680x780, 1594360214683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so fucking tired of cogoy1984
How do so many people buy this shit

>> No.23330625

Natural selection will do it's job

>> No.23330635

>Milions die
>People stop spending money
>Businesses fail
>Young people lose their jobs
Bullish, right guys?

>> No.23330651


>Millions of old people die

This is heaven sent for the west. No need to pay pensions to dead people.

>> No.23330721

This is a new pandemic, and the current figures are pretty worthless and constantly being downgraded as more data comes in.
Just recently the WHO admitted the IFR is about the same as the regular flu for instance.

>> No.23330758

again, post the fucking data you dimwit instead of random google results

let me guess: you can't fucking back up your absurd claims.

>> No.23330781

>Covid/sars-cov2 causes a severe acute respiratory syndrome
In severe cases, just like the flu, the cold, ...
Tons of people have Covid and never even notice.
The WHO estimates that 10% of the global population had it, giving Covid an IFR of 0.14%, pretty much like the flu.

>> No.23330787

JIDF detected

>> No.23330792

If your economy is too fragile for your nation to respond to a crisis, you're fucked anyway. If this one doesn't break you, the next one will. Covid was an opportunity to build a resilient infrastructure. This opportunity was squandered.

>> No.23330804

>he thinks people die the same day they get tested

>I am also a retard

>> No.23330847

Based retards unable to understand nuance

It's evident the majority of the population is only willing to care so much. This will just roll on until we develop a vaccine.

>> No.23330852

This is the most faggy thread on biz this year, i can sense the oestrogene, euro cucks and retard normies mixed with brainlet lefties, kys you fucking faggots.

>> No.23330928

>muh just a flu cope

You can cope all you want but I've never seen the flu hospitalize this many people. Even some of the mild cases can last for 3 months+ with no sign of recovery, again never seen anything like this with the flu and we never had any lockdowns for it like we did with corona.

And don't talk about data when you clearly aren't smart enough to interpret it correctly.

>> No.23330967

I think the overwhelming sentiment is that 4% death rate, which is skewed largely towards the elderly and immuno-compromised isn't a huge deal and that most people aren't willing to stop their normal lives unless that number is higher (10, 20, i don't know) and more regularly killed more perfectly healthy people.

It also doesn't help that there is a shit ton of misinformation coming from multiple directions.

>> No.23330981
File: 42 KB, 720x431, 1572727495389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone else here caught it?

Had it a few weeks ago and my symptoms were really mild, only lasted 72 hours max.

>> No.23330988

you have 600 years of flu adaptation and flu shots every year.
it's 0,05% fren

it's single unit in extremely old populations

>> No.23331005

>included 61 studies (74 estimates) and eight preliminary national estimates. Seroprevalence estimates ranged from 0.02% to 53.40%. Infection fatality rates ranged from 0.00% to 1.63%, corrected values from 0.00% to 1.54%. Across 51 locations, the median COVID-19 infection fatality rate was 0.27% (corrected 0.23%): the rate was 0.09% in locations with COVID-19 population mortality rates less than the global average (< 118 deaths/million), 0.20% in locations with 118–500 COVID-19 deaths/million people and 0.57% in locations with > 500 COVID-19 deaths/million people. In people < 70 years, infection fatality rates ranged from 0.00% to 0.31% with crude and corrected medians of 0.05%.

this is straight from the WHO mouth

>> No.23331029

same risks of getting vaccinated and develops side effects
but you are more likely to get hit by a track

>> No.23331089

Thank you for proving you are retarded rather than making me do it

>> No.23331103
File: 16 KB, 500x252, DEATHS_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally a nothingburger. Deaths are stagnating even with all the indirect jewish counting tactics.

>> No.23331209
File: 65 KB, 594x405, 1vti0ssad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23331222


this anon is correct
also, covid cases increasing doesnt matter. sell your stocks and put your money in bonds where you get 1% per year if you want to, I'm just gonna take a hard pass on that and continue to outperform retarded bears.

>> No.23331251

This is called anecdotal evidence, retard

>> No.23331255

>Covid is not a binary outcome like the flu, where you either live and recover or die. Covid has outcomes where people are left needing double lung transplants, dialysis, have heart damage, have clots that cause strokes, heart attacks, etc. Covid can leave people disabled, unable to work and sucking tax money from the system for the rest of their lives.

i have family working in a major hospital with china flu patients and i can confidently say that you are fucking retarded.

>> No.23331380
File: 58 KB, 450x574, Fruitbat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whenever you people talk about the death rates and hospitalizations there is always something lacking in your fearposts: the implication that every one of them is late elderly and/or morbidly obese. Don't you understand that we're not talking about normal working people?
Boomer Mcbloodpressure dug his own grave long ago, it's no reason for me to wear a muzzle.

>> No.23331437
File: 659 KB, 1077x1584, 20200507_173821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Two days of mild fever
>Two weeks of no taste/smell
Which is why it infuriates me when all these psy-oped lemmings are petrified

>> No.23331441
File: 489 KB, 497x373, 1588343163419.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw public school brainwashing and media reinforced Finkel-think were enough to bring down Western Civilization

>> No.23331470

Low iq post

>> No.23331484
File: 170 KB, 680x710, 2aa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If you're not a hysterical mess you just don't believe in SCIENCE!

>> No.23331570

>I was in a car crash but I was perfectly fine
>therefore car crashes aren't dangerous

>> No.23331603
File: 3.67 MB, 1687x2495, 1489393652678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23331634
File: 776 KB, 450x450, 1586031327156.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sloppy job mossad

>> No.23331746

shaking, terrified hands typed this post.

>> No.23331754

Booohooo I got a coughy cough

>> No.23331976

>His employer gives him a pat on the back for bravely going to work
>"But I'll need to see a doctor's note for that, anon"
>"Here it is Sir!"

>> No.23332010

>I'm a lefty

Kys before you kill all of us with your mental retardation

>> No.23332236
File: 505 KB, 1600x1200, LargeCat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes it was very brave of me to have a cold
How hard is it to greentext with trembling hands?

>> No.23332283

wow these guys are assholes
>more tests
>more cases
O MA Ged
>push narrative

>> No.23332684

I didn't imply you were brave anon. I implied that that was your interpretation of proprietorial physical contact from your employer.

>> No.23332921


>dude bro, trust me

>> No.23332927
File: 161 KB, 1677x947, swedendeaths.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Seasonal flu in 1993 and 2000 was worse than covid in Sweden.

Spanish flu was MUCH, MUCH worse.

Flu is worse than this meme virus.

>> No.23333653

oh you mean how when hillary had a 91% chance to win?

>> No.23333652
File: 152 KB, 1080x963, WOOOO SCIENCE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You could have just said "I don't believe in science" and saved us both some time.

>> No.23333712

>Chooses one of the countries with less cases and deaths, ignores the ones that are getting fucked
Cherry picking much, retard?

>> No.23333797

How is it even possible to be this much of a mouth breather.

>> No.23333856

>"Guys, the only dude infected in Wallis and Futuna didn't die. Literally 0% death rate. Fake virus!"

>> No.23333913

The amount of people not realising that the death numbers would be much higher without doing lockdowns is incredible. I bet you also don't believe in climate change.
Now that countries will try to avoid lockdowns, winter is coming and vaccines won't be ready, you'll see an interesting spike

>> No.23333950

>unironically believes in covid-19 and climate change
>hasn't roped
>congratulations are in order

>> No.23333982

I'd be lying if i said i didn't have fun going to the supermarket in half respirator and ski goggles a few weeks before all the normies panicked and/pol/ was still unsure if this was airborne aids or not. After seeing them condemn the Michigan protests as white terrorism and encouraged the fentanyl floyd riots, i stopped giving all fucks. Especially since the nig off started on my birthday

>> No.23333995

Reread what you just typed and your last comment and maybe it will click. Though I doubt it.

>> No.23334015

Do you also think that vaccines are used to control your mind? Might want to check your number of chromosomes mate

>> No.23334079


Can confirm. I got a cold last week. Went to the doc to get some codeine, they gave me a nose swab and sent me home. Told me the the next day it was corona. I asked them “wtf what do I do now???” they laughed and said to stay home and rest. I didn’t even finish the codeine before I was all better.

>> No.23334094

Why would you be a lefty? Do you love niggers?

>> No.23334106

>The number of people who still get terrified by the testing numbers are beyond retarded.
Who the fuck gives any fuck about positive tested numbers, death rate is stagnating so your meme logic doesn't work.
>Vaccines controlling mind?
Not even sure if that's a spread meme. Vaccines are a multi billion dollar business. The Lobbyists and thinktank Propaganda machine is probably one of the biggest. Ever looked into the statistical meme of an influenza vaccine? Kek. Please just inject the first vaccine of covid and get rekt by long term shit.

>> No.23334128

Did you know that rich people don't get the same vaccines poor people do? They pay for much more expensive fresh vaccines without heavy metal preservatives. :)

>> No.23334131

I truly hate all of you so much. Your little brains and minuscule IQ are incapable of understanding exponential systems and this lack of intelligence is so infuriating. When cases were tiny but were doubling everyone thought derp herp it is just 100/1k/10k who cares? when in fact that was the critical moments in the viral system when we had a chance to cut off new growth sources.
Now that the cases’ exponential not only hit its peak, but is stabilizing around its maximum by going down 2x and coming slowly back up to it, clearly showing that the system is getting into an equilibrium of corona growth, all anyone can see is the absolute value and not the relative value and says “300k cases!!!111”. God, you’re all so fucking stupid. There is no salvation for you if you came to these conclusions, you’re a fucking monkey and forever will be incapable of seeing the truth.
For youngsters that haven’t gotten to college yet or are early on and have some technical ability — I beg you to go into physics or math. If you don’t learn the true patterns of the world now, you’ll forever be stuck in your thinking. You need to go deeper into theory too, so you can’t cut it with CS, but you could try.
We’re fine, there will not be a “3rd wave”, there will be continuous waves from now on and forever until we die, but we will not go beyond 3/400k a day, with the exception of maybe a couple of global explosions like if we had Woodstock again or some shit, but that is unlikely. Corona is over as far as it’s growth in expansion goes. It will take its daily toll of 5k deaths like any other big common disease, and that’s that. This is the new normal, which isn’t that different from any other infection.
So, yes, it is priced in.

>> No.23334143

Didn't read
Will never read

>> No.23334159

It kills the weakest people, which is a good thing

>> No.23334219

Death rate was low because it was summer. Cases and deaths skyrocketing in Russia because it's a cold country. Europe getting exponential growth again while doing less tests (Check Poland) Why do your guys keep spamming that numbers are lower? Have you even seen the global charts?

>> No.23334246

>Your little brains and minuscule IQ are incapable of understanding exponential systems
I see this meme a lot, it sounds like a forced meme talking point. Yes we are dealing with exponential systems, what that means is that the modeling of such systems will be likewise subject to exponential errors. That is precisely what we saw in the case of the Ferguson's "millions of deaths" model that singlehandedly changed the British policy from herd immunity to total lockdown.
So to bring it back to /biz/ related, overall bearish because idiots who blindly believe models will crash the economy before exercising skepticism about the model's ability to accurately make forecasts.

>> No.23334315
File: 349 KB, 1200x1200, 23178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems like you are too retarded to even check basic charts. >>23331103

And even after that artificially inflated numbers due to counting every death to covid. Ever checked the current death count of any other death reason? Better end it now anon.

>> No.23334336

While you’re right, the system has stabilized and reached equilibrium, so idiots can properly make models. Exponential systems don’t explode again after a static growth after their “exponential periods”, I.e. the time it takes for it to double/triple/whatever it does, have passed by several times over without making the growth increase exponentially. That’s just not how math works UNLESS there is a giant growth source that we haven’t hit, but we know that’s not true because virtually every densely populated and poorly controlled area has gotten infected already, like India, south and north americas.

>> No.23334380
File: 14 KB, 500x209, USDEATHS10172020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here the numbers of deaths in US while positive numbers keep increasing in waves. This shit is the biggest nothingburger.

>> No.23334396

Based and truthpilled

>> No.23334418

No one cares faggot

>> No.23334435

who else here agnosticpilled?

>COVID has only been around for 10 months and seriously studied for 8 months, versus decades for other viral diseases
>Death statistics can't capture the entirety of the fallout of the disease as the prevalence and permanence of long haul symptoms are still being discovered
>Trends in infection rates are unclear as both false positives and false negatives appear to be commonplace
>People on both sides of the aisle are credulously slurping up distorted information from biased media sources and bad faith actors
>without being able to accurately model the total economic and health risks associated with the disease, running a risk/reward analysis between lockdowns and laissez faire policies is literally impossible

I am perfectly happy admitting I don't know enough details to know definitely what should have been done, and I don't think anyone does. There are too many unknowns still. And there were vastly more unknowns 6 months ago when we were all making a snap judgment about whether to shut down or not.

I think the only thing I am sure of is that we half-assed our response in such a way that we got the worst of both worlds. If the decision was to lock down, then we should have locked down until the virus was fucking gone for good, while handing out trillions in sustained helicopter moneys to keep people going. If the decision was for business as usual, then we should have embraced that and let the damage from the virus be what it may. The way we did it, we got all the economic damage from locking everything down for a little while, but we still have a runaway virus from not locking down nearly early or long enough.

>> No.23334466

Tell that to Brazil

>> No.23334544

It is if you're in privacy coins.


It's the obvious move going forward.

>> No.23334660

I doubt that's the case. Not because I think the government's motives are pure, but because I don't trust that they're competent enough to successfully implement any sort of plan, even one that works to enslave the people to their benefit.

>> No.23334670

They said that for weeks during the first one and we had barely any deaths since the old people died in retirement homes

>> No.23334680

You cared enough to do the math.

>> No.23334682


>all animal species are born with an immune system to protect itself against germs
>it's just a theory

>> No.23334720

That’s an extra two months of dead people that actually is pretty bad

>> No.23334732


>believing a youtube conspiracy video ''debunking'' covid

>> No.23334753

It is priced in tho man . If you don’t believe corporatists believe we don’t matter then I don’t know what to tell you.

>> No.23334782

The brain fog is because your brain was getting loss oxygen, breathing exercises and some medicines can help clear this.

In regards to Chronic Fatigue, these fat fucks are told to go home and sit on their ass while they recover from Covid. Because they are not doing fuck all for 14 days the body gets very fatigued, this is amplified by the retarded lockdowns.

Put bluntly, to get rid of the fatigue they just need to actively exercise and get the body more accustomed to moving again.

>> No.23334797

Why should we protect the elderly? They have given us the worst financial crisis in history at least four times in a row.

>> No.23334810

Imagine still caring about this meme virus in Q4 2020

>> No.23334824



Look, the virus is real and stronger than the regular flu. But the only people at risk are elderly who are going to die soon anyway. But lets shut down the world economy and go into trillions of debt to save them.

>> No.23335182

Only the old people die. There aren't long-term side effects. We are safe. Governments lockdown for no reason hehe. Governments wouldn't lie to us if things are fucked right? Right?

>> No.23335348

I'd prefer my nation not to consider people expendable.

>> No.23335384

The boy cried wolf, and no one gave a shit. Because the wolf was nowhere to be found, only cute plush toys.

>> No.23335487

Go back

>> No.23335630


>> No.23335805

Guess you dont live in the real world then

>> No.23335858

>8 bi world population
>1.1 million deaths (excess mortality is even less than that)

This is the biggest nothing burguer in history.

>but "muh lockdowns" prevented millions of deaths

Look at Sweden, Japan, Uruguay, Taiwan and Belarus retards. No lockdowns. Literally a nothing burguer.

Most of my family already got it, including an obese uncle that has comorbidity written on this face. This is just the common cold.

>> No.23335935

Guess you don't understand that "prefer" means 'think it preferable that'

>> No.23335999

>nothing burguer

>> No.23336149

holy shit they took the normal flu cases and said they're the covid totally not the flu i can't believe it there's no way anybody could have seen this coming

>> No.23336824

Why do so many anons here deny the virus exists or try to downplay the danger of it? What exactly is it that makes you act like this? Is it fear? I would expect nothing less from low iq normies, but it is just surprising to see so many such posts on biz.

There is obviously no doubt that the virus is real, and that it has at least a lot more negative health effects than any normal flu or influenza. Whether these effects can become permanent or not is something nobody here can know yet. So what is gained by acting like its nothing? I am convinced these same people would still be acting like this even if it had a 99% death rate

>> No.23336898

When people are fearful.....

>> No.23336900

Money (trying to prevent market panic) can also not be the motivation for this behaviour. The majority of biz would be a lot richer 10 years from now if the market absolutely tanked now because of covid

>> No.23337022
File: 124 KB, 720x710, 77DDCBBE-0D6C-4879-A6C9-3CFC4875542E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23337123


They try to feel intellectually superior to the ''normies'' when all they did is watch some youtube video of a pajeet doctor dismissing the virus.

>> No.23337140
File: 24 KB, 555x553, A963B12F-9B3F-421A-8480-AADF9E99530B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>open the country & stop giving my tax’s to neets

>> No.23337149


>> No.23337158

Oh no 5% of old geezers who contract it might die.

>> No.23337382

Nobody is scared of getting a mild case. Obviously it has different effects on different people. The problem is that you can't know beforehand

>> No.23337573


at this circumstances i would stack some cash just in case for a sell off like march

>> No.23337756

Because we are not cucks like you and have faith in our immune systems not being shit, not to mention some of us already survived it. If a geriatric obese president survived it why the fuck would I be scared. You can continue to run around in a mask and hide in your basement you limp wrist onions.

>> No.23337844

based and i hit the gym 6 times per week and i never used hand sanitizer.
People are so pathetic thinking it will kill them.

>> No.23337919


>> No.23338030


>> No.23338077

This is exactly what I mean, why do you even open this thread and bother to not only read it but even reply to me if you honestly don't care about the virus?
You make a lot of assumptions about me personally instead of focusing on what I said, what do you gain from acting like the virus is harmless?
>If a geriatric obese president survived it
yes, we all get access to the same healthcare
>why the fuck would I be scared.
It is not only about you faggot. Many people including some young and healthy ones get fucked from it.

>> No.23338444

>Muh braincloud!
Go back to work, you fucking pussy!

>> No.23338632

>many cases of permanent brainfog and chronic fatigue.

fantastic bait btw

>> No.23338703

You are supporting my point. I will be fine you cuck. Why do I care if cucks like you die? You might die though so maybe if I was in your shoes I’d be pissing my self too.

>> No.23338855

The testing kits are flawed (false positives/increased testing increased numbers), "infection" does not mean a risk of death or severe illness, 99.98% survival rate from ages 1-65, is equivalent to a flu bug, if immune system is severely compromised and person already has severe illnesses then they are already going to die, in which case a flu bug is the tipping point as it always has been since we began harvesting non-human animals. There never was a pandemic.

>> No.23338877
File: 28 KB, 619x453, cc1 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got tested yesterday after my mom and stepdad tested positive... What's going to happen to me bros you said I was going to be here forever and I don't want to go

>> No.23339214

>"He was my wife's son, and we will miss him..."

>> No.23339314

bro the average age of death for the virus is like 84 while the average lifespan is like 77, literally who gives a shit. i dont deny the virus doesnt exist but everyone still playing along is a fucking retard at this point. like january-april, sure, youd be rational to take precaution but once BLM kicked off their fentanyl floyd riots and encouraged by the same MSM that called the michigan protests to lockdown a white supremist terrorism, i stopped giving any and all fucks.

>> No.23339350

ofc it is. the only thing that can make this a bear market again is total lockdown, but then people will see how undervalued a stock is and itll rise again

>> No.23339351

>IFR is literally less than 0.2% for everyone under 70
>This is some kind of Biblical plague
God I hate Twitter.

>> No.23339387

Even the WHO does not support this gaslighting.

>> No.23339408

The death rate can remain flat since we know who the vulnerable are:

>> No.23339479


>> No.23339632

I can guarantee I am far healthier than you, you fucking fat american retard

>> No.23339732

>Thinks I’m fat and American
>Continues to shut his pants over a meme flu despite supposedly being healthy

I’ll keep on breathing fresh air while you hide in your basement with your mask cuck. Wouldn’t want your pussy immune system to be exposed to anything.

>> No.23339887
File: 265 KB, 474x540, 1602795805474.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23339917

so the millions of people whose futures are ruined because of the self-destructing economy are expendable, but the geriatrics and self-inflicted heart disease-having, diabetic, morbidly obese leeches aren't, what a wonderful sentiment

>> No.23339993

I'd prefer my nation not to consider people expendable. If your economy is too fragile for your nation to respond to a crisis, you're fucked anyway. If this one doesn't break you, the next one will. Covid was an opportunity to build a resilient infrastructure. This opportunity was squandered.

>> No.23340110

The problem is flipping everything over to keep cucks like you feeling safe and alive. You should be weeded out like the peanut allergy limp wrist homo you are so the rest of us can go back to our normal lives.

>> No.23340120

>if your economy can't handle shutting down for close to a year for completely arbitrary reasons
You are beyond mentally retarded. Seriously, so fucking mentally retarded. Do you think that financial destitution, mental illness, and postponing/avoiding medical treatment because "m-muh overflowing hospitals that never went over half capacity" don't cost lives?

>> No.23340167

Resilient infrastructure by doing what exactly? Printing infinity dollars and handing them out? A billion more hospital beds that didn’t get used anyways? I mean if you’re saying we need medical supply independence from china hell yeah we do but I’m not getting that vibe.

>> No.23340174

>not american
then you should really be ashamed for being so retarded

When did I even say anything about shitting my pants? I asked why you act like it doesn't exist, and what you have to gain from acting that way. If you werent such a low iq cuck, you would see that there is much more to be gained financially (for almost anyone here) by taking extreme measures against the virus. You are too stupid to see the opportunity right in front of your eyes.
>breathe fresh air
Yeah I would rather breathe through a mask than breathe the same air as you loser. Literally kys and do not respond to me again.

>> No.23340289

>our normal lives
until it becomes expedient to delete you, presumably.
>financial destitution, mental illness, and postponing/avoiding medical treatment
a failure of your nation, not an inevitable consequence of a rational response to a pandemic.

>> No.23340338

Oh so you are a mouth breathing sub 60 iq retard who thinks there is more to gain financially to shutting down the entire economy then leaving it open. Pause and think about what you just said retard, or take off your mask for a second so you can breath some fresh oxygen to enable you brain to at least make an attempt at a coherent thought. However you admitted you will continue to wear a mask so you solidify you are a cuck in addition to being retarded. I almost pity you but I don’t empathize with cucks.

>> No.23340399

>Printing infinity dollars and handing them out
You did that already, but interestingly only to hedge funds, not people. Just as a start, you could consider supporting companies that furloughed people, and sanctioning companies that fired people.

>> No.23341467
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>> No.23341606

bro its been dropping for months, but you're a shill so whatever