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How do you guys keep your seed words safe?

For me, I have 5 different plates with alternating sets of words on them. So you would need to be in control of at least 3 plates to get all 24 words. 3 plates are buried in various locations throughout my property, and 2 plates are kept in secure locations in neighboring states.

In addition to this, I have my seed phrase uploaded to my cloud drive secured with 2FA accessible only through my phone. Just in case I forgot the location of the plates.

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fuck off

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I just wrote them on a post it note stuck on my computer.

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For you steelplatefags, how do you stamp it in properly? I used a hammer and bit set but for a lot of letters i had to hammer in several times and it came out shitty. I used 2.5mm bits to fit the 12 seed phrase on one 24 word titanium card

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I took a screenshot and posted it on Instagram
If I ever need them I just look at my posts

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dontopen.txt on my mom's desktop

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Fpbp - this is peak autism

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Nobody in real life knows I hold a lot in crypto. I just keep things in a piece of laminated paper

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If no one knows why be so secretive

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saved in a .rar with password
with backup in centralized servers (cloud)

Is that oky?

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I have it tattood around my butthole

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>do a ton of work and still have to remember 5 locations, with the hazard of locations getting compromised
>Memorizing a bunch of words
Choose wisely my autist friend

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I just used 1mm thick aluminum sheet and a regular ballpoint pen. Also the seed words are encrypted using a particular text from a book that can be easily found online, so even if someone finds them they can't do anything with them if they don't know the exact book used to encrypt the words.

I hope you don't store your seed words in plaintext, right anon?

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>I have my seed phrase uploaded to my cloud drive secured with 2FA

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You'll spill the beans after getting tortured in any case so why try so hard? Nobody wants your 50 LINK anyways.

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This old pasta again...

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My gastroenterologist has tattooed my seed phrase inside my colon.
Get on my level bishes.

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>In addition to this
you will learn your lesson soon enough

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I built a Minecraft level where each word is placed around the map in a specific secret location. The map file is encrypted but even if someone got ahold of it there are various locations and traps within the level that will throw an intruder off the scent.

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What is a seed phrase? I have all my Eth on KuCoin.

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No. Keys shouldn't be connected to the internet, ever. That means paperwallet or hardware wallet (on HW wallet, the device itself is not connected to the internet).

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Backuped file on a drive that's double encrypted from a live distro done on an air-gapped pc.

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>goes through all the trouble to create steel plates with seed phrase and take them to different states
>a hungry basedboi puts a gun to your head and makes you do the 2fa
Just kek'd
Someone give OP the Nobel prize!!

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I keep seeds stored in a dungeon. Each dungeon is guarded by a powerful monster which can only be slain with a weapon from said dungeon.

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I keep mine in an online article about Hunter Biden that is harmful to Joe Biden's bid for president.
Nobody will ever see it, big tech will make sure of it.

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faggo - you didn't use rot13 cypher

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I have my seed phrase stored on my NFC implant. I haven't found a good way to encrypt the data yet, so I always have to come up with some excuse when people ask me about my implant (I won't let anyone scan it obviously). Any advice on encryption?

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wtf this is probably the most retarded shit i read today congrats

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Got the same response from /g/

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I keep all my coins on exchanges

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You're probably joking but I like this idea except for the fact that Minecraft maps are built on spaghetti code, glitch-prone, and large.

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I don't have any seed words btw, I just leave everything on Coinbase Pro.

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What if the file is corrupted or your hard drive died?
I guess you can make a backup on cloud but I don't think it's extremely reliable

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Just keep it on Binance, I love the risk and adrenaline

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That passphrase only provides a little bit of security by obscurity. Any tech guy could brute force it in a few minutes of computation:

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lol you can't even realistically do a dictionary attack on a 6 word passphrase let alone 24

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I just have multiple computers running multiple bots that brute force seed phrases 24/7... already scored 10 accounts and up 20 eth lol..............

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I say them in my head every day while brushing my teeth.

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Tattoos. Half of them are red herrings.

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OP said he copied the passphrase that encrypts his seed from a book.
That is a low entropy passphrase that can be cracked.
It could be cracked by a specialist like Wallet Recovery Services.
It could be cracked by the forensic lab of a nation state. They do dictionary attacks at 1 trillion guesses per second with libraries full of books, different combinations, lengths, permutations.
If you generate a random passphrase with 128+ bits of entropy it will be effectively impossible to crack.

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I have them in keepass

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>Creeper blows up part of your seed
What now?

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Isn't the whole point of seed words to write a short story with them so you never forget?

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>That is a low entropy passphrase that can be cracked
depends on the size
basically a word is like 500k strong roughly
so 2 words are 500k^2 = 250 billion
6 words are 1.5E34 combinations that's a bitch ass big number.

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>1 trillion guesses per second
so like it would only take 317097919837645 years give or take?

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This, niggers will literally pass a million bucks posted on a fridge just to get dem jewlz and electronicz

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just encrypted in a zip and put everywhere online possible

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This post raised my blood pressure.

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I sent my seedphrase to Metamask support email so whenever I forget it I could reach them and ask for a backup.

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Tatto the phrase on my penis

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They're not random guesses though.
If OP selected words or phrases from a book, it significantly narrows the search space and lowers the entropy.

6 words randomly selected from the BIP39 wordlist is only 66 bits of entropy.

> In 2002, distributed.net cracked a 64-bit key in 4 years, 9 months, and 23 days.
That was 18 years ago. Nowadays nation states probably have ridiculous hardware clusters that could crack 64 bits of entropy in a couple days.

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What if you want to quickly sell and need your seed? You gonna drive to 2 different states to find them?

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You can literally get those words straight off the save file, but it was probably already sent to some telemetry logging database at Microsoft/Mojang by now.

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Used an offline computer running TailsOS (only runs in memory) and encrypted the list with AES256 and a strong password. Moved it to a flash drive, then to my main computer as well as any cloud storage I want. Extremely convenient, and more secure than typical physical solutions like plates or notes. Will burn the file to a CD as well to avoid EMP attacks.

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Imagine having to sound like a security fag this hard

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This is me

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Arguably less secure than paper/plates. The flash drive could have malware that captured the passphrase and transferred it to your main computer.
This is why it's recommended to only export data from an airgapped machine using a QR code or handwriting.
If you go the handwriting route, you could also write down the SHA256sum of the data.
When you manually import the data you can take the SHA236sum again to make sure you didn't make any typos.

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>BIP39 wordlist
yeah that's only 2048 words
>If OP selected words or phrases from a book
no that was not exactly my understanding not how you use books to encrypt. the words are seed words and random, the ciphertext is the location of the word in a particular book. since there are only like 120 million books out there give or take that system would be cracked by my laptop in a few minutes.
but 6 english words random is fucking impossible to crack in the amount of time our entire universe has existed with all the computing capacity of this planet.

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Yeah that was a concern, the flash drive was recently formatted and was formatted multiple times before this use case plus I never plugged it in while Windows was running, but I should have found a way to format it from Tails to go the extra mile there. I also have a wallet passphrase which certainly adds security.

Not too late to re-do it though, considering its currently empty. Although people say to stay away from digital solutions like this for the risks you brought up and more, I have to say that if crypto ever went mainstream and thieves began understanding what random lists of words were doing in people's houses I would feel much more secure having a carefully set up encrypted file over anything physical.

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meh formatting the drive does jack all to firmware nasties. and it won't even overwrite the drive relocator map and information sectors.

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>I would feel much more secure having a carefully set up encrypted file over anything physical.
you need to learn about bip38 paper wallets nigga!

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Bitch I got a fully modded Skyrim VR with each word in one of 24 books scattered throughout the map, a full mint condition untouched Valve Index, and it is sealed in a heavy duty trunk buried 6 ft below the earth in the back woods of my home.

My son will get the GPS coordinates on the day that I die.

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So where do you put your money?
Yeah seed phrase but which app?

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fucking cringy faggot. just buy a military grade usb stick with encryption. f normies

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bip38 uses scrypt for key derivation which means it takes roughly 1 to 5 seconds for a computer (some badass crazy monster server versus a home pc) to try a single passphrase. it's also pretty memory intensive so no asics most likely.
now if you use 20+ char passphrase or a random sentence you memorize you get 900 quintillion years of security. universe is only 13 billion years old btw.

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BRB calling Verizon customer care

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Do you put it in metamask and keep your seed phrase safe?

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They're stored on plates but the plate is stored inside a hollowed out copy of infinite jest, which was dipped in rubber, wrapped in tinfoil, and welded inside of a solid steel box. this box is inside of a water proof plastic container thats coated in flex seal. all of this is at high elevation in the pond on my grandmas property bolted to the little dock thingy supports under water. my grandma watches over this pond from her porch during the day with her shotgun and at night has motion detected alarms rigged. she's already taken out two IDF agents, so I'm considering other locations.

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Posted it to a guy in discord he said he would keep it safe for me.

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Honestly pen and paper is more secure than anything else, but in the 0.0000000000000001% chance your home got burgled and the burglars took the piece of paper and knew what a seed phrase is and managed to get to your wallet before you, you could just store the last 3 or 4 words somewhere digital like a passworded text file on your google drive (or even memorise them)

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180 IQ detected

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Do wallets even allow that many phrases (or attempts? don't they have built in lockouts after so many failed attempts)?

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i stamped it into a mini steel plate, then put it inside the enclosure of a madden 96 Nintendo 64 cartridge, then plugged that into my n64 which is boxed up inside the packaging of my microwave.

my other backup is a modded super mario 64 rom lakitu's camera lense texture has been replaced with a qr code of my seed phrase, as a bonus, the qr code can only be read if you use an emulator which allows you to disable texture filtering

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This is fine faggot. Throw it in a rar labeled family pics and hide it in a jpg for good measure.

>> No.23321829

you will fit in good here

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this but unironically

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metawallet-words.txt on my bros pc where he downloads from limewire

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I named my S.T.A.L.K.E.R stashes after them.
I also keep part of the phrases on bookmarks in books at my parents house

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I bump this thread just because of that awesome idea.

>> No.23324112

google docs kek

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honestly just wrote the whole phrase in the back of a book i left at my mom's house

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Yes. I wrote them out in a crudely drawn piece of paper I keep both hidden in my car and in my in my house in a drawer. I just made it look like a toddler wrote it out. I dont expect the person breaking into my car or house to be looking for my fucking seed phrases lol.

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ok this is based

>> No.23324508

encrypted partial steganography

>> No.23324557

rar files may be encrypted but the key derivation algo is extremely weak compared to say bip38

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I had a paper backup which I memorized and checked to see if I remembered properly every now and then. Eventually I got confident enough that I burned the paper and now the words are only inside my head. Never typing or writing them on anything but an offline hardware wallet

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I carved the words into a rock and lodged it in my rectum

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It's on a piece of paper in a shoebox in my closet. People don't know that it's an xmr seed with 300k in it lol

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i have several pieces of paper in multiple locations with 1000 words typed on it i only have to remember the first word and every other word after until i get all 24 and that is the entire seed phrase so in case someone ever finds it they wont be able to just use it

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his stamped passphrase may just be numbers, the books page number line number and word number, from an unknown book good luck with that

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That’s genius, no one will ever see it

>> No.23327438

Wtf this is the smartest approach I’ve seen yet in 8+ years

>> No.23327532

I modded a version of the original mario for NES. In specific locations, the tiles are changed to spell out a phrase on the screen. you need to basically complete the entire game to get the full code. My usual time is about 45 minutes.

You could steal the source code but would not be able to determine where the phrases are as i simply changed the tile animations. sure you could look for differences in tile sets, but i randomized them throughout the entire game. maybe you could write some kind of super AI program to try and figure it out.

>> No.23327545

I have hard copies and big weapons

>> No.23328709

Hope you don't get a concussion anytime soon.

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Too bad fags I can just remote view back to the time when you first made/saw the phrase, write it down, then astral project to spiritual sex with your Mom.

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Wrote my keys in HolyC and saved it on an offline pc that runs TempleOS

>> No.23328995

What about encrypting a txt file with my keys and uploading that to drive?

>> No.23329069

I literally forgot most of them...

>> No.23329377

I just have the words on a book on my native language and coded the location within the bigass book.

>> No.23329409

Bought a common and easy to replace dictionary, recorded every page number and how many words in on each page the seed word is. Have that saved in writing, on a usb stick in a tails vault, in writing at parents place and on cloud.

>> No.23329471

Scratch them into your tombstone or wait for API3.

>> No.23330212

that's awful security see: >>23320832
a supercomputer will break that faster than a 2 random word passphrase

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tattoo on my dick.
If anyone wants my $ and they can get at my dick, I've lost already.

>> No.23330506

Tattooed them underneath my foreskin using invisible ink.

>> No.23330521

saved on a USB which is only ever plugged in offline, it has the text files. Also wrote the seed in code throughout my journal.

>> No.23330537

Someone posted this same thing like last month larp fag.

>> No.23330579

Fucking kek

>> No.23330670

Why didnt you place the weapons in other dungeons?

>> No.23330860

each word counts as a single unit, not as the total # of letters. the unit of crackage is the word. i don't know shit about the math

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File: 34 KB, 500x500, Laset-PVC-Fleible-Magnet-Letters-and-Numbers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have it written out with those letter magnets on my fridge

>> No.23331148

I just wrote my seed words in the bible and put it in my bookshelf.
Ain't no robber gonna check that.

>> No.23331282

on a fucking piece of paper in my safe, with a spare one in my parents safe. what the fuck is this crypto obsession with creating a fort knox-like enigma code to be solved? Pointless

>> No.23331416

>How do you guys keep your seed words safe?

I have the private keys for my Ethereum wallets in a text file on my desktop that I just copy paste into the web version of MyEtherWallet when I want to do a transaction. The private keys contain ~30k LINK and 500 ETH.

>> No.23331486

I have my 11 closest friends a word to remember. If I ever need my seed words, I will just ask my friends

>> No.23331497

>last decade

>> No.23331545

>one of them dies
>you lose everything
>one of them forgets
>you lose everything
>one of them decides they dont like you anymore
>you lose everything

idiot lol.

>> No.23331575

as you say but it is not irrelevant if your words come from 2048 piece bip39 dictionary or the english dictionary which has about 500k words you can use (plus brand names and made up fantasy names and so on)

>> No.23331675

it's only if we had multisig smart contracts with fallback timelocked decision branches... why did nobody thought of this in 2010? oh wait they actually did.

>> No.23331685

is ledger nano s safe?

>> No.23331792

not particularly your security depends on entirely outside factors and practices that don't actually involve the ledger device aside from it being an extra physical attack vector using the standard practice recommendations.

>> No.23331848

If you use a hardware wallet you only need the phrase for recovery

>> No.23332011

and that's the problem with them, you have a potential to get your crypto stolen if you lose custody of the device or lose custody of a piece of paper.

meanwhile if you use a bip38 paper wallet with a decent but memorably passphrase you can have multiple physical and digital copies with absolutely no risk of getting your bitcoins stolen or losing it by accident (assuming you diversified the storage locations).
an other thing to note: you only really have to store the private key part because it generate the pubkey and address this gives you more privacy if you say upload it to your gmail account.

>> No.23332287

How are you guys stamping these into metal?
do they sell kits online

Im a desk jockey i dont work with my hands

>> No.23332435

that on op pic is carved not punched

>> No.23332826

Thoughts on having the 24 word seed phrase and simply flipping two of your favourite numbers. So for example if you like 4 and 9 flipping/switching those two words with one another.

>> No.23334038

doesn't work for me, too many whores see it every week

>> No.23334057

terrible idea

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Check out this: https://shop.trezor.io/product/cryptosteel

It's a cassette with which you can assemble your seed phrase with letter tiles. No further skills needed.

>> No.23334394

i tattood 'cumbucket' on my ass cause its my password everywhere

>> No.23334695

my seed phrase is
>nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

>> No.23334897

I wrote it down on a post-it, and then built a labyrinth around it.

>> No.23335093

Just reiterating the fact that you can scan a map file for strings of all user entered books, even with false positive s you could easily brute force the shit, if someone cares to look

>> No.23335413

Just like crypto.

>> No.23335454

yeah great idea... replace gazzillion times trillions of years of security trying to guess 24 words with 5 minutes (which it takes to remove any lock you put on one of these) and also pay for the privilege to do something so stupid

>> No.23335498

How do you get metal plates? Do you make them yourself? I guess that’d be the only way otherwise your seed words could get stolen

>> No.23335602

no you don't, and this is the saddest larp i've ever read.

>i hide my phrase in a modded version of an old video game
you're such a virgin i bet you don't even know what sex is

>> No.23336056

for real?

>> No.23336092

Believing the larp. Kek at you

>> No.23336596

just do some math man...
let's say every person including newborn babies have a 12 (not 24 which is today standard) seed word wallet on earth.
so that's like one in 6E29 for a random try to be successful. so he can try for arguments sake 1 million per sec (which is totally impossible for a loser without access to supercomputers but whatever)
it would take him statistically 19025875190258751 years to get a single hit.

>> No.23336643 [DELETED] 

that's only 1398961411048437 times longer than how long our universe existed rofl not much

>> No.23336660

that's only ~1 398 961 times longer than how long our universe existed rofl not much

>> No.23336670


>> No.23337213

I bought a psx and made football teams with the players names making up my seed phrases

>> No.23338372

Have you saved them on a memory card?

>> No.23338614

I actually use a book cipher, meaning that the end result looks like this: 7,15,4,3,4,6,8,5,9,5,14,6...

First number is the page number, second is the word number, and third is the letter used from that word. I think that without knowing the exact text used for encryption it should be pretty much impossible to decipher it, right?

>> No.23338728

It's not a passphrase, every letter from the seed words is replaced by two or three numbers, the page number, the word number and the letter from that word. So if I need to use the letter Y I'll just look in a book/ text for a word like yellow, hungry, trippy, yearn and write down the page #, the word # and the letter #.

Takes a while to encrypt and decipher it but it's pretty safe imo

>> No.23338740

no it would be under 5 minutes for this setup >>23319618
remember there are only 130 million books in existence that is like using a 6 character password

>> No.23338753

>but it's pretty safe imo
no it's retarded in this computer age may have worked a 100 years ago not sure

>> No.23338850

>no it would be under 5 minutes for this setup
explain why and I'd stop thinking that you're full of shit

>> No.23338882

it's right there in that guys post. if your adversary has all available books scanned and indexed his difficulty of breaking your ""cypher"" is akin to the difficulty of breaking a 6 character password.
this is so fucking weak it's retarded. unless you have a book that you are sure never been scanned but then you risk not having access to it anytime anywhere.

>> No.23339453

at least for a wallet i remember the seed.

Worried about torture or extorsion
Would set a timelock or a multisig but it is more complex and would have to tell someone about my holdings/partially trusting them.

>> No.23339558


>> No.23339614

Nah I just recorded a game and uploaded it to youtube

>> No.23339696

If they defeat the boss do they get extra hearts?

>> No.23340424

I don't know whether that's genius or retarded, lol.

>> No.23340622

No jogger is going to break into your house and try to steal your cryptos. Anybody who even fucking knows about crypto, let alone knows how to work a wallet, is too spineless to ever break into a property. Joggers only want your flat screen tv, PS4, and whatever liquor you might have in your cabinets. Meth heads just steal jewels and cash.

>> No.23341255

The government loves to do that, though.

>> No.23341554


>> No.23342231

And what have you learned, so fat?

>> No.23342389

>Takes extreme caution in handling the seed phrase in the offline world
>Uploads the seed phrase to the internet

How dumb are you

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you seem angry fren. maybe stay away from soi based beverages for a while?

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Why not just make the blocks spell out the seed phrase, but put them in different maps. You would know the correct ordering, but other people might be completely clueless. You could also throw some red herrings in there, or know that only the blue words (or whatever color) are the right words

>> No.23343189

I just keep my entire stack on coinbase. It's probably fine.

>> No.23343476

I have all 12 words memory pegged

>> No.23343770

I got dog tags made and wear them as a necklace

>> No.23344055

Why pay $100 for something when you could chemically engrave something yourself with salt water, a 12v battery, a q-tip, and some nail polish. Look it up, it's pretty cheap and you may have half of this lying around.

>> No.23344115

Just realized I am missing my backup ledger so I really need to keep my stuff safe since I just have it written down on the 3 pieces of paper that came with my ledger (so you need 2/3 to recover it)

What do I need to do for the steel plate thing?

>> No.23344378


>> No.23344406
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get a steel punch, get a steel or aluminum plate
do 3x5 dot alphabet

>> No.23344426

Pretty genius

>> No.23344497
File: 30 KB, 800x424, 0104 braille 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but i guess this would be less work overall

>> No.23344735

This seems like a pretty good idea
I might do this.
I'll have to come up with a strong password though
Likely a passphrase
24 words long just to be safe

>> No.23345038

>Thoughts on having the 24 word seed phrase and simply flipping two of your favourite numbers. So for example if you like 4 and 9 flipping/switching those two words with one another.


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