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$CORE is the next $CORE

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I was late to the first one and missed the 10x on the LPs.

I won’t make that mistake again. Lot of buyers circling this one. Going to be a great day for those that are ready.

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1) Is there any official information on the LGE and how to participate?

There will be an in-depth guide on how to participate released on our Medium account.You can also find useful articles about the upcoming LGE there.

Check out our latest LGE articles:
(1) The power of CORE and its Liquidity Generation Event

(2) CORE: Liquidity Generation Event #2

(3) Help Page on cvault.finance

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2) Which tokens can be contributed to the LGE?
Participants will be able to contribute wBTC, CORE, ETH, and wBTC/ETH Uniswap LP tokens.

3) Is there an advantage contributing a certain token to the LGE?

Every token is equally measured. There is no benefit of choosing one Token over another, however the smart contract collects and uses tokens in different ways to maintain its peg. It is designed to have a positive impact on CORE and its ecosystem.

ETH will be used to market buy CORE or wBTC, depending on the current allocation.

wBTC will be used to market buy CORE or remain as wBTC depending on the current allocation
CORE will be used to maintain the peg.
It cannot be sold. If the contract receives too much CORE it refunds it proportionally.

wBTC/ETH UNI LP tokens will be unwrapped automatically and ETH+wBTC will be distributed following the rules above.

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4) What will happen to the APY if a second LP pair is added?

Since CORE has a Fee on Transfer, the APY is influenced by volume and trades. An additional pair will create new trading opportunities which both pools will benefit from.

5) Are the trading fees equally distributed between different LP pools?

Each liquidity pool collects its own fees and distributes these among its LP tokens, separately. However a second liquidity pool indirectly affects trading fees by allowing new strategies to take place and therefore encouraging higher trading volume.

6) When will the LGE contract create CORE/wBTC LP tokens?

The LP tokens will be minted at the end of the LGE, however each contribution during this event will immediately be used to maintain the peg between CORE/wBTC. Market buying CORE when necessary. This impacts the trading volume of CORE and therefore the APY.

7) What is the benefit of participating in the CORE/wBTC LGE compared to buying it after the event?

The Liquidity Generation Event is designed for maximum fairness. LP tokens are distributed proportionally while after the event the price per token will scale with the increase of the pool. Meaning after the event, each newly minted LP token becomes increasingly expensive.

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we have only jsut begin

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50k EOY.

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Fudders can gtfo

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>tfw still in the red

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what is Core make-it stack?????

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Unironically 1

We should hit top 100 soon and now that gecko has stopped suppressing us a lot of influencers will shill

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1??? What dollar value do you put on "make-it" ????

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62M marketcap. Not sure if to go with CORE or with dracula.sucks I have 80k ethereum in my pocket.

What do you guys think? I could also vote for Trump he's guaranteed to win, just not at the popular vote.

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core will give you at least a 2x in the next 30 days, dracula is good to farm atm, if i had 80k atm, i would 30k core, 10k dracula, 20k eth and 20k fiat

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got 2.5lp and 0.1 core what should I do?

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i sold my lp yesterday, i still own 4.5 core, and believe in the project, do what you want with this

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you have 3 choices

Sit back and let your core build up and HODL or sell it whenever you see fit.

Every time your Core rewards are worth $1000+, withdraw, convert to ETH (or wBTC) and re-stake. This creates compound interest. However, as you know, you lose your initial. And high APY won't likely last long.

Every time your Core rewards are worth $1000+, withdraw, convert HALF to ETH (or wBTC) and re-stake that half. Keep the other half in Core and HODL or sell when you see fit.

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I got 2, should i put one in the LGE

>> No.23313465

this is what I did.
and im re-staking my core rewards for compound interest.

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how long do u think it can keep atleast 50%+ apy for?

do you know how I can sell 1 LP for close to market price(9eth). I see some people selling on balancer but at 50% loss.

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The next lge event will be the cheapest price you can buy new lps for.

Btw keep trustint 2 anon devs that have full control.

They surely wont unlock the liquidity.

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I’m all in CORE but..

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>didn't buy
too late to FOMO in?

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10k by end of week, my body is ready

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Jump off a cliff salty fudster mcfaggot

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Hope these faggots selling off get priced out . Coordinated

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>do you know how I can sell 1 LP for close to market price(9eth). I see some people selling on balancer but at 50% loss.

this is the only shit that pisses me off about my core bags desu

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>making a 20k waiting room thread when 10k hasnt been reached yet
you fucking faggot moonbois ruin everything with you're faggy larps and poor in spirit attitude. and i hold . you fag

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Cant wait till devs unlock liquidity and dump on ur asses

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>Cant wait till devs unlock liquidity and dump on ur asses
when will this happen?

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Over here guys, the guy who keeps losing money on forks

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Wtf is this

>> No.23316786

The devs don't hold the liquidity tokens retard.

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i flipped my yfi which is down 50% into this.
pls make me back to even money.

>> No.23317229

You’ll make it fren

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1 is suicide stack, 10 to make it

>> No.23317826

Only got .25 CORE but feeling comfy. Bought at $700

>> No.23317959

1 core has always been the make it stack. 0.1 core suicide stack.

u need to look at the % of the token the wallets own

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damn how many lambos are in your make it stack?

>> No.23318031

I think CORE will be listed on coinbase, they just listed WBTC

>> No.23318071

that would shoot it to 100k instantly lol

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>You’ll make it fren
thanks fren, i feel better

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is throwing 2 eth worth of wbtc into the lge a smart or dumb thing to do? i can't think for myself please help this is why i'm poor

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No you are poor because you ask other people to make decisions for you. Read, learn, practice, and improve.

>> No.23319683

Honestly fren I think any pair you put in will be good, the difference between them will be negligible considering the passive income you will get years down the line from this, few understand what we have discovered

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if btc or eth moon i won't be shooting myself in the foot locking it up here? would this have a positive effect on core price somehow with our lp's?

honestly, i've tried reading about core. its confusing but i understand more than i did before, i just want some opinions about the new lge and how worthwhile some of you think it may be.

>> No.23319834

can someone answer this guy i have same quiestions

i have 1.25 core, 1.25 CORE/ETH LP

I'm going to get some of the LGE once it starts.

I really believe in this protocol, but I'm just a dumbass. I just want to put my money in a place where it will grow at a decent clip (anything over 10% is worth it to me, imo) so I can retire in 10 years.

>> No.23320142

Maybe hedge with core and BTC in case either one shoots up within the week, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert either as it does confuse me, my biggest question is does the LGE convert on the last minute or the 7th day so 10k core would be 10 wbtc LPs

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Never listen to someone who says "years down the line" talking about a coin that isn't BTC

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>didn't say "or eth"
fuck off btc maxi gramps

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may i please bury my face ma'am

>> No.23320789

that's a sir

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