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i hate to say it but this token is never going anywhere. if there was anything good coming on the horizon the price would at least be pumping a little bit because the 100+ team members would be buying or telling their rich crypto friends to buy. they are not. this is a dead shitcoin plain and simple.

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rally.io is already doing content creator tipping much better than Brave ever could

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Cryptos with renowned figures behind (Brendan Eich in this case) will never moon because their image and credibility is always at stake. Worst of all, BAT has literally like between 2-10x upside potential and that's pretty much it, it isn't going anywhere with that supply. So yes, it's dead.

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I use Brave and opt in the ads for a few of these shit tokens incase it does moon. You barely get shit for rewards now so I’m thinking about saying fuck it.
Other than that, I use these threads to fill my fap folder when that autist dumps whores, but this token is dead in the water.

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This anons not going to make it

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the failure was wanting photo ID to cash out

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>rally.io is already doing content creator tipping much better than Brave ever could

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Fuck you and your fud, OP. BATchads will make it, it’s just gonna take a while

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$3 Ath, though even at that I will be rich.

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I certainly would stack it but holding a tiny stack isn’t a bad idea. BAT is still really early still and tipping/ads/surveys are just getting the feet wet of future plans. Depending how poor you are I’d buy 1000 and stack the freebies. Make it worth your time if it goes to $3 or so.

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>I use these threads to fill my fap folder when that autist dumps whores
You're welcome, lad.

Just accumulate via Brave until there'd Coinbase integration or something else.

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Imagine having a daughter

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As a poor lad who is forced to consume several hours of social media content per day, it's legit my worse fear in life.

The second you have a daughter, you lost the game.

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Id post the pic but im on mobile just picture a hobbit smoking pondering this mans post

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remember the UNI airdrop and what happened to the price?

Now imagine it was airdropped to thousands of pajeets. Every. Single. Day. Im sure it will make you rich.

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Agreed. BAT is possibly the strangest crypto project in existence, but is an abject failure in every sense of the word.

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I think only divorcees have daughters like that

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>no argument
yep, its dead jim

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the browser sucks. it s a good concept tho

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Tell me how rally is better then.

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This is just dishonest. The browser is great.

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Bought 3 years ago and thought it was an interesting long shot. Since then the browser has been very successful, but they somehow haven't managed to extract any value out into their token. I'm glad I never added and don't know why I still haven't sold.

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ive had tons of issues with copy/paste (especially difficult for adv), wrong pages coming up, pages timing out for no reason so that i have to restart all the time, and countless other issues that constantly mess up my browsing. BAT is the only reason im still using Brave but every day it seems that they're abandoning it more.

the token supply can't be heavily manipulated by LINK whales like BAT is. the price of bat has nothing to do with utility, when the asshole LINK whales decide to pump BAT they will, and they're only going to do that after I sell because they're self obsessed pieces of useless maggot shit.

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Because one you do, itll moon. Plz sell.

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im going to watch whoever makes the biggest fuss over the Link gains on twitter and kill them for fun when i make it because of what you assholes did to BAT. and i'm still never speaking to my family again because of BAT.

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pretty much this, the LINK whales are watching wallets and deciding when to pump BAT because its such an easily manipulated shit coin. eich should be ashamed for giving a bunch of basement dwelling pedophiles more power than they already had.

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and nobody cares. thats why this place is shit. fuck all of you. now start with a punch of pussy ass frog and fren posting to prove otherwise.

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Fuck this photo has been missing from threads for ages lmao.

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cameron is a faggot by the way

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everyone who posts on 4chan is an unfunny piece of garbage, including cameron. people who enjoy trading need to be put down and replaced with computers as soon as possible.

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Remember that it took 3 years for LINK to pump

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>everyone who posts on 4chan is an unfunny piece of garbage
>posted by someone on 4chan

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and i constantly get signed out of uphold in browser so my rewards constantly get reset to zero. this browser is such shit, nothings built right, these assholes didn't deliver a fraction of what they promised. embarrassing for crypto all around.

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I'm actually getting a few browser downloads from my link each month on memeatlas so that's pretty cool. So far for October I've had 3 downloads and 2 installs which pay out around 5 - 7$ each. Traffic wise I'm still hitting around 250-300 users a day but with some refactoring coming up, I'm hoping to pump those numbers up in the future (those are rookie numbers btw). Anyways I'm in the process of categorizing around 1500 memes right now so the next update, meaning more BAT memes, will come around the end of October. Unless you guys want me to upload them asap. I can have them up by the Saturday BAT thread.

But ya BAT is kind of in a itsy bitsy gully right now, can't say I don't deny it either. I'm waiting for the next crash to buy more which I think will happen after the election. I'm thinking it will pull a Link in the next couple of years, worst case it does a 2x and I double my money. Such is the speculation life.


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Take your meds cameron

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You're not supposed to expect to become wealthy off of BAT. BAT is a 20-30c stable coin. You buy a modest chunk of BAT when it goes under 20c, and then you hold for several months if necessary until it hits 25-35c and you sell for a modest but reliable return.

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I'll never sell because the moment I and only I do it will hit $1

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20m users and growing by over 1.2m users a month and it hasn't even begun to reach critical mass yet. People are unironically selling right now just as things are really starting to ramp up. Anyone spreading FUD about this has absolutely no idea how much 20m users really is.

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Brave is now the highest rated browser on Android.

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I traded all my BAT for DEV a while back but i truly believe that BAT will have its day

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yeah....... so what

BAT will never pump

he sold all his BAT kek, he is clearly bi-polar

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Its constantly growing. So are the 24hr transactions

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Thats a good problem to have.

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What the fuck did you expect from a chuckie cheese token you get from watching ads

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I work with this real nice chick who's husband has some big bags of this shit. She seems to really trust him on it too. Makes me feel bad for her.

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how do you get forced to social media

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Is their last name Walker?

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Literally this. People get tokens they cannot even use or sell. I mean, what's the fucking point of the token?

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you know whats awsome? just had a program blocked by windows firewall that was Brave.exee.exe. downloading this shit literally made me open to viruses. fuck everything about this browser.

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>TFW in a week you faggots will realize u sold at the wrong time
Unironically something huge is coming by the end of the month kek

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the real question anons: you have x amount of money to invest, which is it: daughter or BAT?

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fuck this is good ahahaha

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Unlikely, next year though things will pick up quick. Election worries will bring it down to .16 again so get them cheapies.

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since when are literal fatasses attractive? never understood this, thought it was just black thing

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How many BAT do you need to call yourself BATman?

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