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GME to 3 digits

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When is the Trump town hall shit?

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I didn't like anime posters in /smg/ at first but now I'm cumming around them

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God bless Covid, it has made many of us incredibly rich

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I told my 65 year old mother that I've made a few thousand in GME today and now she is asking me if she should invest too, what do

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I didn't like niggers in here and I still don't, fuck niggers

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should I just go all in on tqqq

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>on 4chinz
>don't like animoo
how did you end up here?

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8 pm EST I believe

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Stop telling your grandmother about meme stocks.

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what the fuck was i doing in 2018 and 2019 that i couldn't make such easy gains like this

i was trading bullshit like fucking ZID, some india ETF, because i was like hey invest in developing country and hey it's an ETF!

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Downside risk is kinda high at this point compared to the end of August. If she still wants to, tell her to only put in what she can afford to lose.

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that or FNGU

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just made my Roth ira contribution

dubs decides what I buy

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I didn't like tourists in /smg/ at first and I still hate those faggots.

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I tell her about all my finances, I love and trust her
No bully

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yes of course hehe

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all in HTZ

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grandmas buying weed stocks was the major sell signal back in 2018 with the weed tulip rally

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what value would microsoft see in gaymestop to justify 3 to 5%
bullish on GME too btw just wondering

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What’s up with 2 threads jfc

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Man, you came to US for advice. Maybe just send her a link to 4chan and let human nature do the rest?

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Always so damn late

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tell her before its too late!

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Should I max out my roth ira contributions? Think it's $6k/yr. Never put any into it after I opened it.

I only have $20k/yr after tax and rent. 2x by net worth with crypto this summer but I 10xed before bleeding to that so I'm not confident in my abilities anymore..

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idk but I made this one first

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>want to buy GME today
>see it go up
>about to buy it
>look at chart
>RSI sell signal and bearish divergence
>possible double top
>hands shaking price going up I want to buy at 15
>take a breath and decide to wait for daily close
>completes double top and is rejected goes down to 13.75

Im so glad TA doesnt work anons the fundamentals told me to buy at $15 for the short squeeze

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I pruned my ssl stocks, got sick of bagholding this shit.
Tempted to buy more JNUG honestly.

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3 to 5% of what? Revenue? That probably 4-8% of their ebitda

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There is no 'debate'. just individual town halls

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yes grammy please buy GME

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NEVER tell your family about how much money you make

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>mitch mcconell wont vote on stimulus

fuck pelosi, fuck trump, fuck bitch mcconell

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Yes, max that shit out

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when the FUCK will the shorts start covering

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Don’t get your mom involved in this meme. It’s for semi/half/full staff traders that know how to coom. She’ll be BTFO and be disappointed in you

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After a major earnings beat

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after the first time it went to 14 and dipped down to 11 you would have fucking thought anyone with a brain would have covered then and there.

these kikes are beyond retarded desu

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>can't change my major because I have too many units
I'm fucked

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Is the Hunter Biden shit a nothingburger? Will it have any effect tomorrow? Want some boomer ETFs to dip as low as possible and go all in.

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I'm telling you its the next GME.

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its going to be a slow burn for the rest of the election. minor media will pick up stories until its covered by the majors, basically the same as the dnc hacked emails

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Everyone on the far left just believes its fake because there is so much damage control from the MSM trying to discredit it. One article I read said there's no way someone would drop off an unlocked macbook, to a computer repair shop, and we're talking about a fucking crackhead

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Yes it pathetic nothing burger
it also disgusting going after someones kid

lowest form of politics

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People still literally believe every Trump supporter on twitter is a Russian bot. Anyone mentally ill enough to already be voting Biden just thinks it's a made up story or doesn't know about it or care

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Meh, I was a fucking bear and went into Boomer rocks earlier this year. Finally realized that I may as well just ride the fiat wave with what liquidity I have left to pay bills since I'm so hedged.

Can't bring myself to wage cuck again.

I'm worried that we're going to lose this ability before I make it in fiat. New currency is on the horizon, with MIT testing it atm. Sounds like it's going to take another year or 2 of testing before it's ready to go though.

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FNGU for the TSLA run up next week

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> Roth
Damn I wish I were poor (or not retarded enough to do a backdoor Roth).

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>rudy giuliani shit about hunter biden, not joe biden

no one cares, thats like if someone "exposed" trump jr, would have no impact on the election

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you seem like you are of high IQ and know a lot about politics can you explainpill why Biden's son is a big deal?

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Why's TSLA expected to go up?

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it's ridiclous, APRN did an infinite squeeze because of a single tweet and people went too crazy with the speculation
AND that one is a dumpster fire of a company

meanwhile these shorts would rather keep paying 50% annual interest on almost 1 billion now to keep their position

i wish i could collect 50% interest on my shares

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It just a demonstration of how fucking inadequate Biden is as a father let-alone a political leader. If your 50 year old son is still a manchild crack addict, why the fuck should you be in any position of legitimate power?

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Because money was being paid indirectly to Biden through his son for allowing businesses in ukraine, burisma, china, etc to have access and influence to his dad. Hunter was like all over the god damn world funneling foreign aid money we pay out into his family's pocket and the idea that Joe was unaware of it is ridiculous. It's the same thing the Clintons did in Haiti, all these billions in foreign aid just go into their pockets

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Curious about this as well, now i will buy so i dont miss out

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should I buy more GME tomorrow? I'm a stocklet and only playing with like $500. How do I become rich.

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This shouldn't surprise anybody yet people are somehow still surprised by it

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just loan your shares out

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I went all in on oil xom oxy gush and rda.a in April and didn’t sell in June
I literally though it recover to at least 50% pre corona by august.
I should went all in tech at least they pay a dividend.

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just look at this year lmao JUST LOOK

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It's a somethingburger but it's actually meant to be a distraction from the fact that the Obama administration, the CIA and Iran set up the Osama Bin Laden raid to give him a boost in his re-election campaign but Iran double crossed them and sent a body double. Iran demanded $153B to keep quiet. (The Iran nuclear deal) The Obama administration and top military brass then murdered Seal Team 6 to silence any loose ends. Osama Bin Laden was a US Intelligence asset and was stashed in Iran dating back to the Bush administration. Benghazi was also to cover up Hillary selling arms to terrorists.

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Not going after the (adult) "kid", going after Biden's hypocrisy, corrupt abuse of power, and covering up his adult son's felonies. But whatever, fuck talking politics.

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How big a boy do I have to be for that?

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i dunno about now but i was so fucking ready to average up yesterday if I had my paycheck
the clarification on the microsoft news was out on fucking october 13 but Im already 100% GME

based fucking Justin, single-handedly spiking the price up +12%

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If I knew, I wouldn’t be posting on a scotch pad recycling image board but I can tell you GME is going to squeeze to infinity. So I’m trying to bank on it.

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Depends mate, firstly don't derversify, won't do you any good.

Gme is the play right now, just make sure to secure profits at ath's and buy the dip.

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Please stop giving the far left a bad name anon. I don’t know if the NYP story specifically is true but obviously Biden and his son are corrupt with regards to Ukraine. The people calling it a hoax are centrist Dems/Russiagaters/I’m Still With Her libs.

>> No.23301622

i'd prefer a slow and steady runup until the squeeze i hate going up to +22% and then dropping to 12% and then more for friday tomorrow

>> No.23301627

schizofaggot LMAO

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>GameStop will receive a portion of all downstream revenue for every Xbox sold.
Music to my ears

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sounds bullish

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I thought about doing the share loan thing. I mean hell I plan on holding most of them long term so if I could get even more bang for my dollar with them why not right.. But then I read where the payday is not that great so I was like fuck it. Also it kinda does an end run around the whole "supply/demand" thing. Plus I'm a tightwad, scrooge type anyway, fucking hell nobody's getting my shares, even after I'm dead nobodies gonna sell them either.. I'll fix it good with a trust.

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GME will squeeze to infinity unless an asteroid hits. The question is, when? It might take a little while. If you aren't a bitch you can walk out of this with 10x-20x what you put in.
It doesn't matter though, because 97% of shares are owned by big boys who won't sell instead of regular joes. So all this FUDing against us won't matter at all.
Long holds that will never sell are the worst situation for these people. Institutions that won't sell are nightmare fuel.
We've already won, it really depends on how long it will take.

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>> No.23301653

Would you guys have voted for Michael Bloomberg if he was the candidate
Would he of been good for the market since he literally worked on Wall Street.

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>taking 4chan as sources

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i am still going into Fastly. I don't give a fuck. This convinced me.


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>”just sell your GME, it’s fundamentally incapable of going above 15$ anyways.”
>”why yes, I am a loveless piece of shit. How could you tell?”

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thank you my friends. I hope to one day no longer be a poorfag.

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yeah it fucking hurts, why could we just be like BBBY
I'm not putting a return to $12 off the table yet

look how fucking easy BBBY has it, the shorts have clearly accepted their defeat and are gradually covering their position
This is why I didn't scalp on Thursday or Friday because I expected shorts to finally give up after the partnership. A bunch of other shit have squeeze on smaller news than this

i guess ultimately it's better for us though as the floor is getting raised. I'd just be extra wary on averaging up now as we're now fighting against people taking profits too, we lost $15 because people pussied out and were happy enough with +100% gains

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bloomberg would have been better than trump and biden would have made far lefties freak out and trumpfaggot q anon freaks like >>23301642
hang themselves

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Alright lads if my 10k NAK shares dont moon by late december I'm getting out of the Air National guard and going active duty as a contractor. Is this a good life decision or a shitty one?

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Post tits

>> No.23301696

I almost bought another $2k of GME this morning but it didn't really dip much like usual around 10 so i bought more RKT, whoops

>> No.23301706

well yeah, it's mainstream news now but we had the information on oct 13 before big players / algos could react
that's what amazes me

>> No.23301710

I'm personally waiting for the BIG news.

Not this BS "This random hedge funds owns 9% stake in GME" news. That ain't going to start a short squeeze.

They need to do something revolutionary. Then the short squeeze will begin.

>> No.23301711

To be fair, the GME squeeze will be something never seen before. It will make the BBBY squeeze look like nothing.

>> No.23301734

Lads, I want to fuck my tenant.

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Big news...so a moon resort?

>> No.23301745

you could at least have cameras installed to watch her when she's naked and getting fucked

>> No.23301748

You have my permission

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Trump time faggots, goodluck with your $$ tomorrow

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Tempting, but I can't abandon my coomer bros, and won't have more liquidity for another few days anyways.

>> No.23301778

I’m looking for a publicly traded accounting firm any help guys ?

>> No.23301780

Obviously they have value in being a retail chain. They are also relatively well known. The comparisons to Blockbuster are laughable at this point. They aren't just ignoring the online market like Blockbuster, and they aren't refusing to close down their over saturated stores for no good reason either. Sure they are a niche and don't do anything particularly well, but they aren't going bankrupt anytime soon. Which the current price is still sorta suggesting.

>> No.23301795

This is what you could accomplish on any stock if you put the level of DD we have put in on GME. Now GME is a rare find and opportunity but if you’d put this effort in every stock you are interested in, you’d be very surprised in how much faster you can get in before it’s known and how much better you entries and exits are or stock picks.

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>> No.23301800

I'm done averaging up, ran out of cash anyway, I'm pretty happy with my amount. Without today's rally I might have sold other bags and bought $2k more at $12ish

>this is what trading is like for big boys and insiders 99% of the time
it's not fucking fair bros

>> No.23301811

how much could NAK realistically hit if it goes forward? 20-50 a share? more?

>> No.23301814

She’s got the herps and the clap

>> No.23301817


It needs to be something crazy. Make their own game console crazy.

Maybe converting into a "Mini" Toys R' us. Possibly doing something online or working with Amazon on whatever project.

>> No.23301824

yeah i care about what some bearded faggot larping as a wizard think, might as well go full retard and listen to noam chomsky at that point

>> No.23301830

thanks fren

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I was on a discord for some defi shitcoin that had some shady shit going on, I was asking polite questions to get clarification from the team. One fucking boomer comes in and starts saying that Im a professional paid russian bot who is there to fud. Its 2020 and they still believe these "russian bots" are running around causing all sorts of trouble online its fucking insane. Funniest thing is he started going on about how he was an expert in defecting these "russian bots" and thats why he knew I was one.

Trump 2020 pedo democrats and trannies on suicide watch

>> No.23301843

I hope you choke on rice you dirty chink.

>> No.23301847

Russian bot was always just code word for 4chan

>> No.23301863

My twitter actually got permanently banned for "platform manipulation." People were constantly reporting me for being a "bot" account any time I would defend Trump or something. The last thing I posted about before I was banished from the playground was mentioning wayfair

>> No.23301866

If it goes forward 10 is the most likely price. At that point I would dump it because miners are notorious for using their newfound wealth to develop their shitty mines and not focusing on the good one which in this case is the pebble mine in Alaska.

>> No.23301877

definitely heading back into TSM after GME

hopefully Samsung doesn't shit the bed like Intel before GME is over

>> No.23301881

Are you guys watching Trump or Biden?

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Wish elections would be over with. Annoying.

>> No.23301887

Posted this before but my thinking is either game stop is legit pivoting to be the big dick Vidya e-commerce, esports promotion/events/sponsor,streaming service or Microsoft is a total pimp and paying GameStop to suck dick for a few years then go out of business or a combination of the two most likely. Microsoft is launching a beta for their game streaming platform this month and the other game streamers are only a couple years old but not as big and GameFly got bought by E.A. who took the Israelis who built the online portion so GameFly is out of the picture. Microsoft has already spent tens of millions to take control of FOSS events and projects that were tiny but popular and now its trying to use that leverage to get into gaming too because “Linux doesn’t have games” they are integrating the whole pie and maybe they want a partner to be the face invade things go bad or people find out they are playing the same information grabbing play they do with software as a service or if there is major backlash for the digital gaming ecosystem as a service if so they can blame everything on “our partners” and try again later getting away Scott free or it works and GameStop grows and grows until it get too big and Xbox tells them to fuck off and starts bullying GameStop out of the eco system and out of the streaming service, or maybe GameStop isn’t even invited to the streaming service play but will help ya gently by shilling it in person to every person who walks into a GameStop and in their website. Gaming is Perfect lockdown proof “hip” generation standing hobby that big money would love to get into.

>> No.23301890

What do you mean Trump time you dirty zipperhead cunt?

>> No.23301895

calm down incel

>> No.23301896

yikes O_O

>> No.23301903

Why is the rest of the board nothing but coinshit?

>> No.23301907

Town halls tonight

>> No.23301911

They should just double the term limits desu

>> No.23301912

Saw how pale she is wearing shorts and it looks like she ditched her SJW green hair for beach blonde.

>> No.23301914

Im not reading all that nigger

>> No.23301916


Pajeet containment board

>> No.23301921


>> No.23301923

It was explicitly denied by Biden. Now we have evidence he was lying. Surely you're not partisan enough to think that isn't a big deal if it's true.

>> No.23301924

/biz/ was created to get rid of crypto shit from /g/

also i am fucking retarded and ignored AMD and bitcoin during my time in /g/ fuck me
this time I was more open to reading about GME so thank the fuck

>> No.23301927

Oh cool. I’m going to check it out too. Thanks

>> No.23301928

This board was created to get coinshit off of /g/. This thread is the outlier and not the other way around.

>> No.23301929

from coinshit thou were born
and to coinshit thou wilt remain

>> No.23301933

I'd guess 4-6$ if they get the permit.
Another 2-4x multiple once the mine is actually operational which will take up to a decade from permit issued.
However, I believe the probability for the permit is miniscule, even with a Trump reelection. I don't own any NAK but might get a small position shortly before the election and sell for a 40% or so profit immediately after as it's sure to pump if Trump gets reelected or sell the second markets open on a Biden election, for a similar loss figure. Basically, a slightly hedged approach to election compared to just betting directly.

>> No.23301939

JWN. I think there's a lot of hunt for short-squeezes and this one is the only one highly shorted that broke below COVID-19 Mar/Apr levels plus the company has good financials and a good strategy and it will have a lot less competition when flu virus is gone. GME, BBBY and DDS have run their course for the moment - they will pump but gains will come slower and entirely dependent on Q3 results.

>> No.23301942

What do you want? Make a thread for it. I have a bookmark that takes me to the catalog with "SMG" in the search bar. I only ever visit /smg/.

>> No.23301946

The wayfair shit was retarded as fuck anon probably a poison the well tactic. Maaaaybe some money laundering going on but it was underground warfare and cities full of children tier fake news made to discredit anyone doing serious factual research on pedo trafficking networks and blackmailing amongst politicians

>> No.23301963
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Seriously though, why the fuck would anybody watch Biden? Just watch the highlights if he strokes out. At least Trump can be fucking funny. Even Chris Wallace laughed at some of his jokes last time.

>> No.23301966
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Everyone hates bugs dude, how the fuck can you even tell each other apart? by emiting some chinky chemicals like ants?

>> No.23301967

really what are you talking about? We've known Hunter has had drug problems since like 2018

like really maybe Biden denied it ALONG time ago
but it been public knowledge forever

>> No.23301985

This bitch is insufferable.

>> No.23301987

what the fuck are you on about nigger?

>> No.23301988

I can't wait til he starts ripping on Biden Fagbook and twatter

>> No.23302004

Anyone buy into QQQJ?

>> No.23302007

Theres alot more to it than just the drugs

>> No.23302030

Audio is dogshit though. Way too much treble

>> No.23302035

Ya it's pissing me off too

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I refuse to believe people come here to talk about stocks to invest in and dont have at least a percentage of their portfolio in crypto. No one can be that stupid.

Is this tranny namefaggot really trying to downplay the Hunter affair? After all the bullshit about trump and Ukraine and joe being on video boasting about getting the ukranian prosecutors fired? I dont believe it he's just being ironic

On another note anons, how low do you think GME will go tomorrow? Would you hold through the weekend or wait till monday to get in

>> No.23302047

why is he sitting like that?

>> No.23302056

>being THIS new
just go back honestly

>> No.23302061

I'm the same as the other anon I just have a book mark that searches for /smg/ threads, no interest in cyrpto at all

>> No.23302064

>No one can be that stupid.
go to /g/ and start a thread on the actual tech of block chain. Report back

>> No.23302065

Trump is ripping apart this bitch’s that I want to butter her biscuits questions and tearing her apart.

>> No.23302067
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Question, does the HYLN scam have another pump in it or is it done? As far as I can tell they haven't been officially exposed yet like NKLA, but I might be missing something considering that massive drop.

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FB TWTR puts

>> No.23302079
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Maybe his butt hurts?

>> No.23302080

crypto is am gay as aids

>> No.23302085


>> No.23302088

I think older people still like going to physical stores for their purchases, and an old person would see gamestop and think thats the best place to go to get their kids/grandkids video game stuff. These older people dont know anything about video games, and the clerks there could have a large impact on what they buy. It can kind of depend because a kid would usually ask for a specific game console, but for anyone not set on one or the other, it would be easy as fuck to sell them on the xbox over the ps5(more power, same price, making an argument for better bang for buck)

>> No.23302102

People say the board was created for crypto but even back then it wasn't filled to the brim with pajeet shitcoins.

>> No.23302106

kek, theyre arguing about Qanon on live tv, holy fuck

>> No.23302121

meh it hard for crysalize difference between someone abusing President father position to help Russia annex Ukrane and someone abusing father possition to help score some juicy rock

>> No.23302131

Anybody watching the trump townhall. I mean this can't, isn't even letting the people ask questions. 30 percent of this fucking thing is already just this cunt doing a sit down interview.

>> No.23302134

me twitter position finally printing money
and now twitter fud at ATH am twitter being slammed from all sides


>> No.23302137

Why did this cunt have to come out aggressive as fuck right off the bat asking 20 questions about hif he gets tested every 5 seconds, asking him if he'll denounce white supremacy AGAIN, asking if he'll denounce q anon, wtf. Making it very hard to watch. I flipped to biden's for a few seconds and it's like a super relaxed baby interview

>> No.23302139
File: 593 KB, 640x480, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23302140

sometimes when I want something I actually prefer to drive 5mins and not pay shipping and wait 1-2 weeks.

>> No.23302145

Do any other GME chads get bored when the market is closed?
GME is such a crazy ride, things feel so slow when I have to get off.

>> No.23302149
File: 729 KB, 669x653, 1593932861467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the fuck would I invest in crypto over the stock market? At least the stock market is "real"

>> No.23302150
File: 79 KB, 700x450, 2017-01-31-s20_eos_energy_storage_northern_power_grid-scale_batteries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HYLN dropped because traders thought it was going to pump after merger. When it didn't, traders left. Investors stayed. $25-30 is it's new support level. If you're buying in for the pump, I would wait for a big dip.

Personally, my gameplan is to wait for a real nasty red day. If it drops below 25, buy some calls. If it drops below 20, go YOLO.

Long term, this company looks legit, by mid-late 2021, it'll be 40-150 based on partnerships, pre-orders and how quick they can bring out their new trucks.

>> No.23302154

this is pretty entertaining they're going on about qanon now, nothing about the economy though

>> No.23302155

>I refuse to believe people come here to talk about stocks to invest in and dont have at least a percentage of their portfolio in crypto. No one can be that stupid.
im a leaf. i dont have to pay taxes on stocks but i'd have to pay taxes on crypto

>> No.23302159

yep, max it out. you should max out your 401k/ira as well if you can, but if not, max out your roth while you're young, and as you get closer to retirement put more of what you have available into your 401k/ira instead of the roth. the idea being that your roth contributions now are going to have a lot of time to accumulate tax-free growth, whereas later there will be less growth, so pre-tax money is going to be better to invest to lower your year's taxable income, and when you retire, you're probably not going to be in as high of a tax bracket as when you;re working

>> No.23302163

Because the media is full of kikes, all of it, come on now anon, only retards actually follow mainstream news

>> No.23302170

this holy shit

whenever i buy something i look at catalogues online and drive somewhere to get it instantly.
who wants to pay for postage and wait for days or weeks or months?

>> No.23302174

Pretty sure it's to decompress his spine - likely some stenosis. Pretty standard for people in their 40's and up, especially if later in the day.

>> No.23302181

well I know that, but I'd like to see him give a good impression from this but they make it hard as fuck

>> No.23302183


>> No.23302203

am futures red or green O_O
me have huge position and am scared for look

>> No.23302207
File: 26 KB, 400x340, panama-papers-400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>who wants to pay for postage and wait for days or weeks or months?
incels and people who dont want to leave mommies basement.
>taxes on crypto
shouldn't there be some way to do a property swap for shares in some corp? in order to defer the tax. you can do that with other property, dont see why not with crypto

>> No.23302208

that's definitely a benefit of brick and mortar, but as far as microsoft is concerned its not the benefit they're looking for with the deal. I've always disliked gamestop because they pay shit for games and treat their employees like shit, so i avoided it personally. my only interest in them is to coom at this point

>> No.23302212

theyre making it hard on purpose

>> No.23302218

green, nasdaq has retard strength as usual
bake the next thread with cirno ok

>> No.23302220
File: 131 KB, 400x578, 032490D6-FD3A-4A0C-9C8E-CFD3712A45DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and certaintypilled

>> No.23302222

People work 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 hours a week.

Going to the store to buy shit, especially if you work 3rd shift is next to impossible with stores closing at 9pm these days.

>> No.23302225

Stim talk at town hall right now

>> No.23302235

We're good.

>> No.23302241

This nigger behind him with the red mask better not be an undecided voter. You can tell from her body language she hates his guts.

>> No.23302243
File: 1.43 MB, 600x338, kani.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23302251
File: 150 KB, 640x480, 1602807525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fixed my typo.

>> No.23302252

same. I've had this feeling before, but GME brought it back. thinking of selling my BA and putting it into GME, then rebuying Ba after the election. I've already got $2k in GME out of a 12k port, if i sell all my BA for GME itll be close to $4k or more of GME

>> No.23302261

>being this chinky
Go back to Chi-nah

>> No.23302272

gamer data

how will they know what games to put in their game pass selection for maximum value if they only have data of their own ecosystem. These are boomers who can't keep in touch with every single gaming fad, but they can let the numbers speak for themselves and choose that way

but the 3 to 5% is just speculation buy-the-rumour gamble
either way i don't believe even a 1% cut is priced in yet

>> No.23302276

I'm late as fuck with this, but NAK will NEVER reach $100 a share. It's just not possible. Expected revenue is ~2.4 billion a year; this would make it more likely for the price of shares to be in a range from $13 low end $30 high end (over-valued)

>> No.23302282

He's pretty much just getting bitched at by cunty sounding women. Typical fucking corporate media bullshit.

>> No.23302296

Sorry, I should've been more clear. The drugs stuff is a petty distraction - it's embarrassing, and some people will make a big deal about it, but it's really not news.
What I was referring to were the emails to and from businessmen in Ukraine and China that give a good outline of the Bidens influence-peddling campaign in both those countries. This includes foreign businessmen thanking Hunter for arranging them to meet with Joe, something Joe has previously denied. There's also references to Hunter holding assets "for the big guy" and receiving income "for Pops."
This isn't some dumb shit like the "pizza = children" thing, this is stuff that any unbiased prosecutor would start a corruption probe over. Now, you can argue that it's faked, that Guilianni is a political assassin and fabricated the whole thing. But if you accept the laptop as real, then I think what's in it is pretty damning.

>> No.23302301

women were a mistake

>> No.23302311

what can hold that will help me sleep comfier at night? should i just stick with amazon appl and msft?

>> No.23302322
File: 30 KB, 661x408, ACBstok.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking for shit with 5x potential to buy after GME. Already own NET, its a 2x tops. Already own PLTR, it's going to be a boomer stablecoin until it isn't. NAK is too risky for me. WKHS already happened.

Is ACB worth looking at? I can't see the >dude weed sector going any lower, and if biden wins it's gonna fly. Obviously this could be a value trap, but I can't see it going much lower.

>> No.23302346

sounds liek a nothingburger, but who know s if the markets will see it that way. then again, it doesnt seem to have dipped the market so far


>> No.23302351

Can savanna stop with the rebuttals. Its like thats not her fucking job to debate the president. I hope this shit crashes the market and squeezes the gme shorts to cover.

>> No.23302353

I have big trouble believing that HYLN is different from your average EV scam. NKLA raised Billions by buying a truck, repainting it, and rolling it down a hill. NIO ist still pumping and pumping. Most EV companies have no sales, no products.
This looks like much the same, except a new gimmick (gas instead of batteries).

>> No.23302355

What? she's been nodding at most of the shit he says. Pretty sure she's a trump supporter

>> No.23302362

based pretend retard

>> No.23302380




they dont give a shit about shareholder value, they did like 5 stock dilutions in a span of a year or osmething , i fucking hate them, ate up almost all my profits from WEED during the weed stock rally of 2018

pick aphria if you must, but stay the fuck away from all weed stocks, they're grossly overvalued even today, US legalization is already priced in

>> No.23302382

>ywn crab on an anime girl's tiddy
what even is the fucking point of it all

>> No.23302385
File: 67 KB, 428x612, say_her_name.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did God create TQQQ as proof that he loves us?

>> No.23302387
File: 9 KB, 200x200, trex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23302395

>Shits all over Pelosi


>> No.23302403

post profile, crying tourist

>> No.23302410

marketwatch articles are so bad

>> No.23302415

imo, it's going to be very hard to find something not OTC that will 5x in the next year outside of China [that's what you get for having a totalitarian state willing to weld people in their homes + executions + mass cremations..]
I would look at Chinese companies with low market caps that facilitate clean energy / carbon neutrality. Xi Jinping declared China carbon neutral by 2060 = why NIO + XPEV + SPI + CBAT have mooned - there are surely others that haven't been pumped yet

>> No.23302419

crabs am naughty bois :3

>> No.23302425

Yeah your right I read the situation wrong she was probably just really passed at savannah

>> No.23302430
File: 9 KB, 219x231, 1589698975151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That shit is going to be a penny stock by this time next year.
We'll then have an "ACB Anon" shitting up the threads to replace LCI Guy and SNSS Anon who have apparently killed themselves, thank God!
Don't let that Anon be you...

>> No.23302434

marketwatch is for poor people

>> No.23302437

This reminds me of the in my highshool home room who got her name Candice really big on her back and it looked like it said Gayice

>> No.23302439
File: 149 KB, 640x480, Magical investing chef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23302441

its got nice tickers

>> No.23302443

look at GME's performance with the last two console releases

>> No.23302452

Your Chinese to English translator is spewing out nonsense. I cannot understand you.

>> No.23302455

lci was here this morning. Snss still posts but retired the trip due to shame.

>> No.23302460
File: 156 KB, 1280x725, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do does my terminal

>> No.23302462
File: 694 KB, 850x1202, sample_cc98150b484e816677a55de2b9bebfe3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fugg forgot picute

>> No.23302465

god is the ultimate and stalks me and ruins my life. but is tqqq still good to buy? looks like the run is over. its gone up 600% in 3 years i dont think itll go up to 1200% but who knows

>> No.23302467

IT IS a penny stock

that shit did a massive reverse split just so it could stay listed on NYSE, it was ~$10 at its prime during 2018
ACB is seriously the worst of the bunch, i only bought it because i was new to stocks and my friend was like "hey look at this!"

>> No.23302476
File: 181 KB, 1282x721, Shll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only reason HYLN is as low as it is RN is because of NKLA.

Understand the difference:

NKLA uses Hydrogen, Hydrogen is shit. Costs a lot to fuel and infrastructure not built.

CEO is a typical snake oil salesman.

HYLN just makes sense every standpoint. RNG is cheap and infrastructure has already been built. CEO is a 28 engineering genius with top of the line executives in the industry working with him. He's the opposite of Trevor Milton in every way.

It's a speculative company for now. But it's going to sky high limits once they build their new trucks around late 2021-2022.

Don't confuse HYLN with NKLA, it will be a costly mistake.

>> No.23302479

WOAh do you really got one O_O

>> No.23302485

Timestamp or fake

>> No.23302500

wew lad

>> No.23302504

Thanks fren

>> No.23302509

the timestamp is below DM1 in the top left corner

>> No.23302511

More people watching bidens stream on youtube. invest in clean energy PBW

>> No.23302522

would you say terminals are worth it or am they just shwag?

>> No.23302527

Roth has income limits, trad has deductible limits. Roth backdoor is a way to get around those limits by converting a trad account to a roth.

>> No.23302528

all the boomers are watching Trump on actual TVs retard

>> No.23302531
File: 14 KB, 471x388, 1600711109338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek, these are really going to piss people off, you know anon? Lots of anime haters pass through and these are so fucking beyond cutesy sounding.

Hats off anon, but I don't think you'll get the praise you deserve for such masterful trolling.

>> No.23302548


>> No.23302549

theta gang really does get all the bitches

>> No.23302551

I can’t take this anymore. Sold all my WKHS and PLTR stocks and spent the money on an index fund instead.

>> No.23302555
File: 387 KB, 640x480, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>biden wins it's gonna fly

How? Decriminalization != legalization. See, they get you with these half truths. Umineko poster here, this is unironically the same game witches play with twisting words to make you think one thing when they mean another. Decriminalization is actually bearish for weed stocks because it means that there will be no room on the debate table for a long time to even discuss legalization. Weed is an all or nothing type deal - if you let politicians get away with giving you half the battle they'll say "we did it!" and drag their feet on looking back at it again.

>> No.23302563

Ok tranny

>> No.23302564

Yep watching trump on my TV. I can afford to pay at&t for a direct TV subscription

>> No.23302567


>US legalization is already priced in

Pot as a sector is up to its neck in a bear cycle. There will be a bull cycle eventually. 4.30 looks about as low as it's going to go. ACB has significant upside.

>> No.23302568
File: 717 KB, 850x1200, sample_ab69464632d49d0c93b3137798db95a3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23302574
File: 164 KB, 1200x900, 1602274352896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are mutual funds good for you?

>> No.23302577
File: 836 KB, 687x1434, 1601320837907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

probably too early to repost this, since it's only +40% since then

>> No.23302578


Alright, thanks anons. I will stay away from ACB and keep an eye on the thread for what is being talked about.

>> No.23302594

DAMN thats some hot coffee

>> No.23302600

Yes. Lower your blood pressure, easier on your heart.

>> No.23302604
File: 497 KB, 654x663, 1598302034777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

depends if you have 25k a year to piss away
i do so its worth it to me

>> No.23302613

so its just swag O_O

>> No.23302614

Can I have some money, my account blew up

>> No.23302621
File: 41 KB, 384x288, 27E7C8FC-1733-4A56-8AEA-C73BC061D922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when he can’t even cook himself out of financial demise in a decade due to people realizing that acidic sugar water is in fact worse than smoking

>> No.23302622


>> No.23302627

good idea to enter on GME now or has the ship sailed? what is likely top?

>> No.23302629

>ACB has significant upside.
please pick anything else, don't pick the stock that doesn't give a shit about the shareholders

if i'll ever touch weed stocks again, i'd only touch shit that specializes in brand products (edibles, beverages) when it's finally allowed, stay the fuck away from growers. Their margins are absolute SHIT
look at their financials, 99% of weed stocks are still losing money every quarterly

>> No.23302637

Top? $100+ at LEAST

>> No.23302647

Why do you think that? I do like their linen

>> No.23302659

Real question: Whats the next TQQQ?
Will nasdaq taper off from its past growth? Why did it grow like it did anyways? Amazon? Apple? Why did QQQ grow like it did and not SPY? I dont know.

>> No.23302664

a conservative price target would be $20 or $30
the closer it gets to Q3, the riskier it gets and the downside potential becomes bigger

you have all night to do your DD


>> No.23302665


pick one of those instead if your hell bent on investing in weed

>> No.23302666

Why does my boomer fa dad keep hyping up brkb like it’s the greatest thing you can possibly invest in when its really a mediocre performing stock that barely outperforms the s&p sometimes? Should I dump my 21 shares for something more volatile? My entire folio is like 30k

>> No.23302672

Don't most weed stocks have shit margins?

Seems like with government taxes, there's almost no way they will ever make substantial margins.

>> No.23302678

I hope so, I pay into mine monthly.

>> No.23302681

TQQQ = Tech

Tech = Safety & Growth

I say the next ETF for that is LIT. Truly undervalued. EV, Battery ETF.

>> No.23302682
File: 32 KB, 598x223, justin DD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the only answer you're going to get here is

look into GME

>> No.23302692
File: 23 KB, 320x212, 1599808302264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll watch it, but just because it has good solutions doesn't guarantee it will be promoted.
Political Environmentalism isn't about the environemnt, but about Politicians and Corporations getting filthy rich by gobbling up government subsidies and inflicting special taxes - the more convoluted and costly the projects, the better, because more cash can flow. Which is how the retardation of Electric Vehicles started in the first place, so now they're cutting down a thousand trees in some shithole country to make a single car that costs 3x as much and completely breaks down after 5-10 years.

>> No.23302696

speculate the aroma

>> No.23302703

He's politely guiding you not to gamble since he probably thinks you'll just lose money.

>> No.23302707

buy three LEAPs on QQQ instead, buy the ones that are 1/3 the price of 100 TQQQ shares and you'll have much better returns

>> No.23302716

>he sold the bottom and bought the top
oh nononono please tell me you didn't do this

>> No.23302722

idk.... apple just released a iphone 11 2.0

>> No.23302727
File: 61 KB, 1280x292, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, its a functional tool that i can trust
i pay 25k to have a centralized platform that provides everything from booking flights(pic related) to giving me betting odds on football games
its also a "symbol" of "wealth" and you can say that you're in the bloomberg """club""" but i don't focus on that

>> No.23302729

yes, they are absolutely terrible

but focusing on brand products might be a real gold mine in the future because even with taxes, margins will probably be lucrative as fuck (e.g. alcohol, cigarettes)
if a new company can come out that under the radar and isn't already widely inflated in value like all the current weedstocks, then it might be a good chance if the numbers make sense
and only if the numbers make sense

weed stocks have been an absolute shit show of overspeculation. many bagholders still holding that shit. Weed stocks was like 100x scale of the GNUS retard rally

>> No.23302742

I wouldn't be advocating leaps with vix over 25. When you buy options you're buying vega and if you're expecting the market to slowly rise vix will fall and you're just leaving too much on the table.

>> No.23302744

what do you do for work

>> No.23302759

Personally, I'll be driving ICE vehicles until I die because oil is going to be cheap AF in the future and I could care less about this shitty planet.

But the government wants EV, no matter how to fuck over 3rd world countries and never have to fight a war on oil again. So we all have to adapt to that new reality.

Since going green is the new thing. RNG is the only reasonable option. It's easy to create (Literally make it via cow shit), cheap to fuel semi's and are more efficient than diesel.

Passenger vehicles are different story. Electric is probably the way to go there.

>> No.23302760

>25k/ year

>> No.23302763

you, an individual, pay twenty five thousand dollars for a computer graph program
you are an imbecile

>> No.23302768



>> No.23302771

I'm a leaf and Nordstrom is a pretty popular store here, where they have locations. They've basically beaten out Sears (dead) and the Hudson's Bay Company as the primary luxury department store in malls up here. I might do more digging to see what their cash situation is like and how they're positioned to unfuck themselves after COVID. I think the death of retail has been greatly overexaggerated.

>> No.23302777
File: 1.43 MB, 1228x2048, futuresgirl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23302781

NEW @[email protected]





>> No.23302788

That 25k goes to fund restitution for people in swing states. He's indirectly helping people who have been negatively impacted by niggers around the country. The graphing program is just a thank you.

>> No.23302793
File: 238 KB, 1500x1372, 98E0D65E-F952-44AD-A614-BE80EDC84CEB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I swap out my NAIL for some more TQQQ? Doesn’t home builder/suppliers stock stagnate in the winter?

>> No.23302794

I originally wrote a long gay post like u but then thought better of it. Here's the thing. Gamers today only rly seem to care about graphics, who the marketing team bribed to play the game, or massive player counts. All of these are expensive.

Yet games have been 60$ since i was creaming my pants over getting to do my group project with sarah m. in middle school.

Ever more expensive dev + static prices + online gaming server engineering = consolidation + microtransactions

Msoft is kinda fucked there. They now have mega gaming companies with exponentially increasing bargaining power, who will eventually drive the 70/30 cost splits on micro transactions down to the 5% it is on the rest of microsoft aps.

My gut says this is why they are trying to sort of expand into other areas of gaming like developing proprietary games, i.e., purchasin bethesda.

>> No.23302800
File: 79 KB, 500x500, bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23302810

Retard put his protection rune upside down, no wonder the FBI got him.

>> No.23302832
File: 394 KB, 1825x1155, 1580110366535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i pay 25k
>booking flights
>giving me betting odds on football games
>and more
holy fuck what a monstrosity, does it have an NES emulator buried in there somewhere too?

>> No.23302855
File: 177 KB, 1920x1080, 1583206960890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe you cant understand me because youre a gluesniffing tourist. either lurk more or go back to whatever subr*ddit your clown ass came from

>> No.23302873
File: 11 KB, 225x225, 1600708292415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember I didn't get into bitcoin when it was almost being given for free because most of /g/ would mock the anons mining it and I was too retarded to mine it myself. We all know how that worked out.

rip in peace anons, just remember you are literally following this: >>23302155 A FUCKING LEAF. Im screen capping this be sure to check back in 5 years. One day I'll show it to my children when Im explaining what Dunning- Kruger effect is. Thank you for your sacrifice.

>> No.23302888

the terminal is based it's the price that's not. there's no way that thing can make up the 25 grand it sets you back every year.

>> No.23303325

cankles ?

>> No.23303340

Don’t worry I checked these

>> No.23303440

NEM is 63
after approval maybe NEM will buy NAK

>> No.23303796
File: 448 KB, 1360x707, 1591323073542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As long as the market goes up in the long term TQQQ will go up in the long term. Short and medium term nobody knows but if TQQQ lets you down that can only mean the economy and world is so fucked it won't matter anyway

>> No.23303818

i already have msft amzn and appl should i add tqqq to it or just stick with those?

>> No.23303881

>not holding FSI
It's like you hate money

>> No.23303933

I would add some TQQQ. In the long term it should outperform even those two since it's leveraged. Most of my portfolio is 3x leveraged ETFs and I'm up 6 figures this year

>> No.23303956


>> No.23304063

can microsoft keep going like this? the chart literally went up like a 90 degree angle. is it safe to buy this?

>> No.23304149

Hello /biz/, I used to consider (still do) that /biz/ was the dumbest board of the entirety of 4chan, full of retarded gamblers that had no idea what they were doing. Apparently this is the only thread of the entire catalog not full of drooling idiots so I am gonna ask. How many of the people that visit this thread actually know what they are talking about? I kinda want a site where I can discuss some finance shit at real time when I feel like it.

>> No.23304202

AH is mostly chill, some shitposting here and there but more TA and shooting theses off of each other.

Come on here when the NYSE is open and it's a whole different story

>> No.23304461

back when wstl announced their buy back i told my noobie investor fren to sell all his acb and get wstl, he decided that he had lost money already and it was better to play it safe and not make any trades for a while. he lost 2/3 on acb to this day.

>> No.23304562

also same question for appl and amzn

>> No.23304564

To add, Benghazi was a huge deal because the arms used to assault the embassy were American. They CIA assets that were killed were the ones running the operation. The US had assets in place for extraction sooner, but the State Department intervened to hold off the intervention and let them die.

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Fuck, I bitch about paying a couple grand a year for Xactimate

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