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Main website with wallet download

Huge monacoin directory (use google translate)


Mining guides
http://monacoin-crypto.blogspot.jp/ (use google translate)


Block chain:

Want MONA coin to succeed? This is how you can help

Vote and comment on swisscex exchange forum:

Vote on mintpal:

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monacoin is good coin!!

come on join us

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vote for mona: https://www.icurrex.com/coin_poll

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link for chart on the left?

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This is pretty cool, a monacoin payment system

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>Making 15 mona per day

I will stop at 100 mona.

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Mining monacoin, trading orgcoin

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$1 per 1 mona seems reachable right?
1 mona = 0.001 btc
I mean, in terms of difficulty, we're only at 19 and have a value of around 15k-16k give or take.

Actually come to think of it, any new miners that come will probably be here only to dump it asap for bitcoin.
Maybe it's best to just get some foreign attention for now.

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Gotta say, when I heard about mona I never thought it would be worth a damn just like all the other altcoins but it seems to be taking off in japan.

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please donate to the faucet

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yup, it take very few btc right now to take it to 100 yen

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If any of you know better Japanese than I do, I'd appreciate some help with translating the monatr exchange website, since Mona Tore and I can only do so much.


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Also, if you don't know how to use Git, just pastebin everything and I'll update the translation for you.

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>mfw i win more mona with the faucet than with mining

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I'll try and help out with this

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what next? shoe coin? fish coin? building coin? car coin? cup coin? ROFL!

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If it makes it easier for you, here's a list of pages that need translation:




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Sup, my fellow nigger.
Bump, out of generosity and a hint of pity.

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What do I use to mine Mona?

Is there a Mona mining diff calculator? Would like to put my spare 7950 to work.

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>he thinks mona is another shitcoin

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Same thing you would use for any other scrypt coin - cgminer in your case. (also shameless advertising my pool is the milkteafuzz one)

There isn't one specifically for monacoin, I don't think. You can use https://bitcoinwisdom.com/litecoin/calculator and input current values for Monacoin.

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Actually, you know what - that calculator is now kind of useless for Monacoin after difficulty retargeting switched...

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Signed up for your pool and am now mining. Thanks for the help Anon!

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mona have 168m max coins
first halve only in 3 years
its like bitcoin
i predict it will hit 100-150 mona / 1 btc end of this year at MINIMIUM
steady increase in value and exponential in community, also tentative to investors.

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>100-150 mona / 1 btc
at best or
>1000 mona / 1 btc at worst

either way its going up

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It's a new lemming coin every week on this board. Don't buy in to a pump and dump scheme newfags. Me too cryptocurrencies are not a wise investment

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It's actually not that new (if you compare it to like, mintcoin and flappycoin), the coin launched on the first of January.

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This, go back to your amDOGE cock-sucking-sobbing-PND-thread.

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don't do it anon.

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are you guys following monacoin twitter feeds?

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some group is claiming to be an "investment" firm.
they want you do donate 100 monacoin and they will give you back 50% of profits

shit, is this the Japanese version of the Nigerian prince scam?

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whats interesting there

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to the moon bb

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monacoin has their own wolong :^)

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must buy:

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not sure what's for sale.
is it a voice service like tyrone or just a sale of a pre-recorded lews sound track?

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gross mayne

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pretty neat looking website for monacoin,
purpose is to explain it in ~1 minute

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Soooo, what the prospect of Mona coin?
I feel like Japanese H industry will rely much in monacoin.

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not too sure but as I dig deeper into mona with my google translate-fu I am surprised the market cap isn't past 1 million USD.

They have a wide abundance of developers working to improve monacoin it's overwhelming.
mobile android wallet, their own exchange, their own payment processing platform.

The only thing holding it back from exploding is the language barrier.

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Don't forget the cost of electricity in Japan.

I doubt that last sentence of yours will come true, though.

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well, something like this is pretty promising

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People in Japan would probably benefit the most from buying asics. Haven't seen any twitter post about them buying however.

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there aren't any released ASICs for scrypt yet though.

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or wait, is there?

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They've been out for a while now.
Google or look on ebay for "gridseed asics"
Ready to purchase. 230 usd gets you 350kh/s for only 7 watts. or somewhere around that many watts

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god damn you. there's a dude in the uk selling 10 of them for £2k. now i simply have to have them. anyone wanna buy an old r9? or a kidney?

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yep, I'm trying to sell my 750ti's now. only making $1 a day because electricity is a pain in the ass even with the 750ti's energy efficient design.

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multimona is being developed

Monacoin to be the 3rd crypto to ever have a lightweight wallet?

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nevermind, it's already out.

Monacoin confirmed 3rd crypto ever to have light weight wallet.

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not wishing to derail, but does anyone know why BC is rocketing?

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link please? I love light wallets and I'd love mona if it had one

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im trying to mine on cryptopoolmining com

but its not starting. all setting are A ok. any idea ?

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what errors are you getting

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the stratum looks offline

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Post a screenshot.

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try my pool then. ( ¬‿¬)

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working fine here.

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i switched to commie pool

i have 4.4 mhash. i hope to make something with mona

tfw my sloth and pnd are now worthless.

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mine worthless stuff = get rich
mine departed stuff = chase the train by foot

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The difficulty was half of what it is now just a few days ago, so I don't know exactly how much mona your hashrate would bring now (they're probably being mentioned in the 2ch threads but it's been a while since I checked them).

Might be a good idea to post your earnings here once 24 hours has passed.

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>tfw CPU mining Mona at 40KH/s since early January
>all payments stopped two weeks ago

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approximation is 250 mona per days.

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I just realised monacointalk wasn't linked here yet:

so, about 2000 yen a day at current market rates? What's the electricity bill?

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is there any non-shit english pool ?

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low hash but seems stable, english based

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He tried cryptopoolmining first. What went wrong with commiepool?

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So yeah, all of the english pools have low hashrates because everyone's using 2chpool.

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hello exactly how much will mona be worth and when please thanks

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seems like we're in a downtrend now,
give it another week or two to bottom out

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im on the top with 4.4 mhash. giving the pool half its hashrate.

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The fourth actually.

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bitcoin, dogecoin, monacoin
what else?

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can't find anything searching for multilite or light weight litecoin wallet
I see they are developing an electrum type wallet but it's not released yet.

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Nevermind then.

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wow another coin? interesting I think I might just start mining for the losl.

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what if a light wallet lose its support? like server shut off or dev left. electrum, wowdoge etc are the coins lost then?

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doing this shit.

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Never heard of such situation.

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Everone mine.

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mona coin master race.

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twitter search #monacoin
it's active 24/7
need some more gaijin support

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click ctrl+f, type s7z, hit enter 6 times.

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Sorry but it's been ages since I tried to mine Bitcoins and it didn't have that web interface and obviously it wasn't in Japanese.
Where do I see how many coins I have mined?

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I hope you are using a pool
you can see it on your dashboard

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I'm using monapool1, but I don't know Jap and Google Translate doesn't translate when I'm logged in.

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is more english friendly

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So it's in the "MONA estimates" section, right?

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It's listed under unconfirmed and confirmed.
It will stay as unconfirmed for a bit them moved to confirmed.
When it is in confirmed you can move those to your wallet.

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monacoin forum now has english


they want our dick

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Guise, why are the nips suddenly so friendly to us gaijin? Weren't they gonna kill the coin if we hopped on board?
Are they dumping and us gaijin left holding the bag?

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I'm also puzzled, hope they don't pull a wolong on us :c

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They've been mining this thing alone for three months. Its time to make it actually valuable as their tiny asian dicks can only reach so far

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I sold 2k mona a month ago and have 1182 left. Am i on board?

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you sold your ticket sorry pal

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Monacoin conference (and bazaar) in Tokyo.


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I am the administrator of the Monafaucet. Lately, it has been dry a lot (and drying out very fast) - I have already lowered the rewards.

I welcome all kinds of suggestions.
Donations are also appreciated (MUo3AXBR1Pb64ueBm69wy3px7aRwtpDtVK) -- since I need to pay for server time.

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Seriously. I'm open to suggestions, I want to improve the faucet to help introduce new users to Monacoin.

26/03/2014 - 27/03/2014


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Sent ;)

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there's nobody in the monacoin channel on rizon