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Get ready for high frequency Uniswap frens.

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Does this mean we finally moon and don't come back down?

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Holy fuck. $100 eom wasn’t a lie. I can’t believe it!

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What does this have to do with link

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Go try to look up Arbitrum token.
Coudn't find one?
Ok dig deeper...

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Sirgay about to drink vitalik's milkshake

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I know Arbitrum will utilize link, but does this specific uniswap function require the link token?

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>staking on Kovan testnet using Chainlink nodes is now live
Poooooomp eeeeet

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faggay is such a fat ugly loser

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God damnit anon dig deeper. Arbitrum was purchased by chainlink and one of the main devs is Ari juels. You know who he is right anon?

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so is this faggot going to release rollup on mainnet now or what

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thank god
I needed some fucking news today
how long from test net to main net?

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How much spoonfeeding do you require?
The validators are run on Chainlink nodes, the whole software stack runs on Chainlink, What token is used to run Chainlink jobs?
Uniswap will have a forked subnet with dedicated liquidity pools running on Arb along with seemless arbitrage if more liquidity is required. As these shards scale in consumption wrapped assets gradually migrate to these shards where gas fees are 1000x cheaper.
CEX trading, DEX security and lack of KYC bullshit.

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Afaik, Arbitrum nodes themselves will be using LINK as collateral or something like that. Or maybe it was that the Chainlink nodes will be running Arbitrum. Basically the Arbitrum network needs a token and it's most likely going to be LINK.

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They are claiming weeks:
"We’re readying Arbitrum for a mainnet Ethereum launch. Over the next several weeks, we will release a series of small upgrades to Arbitrum, and redeploy our testnet to incorporate these changes as we release them."

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I can't understand if this is fud or not.

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>In cryptography, the Boneh–Lynn–Shacham (BLS)[not verified in body] signature scheme allows a user to verify that a signer is authentic. The signature scheme is provably secure (the scheme is existentially unforgeable under adaptive chosen-message attacks) assuming both the existence of random oracles and the intractability of the computational Diffie–Hellman problem in a gap Diffie–Hellman group.[2]

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Good use of digits

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we're all gonna make it

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>Over the next several weeks, we’ll be announcing more details about our mainnet launch timeline, feature set, and launch partners

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>moneybelly drinking moneyskelly's milkshake
As KEK intended it

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This is Chainlink creating both a better crypto environment and making the link token more valuable.

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>Arbitrum was purchased by chainlink
Wait a second.. this is new to me. Is true?

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Eric Holder lied and Paul Walker died.

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So in other words, mainnet launch won't be until the start of next year. And won't probs won't have any real usage for fucking ages since every mainnet release in history has been dog slow.

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No one will use it you absolute mong. Uniswap contracts could have been ran in second layers but they ran them on the main chain because they wanna make money. They want YOU to pay 30 dollars per transaction. Youre all clueless retards and link is going to $3 and theres nothing you can do about it.


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Now this is serious buzzword salad, you could have just said that Arbitrum will have to use the link token. Ez pz.
However it's not gonna happen anytime soon, chainlink is way too immature for now.

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> <Aherm. Cough, cough> BLS signatures and more <cough>.

What unprofessional writing. What are BLS signatures though?

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Scroll up

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>ctrl f chainlink
>0 results
as always you fucks try to claim things not your own, fuck off bitch

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Bitcoin took a big ole dump just as this news was released lol

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this, asking the important questions here

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We are all going to make it

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>outing yourself as a smoothbrain this hard

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Weak fud. Weaker and weaker every day! You guys are getting desperate. It went from plausible, to believable but easily debunked, to straight up lying, and now you’re just pretending to be retarded? Amazing.

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Absolutely devilishly based QUINTS checked

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The shirt Sergey is currently wearing isn't the Lucky Brand one. He changed his shirt in late 2018/early 2019. You can see that the Lucky Brand logo is missing. It's quite possible that the shirt he is currently wearing is out there somewhere. Best bet would be to redraw the exact shirt pattern, put it on a shirt template and then image search it to find the exact same shirt. I just tried searching with a picture of Sergey, but after half an hour I still couldn't find it.

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its habbening

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based and aluminum-as-a-baby-pilled

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> ctrl + f [Insert anything Chainlink] 0 results
Aren’t you all getting tired of pretending to be excited for nothing

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Arb runs on Chainlink oracles you mong. They act as validators for rollups.

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Sooo Arb is going to replace Uniswap?

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Don’t you get tired of spewing shit? Surely they don’t pay you enough to degrade yourself like this.

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>hurr durr I can’t refute anon
>I know! I will call him stupid
>or even better accuse him of fudding
thanks for proving my point retards

>runs on chainlink
yeah, no. do your own research, arb works on any thing basically

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I've always assumed that mug was photoshopped (and likely the sn as well) in all these pics, that's fucking hilarious.

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>We’re readying Arbitrum for a mainnet Ethereum launch. Over the next several weeks, we will release a series of small upgrades to Arbitrum, and redeploy our testnet to incorporate these changes as we release them.
The remaining pre-mainnet work will be mostly around bug-fixes and Arbitrum Virtual Machine performance. But we have some other really exciting features coming in the next few weeks. <Aherm. Cough, cough> BLS signatures and more <cough>.

If the SPX wasn't dumping today, which in turn is causing BTC to stutter, LINK would have exploded through the roof with this news. Or it will in a day or two, as is always the case with LINK and news cycles.

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its not
he is fucking with you
otherwise source me up nigga

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Just bought $1000 worth of LINK. Hope you're right about this.

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How did you become this retarded? Do you even know how dumb your interpretation is? Jesus Christ.

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How much of your portfolio is that?

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>dumps .4%
Yeah yeah I've heard it all already

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t. Skelly

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Reading up on Fast and Furious, it just sounds like a semi decent idea that went horribly wrong, giving away weapons to track it down the Mexican Cartel system. I don't understand how Holder and Walker play into this.

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you had

3 Y E A R S

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Literally 90 link dude. That's nothing.

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checked megasatan

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nice fake article

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arb token is link token

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3 years. Down the drain.

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>and making the link token more valuable.

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so this is the arbitrum rollups huh

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how do we profit from this aside from holding link?

>> No.23268584

then why is it dumping as we speak?

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Don't fucking cough on my board you filthy coofer

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We’re reaching levels of cope that shouldn’t even be possible

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now *this* is powerful. methheads on suicidewatch.

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Because LINKS always takes like 4 days to pump after news

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so any of you nerds see anything noteworthy on the arb block explorer?

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>$100 eom wasn’t a lie
>price 11 usd

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cover up and confusion because all the names are the same

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its helping it you complete retard can u read?

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i know they work together but this
>Arbitrum was purchased by chainlink and one of the main devs is Ari juels. You know who he is right anon?
never happend

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You DO realize that LINK has more than doubled in value within 24 hours before, right anon?

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aaaand we dumping. classic

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Ok what does it mean in terms of grown% for Link? With all those nodes staking coins... where will the Link price go? Any calculation based on Uniswap liquidity?

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Price growth? When this goes live LINK will dump 10% and then bleed out another 15% over the following weeks.

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> asking questions nobody knows the answer to

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>id: BNB

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I have 1k in LINK and 1k in Bitcoin
Thats all I can afford. I didnt buy in 2018, I am just getting started now.

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You can invest in what will become the most successful easy to deploy x1000 ETH scaling solution.
What can you buy.
Of course it is going to increase job frequency all the shards need to perform rollups on Chainlink nodes.
You are talking about replacing the eniter CEX world with massive liquidity pools because you can now trade for the same rates as a CEX without any of the hoops to jump through.
There is a whole world of real applications that can now use ETH for tokens from corporate supply chains shifting off Hyperledger to the world of in game currencies.

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What does this mean for xDAI/STAKE/HNY?

I'm already out of STAKE and HNY, but I'm still curious about the consequences.

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See I love this, what worries me is that it will be weeks, then it will be weeks after the new stuff is redeployed. It will take weeks, then it will be on test net for weeks

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They are less useful in light of Arbitrum roll out

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nice digits

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So what is the theory on why Sirgay dumps weekly with no end in sight? You would think with his foresight he wouldn't be dumping when it could make him a billionaire.... unless...

>> No.23269657

wow look it's nothing

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Why is Arbitrum more important or useful than any of the countless other LayerTwo ethereum scaling solutions?

>> No.23269757

So what? According to plan, they have whole Q4 of this year for implementation

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The article has too many buzzwords. So Arbitrum helps people Uniswap with no Eth fees?

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Read the fucking article you waste of life

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>Sirgay about to drink vitalik's milkshake
THAT fat NIGGER drink everyone milkshake.


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You moron, it's EMV COMPATIBLE among other things. Its ready for big industry.

God you are so fucking stupid.

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sir please check the needful

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He can cash out for millions now, or he can fundamentally change crypto and later the world AND be a multi-multi millionaire with a huge share of a token that returns massive gains annually

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>> No.23271027

because the chainlink team approved of it. if you know chainlinks worl ethics then you know

>> No.23271119


The xDAI network is also EMV compatible.

It also has a working mainnet <-> xdai bridge working for a couple of weeks now. Plus its own cheap/fast uniswap clone (HNY) which works and has decent liquidity.

I still think xDAI/STAKE/HNY are fucked though. Not because arbitrum is the best, but because they (stake/hny) didn't carry enough momentum to be adopted when they had the chance. It looked like it would for a couple of days (when they had to increase the daily bridge limit from 100k to 10m), but then it sort of just died... Also, they seem too focused/dependant on the reddit thing (which clearly won't turn out good for them).

I'm not sure if Arbitrum is the best solution out there... but it does have potential.

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Some of those guns ended up in the ISIS terror attacks in paris. King nigger was arming cartels and ISIS

>> No.23271130

>what is burn rate
granted it's higher than most start-ups, but depending on the balance sheet, potentially reasonable.

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so if I'm reading this right, uniswap wins for volume, users win for anonymity and speed of trading, and LINK wins because it provides tons of price feeds already & rollups allow more transparent/frequent feed updates?

>> No.23271213

>uniswap contracts could have been ran in second layers
how so? Are you sure it's not a matter of uni devs not knowing how to effectively implement L2? I mean, there's currently only one functional ERC20 solution on L2, and it's Loopring.

Isn't it possible that, put simply, no one knows how to do this shit yet?

>> No.23271254

it may not be the best, but it will likely be the easiest.

UNI is about to start drinking binance's milkshake - will be interesting to watch the China vs. Russia fireworks.

>> No.23271263

This hasn't happened. Until it does, LINK has a built in black swan event upon Arbitrum announcing their own token.

>> No.23271369

why would arbitrum introduce its own token?

How would that even work? Feels like token not needed desu.

>> No.23271424


They guy you are responding to is a fudder

do you think arbitrum would sabatoge chainlink?

That makes no fucking sense.

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How is some testnet gonna have any singnificance whatsoever.

Some literal who launches his little testnet and then bugfixes shit for possibly years before reaching beta stage only to process 2 megabyte of data per month at the cost of 7 LINK or less. How will this increase the demand for the token stronger than yet another shitcoin announcement. All the combined usecases right now create less demand for the token than a single market buy order of some poorfag /biz/tard. Fucking cope. This "muh happening" right now will not make any difference and only the most deluded basement dweller will deny this.

Shitlink will go below $5 before EOY and you are retarded not to sell the news.

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man you are a fucking moron

>> No.23271503

>starts 4th industrial revolution

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>linkies think arbitrum is unique
>linkies thinks uniswap will integrate their rollup

Lmao the absolute state of linkfags

>> No.23271585

The project is funded by venture capital. The team is not making millions off of this like so many of the scammer teams in crypto.

Until they are bought out, LINK is depending on genuine human altruism because if Arbitrum gains market share and then decides that they will release a collateral and governance token to feed the VCs and maybe let the gray-haired scientists retire, this could happen.

Sometimes VCs and people would rather extract generational wealth from something while they burn it down. It makes less sense that they'll happily cuck themselves while adding huge value to Chainlink without Chainlink kicking something back to them. It makes sense because Arbitrum wasn't created by a nanny slave AI that just wants everyone around it to be happy.

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That's right Pajeet.

>> No.23271691

The easiest?
Have you used xDAI?
You send DAI from your wallet to the bridge (a contract address).
It's now on the xDAI chain, on your same address.

How can arbitrum be easier than that?
It can only be just as easy, it really can't be easier.

I think the only thing (a huge thing) arbitrum has over other L2 solutions is the fact that chainlink nodes will obviously use it. So it has a great source of usage/volume for its launch, which might boost its adoption for other apps.

>> No.23271761


what are you laughing at?

how stupid that fudder with the baby pic is?

yes, i agree

>> No.23271842


what VC are you talking about? Chainlink is not a fucking VC

>> No.23272199

That's a semi good attempt on FUD.
>if Arbitrum gains market share and then decides that they will release a collateral and governance token to feed the VCs and maybe let the gray-haired scientists retire, this could happen.
Do you even understand what Arbitrum is or how it works?

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>> No.23272662

You do realise that requiring the user to manually add the xDai address to their metamask, buy Dai, convert via the bridge, and use a platform they're unfamiliar with is a pretty fucking big barrier for the average user? Definitely compared with L2 solutions that work fully on the back-end.

>> No.23272684

Blessed thread

Chainlink = win

>> No.23272692


Xdai is a pain in the ass to use.

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>You are talking about replacing the eniter CEX world with massive liquidity pools because you can now trade for the same rates as a CEX without any of the hoops to jump through.
>There is a whole world of real applications that can now use ETH for tokens from corporate supply chains shifting off Hyperledger to the world of in game currencies.

So the price x Link will be...?

>> No.23273053

Chainlink is the best!
It’s not just crypto it’s bigger
Big Macs
It’s happening tonight


>> No.23273059

>> asking questions nobody knows the answer to
the answer is pretty simple calculating the liquidty in Uniswap

>> No.23273083

He is here

>> No.23273140

1000 eoy

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my fucking sides

>> No.23273254

isn't it more respectable if he dumps predictable amounts at predictable intervals regardless of the price? personally that concerns me far less than them just trying to time the top

>> No.23273265


Posting a picture of yourself was unnecessary we can tell from your infantile patience you’re a little babby

>> No.23273307

This is actually a good point. If they were trying to exit scam, they’d be timing the local tops.

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literally just shidded my pants and farded when i read this

>> No.23273394

Checked, but
>wearing pants
Ngmi brah

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>> No.23273432

>a testnet that’s open to all.


>> No.23273500

Do they need staking before arb mainnet?

>> No.23273515

that's what niggers said about the alpha go testnet when link was 20 cents

>> No.23273521

You're thinking of DECO.

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>> No.23273591

Offchain Labs -> Our Investors: Coinbase | Ventures, Pantera, Compound, Blocknation. I recall reading that they put 3.5 million into Offchain Labs.

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ya dun goofed nigger

>> No.23273656

he is with us

>> No.23273670

Yes. I am going off the Smartcon presentation where Ed Felten said he hadn't ruled out a native token. I would like Sergey to buy this outfit outright with some of the capital he has been raising so that any chance of this drops to zero.

I do understand how Arbitrum works. I also understand ICOs, and the lure of capital to funders and the hoop dreams that some of these scientists might find themselves having once they get bitter about being ascetics while a bunch of assholes get rich off of their labour by taking applications, some of which are literal low effort ponzi schemes, to the next level. Chainlink Labs needs to acquire Offchain Labs.

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the needful is done

>> No.23273814

anon, I...

>> No.23273998

>wrapped assets
Can someone explain what this is? Is a wrapped asset something built for one network that can now run on another network or something?

>> No.23274072

It's an IOU written in whatever blockchain. A lazy workaround for interoperability. Centralized and depends on whoever wrote the IOU not getting hacked or scamming you and the surface of attack is more than twice as large with wrapped assets. It's fucking dumb.

>> No.23274225

i love you m8 <3

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>> No.23274418

>Ed Felten said he hadn't ruled out a native token
That is not true.
The rest of your post is full of conjecture at best.

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This thread is nuts, checked

>> No.23274490

bruh cartels are run buy cia. All this ops are s fucking stupid because they are running them against them selfs

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Poasting in epic bread

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1000 EOY

>> No.23274683
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always with us

>> No.23274705


>> No.23274729


>> No.23274742
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You guys made my morning better

>> No.23274745 [DELETED] 


>> No.23274752


>> No.23274772


>> No.23274803


>> No.23274825
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>> No.23274828
File: 61 KB, 600x427, c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23274864
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And VRF was a precursor to that being possible

>> No.23274924
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No, KYC nodes can run this right now and Linkpool has confirmed they are the backbone of ARB.
When the staking switch is flipped they can cut over without any code changes, the Chainlink requests stay identical for putting roll ups on ETH.

>> No.23274929


>> No.23274950


>> No.23274979
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You have assets that need to be bridged into the shard. So your Shitcoins being transacted on L2. These are wrapped with multi-sig so neither you or L2 has complete control of them, but both parties are required to on and off ramp.
Your assets can live in this low fee environment until you are ready to put them back on the main chain. In the case of trading shitcoins this can include more/less of said shitcoin depending on the trades on that shard.

>> No.23275111
File: 403 KB, 464x744, 0294D6B6-A47D-470A-A515-C0AE14D022F9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This it’s a nothing burger people are losing their shit over nothing

>> No.23275701
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> a scaling solution open to all
> LINK is still the poster child of defi (backend)
> just change one line of code to benefit
> everything else benefits equally
> All charts look identical because cz chink spider web like pseudo consciousness
> nothing burger
> classic tranny deflection

>> No.23275833

If they manage to make it work on the backend, 81k eoy will be fud.

>> No.23275994
File: 339 KB, 2048x1362, 1597511497447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this goddamn thread is holy. Checked 1k eoy is fud niggers tongue my anus

>> No.23276106
File: 322 KB, 650x650, EB8E22CB-C72C-48E0-B27B-AE475D41D1DC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nico tongue my anus

>> No.23276122

If it wasn’t for COVID we would already know the brand of shirt Sergey wears. I had an elaborate plan laid out that culminated in me being delivered into Sergey’s hotel room post conference, hidden under a room service cart laden with cheeseburgers.

>> No.23276294

based asf

>> No.23276593

>These are wrapped with multi-sig so neither you or L2 has complete control of them, but both parties are required to on and off ramp.
Anywhere to read about this specific issue? It’s fascinating

>> No.23276822
File: 16 KB, 480x496, 08F3AA09-D6AC-4D83-A61D-1CA843D2F829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked and kek’d

>> No.23276934
File: 1.77 MB, 1100x850, 1602589787070.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTC, ETH, LINK, XRP, EOS. What else should I be holding bros?

>> No.23276964


>> No.23276970
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holy fuck, my wire needs to fucking clear NOW

>> No.23276981
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Holy thread confirmed

>> No.23277225
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this next leg up is gonna be face-melting

>> No.23277238
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checked w0t ID

>> No.23277397
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>> No.23277442

hell yeah
fucking meme magic in the works
moon it is boys

>> No.23277448


>> No.23277746

Lost to filename

>> No.23277752
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>> No.23277785


>> No.23277794


>> No.23278019

maybe the only honest response in this thread. can't wait for 18 months or arbitrum testnet before they finally roll out v2

>> No.23278063

It’s a dishonest response. You’re going to wait less than a month for a testnet and security audits. It’s amazing how little people know

>> No.23278093
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>> No.23278098
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This is not by chance.
Every event gives us power.

>> No.23278150

Dont worry brother, I'm in the same boat

>> No.23278393

Meh. Waiting for Badger. Aint no money in top 10 coins.

>> No.23278504

Okay team, this sounds great for LINK, but what does it mean for ETH's price?

>> No.23278587

Vitalik is on track to become skinny he has negative mass, he will be sucked down into a single point no bigger than the head of a pin, becoming a black hole and destroying the earth. So I wouldn’t worry about the price of ETH anon.

>> No.23278962

> Vitalik becomes negative inflation

>> No.23279219
File: 26 KB, 382x382, 1529099784860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We will all make it!
Reality will surpass our wildest dreams!

>> No.23279281

Wow nice , it sounds so smooth

>> No.23279300

Nice cope but uniswap will use optimism instead, arbitrum already lost and now they're rushing to test net even when they're not ready in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, pathetic!

>> No.23279349
File: 125 KB, 1000x1000, wtfwt_20201009082843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suffice to say, we're all fundamentally made of cheese.

>> No.23279471

glistening new fag here. how do you invest in Arbitrum if there's no token?

>> No.23279580

>Mexican government stated that an undisclosed number of guns found at about 170 crime scenes were linked to Fast and Furious
Man it's a good thing we armed the guys who created 170 violent crime scenes, I feel much safer and I think we really made some headway into the war against the cartels we created

>> No.23279686

Happening for LOKI maybe. Why would a top 10 coin give you anything solid this year? It won't.

>> No.23279698
File: 127 KB, 622x829, 1593697901281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rollups in general are better than sidechains in general

Vitalik has suggested Eth2 roadmap should alter course and will be rollup centric.

Also it's LINK approved.

>> No.23280583


>> No.23280658

Idk about the shirt but I found his california mug

>> No.23280669

Hahaha I always forget normies are priced out

>> No.23280737

ummm WHAT

>> No.23280880


>> No.23280928


How so? Its only 10 a token

>> No.23280940

Wrong. Smartcontract bought offchain labs, run by former white house cto Ed felten, who developed arbitum bc eth 2 and scaling are not happening for years. Smartcontract also bought deco and acquired ari in a prominent role

>> No.23281031

Chainlink didn’t buy offchain labs, they are just working together

>> No.23281092

Ren does this in round about way with minting, but when you don't have to worry about using different signing tech and it is all eth it greatly simplifies the wrapping.

>> No.23281482

You think the average normie has $100,000 lying around for a make it stack?

>> No.23281641

yes, normies do not have the crippling disabilities that we have here

>> No.23281663
File: 1.70 MB, 4128x2300, 42 (26).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23281681

is that real? how did they get the photo to go backwards in time like that?

>> No.23281688

Every normie I know has loads of debt and less than $1k in checking and savings

>> No.23282451

you must not get out very often. the average normie has maybe 2k in savings and around 20k debt, while driving a 2015 car that they owe $500 a month payments on. they absolutly cannot invest in speculative crypto assets like link

>> No.23282470

Wrong, they just get another credit card

>> No.23282808

>Had 1k link I bought for 5k or so early in the year
>Would have 4xd if I didn't fomo into shit coins
>Having a hard time swallowing my pride and buying back in

I just feel like it's too high now bros...

>> No.23282849

basically this^. normies have no net worth, or it's negative. it's hard to believe that wagies on an anime dick sucking forum are going to -make it- by buying shitcoins, but that's what's actually going to happen once the economy crashes and people realize shitcoins are the only way to hide their money from the communist regime.

>> No.23283034

stay poor

>> No.23283157
File: 27 KB, 630x420, 5c921b163b000052076dceab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who's the old man in the lawn chair?

Is it Opa Fritzl?

>> No.23283185
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We are going to make it

>> No.23283302

lmao Fritzl was based, like literally

Chainlink 1000$ eoy

>> No.23283632

Sergey purchased Offchain Labs lol

>> No.23283647

Nothing is happening to the price...

>> No.23283791

So many redditors

>> No.23284060

Im thinking of DECO which has been mentioned ITT. But still, they got Juels, the key scientist of Offchain Labs. They're clearly all working together.

>> No.23284919


>> No.23285600

>King nigger was arming cartels and ISIS

king nigger also killed seal team 6 and got blackmailed out of 150 billion dollars by iran

>> No.23285618

42 , ure a schizo. do you know it¿¿

>> No.23285836

I can't believe this thread is still alive

>> No.23285941

came back to post this
Didn't you listen to the laptop repair dude talking to the glowies?
> no comment

>> No.23286665
File: 21 KB, 225x225, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its all a psyop keep giving ai what it wants.

>> No.23286677

token not needed.

xrp flare will make link and eth obsolete

check em link noobs

>> No.23286858

its even a fucking trash thread with zero intelligent insight

>> No.23287814


>> No.23287848

nothing is happening.... ever.

>> No.23287877


>> No.23287895

see this post? this is how you end up if you turn into a dumb nigger who buys into the absolute trash that gets shilled on here by various brigades
>quant, rlc, xrp, foodcoins, etc

>> No.23287896


>> No.23288020

My filter list grows and grows. There’s so much blatant scamming here, it’s insane. Newfags don’t know how to distinguish and get fucked, lel

>> No.23288086
File: 272 KB, 777x777, 1583615042951.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23288314
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