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Should I buy 3700 of this shitcoin or will it actually go anywhere

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*3700 USD worth

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>should I buy
>or will it go somewhere
subtle kek. When you buy in it'll instantly dump, of course, but in a few years it will unironically be a top 10 coin. Maybe DCA in over the next few months.

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Dont know when or what match will fire this bomb. But it will happen, price now is ridiculously cheap. All in

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>instantly dump

Like it has been doing for ages lol why would anyone buy this shit. I’m not even fudding this is as dumb as it gets.

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Pretty clear u dont know shit about Kleros. Go buy luigi quick

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I just threw 1 eth in because price is gonna rise

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well done anon
well done

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At this price it's a no brainer, unless you have a better option right now then 100% do it

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lmfao hey my investment sense is bad go make a marginally dumber investment

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>but in a few years it will unironically be a top 10 coin
I agree but then why the fuck is it only number 170? The potential seems infinite to me, maybe even as big as LINK, but the rest of the market doesn't seems to catch it. Am I a retard or is it just that Clement suck at marketing so nobody known about pnk?

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It still might go down, I can definitely see a bottom at 0.02 or so.

>> No.23258543

Not gonna make it. Buy 100k and now we're talking.

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If you have the balls to hold for a while, yes. It will bleed and crab for now, but is a legit project unlike 99.99% of shitcoins

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I think they lack marketing

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The project is run by real nerds, why should even you expect great marketing?

They don't engage stupid memes, instead trying to cater to a more professional crowd.

This is why Kleros is a long term investment.

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>why the fuck is it only number 170
>largely unknown
>no exchanges
>top wallets accumulating
>even twitter and reddit haven't discovered it yet

if btc/eth dump 50% sure, but that's a pretty greedy gamble, and sub-10c PNK is literally free money anyway. Think of how many people when they saw it at 15c+ wished for just 1 more chance to buy sub 10c.

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They need to iron some stuff out. I do some work in a tangent-to-legal field and Kleros has unironically been brought up in conversation with contract lawyers. I've drunk posted about the history behind it here before.

The long and short of it is that it has real potential to be something truly groundbreaking, but they need to do some serious dev on it, and having either an advisory opinion written up by a state-or-higher judge giving the idea of CODR a thumbs up, or an actual case tried in court resulting in a Kleros ruling upheld as legitimate arbitration, will probably be the first flag that shit is getting serious. We're probably 2 years from the former, maybe 5 from the latter.

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please don't buy anyone please i cant hurt anymore

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How much you own? How high you think it can go?

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yes fren
don't be one of those regretting sad turds if you don't buy and miss out

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How do you guys feel about RSR? Thinking about dumping my last RSR bag to buy more PNK

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It will moon at some point. Long term hodl, buy and forget about it

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i'm stacking in my CDA bot. I'm at 20K currently. it's not something I'm slapping FOMO into. If i hear tell of it going in front of a judge, that will change.

Price speculation? If they get the positive advisory opinion in even a single US state, you're looking at 10+ USD within 2 months. If it goes to court and gets upheld, fucking Mars mission is on.

Part of my previous history posts have to do with Ebay's and Amazon's interest in the CODR space in the past - it's legitimate. Corporations are interested in this, 1000x more than any other shitcoin out there - Fuck the Boomercoins, Fuck DeWeb, Fuck Defi. People have no idea how much shit sales platforms put up with dealing with conflict resolution. If they could dump 100% of that work off onto an external adjudication platform with even a whiff or real legal credibility and force the belligerents to pay for it, it would be a 10 billion dollar project by end of that year.

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lmao pipe dream talking moonboy with 20k.

wtf this is a sell signal if ive seen it.

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RSR for low IQ posters
almost as bad as XRP

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Hey, if that guy keeps buying, it's gonna keep dropping

Go ahead and buy more at a premium, I need the dips bitch

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Yeah not wrong, but I remember in 2017 LINK posters being big retards as well, and it's not like PNKfrens are very bright either so I wouldn't take that into account

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Link posters didn't compare their shitcoin to eth or bitcoin all the time. That came later with the discord trannys and twitter whores.

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I'm not sure about that, but anyway look at link right now, it did 100× better than both btc and eth the last three years

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You just lack imagination and conviction

>> No.23259637

yes, yes they did all the time. you're new?

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Sirs do not fall for this scam, do not buy kleros they will be doing the rugging on your head

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The needful must be done sir

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Sirs my village needs it

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Thanks for the post

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decentralized courts ahahaha what the fuck really.

theres no fucking way this going to be adopted. nobody really even uses it. i personally wouldn't do ANY court cases with that. the idea is hilariously stupid.

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You're clearly not a visionaire anon. There has already been over 400 cases

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i am actually a very great visionaire, i was here when bitcoin was shilled on /v/. i also bought PNK and sold near ATH. you still holding? lmao.

this idea is fucking stupid. no way theres gonna be legit cases, most what it can get is some kind of internet debates between nerds and doge memes.

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>He thinks it means criminal court

>> No.23262879

imagine trying to create something that allows other people to rule over you and control your life. We have enough of that in real life, we don't need it in the blockchain space.

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>not larping as a pajeet
this nigga really out here fudding to accumulate
Sir do the fucking needful, the village is in shambles

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what do you define as "legit cases"? cases that belong in the traditional court system?

kleros will spawn and drive use cases that do not fit into the traditional system.

also you cannot say that nobody uses it when it is clearly being used actively. not at scale yet, but

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you clearly do not understand

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>bought at 0.19
>sold at 0.052
yeah, not falling for this scam ever again

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what do you define as cases which do not fit into the traditional system?

take off the pink glasses, where does the revenue to pump this coin would come? how do we get the money to pump the market cap? i see that only way is by collecting court case losers ETH.

am i right?

last pump was based only by speculation. with 400 court cases that mc was bloated af.
you would need masses and masses of internet amateur jurors to use the platform to make any sense of this project. but now it's just a ghost town with few hundred cases, which definetly aren't worth 100M$.

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>consensus of IIndependent thought in an immutable digital databse, incentivesed via game theory backed crypto-economics
>current applications include an escrow service for online digital retail, a predictions market, and a freelance translation platform
>Just combining the prediction market application and translation application you could create a smart contract which acts as a live translation layer for all languages, rewarding translators and people who stake PNK behind the correct translations
>Kleros jurors vote on definitions of words, phrases, translations, which when bundled to serve as execution terms in a smart contract could provide a more transparent agreement platform to current legalise
>Kayne West complaining on twitter right now about shitty bloated legacy business agreements using standard courts of law.
>anons don't see the opportunity to partake in community driven consensus and opt-in alternative rule-books for the execution conditions of their digital agreements

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yeah and all that tech mumble is worthless because kleros has no users. i could make my lemon stand mc worth of 100 million dollars if i just had the users. if.

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Why the fuck would you complain about being early? you're not a brainlet who couldn't understand the meaning behind my copy pasta are you? Pic related was posted in Jan of this fucking year

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>I'm too stupid to understand so it must be tech wizardry
Token sale was just this year lol. Of course there is barely any adoption yet.

Kleros already received money from France and EU, which is more than I can say for most of these coins.

>> No.23264717

not so fast anon. i'm gonna coom.

t. 400k holder

>> No.23264748

biz ruined kleros marketability. Everyone I know thinks it's Indian currency created by a team of pajeets.

>> No.23264823

I'm trying to change that by switching gears to more honest shilling with only a
sprinkled in here or there. If they can't see past the very little FUD built into all great projects they do not deserve to make it.

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let them think it's a pajeet garbage
the ones that done their research will make it

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But that's the genius of it, how have you not realized this yet, I shouldn't be fucking telling you this because it should be dead obvious. It's to keep idiots and low iq's out. It's a real, tangible business opportunity that has serious real world implications

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Even then, everything that's been done this far is major tongue and cheek - I discovered this through the major pajeetery when it was literally all you would ever see on pnk. The moment I realised what was happening it was like the great filter.

It doesn't take a genius to realise the Indian pnk memes are very well made

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>everyone I know
Fucking kys faggot

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lmao please be serious, I could do with a laugh.

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What the fuck is this shit?

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The token used in the Kleros projects arbitration platform, upon which many applications will depend.

>> No.23265600

I for one will laugh heartily at STEM babbies who can't into blockchain dispute resolution until it's staring at them with a $5B marketcap.

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The most bullish aspect of PNK is that nobody will have to deal with jew lawyers anymore. Sure, you might have some SJW faggots ruling over some cases but that’s a small price to pay for upending their fullly kiked legsl system.

I mean just think how much money jews make on death penalty appeals. Some nigger sits in jail for decades waiting to be executed and these news make a fortune appealing all sorts of bullshit.

Kleros court rules on the death penalty and the lethal injection is in his arm by the end of the week

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all smart contracts that have can have disputes that cannot be solved with absolute data can be solved with kleros, ie. the subjectivity problem

kleros can even be a component in other platforms governance. Eg. a projects community cannot decide if something is within a framework or not because of the internal power struggle and conflicts of interest by the token holders, so they delegate the decision / evaluation to a third party, kleros. I imagine the Kleros+Maker collab can turn into something like this, where Maker delegates it to Kleros whether or not a token adheres to the rules of the framework for which tokens can be added

you dont need many cases necessarily, you just need high value in them to drive revenue up. also support for tokens in court cases means that you can pay in stablecoins instead of ETH for arbitration if you want to

>> No.23266299

it will of course still up to MKR holders to decide whether or not to add a token or not.

or maybe the MKR holders just dont even feel qualified to evaluate the token and delegates it to kleros. maybe even the project behind the token pays for kleros to evaluate it to use it in the application process to be added as collateral for Maker

>> No.23266652

So far we got
It's interesting because it is somewhat a true linage of their use cases, I wonder what the final two would be

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I made a thread on this a while ago.

>> No.23267388

Sold STA for this since the dashboard is coming out in December. Any news that might happen for PNK this and next month?

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welcome new pnk fren. was the sta dashboard delayed?
as for pnk news. the devs like to keep us in the dark but they are always busy since they're real nerds(I mean that in a really good way!)
this was posted yesterday however https://twitter.com/Kleros_io/status/1316072020514205697
and I think something might be happening on the 12th of November, not sure. The others will give you a better answer than me though I'm sure

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u braindead mongoloid, the december dashboard telegram log was fake, aside from that not even a surging btc price can drag this pnk of shit along with it. plead guilty on all charges of being retarded in the kleros court

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can you link us to that thread anon
also nice digits

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>bought the literal top and sold the literal bottom

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digits confirmed
bottom was 0.052

>> No.23268099

yeah this is fucked
you have to make it at least once untill 2030

>> No.23268616

checked, the bottom is in

>> No.23268978

Kek I remember that drunk post.

>> No.23269098

Oh ya we're gonna make it
t. 350k holder

>> No.23269135

how did you guys get so much
i only have 136k
still going to make it tho

>> No.23269277

I bought 200k in January at 0.006
I bought 100k at 0.03
I bought 50k at 0.12
Just being early & risking a lot of my ETH on the initial token sale.

>> No.23270357

>I bought 200k in January at 0.006
good job
that's all i can say

>> No.23271700

Do the needful pls sirs my villig is starving

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buy klirus sirs good price now

>> No.23272436


>> No.23272511

The unfortunate thing about Kleros is that it seems to have a ton of uses that seem awesome in theory but they will never be realized

>> No.23272652

It's absolutely amazing. Ahead of its time by like 10 to 20 years. It actually has a working product. I think there is major suppression.

>> No.23272715

Investing is not about picking the mushrooms, it is about finding them, then just wait for everybody else to find them.

>> No.23272872

holiday-anon I thought you left pnk for good? Was that a ruse?

please tell me you guys are larping? I only have 30K pnk :(

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>just hold for 10 to 20 years

>> No.23272938

It was easy to stack if you were super early, don't feel bad anon. 30k will be out of reach for many anons in time.

>> No.23273027

Supply too high. This thing needs half a billion MCAP just to reach $1.

The idea is solid but as usual, these nerds fucked up the tokenomics. Too big of supply for such a niche idea is just dumb. There isn't enough money seeking decentralized dispute resolution to pump your bags.

Someone not retarded should fork it with a lower supply and try again.

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>> No.23273392

>30k will be out of reach for many anons in time
keep on dreaming
This is not LINK or ETH
This is just some random shitcoin

>> No.23273470

Well said. Same exact thing what I was thinking as well. And another point is this: Imagine you are some normie fuckhead who wants to become a juror down the road in like 5 years.
Let's assume this shit goes to $2
Then you would have to spend $4000 for 2000 PNK just to be able to be a participate in the onboarding cases.
And with such a small stack, you will never get chosen basically.
So where is the problem?
You spent a lot of money in the hope to be able to earn some money this way (getting cases) but you don't, because you don't get any cases. So your money is tied up.
The bottom line is.
Even though the idea sounds nice at first, it just won't work out from an economic standpoint, which I just explained

>> No.23273595

No joke. Hoping to get another 50k for 7ETH here soon. :) Once cases pick back up I'll stake again and roll in cases

>> No.23273667

You're retarded. Staking limits are decided by proposals, and subsequently community votes. There is also discussions about using oracles to dynamically adjust court costs going on internally slated for the next major release.
To expand, 1PNK=1Vote solves sybil attacks and is why simply awarding votes on a logarithmic scale or one address one vote don't work.
Sorry brainlet, but you're wrong. :)

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$4000? No, some cases require only 42 PNK

>> No.23273836

bought it all during token sale like a true chad. my only regret is not selling at 0.18 and buying back in now

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Sorry fren. I thought about leaving for the good of the community by pretending to switch over to sta but i can't atop posting. Worse yet I am now up to 50k pnk coins so I will never leave

>> No.23274002

Fuck off tranny

>> No.23274041

kill yourself faggot

>> No.23274050

based, glad to have you here fren

>> No.23274141

fuck off

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are you kidding me? I’m glad you’re still with us fren

>> No.23274243

Here you go

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Make me, u idiot
The good person pnk pals gonna make it gang

>> No.23274340

fucking idiot

>> No.23274366

Based thread

>> No.23274377

You never gonna make it from this shitcoin you fucking tranny faggot

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8888 PNK & 3333 API3

>> No.23274532

You are possessed from demons you disgusting fuck
Repent and ask Jesus to help you and forgive you and you will be saved
Otherwise you will end up killing yourself you deranged cunt

>> No.23274607

Stop seething HON. Jesus wouldn't approve of you right now.

>> No.23274636

based holiday anon, ignore the seething newfags, we know you're OG.

>> No.23274710

fuck you retard, pnk has been shilled here since the beginning of 2020, this faggot has only been in crypto for like a month

>> No.23274723

try 2019

>> No.23274739

you're right, still the tranny is a newfag

>> No.23274754

Is 400k enough, bros?

>> No.23274764


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Fuck how much do i need, anon?

>> No.23274796
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That's fuck you money

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File: 869 KB, 1280x720, KlerosHOLDit!!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is fudding only because the less jurors there are staking the more they make.

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100k is the official make it stack, even clement said in his ETHdenver presentation.

>> No.23274840
File: 1.36 MB, 1544x1544, 41F94468-AA19-41D5-A7E6-39F0ACA81869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really hope so, fren <3

>> No.23274856

It's more than enough. That's what I wanted to say fren
You are GMI

>> No.23274887

What's your price target EOY 2022 anon?

>> No.23274922

fuck off it'll moon

>> No.23274947
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I'm aiming to get 500k at least, that should be comfy enough.

>> No.23274969
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Same Price as LINK in 2021 with a standard deviation of -+10% since currently pnk has a 90% (used to be 96%) correlation to the price of LINK.

>> No.23274984
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500k is a good goal.

>> No.23275085

Is this person a real pnk holder

>> No.23275573

Loooool sure dude

>> No.23276241


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Where are my fellow judges?

>> No.23276530

dont you have to be picked to be able to earn pnk? How much PNK to be able to vote?

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